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"Keep up woman." Reno said briskly as he entered the staging arena for the battle and grinned, "Don't slow me down this time you hear? I expect a great deal from you since this is a double bout. You'll have to defend yourself and me while I do the same. Basic strategy yes?" he waved a hand and sighed softly as he eyed the other side of the ring for his would be opponents while listening to any reply given by Kiyoshi which was probably a smartass comment about how she is stronger than he thinks or something.

He mostly brushed it aside and raised his arms up in victory making the crowd roar with delight at his arrogance as the commentator for the event noted the same arrogant taunt Reno put on display and made a loud comment about it.

Ignoring the rabble from that point on Reno focused solely on Kiyoshi and whoever the two people to arrive as his foes would be. The three of them would be all that mattered for quite some time.. He didn't expect things to go smothly after all since they rarely did in these large festival type battles.

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Rolling her eyes, Kiyoshi ignored half of what the older man was saying. She'd spent her life training and fighting, a single tournament, whether or not her life hung in the balance, meant nothing in the grand scheme of things- she wasn't about to let it get to her and wasn't going to let Reno's comments do it either. Crossing her arms as the crowd began to cheer.

"You should probably just rush them as soon as it starts and distract them while I relax. You can probably handle both of them yourself, but I'll jump in after I get my second quirk activated." She wasted no time in the matter, silently activating her creation quirk. As if to show off, she casually created a sword in each hand, inspected them, then threw both of them away and repeated the act a few times while waiting on the fighting to start.
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Tournaments...What was the point of these again? Guts, Glory? Maybe to Show off? So many things of a small display of power. Seishin sighed looking towards a pure white sparkling hole in the wall in front of her open causing her eyes to widen in awe "So Pretty!"She exclaimed happily jumping up and down a bit before she Shunpo forward into it with a giggle.

Meanwhile a snow white portal opened above the arena just swirling doing nothing till a small steel blue haired child about the age of 12 formed from the portal falling with her back to the ground. Seishin blinked a bit before looking around "Stupid portal...This isn't where I wanted."She said pouting before she folded her arms. She waited till she was about a minute from hitting her back to the ground before she flipped taking out her dagger before sending it to the ground a few seconds before she landed on top of it keeping perfect balance. She stood stood at about 4,8' wearing a typical shinigami uniform. Her one visuable glazed ice blue eye watched the two in front of her as her expression was one of curiosity about the two as she tilt her head from side to side as if trying to figure them out from a few yards away.

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