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#1 [Battle] The Hidden Blade on Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:06 am

"I love this town..." Sinan giggled quietly to himself within an alleyway, his arm glinting from what little light penetrated the dark alley. He hacked and slashed, his expression one of ecstasy as the poor woman who'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time. His breath came in quick gasps, and his cheeks were visibly flushed with what appeared to be arousal. Suddenly, he stopped, his sword-arm morphing back into the regular appendage as he let out a sigh of disappointment. Slowly, he stood up and fiercely kicked the bloody mess of a corpse that lay at his feet. "C'mon! Don't die yet! Stupid BITCH! WORTHLESS, WEAK SACK OF GARBAGE! C'mon... Hey... get up... Let me hurt you more... Let me cut you some more... Tch." Sinan shoved his hands in his pockets and walked away from the pool of blood, gore, and dismemberment as he began prowling around the city. "...What a tease... Bitch didn't even make me cum..." Sinan headed onto one of the main pathways, his keen eyes scanning for a new victim.

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#2 Re: [Battle] The Hidden Blade on Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:19 am

Dae-wi was one of the newer members of the Committee, and relatively new to New York as a whole, but with a sudden influx of messy deaths in the area he was sent out on patrol. to try and find the culprit, or at least have some kind of police presence around to protect the innocents. It was during what was originally a rather uneventful patrol on this particular evening that he thought he had heard screaming. But the noise was cut short before he could find it, leaving him wandering aimlessly peeking down alleys hoping to find a trail.

His Spiky head on a swivel as his brown eyes were peeled looking around hoping to find the culprit. Though unfortunately for him, bad guys like this did not tend to have a big flashing Neon sign saying 'Hey Asshole I am the Killer'

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#3 Re: [Battle] The Hidden Blade on Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:57 am

Sinan spotted the spiky-haired dude almost right away. While he himself had been circling the perimeter of the area he'd decided would be his territory tonight, this guy was as well. However he didn't seem to have noticed him yet. "Hmmm... He'll do... He'll do nicely..."

Sinan grinned to himself for a moment before slowing down, falling in step stealthily behind his next target. The dude kept peeking into alleys, like he was looking for some miscreant, or a lost cat... "Shit..." Sinan swore quietly and upped the dude's threat level. It was very likely the guy was looking for him, so as they began to come upon the alley where his latest plaything had stopped working, Sinan opened his mouth and revealed a sharp metal blade in place of his tongue. With a quiet huff, he shot it at the dude. Hopefully, Sinan hadn't been noticed in his trailing of the spiky haired guy. If so, he was in for a nasty surprise.

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#4 Re: [Battle] The Hidden Blade on Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:13 am

Dae-wi's eyes were sharp, even if to a normal passerby he would seem rather disinterested they were picking up minute details, so when he caught sight of a lanky dude with black hair, almost seeming like he was following him the young Gravity master decided that it might be best to confirm whether or not he was being tailed. One of the times he turned his head, he saw something shiny coming his way, with a slight flex of his power he reduced their gravity causing the blade to miss his shoulder barely. Crossing the street he would duck down an alley, he wasn't really worried about muggers, if for nothing else he didn't strike anyone as the kind of person with anything worth stealing. Though there was also the fact that he could flatten any normy without a second's thought.

Should Sinan choose to follow Dae-wi down the aisle by more than a few feet, he would enter the aisle just in time to see it completely empty. Dae-wi had manipulated his own gravity to levitate a good four stories up, within the shadow of the building where he would be well hidden. Though if Dae-wi's suspicions were confirmed Sinan would find it quite hard to move once he was a good five or six feet into the alley.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Gravity Manipulation
Description: Dae-Wi has the ability to manipulate the gravity pulling things to him, pushing them away, creating areas of up to x3 gravity and even gives him the ability to levitate. (Gravity field is at most a Bakudo 30)

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#5 Re: [Battle] The Hidden Blade on Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:09 am

Sinan nibbled his lip, his strike having missed. This dude... He clearly wasn't as clueless as he appeared. Sinan's predatory instincts began to kick into overdrives as Dae-Wi ducked into the alleyway. His cover was likely blown, or at the very least his attack had put his spiky-haired target on guard. Sinan hissed incoherently, unable to form words with his tongue no longer in his mouth until it grew back. His attack... it hadn't just missed, it had curved slightly. Something wasn't quite right, but Sinan wasn't about to just give up his next mark. He was feeling too pent-up to just walk away.

In any case, Sinan needed to figure out a new angle of approach. They had been traveling along a crowded street, and that hadn't changed at all in the amount of walking they'd done. An idea suddenly lit up in his head while he was looking around, and Sinan turned and booked it, circling around the building until he found an external fire escape. He clambered up onto it, making his way up the steps until he reached the roof of the building. Sinan took a deep breath, holding his arm out as his hand fused and morphed into a three foot long, jagged metal blade. He slowly walked to the ledge and peered down. A perverse grin spread across his face as he spotted the spiky-haired dude floating about halfway up the side of the building. Sinan held out his other arm, 9-inch knives jutting out and covering his forearm in a protective layer before he jumped off the building, with a vector angled directly at Dae-Wi.

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#6 Re: [Battle] The Hidden Blade on Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:14 am

After a moment of no one following him down the alley Dae-wi had thought that he had misread that person earlier and had started to relax. Looking up while exhaling a sigh of relief he managed to see a figure approaching him just in time to kick off of the wall and push himself out of the way of the incoming attack. Turning mid dodge, Dae-wi saw the lanky dark haired figure who he had marked on the sidewalk earlier, though his right arm seemed to be that of a blade, with more blades jutting out of his left. Not wanting to give this person a chance to catch themselves on the building and launch a second attack Dae-wi created a gravity well beneath Sinan creating an area of 5x normal gravity that would suck the person right down to the ground, hopefully before they could catch themselves on the building.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Gravity Well
Description: Dae-Wi creates an area about 10 feet in Diameter of increased gravity, about 5x normal gravity for up to 3 posts. (Like a Bakudo 50) [3 Post Cooldown - starts after turned off]

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