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#1 Warming up with an old Friend (Shana and Ika) on Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:36 am

Shana found herself back in a familiar place, the underground training facility of C.H.A.O.S's hidden base, deep in the jungle of Bogota. She had set the simulator to a massive Colosseum like arena just wide open, space ringed with a stone wall and tiered stone seats. The ring itself was nothing but hard packed dirt, a few tufts of grass growing sporadically on it. The Simulator's weather was set to a pleasant 75 with a gentle breeze.

In ancient times this would have been a perfect venue, and weather for the blood sports that the Ancient Roman's were so fond of. Standing in the middle of the ring the fiery little red head looked around and admired her choice "Well this should do,"

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Ika walked into his old stomping grounds, the base he used to call home.. The base he himself had chosen to build all those years ago. It was a pleasant scene as far as he was concerned, and it was one of the few things that warmed his heart even in times such as these. Ika took inventory of the setting that his old student Shana had chosen. It was an old Roman Coliseum from the looks of things, stone surrounded them on all sides, and the ground beneath them was little more than a mixture of grass and dirt. The weather seemed pleasant, a welcomed reprieve from the sweltering heat and humidity that seemingly defined the jungles of Bogota.. But Ika wasn't here to admire the fruits of his labor. At least, not the fruit of these labors in particular..

Ika wanted to see how strong Shana had become, and he wanted to get a feel for where she stood on things. He didn't want to be dealing with more trouble than he needed to be dealing with, so knowing that she was impartial was vital to his oncoming plans.. Ika smiled towards Shana, taking his stance. Normally he would fight without his hands to start with, but he felt that would be a bit disrespectful given the girl's current level of power.. "I'll allow you to make the first move.." Ika's smile was nonchalant and his stance was purposely sloppy. He had his feet parallel to one another as he stood sideways, and his hands were relaxed and at his side as he waited to see what Shana had learned in the time since the two had last met..

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Shana would bow slightly and smirk, she knew Ika well enough that she knew his sloppy stance was intentional, goading her into a trap, but it would not be right of her to take him up on the invitation... And who knows, he might be underestimating just how powerful she was now. Using Shunpo, probably the most commonly used move in her arsenal but the same could be said for most everyone who had spent any length of time in the service of the Gotei. Reappearing in front of Ika Shana would move like she wanted to throw a punch, but that was naught but a feint, Shana would Shunpo again, this time reappearing at his side her foot already flying through the air aiming a solid kick at his head.

Though that kick was not all she planned, whether it struck clean or not Shana would follow it up with another kick, this time aimed at one of Ika's knees. She knew full well the mobility that her former master held, and if she could hinder that, even a little bit the playing field might actually be evened.

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The girl had certainly learned to feint her strikes better since they had last met. Instead of just changing direction mid attack she allowed for the attack to begin heading towards Ika before reappearing at his side. Hell, given his relative comfort level at the time he barely had time to get his arm up to parry some of the kick that she had aimed at the side of his head. Still, the portion he wasn't capable of blocking with his arm went through, and the girls heel clipped the side of his head staggering him briefly. He wasn't dumb enough to think she wasn't going to see this and act on it but unfortunately he wasn't trying to goad her in at this point, he was in fact a bit rattled from the boot he had just taken to the side of his skull.

Ika noticed the kick incoming and on instinct took the kick to his calf, causing it to bruise slightly on the side but he had also caught it locking his legs together and he quickly fell back on to one arm (think push up formation but I have your leg trapped with mine and they're diagonal to my body) before twisting his entire body around in a 360 at Shunpo speeds to snap the captured leg like a stick. He figured that would be enough to force her away for a minute, and so he would take that opportunity to kip up back onto his feet. When he landed he realized rather quickly that the inside leg kick she had landed earlier on had probably fractured a bone in his calf but..

Regardless, she had still received the worst of this exchange, by far...

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