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#1 [Spar] A Captains Spar on Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:29 am

She would find herself called out by none other than the Captain Commander himself. She wasn't sure why he wanted to test her skills or what it was he wished to gain from their little battle. However, she couldn't deny his wishes and she certainly couldn't just not respond. So, she would find herself walking up to the meeting place realizing that he was potentially already waiting for her. How would this go? What would they do? Would they even get along? She had never spoken to him before on simple matters like this, so they had never actually got to know eachother before. Moira wasn't nervous by any means, but she was certainly concerned.

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#2 Re: [Spar] A Captains Spar on Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:43 am

Doku had requested a spar with Captain Moira for a couple reasons. Most notably was the simple fact that she was young, and he was old. He knew in his heart of hearts that his reign as Captain Commander would be coming to a close sooner rather than later, and building up the next crop of Soul Reapers to replace him was a job he took a subtle amount of pride in. In truth, he had intended to call out all Shinigami of a certain level for a private spar, but he definitely had a prioritized list on hand. Under normal circumstances the next Shinigami in line to be Captain Commander was an obvious pick. Kokoro was the strongest Shinigami the Gotei had ever seen, he was a monster that even formidable opponents such as Ika, and even Doku himself would struggle to take down. In fact, in recent years when Doku and Kokoro had their rare scuffles, the record was pretty even.

If anything, it leaned in Kokoro's favor.

With that being said, Doku knew Kokoro hadn't yet expressed interest in ever becoming Captain Commander. It seemed that he respected the position, it even seemed that he was honored to be thought of highly enough to be considered for that role, but barring a drastic change it didn't seem that it was a position he ever wanted to take. And so, Doku was searching for the heir apparent to his position, and he had been doing so rather desperately since his son had left all those years ago, and this young girl, well, she seemed to have the powers to do it. Wind manipulation was no joke, and the way she used it to propel herself to a Captain spot at such a young age was very impressive. She was already one of the five most powerful Shinigami in all of the Gotei 13, and because of that?

She was a prime candidate to be groomed for the Captain Commander spot.

With that being said, Doku needed to test her combat abilities and see if she had the guts, the mind, and the instincts for battle that defined those rare few fighters who could ascend to the highest level of combat. He approached the training grounds across from her and drew his Zanpakuto, not giving her much of a read on him in regards to his facial expressions.. "I want you to come at me with the intent to kill, and you will not stop until I either say stop, or die. If we're clear, make your move.." Doku was already in Shikai, and was really just waiting to see what she had to bring to the table..

Guess it was time to find out..

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