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Lapis Lazuli (Finished) - Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:32 am

Name: Lapis Lazuli
Alias: N/A
Real Age: 114
Phys. Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Lapis is pretty average in terms of how she acts. Like with most people she is polite to strangers, respectful of authority and hostile towards enemies. Pretty common and expected of a Shinigami. Just like any Shinigami she was trained to be a warrior. She follows the orders of her superiors and is a strong authority figure to those under her command. Outside of her job as a Shinigami, Lapis isn’t very sociable. She will go out and drink with a small group of friends however will in most cases ignore anyone new.

Friends she has in her squad will have some leniency with orders, examples being if she needs a specific batch of paperwork by a specified time she will be accepting if they are a little late. Everyone in her squad will be held to a specific standard however, selective to their ranking. She is fair, and only assigns tasks she knows a ranked/unranked squad member can handle.

Enemies will find her to be as respectable as she is unwavering. Nothing will shake her resolve in what she decides to do, be it for good or ill. She will lay traps with Kidou, but she refuses to attack from the shadows, or sneak about. Hiding in shadows and attacking an unsuspecting foe is for the Stealth Force.

Claustrophobia, the fear of small places. A minor fear she had ever since she was young, Lapis does not feel comfortable in tight places, examples being small rooms or caves. While minor it can cause her to hesitate when making an important choice or performing an important action/reaction.
Aquaphobia, the fear of water. Despite the powers her Zanpakutou grants her Lapis has a fear of water. Just as with her other fear it is not a crippling fear, but it keeps her from making decisions/actions as quick as someone equal in power would. She is not affected by water created by her Zanpakutou or water she has previously manipulated but any large or small bodies of water she is near by will instil a feeling of nervousness in her that cannot be avoided. Examples being lakes, filled bathtubs, oceans and pools. Even large puddles will have an affect, however not to the same degree. She will use the powers of her Zanpakutou when bathing to avoid using a proper shower or bath.

Height: Lapis stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall.
Weight: She weighs 156 pounds.
Physical Traits:

Lapis is a woman with short blue hair, the shade of which inspired her name. She wears the typical Shinigami garb, minus footwear. She prefers to keep her feet bare and open, a personal preference. She keeps her Zanpakutou positioned at her left hip, just like most Shinigami tend to do.
In her Gigai, Lapis wears a blue sleeveless shirt and a dark blue skirt to match. Just like in her Shinigami state she doesn’t wear anything on her feet.

General Fighting Style: Lapis is neither a stealth fighter or a brawler. Instead she will use a mixture of ranged assault, binding Kidou, and delivering quick strikes before backing up out of her opponent’s range.
Strengths: Spirit Energy, Speed, Kidou, Endurance
Weaknesses: Spirit Pressure, Physical Strength, Durability
Ability Name: Water Creation
Ability Description: This is a base ability that Lapis inherited from her family. She is able to create up to 5 gallons of water per post that she can use for whatever it is she needs. It takes a miniscule amount of spiritual pressure in a neutral environment. As such an environment that is humid it will cost nothing, but in dry environments it takes a significantly larger amount of spiritual energy to create water. Examples being a swamp requiring none of her personal energy but a desert will take a noticeable amount.
Family Trait:
Ability Name: Uncontrolled Bloodlust
Ability Description: The Lazuli bloodline carries with it respect and fear. Before they were mostly killed off, they were known to be ruthless in a battle and unwilling to ever show remorse or mercy. This comes from a trait which, when fighting, releases hormones that trigger an uncontainable rage. For the most part she is able to keep herself calm. However if ever angered to the point of no longer caring or if hurt, her control will slip and she will enter an uncontrollable Bloodlust. In this state, accessible in every released state, Lapis will have her Strengths and Weaknesses change. Her combat style will become more physical, meaning her Strengths will become Physical Strength, Speed and Stamina. While having average Durability for a Shinigami, her Weaknesses become Endurance, Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Pressure. There is no control or focus in this state, only to kill whatever it is that set her off. Her boosts in each state changes as well, listed below. Upon leaving this state her original Strengths, Weaknesses and Boosts will change back.
Boosts: Shikai- 2x Boosts to Strenght, Speed and Stamina.
Bankai- 3x Boosts to Strenght, Speed and Stamina.
Toukai- 4x Boosts to Strenght, Speed and Stamina.
The Bloodlust itself will add +2x to Strength and Speed, not exceeding the limit of +6x to stats.

Custom Kidou:
Name: Suijin no Kusari (Chains of the Water God)
Type: Bakudou
Number: 85
Incantation: “Jail of the sea, this one is claimed for down below. Trap them in chains fit for a god and drag them under the captivating waves. Down below, to a sea of towns, forever at the mercy of society.”
Description: This kidou sends out chains made of water that will wrap around a target’s arms and hands. Upon doing so they also wrap around the user’s hands. The two remain bound, so long as the user retains physical control. Should the user lose focus or the opponent display greater spiritual strength, they can break free of the kidou. While this kidou is active neither the opponent or the user can move. This is a Kidou best used in group fights where an ally can take advantage.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Name: Hyaku no Mizu no Hari no Ame (One Hundred Water Needle Rain)
Type: Hadou
Number: 40
Incantation: “Ten drops fly. Rays of sunlight scatter. Divide the rain and let it fall from the heights of heaven.”
Description: This kidou fires off a barrage of 100 needle-like projectiles made from water from the user’s hand, aimed at the target.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Name: Kawa no Ishi no Bōei (River Stone Defense)
Type: Bakudou
Number: 60
Incantation: “Smooth from the currents, cast out from the growing flood. Rise and fold over, rest and become my shield.”
Description: This kidou encircles the user with thick stones covered in water. While offering moderate protection from most attacks it works best against fire-type attacks and is weak to lightning-type attacks.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Name: Dageki Atsuryoku (Breaking Preasure)
Type: Hadou
Number: 20
Incantation: “The shout of divinity. Build, and be released when need be.”
Description: Much like Hadou #1 Sho, this kidou releases a transparent force to push the enemy. However this is on a much more dangerous scale, requiring more spirit energy for a larger outcome. This Kidou, when released, can be seen from the ripples it makes in the air it passes through. It can cover an area as wide as 2 feet or be focused to the size of the user’s fist. Precise strikes are capable if dislocating joints between fighters of equal power.
Who can use it: Anyone, must be taught by Lapis Lazuli.
Character: Lapis Lazuli

Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakutou Name: Umi no Ishi (Stone of the Sea)
Call Out Command: “Flood them with an unyielding tide, Umi no Ishi!”



In all stages of her sword release Lapis can manipulate water. Her control is greatly limited in Shikai, only allowing for specific techniques. In Bankai it is expanded, allowing for constructs to be made from water that whether or not it is offensive or defensive, can be used separate from her specific Zanpakutou techniques following proper cooldown rules based on the power used. In Toukai her control is outstanding, allowing for her to freely manipulate her water outside of her specific abilities two times, once offensively and once defensively, following cooldown rules for each use dependent on Lapis’ power output. She can turn both ice and steam into water, so long as it isn’t currently being controlled by someone else.

Ability Name: Umi no Kiba (Fang of the Sea)
Ability Description: Lapis forms water over the blade of her Naginata’s blade/open hand shaped like an animal’s fang, aims, and fires it off like a projectile. This is as strong and as fast as a Bala, and can be fired off just as rapidly.
Ability Name: Kōsoku Kōzui (Fast Flood)
Ability Description: Lapis releases a short pulse of water all around her, up to 5 feet, damaging everything within that five foot radius except for Lapis. This attack is as damaging as a level 20 Hadou, however what it lacks in destructive capability it makes for in force, pushing an opponent back equal to a level 55 Bakudou. This has a 1 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Nami ni Kakusa Reta Hari (Needle Hidden in the Waves)
Ability Description: Lapis runs her hand over a nearby floor, wall or ceiling and leaves behind a coating of water. The water will remain smooth and unassuming until Lapis dispels the ability or it activates upon contact with her opponent. Upon activating the water with form spikes that rise up to skewer the opponent that makes contact with it, as powerful as a level 50 Hadou. Lapis can keep the ability from activating from an ally touching it, preventing friendly fire. This has a 1 post cooldown from the point of activation, however there is no cooldown if Lapis disarms the trap. She can only maintain one trap at a time.  
Boosts: 2x Boosts to Spirit Energy, Speed and Endurance

New Name: Umi no Kagayaku Ishi (Glimmering Stone of the Sea)

Ability Name: Nami no Buki (Weapon of Waves)
Ability Description: This ability allows Lapis to create weapons out of water, whether it is hers or from a source nearby. The weapon’s shape is her decision, fitting whatever it is she sees in her mind. She can only have one materialized weapon at a time, and it is limited to melee weapons. The weapon’s durability is low, being made from water, however the pressure of the water along the weapon’s ‘edge’ allows for easy cutting. There is no cooldown considering how easy it can be destroyed, and only requires a small bit of her Spirit Energy to maintain itself.
Ability Name: Mizu Hitsugi (Water Coffin)
Ability Description: This ability has water gather and swirl around the target before forming a large sphere around them, the pressure restricting movement. This ability is as strong as a level 60 Bakudou, and has a 2 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Uminomichi: Uzumaki Taki (Way of the Sea: Swirling Waterfall)
Ability Description: Lapis forms a massive sphere of water over the target. From the sphere is released a large column of water, pouring down at the target. It has a 5 foot radius, and can reach up to a total of ten feet so long as there is nothing obstructing it’s path. With the pressure of the water it is as destructive as a level 75 Hadou, having a 3 post cooldown.
Boosts: 3x Boosts to Speed, Endurance and Spirit Energy

New Name: Megami no Umi no Ishi (Goddess’ Stone of the Sea)

Ability Name: Uminomichi: Natsu no Futtō (Way of the Sea: Summer Boiling)
Ability Description: Lapis covers a large area with water followed by increasing the temperature to the point of a heavy boil. It releases a heavy cloud of steam so hot it damages anything caught within the 100 foot radius. Anything within the steam receives 1st degree burns, and takes damage equal a level 20 Hadou once for the next three posts.
Ability Name: Mizu no Ketsugō (Water Binding)
Ability Description:
Ability Name: Mizu no Kagami (Ocean’s Mirror)
Ability Description: This ability focuses water like a mirror in front of Lapis, coated in her own spirit energy, to repel a single energy-based attack before dispersing, and has a cooldown equal to the level of attack repelled.
Ability Name: Mizu no kami no hashira (The God Pillar of Water)
Ability Description: This attack is similar to her Bankai ability, Uminomichi: Uzumaki Taki. However this is on a much larger scale, having a 10 yard radius, and reaches a total of 20 yards. The water also comes from a new location. The water gathers around the target, filling the ten yard radius with water up to a solid foot. It then all shoots up at once, damaging anything inside with a destructive force equal to a level 90 Hadou. It has a 5 post cooldown.
Boosts: 4x Boosts to Speed, Spirit Energy, Endurance and Strength

The Beginning
There was nowhere else really one could start. Lapis was born to the last two members of her clan, Connie and Steven Lazuli. Once a proud clan of the Four Royal Families, Steven’s father had been charged with planning to overthrow the Seireitei and was executed, his family cast down where the ‘de Grey’ family took their place. One by one, members of the Lazuli family left until Connie and Steven were all that were left willing to carry the name. From the first moment her brain was capable of retaining memories her parents told her of how she would go on to become great, and redeem the Lazuli name. Her father had been a peaceful member of Squad 4, her mother a seated officer of Squad 11. Instead of growing up resenting the other families, she focused on her pride in being a Lazuli.

Her mother began to teach her how to handle a sword as soon as she was five, and her father taught her Kidou as soon as she began to produce her own spirit energy. Until that point, Steven had taught her the history of Seireitei and had her study his old books from the academy on how to properly control one’s Spirit Energy.

By the time she was twenty years old she was able to use both Hadou and Bakudou up to level 15 as well as basic Kaido. Her swordsmanship was sub-par, clearly not her strongest area. After a couple more years of training she was sent off to the Shinigami Academy. She was young, but she wasn’t the only one to be young and attend. She heard a couple of the ‘de Grey’ family were accepted at her age. Granted, she also heard they never passed the first year before going home for more private training.

Unlike them though, that option would be taken from her. While attending she is told that her father and mother have died in service to the Seireitei, fending off a swarm of Hollows out in South Rukon, District 40.

There was nothing to fall back on. That was her motivation to improve herself, and to remain diligent with her classes. She end up staying a full six years before joining the Kidou Corps as an unseated member.

For many years she remained dedicated to her work, putting out maximum effort for what little recognition she could get. After time, she began to work her reputation up to the point that she was promoted to the rank of 10th Seat. Some of the other Seated Officers trick her into a sort of ‘orientation’, in which they trap her in a well and tell her to escape only using Kidou. It took her hours to get out, and is shunned by a lot of her fellow members. It was an attempt to keep her from progressing and claiming their positions, and while it did affect her she lost none of her determination. She doubled her efforts even, rising up through the ranks as the years pass.

After years of service she rises to the position of Vice Commander, having replaced the corrupt members and allowing others to take their place.

Side Notes: Special Equipment: 1 Spirit Potion
Roleplay Sample:
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[Battle] Shojo vs Shana - Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:11 am

I don't have time to be playing her stupid mind games! he thought as she removed the binding on him allowing him to stand once more, the ground under him started to burn under him 'Fuck her and this bullshit training!' Shiro added on. The two have never seemed to share certain emotions in the past but could it mean for them as they both pour everything they have into their rage "I will not stand here and be made to look the fool! I've worked my ass off to get here!" they yelled as the flames around them started to burn his shirts ruffles. Once Shana finished telling him what to do he raised his left hand and tried to do it but nothing happened Okay Sho lets not get too carried away... the flames went out the more that he let the anger go and focus.

Once that was done he tried it once more with all his focus "Okay here I go I guess...Bakudo #1 Sai." he kept his eyes closed as the spell bound Shana. After using the spell Shojo passed out on the ground for a minute then woke up "What happen? My body feels so much lighter now for some reason?" using up so much energy in such a short time span really has negative effects on a person "Miss Shana how I do?" he asked getting up and dusting himself off "Anything else you like to teach me?" the question was random at best but if she wanted to take one more shot with him she could.
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[Battle] Shojo vs Shana - Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:41 am

Shana watched as the foolish shinigami struggled against the bindings that she had laid upon him while he was trying to explain his request. He doesn't seem to get, what she is trying to teach him doesn't involve a weapon at all. Then the stupid brat tried to use Shakkaho again, like seriously what the hell. Does he not listen, or is he really this stupid. As the fireball blew up behind him again catching him in an explosion of his own energy, blue flames formed under her feet, jumping upwards and standing on a platform of solidified air Shana lost her cool again. Snapping at the still trapped Shojo, "HONESTLY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING. Do you not understand I am trying to help you. Fuck I don't understand how anyone like you made it to a ranked position in any of the court guards, never mind in Squad 2. I fucking thought they still had standards, but it looks like I was wrong." Releasing her spell from him she continued, "I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU ONE LAST CHANCE, NOW LISTING VERY FUCKING CAREFULLY. OTHERWISE, Well lets just say that I will need a dustpan to send you back to your captain."

Landing on the ground about six feet away from the pyre he had made under her feet she breathed deeply calming herself before speaking again, this time her voice completely and utterly in control, "Now I am going to explain this one more time, and I am going to want you to listen carefully as I do. Picture in your mind your reiryoku forming handcuffs that are binding my arms behind my back, pointing at me with your dominant hand and swiping to the side like you are pulling on a rope might help with your focus. That is the principle behind casting Bakudo #1 Sai. Now before you say something stupid, like asking for a weapon, so long as you pay attention to what I am telling you and do as I ask you will not need it. Now I want you to try to perform Sai on me."
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Kidou List (UPDATED) - Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:32 am

Canon Kidou List

Hadō (Way of Destruction):

  • Spell Name: Shō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #1
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his index finger before firing a concentrated blast of high knetic energy that will push most people or objects a few meters away from the caster but they take no damage from the kido, only if they hit or crash into something after getting knocked back by the kido.

  • Spell Name: Usuinageha (Pale throwing blade)
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #3
    Spell Incantation: "Mask of flesh and blood, birds that soar the heavens, rain upon thy foe and deliver him a finishing blow!"
    Spell Effect: By charging up spirit energy in his arm with his palm flat out before making a arc with the arm, The caster can fire a small curved energy blade, able to cut through most things it comes into contact to. it can also be fired in rapid succession.

  • Spell Name: Byakurai
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #4
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his index finger and gathers spirit energy at the tip of his extended finger before firing a concentrated beam of cobalt colored lightning at the target, addition lightning is wrapped around the beam, adding to the effect of the lightning as it travels.

    Spell Name:Jūgeki Byakurai (重撃白雷, Heavy-Strike Pale Lightning )
    Spell Type: Hado (Modified Kido)
    Spell Number: 4
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: A modified version of Hadō #4. Byakurai. Unlike its unmodified counterpart, this spell takes the appearance of a red beam powerful enough to pierce through a durable foe, such as Sōsuke Aizen, from a considerable distance.

  • Spell Name: Tsuzuri Raiden
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #11
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster, either using their zanpakuto or the palm of their hands against a object or target, generates a current of yellow lightning through the hand/zanpakuto into the object/target, causing electrical damage to anyone in range of the current.

  • Spell Name: Fushibi
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #12
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: This kido doesn't require a noticeable gesture as it can be activated by only speaking the incantation and/or name of kido. A bright orange kido net forms around one side of the caster, which appears only when its spell is cast, catching anyone within the net will temporarily stop them in their tracks. Although the Fushibi net is highly unstable and when hit by kido, it explodes violently, causing some amounts of explosive damage to anyone caught within the net. This spell can also be used in conjunction with other kido and zanpakuto techniques for a variety of alternate effects.

  • Spell Name: Shakkahō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #31
    Spell Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
    Spell Effect: fires an orb of red energy that can vary in size, depending on the practitioner, the technique creates a small explosion and causes some burn damage as well, results vary from person to person.

  • Spell Name: Ōkasen
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #32
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster holds their zanpakuto horizontally and in front of them before charging a small yellow orb within the center of the zanpakuto's blade before it fires out as a long range, wide yet thin yellow beam once fully charged up. The caster can also use a hand for a quicker charge but the beam will be a smaller circluar beam about the size of your palm instead of the wider range when using the zanpakuto to fire it.

  • Spell Name: Sōkatsui
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #33
    Spell Incantation: "All things in the universe that fly, that which names all, in the name of truth and temperance, dig your claws into the wall of sinless dreams!
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his whole palm with his fingers extended forwards but only slightly apart before blue flame-like spirit energy flows into the center of the extended palm before firing a large wave of blue flames towards a target, without the incantation, it appears more as a blue fireball that rockets towards a target instead of a wave. causes a explosion on impact plus burn damage depending on tier of the target.

  • Spell Name: Haien
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #54
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster gathers purple energy into their hand before throwing it, once thrown, it forms into a boomerang shaped projectile that disintegrates a singular target part (a arm, leg, rock, etc) only, it cannot do this against a full body of spiritual energy as it's beyond the kido's ability to do so.

  • Spell Name: Daichi Tenyō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #57
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: This uses the caster's hands to levitate objects and/or people and throws them around towards a target (mostly objects in this regard) with people, this would be either pushing them out of harms way or throwing a alley forward to increase their speed towards a target or can be used on allies PCs (with permission of course) or NPCs of lower or equal tier.

  • Spell Name: Tenran
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #58
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster draws his zanpakuto and Levitates it in front of him before touching the handle gently to send it spinning around in mid air, getting rapidly faster and faster until the caster grabs the handle with the blade facing towards the ground before it fires a tornado from around the zanpakuto from the handle to the tip of the blade outwards towards the target and anything within the area of the tornado's effective radius which is four meters. can also be used with a hand supported by the other hand if the zanpakuto isn't available or for speed

  • Spell Name: Raikōhō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #63
    Spell Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"
    Spell Effect: The caster uses this spell by raising the hand facing towards what he his going to be firing at and opening his hand to his palm, gathering yellow energy, similar to #32, but forming in front of the palm and with lightning covering the orb before, at the caster's command, it fires as a stream of lightning energy, shaped to look like a lightning strike towards the target which explodes violently in a destructive cloud of lightning, causing both explosive damage and electrical damage at once, results vary from person to person.

  • Spell Name: Sōren Sōkatsui
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #73
    Spell Incantation: "Mask of flesh and blood, universe soar, the one crowned with man's name, twin lotuses into the wall of blue flames, wait for the edge of the great fire in the heavens!"
    Spell Effect: the enhanced version of Sōkatsui; the caster gathers the same blue flame-like energy but into both palms instead of one and then thrusts both his palms together at the target, causing a much larger explosion and increased damaged to the target or object hit plus extra flame damage, depending on tier. Appears as a stream of blue flames, similar to a flame thrower only if the flames were blue.

  • Spell Name: Zangerin
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #78
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The Caster produces a wide ring of spiritual energy that is formed from the tip/s of the caster's zanpakuto, done within a circle and forming small spines around it. The caster then blasts the ring outwards, causing a large scale explosion around the surrounding area. Effective radius depends on tier, but maximum is about ten meters.

  • Spell Name: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #88
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster grips his firing arm to support it before channeling large amounts of lightning-based energy and the wielder's own spiritual energy, fused together in the palm of the outstreched hand before firing, expanding into a massive beam of electrical and spiritual energies combined. On impact with the target, it explodes violently, covering a area of fifteen meters within a blaze of plasma fire, consuming anything in its way.

  • Spell Name: Kurohitsugi
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #90
    Spell Incantation: "Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!"
    Spell Effect: The caster points his middle finger and index finger upwards as a spark of dark purple energy forms at the tip before expanding out around the target, normally someone within arms reach of the caster, the energy forms a coffin composed of the dark purple energy that quickly seals the target inside, keeping them inside with high amounts of gravitation pressure before several spears with crosses at the ends appear within the box before striking the target inside like a kido equivalent to a iron maiden before releasing them, causing heavy cuts to the target's body and leaving them weakened from the sudden return of regular gravity, causing most targets to collapse afterwords.

  • Spell Name: Senjū Kōten Taihō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #91
    Spell Incantation: "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired"
    Spell Effect: The caster takes a guard stance and extands either his zanpakuto or hand forward, as the spell or incantation is spoken, ten pink comet like projectiles form around the caster. Once the incantation and/the name of the spell is spoken, the projectiles fire rapidly into their target and explode violently with a large pink explosion that covers a twenty-five meter radius.

  • Spell Name: Ittō Kasō
    Spell Type: Gisei Hadō (Sacrificial Way of Destruction)
    Spell Number: #96
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: This kido requires the use of the caster's arm as the catalyst for this spell, this kido is used when close to the target, grabbing onto them before speaking the spell. Once done, cracks appear within the caster's arm, glowing red before exploding violently around the target in the shape of the top end of a katana's blade, cause massive burn damage to any inside.

    Spell Name: Goryūtenmetsu (五龍転滅, Five Swirling Dragons of Destruction)
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #99
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: Upon activation, energy ruptures a large area around the user, causing the ground to rise up in pillars, before rising into the air to for five enormous dragons above the user. This energy is then directed to a target in where is smashes into them releasing a larger explosion.

    Spell Name: Gaki Rekkō (牙気裂光, Raging Light Fang)
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: Creates a circle of energy before firing multiple blasts of green light from its center in a cage-like formation. This attack appears as several blasts of in the shape of beams fired in a similar manor to Bakudo #62 Hyapporankan.

    Spell Name: Hyōga Seiran (氷河晴嵐, Glacier Vapor Storm)
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: The practitioner fires a massive wave of ice which freezes its targets and the surrounding area. It is strong enough to destroy a group of Menos Grande with its sheer power and break through Bakudō #81. Dankū, which can block any destructive spell numbered 89 or less, though it took around fifteen seconds to do so.

    Spell Name: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu ( 三の道 — 鉄風殺, Third Path — Iron Wind Murder )
    Spell Type: Ura Hadō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: The practitioner makes a chopping motion with their hand, creating an aura shaped like the head of a large dragon that blows a powerful wind from its mouth at the enemy. This technique is strong enough to shatter protective Hado of strength 95 or lower.

Bakudō (Way of Binding):

  • Spell Name: Sai
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #1
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his middle and index finger towards a target, sending energy that locks their hands behind their backs, similar to handcuffs. can be used on multiple targets at once.

  • Spell Name: Hainawa
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #4
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster gathers yellow spirit energy into either a single hand or both before sending out a crackling yellow energy rope that wraps around the target's body and arms, restricting their movements. this kido can be used in conjunction with Rikujōkōrō by using the rope to create the rods from the light it creates.

  • Spell Name: Seki
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #8
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster forms a small orb of blue energy, normally around the top of the hand while the hand is in a fist. When a attack comes into contact with it, usually a melee attack like a sword or physically attacks like kicks or punches, breaks and repulses the attack back, forcing the attack back.

  • Spell Name: Geki
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #9
    Spell Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"
    Spell Effect: The caster either casts their hand at their target or spells out the kanji of the spell's name before the target is surrounded with a red aura, causes complete paralysis to the target, freezing them in the position they are in when the spell hit them.

  • Spell Name: Hōrin
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #9
    Spell Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"
    Spell Effect: The caster creates a ball of orange energy before releasing it by extending their index and middle fingers of the casting hand, firing a orange tendril with yellow spirals twisting around it. The kido is designed to ensnare and immobilizes the target, although the caster keeps a hold of the kido, meaning the caster can control where the tendril goes, unlike Hainawa which doesn't stay with the caster normally. the caster can also fire a second one if needed with the other hand and the tendrils can connect so if two targets were captured, they could be bound together.

  • Spell Name: Sekienton
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #21
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: the caster places his hands on the ground or below him if he is standing in the air before generating a red circle underneath him, creating a large cloud of light red smoke that obscures the movements of the caster, allowing to either get away or attack while his opponent can't see him coming, although the smoke doesn't hide the caster's spiritual pressure unless he hides that after performing the kido.

  • Spell Name: Kyokkō
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #26
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: This kido is performed by casting a bright light around the caster from a extended hand, surrounding the caster before bending the light around the caster, rendering their physical presence invisible as well as hiding their spiritual pressure from the outside view. Although while active, the caster cannot attack in anyway unless the kido is broken first and someone of a higher tier can break it or still detect the kido's energy.

  • Spell Name: Shitotsu Sansen
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #30
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster, using a single hand, draws out a inverted yellow triangle before three, claw-like shapes generate from the three points on the triangle he just made with his hand, these claw triangle fire out rapidly, pinning the target's upper arms and the middle of the target's chest, this however doesn't paralyze the target but keeps them restrained to a surface.

  • Spell Name: Tsuriboshi
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #37
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster extends his hand, forming a blue ball of energy normally underneath a falling object where six ropes shoot out and attach to nearby surfaces, taking on a elastic-like quality that can take a large amount of impact forces when something lands on it before coming up slowly with a bounce.

  • Spell Name: Enkōsen
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #39
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster, either using their hands or their zanpakuto in a blocking motion, form a large rotating round shield, made of a dull yellow spiritual energy in front of themselves, general in front of their zanpakuto or hands. Designed to block a single attack.

  • Spell Name: Kakushitsuijaku
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #58
    Spell Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."
    Spell Effect: The caster draws a circle with a cross with black powder before drawing four, different symbols in their correct places in the cross sections before the caster places his hands just under the circle to activate the spell, which causes the inside of the circle to glow blue with various number kanji appearing rapidly within the circle, this kido increases the caster's ability to sense spiritual pressure and their basic senses in general to seek a target, the numbers will keep rotating rapidly until the correct set is found, relating to the target's longitude and latitude.

  • Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #61
    Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
    Spell Effect: The caster points his middle and index finger towards the target before a spark of light emits from the tips of his extended fingers, forming six long but thin rods of light that shoot rapidly towards a target, slamming into their midsection and keeping the arms to the sides, this also paralyzes anything not connected by the rods, parlaying the entire body in the process.

  • Spell Name: Hyapporankan
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #62
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster generates a large purple tinted rod made of condense spiritual energy by pressing their palms together before spreading them out to make the rod. Alternatively, the caster can perform this one handed by generating the rod directly into their free hand. The cast then throws the rod towards its intended target before the rod instantaneously splits into a hundred rods of equal size and length, which if enough hit can pin a opponent against a surface, immobilizing them, although important to note that this kido doesn't paralyze the target, meaning the target can still move anything not pin downed by the rods.

  • Spell Name: Sajō Sabaku
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #63
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell effect: The caster raises their hand into the air before closing their hand into a fist, directed at the intended target where yellow energy forms either from the air above the target, from around the arm of the caster or it comes from behind the caster's shoulder, where it forms into thick chain-like ropes, which swirl around the target, wrapping around the torso area, binding the arms behind them before tightening around them, immobilizing them. Normally this kido can't be broken by physical strength by those of equal tier and below, someone two tiers and above can break out of it by physical strength, especially those enhanced in either a hollow mask or forced into a hollow form.

  • Spell Name: Tozanshō
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #73
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell effect: The caster forms a blue ball of energy, which forms beneath either the caster or a intended target. The ball then breaks off into four beams of blue energy that extend upwards from the center point. Once in the correct positions, they travel across, forming the sides of the barrier, forming a inverted pyramid barrier around the caster or target plus anyone within the range of the barrier. The kido can also be used around other kido like Tsuriboshi.

  • Spell Name: Gochūtekkan
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #75
    Spell Incantation: "Wall of iron sand, tower of the shaman priests, glow incandescent iron, tranquil and soundless!"
    Spell Effect: the caster places his hands together, as the incantation is spoken, five small yellow orbs with little tails float upwards above the caster's head until he raises his hands in a combined fist as they become flat circles rotating around his hands until finishing the kido and then the caster rapid sends his hands towards the ground, sending the orbs crashing into the ground and disappearing into it, then a bright light will appear above the target before five tall, thick steel pillars connected with thin chains that descends down rapidly to pin the target down with the weight, with the one at the top pressing on the back or chest, depending on which way the pillars fell on them but the other four will always press down on the arms and legs.

  • Spell Name: Tenteikūra
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #77
    Spell Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."
    Spell Effect: The caster first draws kanji on the palms of his hands and a circuit-like pattern going up the arms in a zig-zag way with black powder or their own blood before placing his palms in front of him, creating a glowing blue square, as he recites the incantation, roots will form from the square, creating a network. the primary power of this kido is communication and can be used to talk to anyone mentally in the area of the caster's using, this kido also works cross dimension as well and can be used to talk to multiple people at once or one but also anyone within the close vicinity of the caster can also talk to whoever is connected by the kido.

  • Spell Name: Kuyō Shibari
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #79
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster twists their hand in front of their face, forming eight black holes with a purple outline that emit spiritual energy out around the target, the ninth black hole forming at the center of the target's chest, once all nine are formed, they immobilize the target's ability to move similar to how spiritual pressure can immobilize a target by focusing spiritual pressure against them.

  • Spell Name: Dankū
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #81
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster forms a translucent rectangular barrier in front of the caster. This kido can protect the user from kido based attacks up to #89 but only protects in front of the caster, so coming behind the caster or to the side can bypass the powerful protection of this kido.

  • Spell Name: Restrict
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #99 (Part 1)
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: The caster holds their palms away from themselves, with their arms extended out to the sides, before clasping their hands together, with the fingers intertwined intricately. When First learning this kido, the caster is restricted to binding the target's arms with spiritualized black fabric and iron shafts rammed into the very flesh of the target. Once perfected, the caster can not only bind the arms but the entire body as they are pinned to the ground with the frabric spreading out in a X formation before being kept in place by additional iron shafts. X extends about seven meters from the target.

  • Spell Name: Bankin
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #99 (Part 2)
    Spell Incantation: "First Incantation - Bandage! Second Incantation - A thousand Dead Bolts! Final Incantation - Fatal Shaft!"
    Spell Effect: The caster starts by saying the spell type, number and name of the kido before slamming the index and middle fingers of both hands into the ground as it causes a dust cloud to vent out the ground. The caster then says the first incantation, causing white spiritual energy forms out from where their fingers are, forming around the target and solidifying into tightly wrapped bandages around the target. On the second incantation while keeping the same position with their fingers in the ground, summon a thousand steel bolts with twisted ends to piece the flesh of the target, keeping the bandages and the target additionally pinned down. On the final incantation, the caster brings their fingers out the ground puts both palms together before a giant metal cube, covered in circuit-like patterns that slams into the target, leaving no change to move at all or (in death enabled threads and with the other RPer's permission) possible kill the target.

    Spell Name: Kyōmon (鏡門, Mirror Door; Viz "Mirror Gate")
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: This technique erects a transparent barrier that extends from one side of an opening to the other. It is used to protect the target by preventing intruders from passing through it. It is usually used to cover the entrance of a room with the target inside it. However, this barrier is much more easily broken from the inside if the target chooses to leave confinement.

    Spell Name: Hachigyō Sōgai (八爻双崖, Eight Joined Twin Cliffs)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect:

    Spell Name: Ryūbi no Jōmon (竜尾の城門, The Gate of Dragon Tail)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: "Brethren-in-arms withdrawing for the distance of 8 sun and standing still; blue bolt, white bolt, black bolt, red bolt; sinking into the ocean together seeking redemption."
    Spell Effect: Creates over a dozen pillars, which are arranged by hand gestures, making them form a gigantic shield or door-like barrier between the caster and the opponent. It can be used together with Kokō no Jōmon, Kigai no Jōmon, and Hōyoku no Jōmon to form Shijū no Saimon. This barrier is capable of withstanding that of two Gran Rey Cero.

    Spell Name: Kokō no Jōmon (虎咬の城門, The Gate of Tiger Fang)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: A barrier appears and takes the shape of a watermill. Its inner section can be opened up like a set of fangs, allowing one to attack through the barrier. It can be used together with Ryūbi no Jōmon, Kigai no Jōmon, and Hōyoku no Jōmon to form Shijū no Saimon. This is capable of handling an attack equal to that of three Cero.

    Spell Name: Hōyoku no Jōmon (鳳翼の城門, The Gate of Phoenix Wings)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: This barrier is created from an obelisk and many planks combining to form a sort of lampshade, resembling folding wings and a crude bird's head/body. It can be used together with Ryūbi no Jōmon, Kigai no Jōmon, and Kokō no Jōmon to form Shijū no Saimon. It is capable of withstanding an attack as powerful as one Gran Rey Cero.

    Spell Name: Shijū no Saimon (四獣の塞門, The Gate of Four Beasts
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: This barrier is formed by combining Ryūbi no Jōmon, Kokō no Jōmon, Kigai no Jōmon, and Hōyoku no Jōmon. When the four barriers come together, they create a rectangular prison-like barrier around the opponent. It is able to contain the attack from a full powered Toukai attack.

    Spell Name: Millón Escudo (ミジョン・エスクド,Spanish for "Million Shield")
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: A light green hexagonal barrier which is normally fixed to one central area and, when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the barrier enlarges to fully protect whatever it is affixed to. The barrier keeps the attack away from the target, gathers the energy in one area, and momentarily absorbs the energy from the attack before forcing the attack outward and away from the shield, dispersing the attack altogether. It is capable of stopping and dispersing an attack as strong as a Gran Rey Cero.

    Spell Name: El Escudo (エル・エスクド, Spanish for "The Shield")
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: As the practitioner raises their arm, a light green barrier is summoned to block an incoming attack. This is capable of stopping the swing of a sword from an opponent at the strength of a seasoned captain.

    Spell Name: Hako Okuri (匣遺, Farewell Box)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: Sealing an object inside of a box-shaped orange barrier(even something like a users limb or body part), the practitioner teleports the box wherever he/she wishes it to go. It can even transport the object within another object, although whatever the user teleports can not be sent into or put inside someone else without permission.

    Spell Name:  Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: A fighting technique that combats an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with a Kidō of the same quality and quantity spinning in the opposite direction.[1] The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements.

    Spell Name: Kigai no Jōmon (亀鎧の城門, The Gate of Turtle Shell)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: Unnumbered
    Incantation: Unknown
    Spell Effect: Creates a barrier by combining many small hexagons to form a honeycomb-like structure. It can be used in conjunction with Ryūbi no Jōmon, Kokō no Jōmon, and Hōyoku no Jōmon to form Shijū no Saimon. It is capable of withstanding attacks as powerful as four cero.

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Kairi Alexstrasza - Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:42 pm


NAME: Kairi Alexstrasza
AGE: 22 (393)
PERSONALITY: Basically, she tries to be nice and friendly, but often comes across as distant to the people she actually cares about as she focuses on meeting new people rather than forming lasting relationships. In combat she has fun more than tries to end things quickly, and keeps her distance due to Kidou. She also has an intense desire to pursue new knowledge and techniques.
APPEARANCE: Kairi is a rather short individual. Even though she LOOKS like she's 22, she's still 4'11". Seriously.
Aside from that, her hair is short, and similar in color to red velvet. It doesn't look like much of anything really, but some people think it's cool, so hey. Her eyes, however are a super intense blue that for some reason, people ignore. Come on, blue eyes are cute ;w;
Her build is kinda lean, and doesn't have much to it, but she's strong enough to do most of the necessary things, like bash people in the face. On her left hand, is a fingerless glove with squiggles drawn on it. It might not look like much but is kewl. Don't stare at her bewbs, kay?

GENERAL FIGHTING STYLE: Kairi tends to stay at range and utilize her Kidou more than anything else, but is also quite proficient at Zanjutsu, utilizing it in closer quarters. Her combat style is very aerial, with lots of twirls and flips involved, prioritizing cuteness and fun over actual efficiency... unless efficiency is more important at the time.

STRENGTHS: Kidou > Speed > Stamina > Reiryoku - [Kairi specializes in Kidou, and does not need to use the incantation for any non-Forbidden Kidou that she knows; Kidou below level 60 have no loss in power, while Kidou 60-89 have only a small loss. She also specializes in her speed and stamina, with her spiritual pool being her final specialization.]
WEAKNESSES: Strength > Endurance > Hakuda

Personal Ability #1
-Gloves Manipulate Kidou
Kairi can channel Reiatsu into her gloves, augmenting her Kidou in various ways depending on which color her gloves become.
Red: The next Kidou cast by Kairi is cast a second time simultaneously, doubling it's effectiveness. Kairi can direct this second Kidou separately from the first, if she wishes. 3 post cooldown.
Purple: For the next 5 posts, Kidou cast by Kairi only drain half as much energy from her, allowing them to be cast again twice as quickly. (Cooldown is halved, rounded down for non-forbidden Kidou, and rounded up for forbidden Kidou.) 5 post cooldown.
Blue: The next Kidou cast by Kairi has its strength augmented by 1.5x - 3 post cooldown.
Green: For the next 3 posts, Kidou below level 96 cast by Kairi drain no energy from her, but this does nothing to affect their cooldowns. 5 post cooldown.
Yellow: For the next 3 posts, Kairi can cast any level Kidou with no incantation at full strength. 5 post cooldown.
Orange: The next Kidou cast by Kairi has its effective speed multiplied by 2.5x. 3 post cooldown.

Personal Ability #2
-Kidou Mimicry
Kairi can mimic and permanently learn any Kidou she's ever seen performed; however, she can only hold on to 10 of them at a time, and must drop one to learn another.


A simple Tanto with no distunguishing features. Kairi keeps it on her back at the waist, horizontally, with the handle on the left side due to her being left-handed primarily.

Due to Kairi's total mastery of her Zanpakutou, she does not need to speak any incantation, nor even the name of her Zanpakutou, to release into Shikai, Bankai, or Toukai state.


In her Shikai state, Kairi's Zanpakutou becomes a long sword similar to a straight Katana in length and width, with a curved handle that allows for better control. The blade is illuminated, glowing similar to a flashlight, and changes color with her active glove effect.

Blade matches color of gloves. Same effects.

Kairi brings her shikai down into the earth, sending a massive pulsewave of energy through the earth to her target. Damage is applied based on where the target is, how much debris makes contact, and energy dispersion. At impact, this is roughly equal to 2.5 ceros going off at once. This technique has a 3 post cooldown.

BOOSTS - 2x Spiritual Power


- Dual Shikais.
Kairi's Shikai splits into two, being usable in either hand, and the color that is displayed on either blade can be either the same or different. Kairi cannot duplicate the same glove's effect at a time, even if both blades are the same color, but may use two different effects simultaneously.

- Physical Appearance.
While in Bankai, Kairi's outfit changes to include some light armor as well as more fluff and frills, making her 10x cuter.

Kairi brings both halves of her bankai down to the Earth, spreading two pulsewaves of energy out. These waves arc outward, then cross at the point her target is located. Damage calculation is the same as before. At impact, this is roughly equal to 2 Gran Rey Ceros at once. This technique has a 5 post cooldown.

BOOSTS - 3x Spiritual Power, 2x Speed


While her swords remain the same, Kairi herself undergoes a few changes in Toukai. Her clothes become completely white and black, showing the danger of Hadou with the protection of Bakudou, as well as her total mastery of both. Look at the picture for other changes.

Upon activation of Toukai, Kairi's Spiritual Pressure and Spiritual Power are mulitplied by 6x until Toukai is over.

While in Toukai, Kairi can use any kidou of any number without their incantation at full power; additionally, non-forbidden Kidou have no cooldown, while Forbidden Kidou have their cooldown reduced by 1 post.

BOOSTS - 4x Spiritual Power, 3x Speed


Raised in a quiet and calm district of the Rukongai, Kairi was a very well educated young girl. She was introduced to a wealth of knowledge as she grew, and her family ensured her horizon of knowledge had room to grow. Many nights were often spent in her parent's study, reading through books of all kinds, from Biology, Reishi Particle Theory, Parachemistry, Cross-Dimensional Physics, Reiryoku Typing, Reiatsu Control, and many many more topics that would have groomed fit into her love of Kidou. Something about the usage of spiritual energy to manifest it in so many varying uses intrigued her to no end, and as a result, she began to practice it on her own, without her parents' supervision, and without the guidance of the Shinigami Academy.

At this point, she did not have a Zanpakuto, much less an Asauchi, but as some may know, that is not required to use this ancient art practiced by the Shinigami. She caught on to the techniques fairly quickly, even to the point of memorizing incantations and motions by heart. This gave her a lot of power and strength that she would have for years to come. As her parents discovered her talents, she was urged to join the Shinigami Academy by way of application. While she and her family were all very intelligent and bookread, she was the first in her bloodline to take her gifts to the Academy, and as such, she was tested for her worth.

Her first and only necessary attempt to appeal to the Elders was to cast Hadou 88 with a shortened version of the existing incantation, and the Elders saw that as overdeveloped potential, but taught her moderation, and through a very condensed session in the Academy, as a result of her being a prodigy, was gifted an Asauchi early on, taught Hakuda and Zanjutsu basics, neither of which were her forte, and as she continued to learn, she also grew to learn about the existence of the Forbidden Kidou (90, 91, 96, and 99). One late night, out of curiosity, and to test her fullest power, went out quietly into the forest area of the training facility. From there, she uttered the incantation for Hadou 99. From her hands came a massive amount of energy that lumped into a terrfyingly powerful dragon, entirely composed of fire-element Reiatsu.

Her assigned Elder sensed it beginning on the start of the incantation, and while he chided her for using a Forbidden Kidou, especially noting how much it had drained young Kairi, was also exceedingly impressed for such a young trainee to have gathered the knowledge necessary to cast such a Kidou, as well as producing it on the first try, without fail. Quickly, and by which, the next morning, Kairi was taken in to be taught the full secrets of the Zanpakuto. She was informed of its full nature, Sealed, Shikai, and Bankai, and taught what each release was meant to be. In addition to this, her Zan-Soul would be an important part of this process, and harmony with the Zan-Soul was necessary to bring her power out to the fullest. As her Shikai was unlocked, her graduation from the Shinigami Academy was nearing its arrival, and much younger than most, her family ought to have been proud, though rumors that this particularly prodigious girl was also capable of flinging forbidden kidou around like they were nothing quickly spread around as though it weren't bad enough already.

A few years passed without much trouble, and the Kidou Corps accepted her without hesitation. She was among the first to be accepted into the Kidou Corps right after the Academy, and for good reason. She could already perform every Kidou on record, including forbidden Kidou. This would help her move even further and be able to use even the highest level Kidou without the necessary incantations. She needed to understand that while they would be notably less powerful that it was possible, and for young Kairi, only about 310 at this time, possible was all that was needed. Her mantra of power soon became "All I need is possible, and I can make it so." As her Zanpakuto awakened to her, it became clear that she was meant, perhaps by fate to be in the Kidou Corps. Her Zanpakuto's abilities were of a heavily kidou-like nature, and because of this, gave her a suitable energy pool to use them with. As she was given access to the Kidou Corps personal library, she learned of a technique that few ever used.

Asking her master about this, the current Captain of the Corps, he at first, shot down the idea of her using such a technique, but within weeks, seeing her desire for knowledge and her advanced mastery of Kidou, he took her aside to allow her the knowledge which even he couldn't use. The master gave her a set of fingerless gloves, and showed her that if she learned the runes for it, she could draw on the glove and make it do different things when imparted with a little spiritual energy. With that, young Kairi was now on the road to becoming an advanced Kidou master. She began experimenting with different runes until she reached a particular combination. This combination involved a rune that glowed a particular color, depending on where the energy was placed, Red for her thumb, Blue for her index finger, Orange for her middle finger, Green for her ring finger, Yellow for her pinky finger, and finally, purple if it was located in her palm. On each location, she had a different rune placed for a different effect based on color, or in other words. the energy's location brought a different effect out. When her Zanpakuto came out after this gloved experiment, she had found the same effects inscribed on her glove worked for her Shikai and Bankai as well, allowing for a vast array of possible options in combat.

Within a year of joining the Kidou Corps, Kairi had become the Captain; since they were not officially a part of the Gotei 13, she didn't have to pass the same tests a normal Captain would, and was simply appointed their new leader by the Previous Captain. She is still one of the most well-revered and respected students of the Academy to ever pass through their halls, and one of the most well-known for aspiring members of the Kidou Corps.
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Jun Shibutani - Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:14 pm


Name: Shibutani Jun (四二谷 準)
Age: Late 20s
True Age: Over 500 years old
Sex: No thank you

Personality: The most notable and defining trait of Captain Shibutani is strong sense of justice. He is very much flawed in his judgements and has long since recognized this, however, he attempts his best at being impartial when enforcing the law. Though he enacts the will of Central 46, he does not necessarily follow them blindly. The Captain has his own opinions on them, good and bad, and will often disagree with the decisions of Central 46. Keeping him from breaking off from Gotei 13, however, is a faith in the system which he has yet to see collapse fully. If he must punish a citizen, he is only doing his job, though sometimes, he will let one go. He thinks of people as individuals, judging others on a case-by-case basis.

Due to his sense of justice, Captain Shibutani's views on fairness and right to a fair trial make it so that he dislikes fighting against detainees. In fact, he outright refuses to draw his zanpakuto in malice, preferring to talk his target down, reasoning with them before fighting with them. From a young age, however, Jun has had problems with anger. These stem from sibling rivalries among other things within his upbringing which have lead him to becoming quick to anger. It is a bad habit of his which, even after centuries, still has difficulty reigning in, only doing so most of the time in order to protect his principles.

While 1st Squad are the Headquarters of Gotei 13 and 11th Squad the best combatants, after Jun had taken the reigns as Captain, he had taken measures to making it so that his squad, the 9th, are the most disciplined and strongest fighters, or at least try to be. The atmosphere he encourages is that of competition, striving to be stronger than the other squads but also smarter as the cultural leaders of the Gotei 13. Members of Squad 9 are encouraged to be Renaissance men, to which Captain Shibutani as captain, sets the standard, using modern tools and ancient knowledge to craft unique pieces of art.

Though he will not draw his blade in malice, he will often spar for fun and sport as well as practice. In fact, sparring is encouraged within 9th squad as well as the notion of squad 9 members challenging the members of other squads. Captain Shibutani also trains constantly, getting up early to motivate the rest of his squad to train alongside him, though always taking the time to train on his own.

Captain Shibutani personally has a penchant for Western culture. As something he was only somewhat acquainted with during brief expeditionary ventures to the human world, he had become enamored with the relatively foreign nature of it, spending many nights researching the topic. Though he likes Western Culture and indeed partakes in it, dressing the part, he will not force this onto the rest of the Soul Society and indeed, the Soul Society largely doesn't have time or resources to care much. Occasionally though, he will write a section on the latest trends in American or European culture; art, music, movies, games and most recently, memes.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: ~160 lbs. (apparent)

Physical Traits: Captain Shibutani has long, flowing black hair. It is well groomed and regularly washed, which is especially important due to the sheer amount of time he spends training and consequently building up a sweat. His light skin, covered by thick layers of clothes is far from unmarred. All along his arms, legs, and torsos are cut marks, bite marks, blast marks, among other things forever preserved on his body in the form of scars.

Being a Shinigami with a lot of control over spirit energy, he looks like a young man in his 20s, especially due to a lack of wrinkles. However, there is one part of his body where it is much more difficult to hide his age- that is- his bright brown eyes. Jun possesses the look of an old man; and if one could look into his eyes, one might be able to gauge how much of a disappointment he must have been at a younger age. Sure, they hold wisdom, but this is only secondary. In fact, even his backstory isn't as tragic as that of others.

Captain Shibutani has a long nose from the sellion to the nostrils. His face is slim and very angular, his jaw structure very defined especially with his lack of facial hair. He's got a mouth wider than his nose with a persistent, resting pout. His eyebrows are thin, thicker closer to the nose and thinning out at the edges of his face. He lacks facial blemishes.

Due to the training the Captain has done along with having never been particularly bulky in his long, long life, Captain Shibutani has a very slender body, packed with lean but tightly compressed muscle.
Clothing: Though he wears a more formal shihakusho and haori. However, due to the insane circumstances by which Jun had obtained his rank, as well as the secondary wave of fame later, his presence is almost immediately recognized, thus allowing him to get away with wearing clothing less shinigami-like. He has a preference for western-style clothing. His favorite set features a beige overcoat; a black, button-down, pinstriped shirt; a pair of sequin gloves; and a pair of brown trousers. In this, he wears three belts. That's two leather belts to keep his pants up, and a third cloth sash worn around his waist in which he sheathes his zanpakuto.

Accessories: Because he's classic, he likes to carry around a gold pocket watch.


General Fighting Style: It's difficult to pinpoint exactly how Captain Shibutani fights. The constant time he spends trying to better himself leads to an eclectic fighting style derived from the people he's fought as well as various books and videos which he had watched and read in order to improve his technique. His hand-to-hand style appears random, but is actually incredibly deliberate. A usual tactic of his is to get immediately on the ground, based on the observation that a majority of fights end up on the ground; and even if they had not, a majority of his hand-to-hand fights had simply as a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the ground, his fighting style consists of quick, erratic strikes, seemingly flailing his limbs about but actually striking at vital points. In confrontations that call for it, Captain Shibutani will also resort to using kido, favoring bakudo spells opposed to hado, especially when detaining a person. Captain Shibutani's kenjutsu, however, is his bread and butter. He plays on his own strengths at first. When he finally unsheathes his zanpakuto, due to prior established information regarding his ethics, he will know more or less his opponents' weaknesses, and will play against them as well. He is breathier than he is fast, and thus will often seek to tire out his opponent over straight-up attempting to overpower them, especially in serious matches that require him to unsheathe his zanpakuto.

Strengths: Though Captain Shibutani is rarely seen ever using his zanpakuto, it is without question that he possesses the best Zanjutsu in his Division and perhaps in the Gotei 13. As captain of the 9th Division, he also has incredibly strong shunpo. He may not be the fastest in comparison to the fastest assassins of the 2nd squad, though can certainly compete when it comes to chasing, possessing among the best endurance in the Gotei 13, capable of using his shunpo multiple times in quick succession over a period of several hours. This comes from mental and physical discipline through control of spirit energy as well as simply having good cardio from training for as long as he has been.

Weaknesses: Captain Shibutani was never quite strong to begin with. Had no one ever trained in anything, Jun would have only weaknesses, and it is only through training at which he had gotten to as strong as the other captains. It is still notable that Captain Shibutani, though he does his best to cover up this weakness, is physically less strong than his peers. Compared to other captains, Captain Shibutani also has a much weaker level of reiatsu which tie into his lack of physical strength.


Sealed Appearance: The sealed appearance of Hagane Orochi is unremarkable  and plain. The entirety of the zanpakuto lacks any sort of decoration whatsoever. The blade is arm-length with a handle designed for two and a half hands or simply two big hands- and Captain Shibutani doesn't have very big hands. The hand guard is a thick, silvery medallion just big enough to cover the hand.


Name: Hagane Orochi (鋼大蛇)
Release Command: Stalk

Appearance: Hagane Orochi, when released in Shikai shrinks down, the handle becoming accommodating only to a single hand, though also becoming more conforming to Captain Shibutani's hand and thus more comfortable in general. The hand guard disappears into the blade which droops down like a flaccid member until a proper command is uttered, causing Hagane Orochi to actually do its job. Otherwise, it acts as a short, metal whip.

Orochi no Kawa (大蛇の皮) Orochi no Kawa is Hagane Orochi's skill currency secondary to reiatsu and reiryoku. When Hagane Orochi is released, it is roughly two feet long. Activating this technique causes a metallic bulb to form at the tip. As it moves, a trail is formed from the bulb in the same shape of the blade. This trail is stationary and the blade will get longer as it moves, by up to a foot and a half every fourteen seconds depending on how quickly Shibutani can move (up to ten feet every post depending on the situation). If the bulb stops moving or if the skill is deactivated, the trail will break down from the bulb. If the bulb touches any part of the trail except that which is immediately behind it, the trail will break down from the point the bulb touches to the origin of the trail (the tip). The trail breaks down at the same rate as it grows, and Hagane Orochi remains in its flaccid state until the old trail completely breaks down, unable to gain more length. After the trail is done taking down and there is still trail on it, the trail will return to its original shape, but its orientation and position will be dictated by the position of the blade as the skill is reactivated. The trail is solid and does indeed cut, should anyone run along the edges. Because it is solid as well as stationary, Captain Shibutani may also maneuver off of it as a secondary platform.

Envenom (掻く) The simplest of simple skills. It converts a foot of trail into explosive energy which bursts at an immediate range. Every foot that explodes is comparable in power to a hado #1. Shibutani can detonate up to eight at once, and requires half a minute to cool down, or more depending on the amount of length used (cooldown: 1 + (t/2) where t = the amount of trail used).

Swallow (飲み込む) From the tip, this ability consumes a foot of trail into healing energy. This energy travels down the trail (1 post per 10 feet of trail) and into Shibutani's body, and from there, can be projected into the body of another individual making direct physical contact. This ability can use up to five feet of trail at a time. For every foot consumed, this technique can heal one bone fracture, a minor missing body part (chunk of flesh/finger/toe cut off), or a burn up to third degree covering up to 10% of the body; two feet can heal a major bone fracture, a partial amputation of a major body part, or fourth degree burns covering up to 2% of the body; three feet can heal several bone fractures, a complete amputation (does not regrow the limb), or up to a fourth degree burn covering up to 3% of the body; and so on. When this move is used, Shibutani must wait two minutes (four posts) before he can use it again.

Turn (曲がる) Though the trail is largely stationary, Captain Shibutani does have the capability of moving it on his will, though it is still incredibly difficult, and can only do so once every four posts. This does not consume any length.

Bite (噛み付く) The most basic skill using Orochi no Kawa in which Captain Shibutani can cast a kido spell through any part of the blade in any direction and at any angle. This ability is of course, limited by those imposed by the kido in question. In addition, for every ten feet of trail the spell has to travel, there is an additional five seconds worth of lag (a spell cast in one post won't work for another post for every ten feet of trail there is on the blade). This does not consume any length.

Rattle (振る)  A skill building off of Shibutani's "Bite" technique. When a spell is running through Hagane Orochi's trail, Captain Shibutani can cause the kido to "surge" for a slight moment. This causes the spell to dissipate, but also deflects the path of any energy attack going through or around it.

Pounce (急に飛びかかる) This technique is a finishing move and also a newly developed power by Captain Shibutani. Though the trail will normally reset if it touches itself, this technique allows him to do it on purpose. By timing this command at the same time as cutting the trail on purpose at sixty feet or less from the tip, the remainder of the trail will break off, shooting towards a target, wrap itself around said target, and explode. The explosion is similar to Envenom, in which the power is equivalent to the amount of trail with a higher upper limit of sixty. After this technique is used, the trail will reset and no new trail can be formed for five seconds after this technique is used (1 post).

Boosts: At first, Hagane Orochi gave a minor boost in everything in general as would be expected in Shikai, though as it had become developed, it seemed that the zanpakuto's will was to boost its user's speed, making Captain Shibutani noticeably much faster.


New Name:


Background: Jun was born to the noble Shibutani family as the second youngest of five siblings and the youngest of three brothers. Due simply to the order in which they were born, Jun was deemed as the unlucky one, four being a bad number in Asian cultures. This didn't mean his parents cared for him any less than his other siblings, however, he was certainly treated differently by his family and everybody had taken notice. Having grown up in such a way, he was always used to being treated differently.

There was a strong sibling rivalry between him, his brothers, and his sister. They all had to be the biggest, fastest, the strongest, with the eldest usually winning out of all of them for obvious reasons. Though his younger sister was more vulnerable, Jun was always seen as the weakest link, and for a long time, he was even noticeably shorter than his younger sister, the elders in the family poking fun at him, thinking that his sister would vastly outgrow him.

Growing up, Jun was seen as the black sheep of the family. He was always the one who needed more encouragement. Everybody knew it, though they never gave it to him in favor of his much stronger older brothers and indeed his prodigal younger sister. He was the failure of the family, to the point where his name was even changed, at least in writing (from 渋 to 四二) to reflect what everybody thought of him.

As a child, in order to force him to do better in his studies, Jun was constantly beat by the elders of his family as a way of disciplining him. Though they see marginal improvements here and there, it never worked in the long run, and his family had eventually given up on him. Jun had initially been quick to anger, following an example of his parents' short temperedness; though the lack of power to do anything about it quickly turned this anger into depression. He was called a crybaby, and all in his family had made fun of him for it.

When it came time for him to become a Soul Reaper, Jun's family had little expectations of him, many even encouraging him not to become a Soul Reaper so as to not bring shame onto the family for how disappointing they expected him to be. Then, as an attempt to spite them as well as prove himself, Jun had enrolled into the academy.

Once there, Jun had performed exactly as everybody expected he would. He was incredibly mediocre as a student, and at the time, even lacked the work ethic to lift himself out of a slump. At the time, he had only two friends in the academy, and the three were referred to as the tragic trio, all of them skating incredibly close to failure.

When they graduated, it was only because the three of them had each other for support, along that of some of the teachers who were disagreed with by a good deal of other teachers along with a majority of the student body, thinking it a drain on resources both to the school and the Gotei 13. Out of the three, Jun had the least remarkable zanpakuto. His family, upon seeing what it was, what it was called, and what it did, called it a metal-colored noodle that flopped around and nothing else. At the time, because of Jun's lack of mastery of his shikai, they were largely correct in what it was.

At first, Jun wanted to join the 11th Division, wanting to prove himself as a fighter. At the time, though he wasn't particularly talented in anything, he was the least adept at kido, and believed he could make up for it by being a member of the 11th Squad, learning to become a powerful melee fighter. However, due to his lack of upper body strength and the resemblance of his shikai to a wet noodle, they all laughed at him before kicking him out.

With nowhere else to turn, Jun had become a member of the 9th squad, and more part of the cultural portion than the police portion. Simply put, he along the rest of the tragic trio were put into position as water boys, people who fetched the coffee, did the menial work, and generally everybody poked fun at. When Jun asked to write his own articles, he was mocked and derided. "Nobody wants to hear what a loser has to say" they said. Some even refused to let the trio fetch the coffee, thinking they wouldn't even be able to do that much correct. In that case, the three only had each other.

For centuries, Jun had been little more than a water boy, even when his academy friends had already moved up, becoming publishers, managers, and the like; his siblings becoming high seated members throughout the Gotei 13. In his four centuries, he had seen captain positions changing quite frequently, and seeing former slaves and bastard children, those born in the human world and otherwise of impure blood rise to high places of power, only filled the then young noble with a seething sense of jealousy.

Jun had been on the verge of suicide for many years, but always had too much cowardice to ever actually off himself, even as others dared him to. He reasoned with others though mostly himself, that he lives on because of spite. The constant bullying and harassment, people generally belittling him had made him emotionally very closed-off, though not necessarily tough mentally.

His escape was training. As a trainee, he had never done more than what was necessary without someone else pushing him to it. As a member of the 9th Squad, however, it became a lifestyle to him. He at first trained with his two friends, both of them apparently getting much more out of it than he did, allowing them to advance much quicker. Jun stayed behind. He had no choice. He was slow. Still, within the span of a century, Jun had mastered his shikai and polished a good majority of his shinigami skills to a point where they might even be passable. Nobody was impressed and indeed, many even felt pity for him seeing as how hard it was for him to get to where most average shinigami- not even the higher average- could reach in half the time. Though, the fact that he even could improve was motivation enough.

He had become competitive, often challenging members of the 9th Division to various challenges, those he faced expecting an easy challenge. Jun did not win each and every one of these matches, though every single victory bolstered his ego and every single loss humbled him as well as gave him incentive to become even stronger.

The greatest challenge in his life had taken a century and a half. At that point, Jun had become slightly more respected, growing just below the rank of a seated member, and even catching up with his friends. His siblings had been seated members and perhaps lieutenants already, all of them vying for the position of captain.

As a noble family with five children, it was expected that at least one of them would be able to achieve bankai and thus become captain, and the least expected to have such a position was of course Jun, the black sheep. After a century and a half, Jun had trained his absolute hardest as did the rest of his siblings, who had undoubtedly become stronger than ever.

At the end of over a century and a half of training to achieve bankai, none of the five siblings had gotten it, the more motivated being the eldest and the youngest believed they weren't trying hard enough and the others simply demoralized, giving up. Jun, however, had finally gained some confidence in himself, and in the time that he had spent training, also gained the respect and support of some of his division.

People had attempted to talk him out of it. However, Jun had made up his mind. He went to the captain and requested to become the captain himself by defeating him in combat. The captain was amused, but baffled, even knowing how much Jun had trained. At first, the request was rejected. As a result, Jun continued to train, garnering more support as well as critics and many losses, especially against seated shinigami who he had won the favor of.

No longer was the scared, afraid loser who could do nothing. A life of defeats as well as defeat at the hands of his peers in training had humbled him. Though after another half century, Jun had worked up what he believed to be enough strength to defeat his captain, becoming the new captain. The first time, Jun had lost, the captain sparing his life out of pity. Jun did not give up. The captain referred him as foolish for wanting a rematch, but after much paperwork, a rematch was settled between the two. At that time, the both of them had trained up to it, the captain caught by surprise at how strong who was once the weakest member of Gotei 13 had become and who he himself had seen grow more powerful.

The second time, the both of them gave it their all. It was an incredibly close match, leaving the both of them broken and bloody messes, limbs missing which had to be reattached by the 4th Division by the end of the duel. Most remarkably, his middle finger went missing. The both of them stood by one another, working in a battle of attrition, both of them worn out by the sheer length of the battle but still giving it their all. At the last seconds, it was down to who collapsed first. Jun, though he appeared to be the first to shake, he quickly caught himself. There was a thud in the arena, and Jun had become Captain Shibutani before collapsing beside the ex-captain. The both of them were put in emergency care and thanks to 4th Division medicine and 12th Division science, they both survived.

When Jun had become captain, especially without having achieved bankai, it certainly shifted perceptions of him. Those who didn't believe in him suddenly gained a respect for him, and those who had, including his two academy friends, were incredibly happy for him. Though, as captain, he had been braced for a myriad of challenges along with barrages of paperwork, which he had found new motivation to do. At the time, Squad 9 was known primarily as the cultural leaders, its former captain among the most fabulous of the Gotei 13. Though, due to its lack of general importance especially in more fire matters, squad 9 is largely forgotten. Under the leadership of Captain Shibutani, the 9th Division had slowly become known as the most disciplined and best groomed members of the Gotei 13, with regular inspections and mandatory training to ensure all members stay up to standard, and a culture of competitiveness which motivates the members to succeed in this system with the Captain setting the standard.

Time as captain had undoubtedly changed the new captain himself as well, Captain Shibutani quickly learning what the position felt like, bearing the full responsibilities of a captain. It was certainly easier than he had expected, with far less to worry about than he actually thought, though it made him responsible and changed his viewpoints on justice, how he should treat citizens of the soul society as well as other soul reapers.

RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]

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Jedna - Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:01 am




Face #1: Lucifer
Face #2: Mammon
Face #3: Asmodeus
Face #4: Leviathan
Face #5: Beelzebub
Face #6: Satan
Face #7: Belphegor

Collective Name: Jedna

Age: N/A

True Age: Unknown

Sex: N/A


(Pride) Lucifer - Considered the main leader of the entire conglomerate, Lucifer is incredibly arrogant, full of himself and selfish, unfortunately for him he is stuck with six other minds which can lead him to have to be taken down off his high horse. Despite his arrogance and condescending nature he is the smartest of the group and prides himself on his wits.

(Greed)Mammon - Acting as the one with the most desire Mammon has the mindset that he should be the one to benefit from everything, his suggestions and actions are driven by need and a constant want. If you have it he wants it, even if it is useless and serves no purpose this mind just wants it even if he will throw it away afterwards.

(Lust) Asmodeus - Asmodeus is the most ambitions, lusting for power and control makes him dangerous. While not in the sexual manner Asmodeus always has strong feelings and desires, similar to Mammon he needs his lust satisfied which makes him reckless since he is not the smartest one of the collective.

(Envy) Leviathan - Incredibly envious of other people, Leviathan is often angry at people that have what he doesn’t such as Lucifer who is the leader of the lot, envious of people with only one head and can be independent while he is trapped with the others. Leviathan can be made jealous very easily making him prone to violent outbursts and illogical thoughts.

(Gluttony) Beelzebub - Being of the one that is the entirety of the seven minds’ hunger as hollows makes Beelzebub constantly angry and in need of sustenance compared to the others. Even when he has been satiated he is still hungry and it is something that never subsides in him, Beelzebub doesn’t care who or what it is he eats, he does anything to try and appease his hunger.  

(Wrath) Satan - Having a short temper is what Satan is good at, he is also the one that has the strongest bloodlust and need to fight. A combative individual that needs to constantly fight and cause issues makes him the least likeable between the other minds, however as unloved as he is Satan is the most experienced in combat and battle strategy, he is also the most violent and capable when it comes to combat.

(Sloth) Belphegor - Being the only female in the collective Belphegor goes by the name of Bel for simplicity, that and it is also much faster to say to suite her lazy nature. When Bel is not asleep she is often doing nothing, being incredibly useless this mindset serves no benefit to the others.

(collective) Jedna - Together the entire group act as single being, they all talk at the same time and continue on from each other's sentences. While acting as a single mind they seem calm and collected. They often appear as a Teacher type figure, often good at teaching and learning to/from others.  


Lucifer - Lucifer loves himself above everything else, to say that he could ever love anything else is absurd in his mind.

Mammon - Similar to Lucifer but not quite. Instead of loving himself, he loves everything else. To be more precise he likes everything he could have. Then when these things become obsolete he throws them away, finding love in new things. However this can lead him into a cycle of want and hate. He may have discarded something because he no longer wanted it, but then when he no longer had it he wanted it back.

Asmodeus - Asmodeus likes control and power. He likes to fulfill his lusts and desires. Nothing else matters to him.

Leviathan - Leviathan likes everything he doesn’t have. If someone else has it, he wants it. This isn’t to say that when he has it he still wants it. Simply put Leviathan likes or pursues to have something that he knows someone else has, and he can’t have it. He is seen in many ways similar to Mammon, but this is far from the truth.

Beelzebub - Beelzebub has a one track mind, to consume and feed. His only like and desire is to satiate his abysmal hunger. All he likes to do is eat and eat and eat.  

Satan - Satan likes to fight, He wills to fight, his entire mindset is to fight. He enjoys watching and listening to conflict, as that is who he is, that is what he is.

Belphegor - Belphegor likes to do absolutely nothing. She literally enjoys to do nothing and sleep.


Lucifer - Fears, what fears? Lucifer fears only but to fear himself, and how could he fear something that he loves so much.

Mammon - Unsurprisingly, mammon fears not being able to want.

Asmodeus - Asmodeus fears for that he will never achieve his lusts and ambitions.

Leviathan - Similar to Asmodeus, leviathan fears being unable to have everything that everyone else has.

Beelzebub - Beelzebub fears to not be able to eat.

Satan - Satan has no fears. He considers himself the harbinger of fear itself. Although Satan may be the most unliked of all the others, his fearlessness definitely warrants the others an advantage.

Belphegor - Belphegor fears to be forced to do something. Above all else, she fears being controlled by others.  

Hollow Form: Gillian


Height: 205 cm

Weight: 133 kg

Physical Traits:

7 faces
6 arms
slim and scary as fuck


General Fighting Style: Jedna is a Swarm Tactic type fighter. Manipulating and controlling groups of Hollows to fight for it. It uses it mental abilities to pass information across the Hollows it controls giving the group a vast amount of advantages. Jedna acts like a hivemind.

Strengths: Reiryoku Control, Reiryoku, Sensing. 

Weaknesses: Stamina, Edurance.


Average Hollow Abilities:

Cero - (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", 'Doom Blast' in the Viz translation) is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast which can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, hand, or fingers. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Visored have used Cero attacks, and it appears stronger entities can use it more efficiently and forcefully. With the exception of a few Cero techniques and users, Cero requires some time to be used effectively, so the enemy must be not moving, busy with something else, or too badly wounded to even simply dodge it. There exist a number of variations of Cero, which are usually unique to the Arrancar using it.

Garganta - (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen, Kisuke Urahara, and recently Mayuri Kurotsuchi have demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy which must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

High-Speed Regeneration - (超速再生, Chōsoku Saisei; lit. "Ultra-Fast Regeneration") is an ability which allows a Hollow to heal most injuries very quickly, with the exception of the destruction of the head.

Gillian Appearance: (Refer to Physical Traits)
Gillian Abilities:

Kontorōru - Jedna possesses the ability to lure and call/summon Hollows to its location, this Includes Hollows up to Gillian class. Jedna can also control the minds of the Hollows it lures (NPC only, unless player permission is granted), He can control all Hollows Up to Gillian class but not beyond. Jedna can control them to defend and fight in its stead, and also use them to perform simple tasks that it does not want to perform itself.  

Kokoro no nai dōsatsu - Jedna Possesses the ability to talk with someone via their mind. Jedna is also able to read peoples emotions, making Jedna able to act accordingly to how they feel and might act. Jedna is not limited by the amount of minds he can connect to, and can talk to an infinite number of people with different conversations.  

Extrasensory Perception - This ability is a unique and advanced form of Pesquisa. Operating the same way but is a little more effective. Jedna is able to pinpoint even the slightest source of Spiritual energy, and if Jedna knows what it comes from it can determine whether or not it is a Hollow, Shinigami, human, ETC.

Telekinesis - Jedna can very easily launch any object in the environment at or under the weight of a truck at an opponent at surprising speeds. If the object is under 500kg, it can be launched at Bala speeds. Over 500kg? Cero Speeds. He can only launch up to 5 objects per post at weights exceeding 500kg. He can launch as much as he wants if the weight is under 500kg though. Jedna can also make itself float, and fly.

Cero Aeon - Unlike most Hollows, Jedna can shoot 6 Cero's a post.  

Adjuchas Appearance: (To be worked on)
Adjuchas Abilities: (To be worked on)

Vasto Lorde Appearance: (To be worked on)
Vasto Lorde Abilities: (To be worked on)


Background: Long ago, 7 greats hollows of equal power fought to the death. However due to some anomaly, they were morphed together.    

Side Notes: N/A

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Kurisuten Mu-a - Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:35 am


Name: Kurisuten Mu-a
Age: 24
True Age: 631
Sex: Female
Personality: Out of battle Kuri pretty much remains the same, calm, laid back, protective, though she likes to talk a lot. She is never the second to strike, allowing her enemies to make the decision if they should fight. She is kind hearted and playful, loving a good practical joke or just a regular joke. She loves to play jokes on her friends, though she steps out of the way to stay kind and not rude. Her competitive nature goes hand in hand in with her moods, always wanting to be the one who has the best joke or the best race time. Though her competitive nature runs much deeper than just her joking moods, she loves to wrestle, race, spar anything that she could strive to be the best at. Because of this competitiveness, people are often surprised about how gentle she can be, always gentle outside of battle. Her voice reflects that, soft, velvety, smooth and calm.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lbs
Physical Traits: Kurisuten wouldn't consider herself beautiful, but she definitely isnt ugly. In fact, she is quite the opposite. She has angular features in face, but they are still gentle angles,leaving her with a fair look. Her skin, however, has an ivory hue to it making her seem pale, but not in an unhealthy way. Her eyes have a slight angle to them as well, but not in an oriental way, and have a violet hue. However, she always seems to have a bored or emotionless look in her eye by always having her eyes half closed. Kurisutens hair also has a violet hue to match her eyes and reaches to about mid shoulder blade, which she generally keeps it in a ponytail. Her zanpakuto rests on the back of her waist line with the handle facing her left side. Though the girl isn't very curvy, her curves compliment her slim physique perfectly and though she is slim, her muscles are defined. If anyone was ever luck enough to see her naked, they would also see the tattoos encompassing her torso and left arm. These tattoos appear to be one singular tattoo in black ink and in the shape of multiple Oriental dragons fighting each other.
Clothing: Kuri wears a modified shihakasho, though most of it appears to be nothing more than normal. Instead of the bamboo shoes, she wears tabi socks to simply add more stealth to her steps. Her shihakasho has the right sleeve missing as well as adding a hood to the collar. She wears her Captains coat as more of a hoodless cloak, leaving less restrictions on her arms. On her hands she wears a pair of black leather fingerless gloves and over the lower half of her face, she wears a black leather mask.
Accessories: Around her neck, Kuri wears a gold chained amulet with a peculiar spider symbol etched into the face of it, though this is generally tucked into her shirt. She also carries a broken katana hilt on her right side. This hilt has a crimson hand wrap and the crossgaurd is in the shape of a five pointed star. This hilt belonged to her twin brothers zanpakuto.


General Fighting Style: In battle Kuri has much of the same qualities, calm, laid back and most of all protective. Like said before she lets her enemies strike first, but if someone goes after a loved one she takes initiative. She will go out of her way to protect anyone she knows, even taking a vital blow to save them. However if someone comes after her, she always plays it defensively, making her enemy tire rather than tire herself. She will throw a few attacks here and there, to distract them, but she has taken the saying, “A strong offense is a strong defense” to heart. She voice remained the same, calm, soft, smooth, reflecting her fighting style well. Talking is another favorite tactic of hers, either distracting them or talking them into a making a hole in their defenses. In battle, her gentleness still remains unless they attack a loved one causing her to anger. She generally starts combat with hand to hand combat, only drawing her weapon if it was needed.
Strengths: shunpo,  Hollow Powers and hand to hand
Weaknesses: kidou, zanjutsu(sealed form only, due to using hand to hand in released States)


Sealed Appearance: Purotekuta appears to be a normal style katana with a violet hand wrap and an eight pointed star guard. Hanging from a chain on the pommel is a singular black feather. However, the blade of the katana is reversed so the sharp end is facing her and the blunt end towards her enemies.
Spirit’s Name: Purotekuta
Spirit’s Appearance: Kuta is a female spirit with a similar physique as Kuri, but much more beautiful. She has blonde hair with crimson highlights, which lays straight down to her waist line. She keeps a multitude of black feathers on her hair in a very Native American way. She has fair tanned skin and crimson eyes. Her height is only a few inches taller than Kuri, but she has always made her presence make Kuri feel much smaller. Though the majority of her appearance seems normal, she has one feature that is peculiar; A pair of black wings. Her entire body, however, is fully clad in a brass colored armor with a faint glowing red light from between the plates.
Spirit’s Personality: Purotekuta comes out to be outwardly cold, speaking hard truths and dealing with absolute honesty. However, she does this to aid Kuri rather than hinder her. Even though she speaks harshly, she is actually a very kind soul, helping to protect Kuri and anyone that Kuri wishes to protect herself. Her idea of training is harsh and grueling, but it serves the purpose is making Kuri strong enough to protect those she loves. Purotekuta is always in complete control of herself and is fond of meditation and inner peace. She is commonly found smoking out of a peace pipe cand breathing out what Kuri calls, "The stinky giggle smoke".
Inner World: The inner world is pretty basic, to be honest. Purotekuta resides in the middle of a empty plain with waist high grass, though in the center of the plains is a rather large teepee. Inside the teepee is generally where Kuri finds her, smoking her peace pipe.


Call Out Command: Protect Us, Purotekuta
Appearance: After calling out shikai, Kuri's sword vanishes in an explosion of her violet reiatsu and reshapes itself around her right arm. Those new form reaches from her shoulder all the way to her fingertips in a singular gladiator style gauntlet. The armor resembles that of Purotekutas, but is a silver color with faint blue light emitting from between the armor plates. Her fingertips are elongated into three inch claws and the remaining areas of her gauntlet is covered in three inch spikes as well. These spikes, however, retract into the armor when her own body touches it as to not stab herself. Dangling from chains on her shoulder are five black feathers. The shoulder also has a plate that sticks up to protect herr neck. When Kuri charges reiatsu or uses an ability, the blue lights shine a bright violet to match her actual reiatsu.
Abilities: #1
Purotekuta's primary power is the ability to create small purplish clear bubble like shields that would resist the attack of oncoming attacks, whether it be Kidou or physical. They can defend her against any attack up to the force of acero before breaking. The bubble shield is only about diameter of two feet in a circle shape, making it so to block effectively it would have to be placed accurately. They are also in the shape of a half sphere, curving around the gauntleted arm. Someone with a stronger attack than her defense would be able to break through the shield, naturally. The downside of the Shikai version of the bubble like shield is that it can only be placed where her arm can reach at the time of placement. She can only create these shields from her right arm, the gauntleted arm. The shields will only stay there until either five posts, she calls it off, or someone breaks through it. She can only make one shield at a time, but she can create up to 15 without one of them dissolving.
The second ability that purotekuta has is the ability to launch the spikes of her armor at her enemy. When she uses the ability, she infuses her reiatsu into the spike and fires it. In shikai she has a total of 15 spikes, but can only fire three at a time. They have a range of about 120 yards and simply dissipate if they travel further. The spikes regrow on the gauntlet after about five posts. If a spike makes contact they will explode after two posts with the force of a bala.
The final ability Purotekuta has is offensive and defensive in nature. She can form energy blasts. She has two specific ways she has learned to use this ability. She can either fire it in a concentrated beam like a cero, or explode it in every direction. The Beam is offensive, reaching out to 150 yards and has the force of a cero. The explosion is defensive, though it can injure, it isn't made that way. It's meant to force projectiles or enemies away from her. It only has a range of about 25 yards and has the force of 50 mph winds. The overall ability has a recharge time of a a single post.
Boosts: shikai increases her speed x2, durability x3 and stamina x2


New Name: Shīrudopurotekutā
Appearance:  Again, once called out the gauntlet explodes in reiatsu and rearranges itself. This time encompassing Kuri's entire body from neck down in golden plate mail that directly resembles Kutas. The light emitting from between the plates is now crimson, but still shines violet when charging reiatsu or using an ability. The plate that protected her neck is now a full gorget, including the front, which covers over her nose. The entire armor is covered in her spikes and all of her fingers and toes have three inch claws. On her back is a single black wing, though this wing is as hard as her armor itself.
Abilities: #1
She can still create her purple shields though instead of only being 2 feet in diameter they are 7 feet in diameter, curving around her body in a half sphere. She can adjust the size of the shield anywhere between 2 to 7 feet in diameter according to the situation. Though instead of the reach of her arm she can place the shield anywhere within 10 feet around her, making for very useful distractions or surprises.The shields can have either, spikes or not. Instead of only 15 she can now form 30 of the shields. These shields can defend her up to the force of a cero and last twice as long without dissolving. However, she can now increase the protection limits of her shields. She can spend up to three of her discharges to create a shield capable of blocking a granrey, which lasts for three posts and has a three post cool down. She can also use up five of her discharges to create one that is capable of defending her against a cero obscuras which lasts for three posts and has a cool down of four posts.
Her spikes are now encompassing her entire body, giving her more like 50 spikes to work with and she can fire up to 6 at a time now. She has a range of about two football fields, and they can regrow at the same speed. Now, when the grenades make contact, they explode immediately and with the force of a cero.
With her third ability, the power of the blast is greatly increased along with the recharge speed. The concentrated blast now has the power of a cero obscuras and can reach out to 300 yards. The explosion now has a force of 100 mph winds and does add a very small amount of energy damage, similar to that of a bala. This ability has a recharge speed of four posts.
Boosts: Bankai greatly increases her speed x3, durability x3 and stamina x3


Appearance: The mask Kuri can call forth is very primal, resembling the skull of a dragon. The face has the same design of red marks on the face and has six horns shooting backwards from the back of the mask, which are half colored red as well. Her eyes shine through the mask and resemble the hollows red and black snake eyes.
Abilities: Greatly increases strength x3 speed x3 and stamina x2]
Hollow Powers: Cero, bala, hierro and high speed regen


Appearance: [What does your Full form look like?]
Abilities: [What new abilities does your character gain?]
Boosts: [What boosts does your character get?]


Background: Rukongai: Life in the 79th district of West Rukongai is harder than most people could imagine. The run on slums of poor citizens bickering, brawling, and stealing, Kurisuten being one of the many. Kuri's beloved "mother" had died, when she was really little. Kuri had to steal what little food was around just to settle her starving belly for a couple short minutes. And most of the time, she didn’t steal very well. She was forced to run, doing a style of freestyle city jumping to escape the other hungry boys and girls. She ditched the food a lot, remaining hungry for most of her stay in 79th district. She knew that most people in the Rukongai didn't need food, technically neither did she. Her "Father" had told her at one point that hunger was a sign of exerting her reiatsu, which is a good sign when she wanted to be a Shinigami. She snuck into richer sections hoping to see a Shinigami, her idols. She wanted to be one for a long time, though she never had the guts to attempt to join them. And so she remained, hungry and tired within the poor districts of West Rukongai.

On an overly hot, normal day Kuri and her best friend Lilli were strolling along a part of the richer sections. They were naturally getting angry or disgusted looks, seeing that they were dressed rather shaggily. Kuri didn’t care though, the way they were dressed was a sense of pride to Kuri, they survived this long in 79th district and these people haven’t. Those were the train of thoughts going on in Kuri’s head, before she saw two Shinigami walking toward them. Her thoughts shifted immediately from pride to awe. These once citizens of the Rukon District were now Shinigami, why couldn’t she? This was her chance to become one of them, she tugged Lilli towards the Soul Reapers and asked to take she and Lilli with them to the Seireitei. The lead Shinigami studied the two for a long while before nodding and taking them to the Shinigami Academy.

Training: During training Kuri and Lilli stuck together, along with one or two other slum citizens. Kuri strived to prove herself, while Lilli didn’t seem to be trying at all, which made Kuri jealous. Kuri was naturally weaker than the others, she knew, but she was sure she was more determined to become a Soul Reaper. It all seemed so effortless to them, which only made her work harder to earn her place within the Seireitei. Somewhere in the six year training program she lost track of time, focusing on almost everything else. She trained with Lilli and the other two some of the time, and the rest of the time she studied.

Kuri and Lilli slowly stopped talking to each other at some point within their training, Lilli thinking herself superiour and Kuri knowing she did. She ended up keeping to herself and not bothering with friends, since they all had their bad sides. She even formed a rivalry with Lilli, wanting to prove that Lilli was still just a girl from 79th district. Near the end of her training she got that chance, a duel between Lilli and herself in front of all the teachers and recruits. (rest is the Sample RP.)
Side Notes:
RP Sample: Adrennaline was already building up inside her, urging her body to swing her Zanpaktou at Lilli, the girl who used to be her best friend. They stood across from each other, staring each other down as they took their ready poses. Lilli held her Zanpaktou with both hands in front of her with it angled up at Kurisuten Mu-a, while Kuri held her right hand foreward, fist toward Lilli, with the double bladed Zanpaktou going towards the ground. The go was already given for them to fight, but neither of them moved from their stances, everyone was dead silent. It seemed to be a patience test now, since they both have fought together many times before hand so they know each others tactics.

Kuri was starting to get impatient, though she strived to keep that from her expressions. Sweat began to build up on her sword palm and on her forehead, the sun was blazing hot. Kuri let out a slow controlled breath as she gave up and dashed forward towards Lilli, blade running up her back and poking over her opposite shoulder. A few yards away from Lilli, Kuri leapt into the air bringing a small flurry of strikes down at her rival. The strikes were blocked easily by the girl, whom suddenly retaliated with a few strikes of her own.

Kuri fell back a few steps and bringing her own sword up to parry, then spin and kicked at her chest roughly. Kuri, let out a small grunt and fell to her knee for a quick second as Lilli sliced her shin with a grin. “You’re the same as I am Lilli, they all know it. We’re the same.” Kuri spoke calmly blocking the series of shots Lilli threw at her. Kuri continued to parry and dodge flurry after flurry of attacks given by Lilli, a few of them scratching up Kuri’s soft skin. “Why do you think you’re so much better than me Lilli? Remember whom got you your food?” Kuri taunted, causing Lilli to scowl and throw more powerful attacks, making Kuri move faster.

Kuri and Lilli danced with their Zanpaktou’s, loud clashes echoing among the silent crowd. Gasps from the recruits occasionally sounded out as Kuri or Lilli pulled a dangerous maneuver to try and outsmart each other. Kuri shoved Lilli’s sword away roughly before moving in to elbow her when Lilli’s foot slammed into her chest roughly, sending her a few yards back.

Kurisuten landed on a knee, shin and left hand heaving out air that seemed like it burnt all the way down her throat. She looked up at her former friend to see her heaving as well, though standing shakily. “Come ‘n’ get it Kuri.” She growled as Kuri stood, putting herself in her ready stance once more, remaining silently. “Come on Kuri, friend…Beat me.” She hissed in a darkened humor. Kuri growled and charged forth swinging her Zanpaktou, only to get a gash along her own belly.

The girl fell coughing and clutching her bleeding belly. “Ah. See Kuri. I am better than you.” Lilli chuckled, raising her sword to deal the final blow when a Teacher called over the silence. “Enough! This battle is over.” Lilli sheathed her sword and walked off, while Kuri was carried off to the Squad four personnel for healing.

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