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"I was awakened from my slumber for this.. it had better be good." Came the voice of a grouchy and still groggy Kaze Lisola who had once again escaped from hell to enter the world of the living. This time around however it looked like he was participating in a tournament where the rules had you fighting 2 v 2.. He didn't like the idea of working together with someone he didn't know but he wasn't about to try to break the rules of the tournament over something so trite.

"You are Thor right? My partner for this? Don't go lobbing attacks at me on accident or I'll murder you in your sleep with a spoon." He turned his gaze upon the crowd and wondered how many he could get away with killing before someone stopped him.. but then decided it best not to try right now as he was still waking up and needed a work out before a slaughter.

His cloak covering most of his body swayed slightly in the wind revealing a golden tube on one arm but aside from that revealed very little about Kaze himself other than he was kind of skinny. He wore an eye patch but didn't seem to need to do so. Asthetics perhaps? Regardless.

"Let's have a blood bath and call it a day yeah?" he said to Thor as he waited for his....their..opponents to appear.

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