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#1 [Private] Not so old lady on Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:44 am

Leaving through the large doors of the Squad One Barracks. Chiaki was being accompanied by her son, who always seemed to have a lifeless expression on his face. Smiling with her arm wrapped around him, Chiaki would wave to the fellow shinigami who they passed by. "I have things I'd rather attend to without you being an annoyance and diverting my time", Demise would say, unwrapping his mothers arm from around his shoulder. "Go be an annoyance to some other poor tormented soul", He would say attempting to walk off to some location where his mother currently was not. Shinigami and strangers alike, making sure to stay clear of him completely. "Ishii don't be like that. I'm your mother, you should show me around and introduce me to your friends", Chiaki would say chasing after him and wrapping her arms around him, stopping him in place. "NEVER REFER TO ME WITH THAT NAME, EVER!...", Demise would say with a furious tone, and showing emotion? Which was completely out of character for him. "That name is from a time long gone, and no longer exists anymore. I am Demise now, and you should refer to me as such.", He would say calmly as he would escape her grasp and walk off.

Chiaki's smile would sort of fade, as she saw her son walk off. "You shouldn't run away from her memory Ishii, you'll only hurt yourself more.", Chiaki would call out. Demise's only response was to signal her to fuck off, as he kept walking. Chiaki would look around herself, smiling at the few onlookers who were relatively brave enough to be in Demise's presence. "So who wants to show me around now?" Chiaki would say aloud as light would emanate off of her perfect form.

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#2 Re: [Private] Not so old lady on Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:02 am

Satou had found herself sitting on a wall twirling the giant hammer that dangled off the back of her right shoulder as if it were the same weight as an umbrella. Her feet kicked out and her heels thudded back against the wall unsure of when she misplaced her sandals. Purple eyes would scan the area around her as she would notice all of the other shinigami wandering around avoiding her gaze. They always outcasted her. They always looked at her different. They always treated her as if they didn't want her around. Why was she here? She had one friend on this whole plane of existence and they rarely communicated, since they were both busy. Speaking of busy, she wasn't quite sure where Captain Amaya was nor why she hadn't come searching for her yet. Satou was a Vice Captain now, although there was nobody to be proud of such a feat other than herself.

Anyway, Satou would ignore her own negative thoughts as something else had captured her eye. There was the man that always followed the Captain Commander around. What was his name again? Demise, was it? Probably. It was something super edgy to say the least. Except, there was a woman who looked very young following him around, but by the way she spoke to him, she had to have been his relative. Sister maybe? She had never spoken to either of them before, but it was interesting to see them in the same general area. So when the grumpy, old Demise left the nice lady by herself, Satou would smile jumping off of the wall behind her.

"Hey, lady. Forget about that grumpy guy. I'll show you around," Satou would say loudly so that people in the vicinity would turn and look at the two. Satou would drop her hammer on the ground causing it to crack the walkway beneath it as the handle stuck straight into the air. She would extend her hand towards the woman before smiling again, "Vice Captain of Squad 5, Satou. I'm just really bored and you're really interesting.... not to mention pretty."

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#3 Re: [Private] Not so old lady Yesterday at 7:20 am

"Hey, lady. Forget about that grumpy guy. I'll show you around", Chiaki would hear as an unfamiliar voice called out to her. Turning slowly to the direction of the voice she would spot an adorable young lady. The stranger would destroy the walkway in front of them as she approached Chiaki. The stranger would then extend their hand out, and smile at Chiaki. "Vice Captain of Squad 5, Satou. I'm just really bored and you're really interesting.... not to mention pretty", Satou would say.

"Oh my, aren't you just the sweetest flower", Chiaki would say giggling. Taking Satou's hand in both of her own, Chiaki would respond, "How formal. It's been a while since I've had to use formalities. Well then... Satou of Squad 5. My name is Chiaki, Head of the Kokoro war clan". Chiaki's grip of Satou's hand would feel like a vice, as Chiaki lightly shook it for a second.

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#4 Re: [Private] Not so old lady Yesterday at 1:29 pm

Satou would smile at the woman awkwardly as she would be complemented by her. It seemed that she wasn't aware who the white haired girl was, which may not be such a bad thing at this point. Satou wasn't known well within the Seireitei, although she still wasn't sure why that was. Everyone eyed her, whispered around her, and treated her like she was a plague. This lady was very kind to her and she was very giddy in her ways it seemed. It was an odd change of atmosphere for someone to be excited about meeting Satou, but she had to say it was refreshing. After a moment, her smile would seem to turn into a puzzled face. What did she just say?

A set of one purple and one blue eye would stare at the beautiful woman in front of her as she replayed the introduction in her head. Chaki's warm hands wrapped around her one, small pale hand as she continued to question just what was going on around here. Satou would find herself staring a little too long for her own good as her puzzled expression would change to confusion. This had to he a misunderstanding of sorts. Certainly, this woman wouldn't know of Satou considering she associated under a different alias most of the time, however the teen certainly new the name that had just been tossed into the air. "I'm... sorry. You're head of the.. who now?" Satou would say as her words seemes choppy and stiff upon asking the question. "There's.. a clan?"

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