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#1 The Prima Ballerina on Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:16 am

Name: Jennifer Max
Apparent Age: 26
True Age: 26
Sex: Female
Jennifer, once a girl who only lived to please her husband, has become something of quite the nightmare. Sent to hell after being murdered, she finds herself with a desire for something far sinister than before. Her being has become completely independent to the ways of her new life. She has found herself thinking only of her pain and her ambition. Hell treated her just as unfairly as her human life did and she wouldn't dare speak about what it had done. However, she would find herself rising above the burning and destruction, as she had finally escaped her prison. Her mind focuses only on the desire to show the world how truly horrifying it is and the consequences of being victim to it.

Jennifer seeks only to inflict pain on the people of the world and receive the same pain in return as it's the only thing she knows. She enjoys the thought of tearing flesh, crumbling bone, and the shattering of wills, even if it turns out to be her own. She wanders the world with a smile behind closed eyes as not to see the havoc she is currently bestowing upon the people, but feel the sincerity in the feelings behind her actions. She desires feeling through touch and hearing more than she does seeing. In her mind, eyes and sight only dare to bring lies and destroy thoughts. So, she'll continue to laugh in her sinister desires and smile in her chaotic ways as she gives truth to the world. Her one desire is to make them beg beneath her feet for mercy and give her a glorious life through the sharing of this pain. She wants to be the center of attention, the star of the show, the ballerina that dances for eternity, and the queen of the world.

Another odd thing about her personality is that she has an obsession for ballet. Her attire, her demeanor, and the way she gracefully flows in everything she does simply screams this. She finds herself dancing wherever she is or during whatever she is doing. It is seen in her daily life, her combat, her walking, her actions, her words, and everything else. So, she's got that going for her.

Height: 5'3”
Weight: 120lbs
Physical Traits:

Standing at about a height of 5 feet 3 inches is a beautiful goddess almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless but also quite luminescent. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Jennifer is quite a beauty to behold. Her frame is thin, yet rather alluring and plump. From her cute, wide hips to her her medium breasts, everything about her seems quite attractive. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense. Her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick looking and her calves filling out quite nicely. Her small, yet semi pointed chin creates a young, sweet, and snarky look to her features.

Covering her astonishing frame is skin that is so fair, yet so smooth giving her a mannequinesque appearance, especially when she uses blush to make her cheeks look rosy. However, nothing compliments her complexion like her long, purple hair. It hangs at a length that is just above her elbows. The beautiful locks are normally pulled into a large, neatly wrapped bun. She doesn't hold bangs as all of her hair is pulled back into the bun leaving no sign of parting hair. However, the next part of her is quite odd in its ways. Jennifer refuses to ever open her eyes leaving them painted on her eyelids. She has painted them on as purple to match her hair, but nobody has ever seen what her real eyes hold. Under that, she has a pair of small, soft pink lips.


Jennifer can normally be seen wearing a sports bra of any color and a tutu of also any color. Her favorite combination is a purple top with a pink tutu. On her feet, she wears ballet slippers that wrap around her ankles and tie into bows just behind them. Sometimes, she can be seen decorating herself in pearl and jewels.


General Fighting Style:
Jennifer is the type of woman to strike with very fast and agile hits normally using the strength of her legs to do so. She also finds herself incorporating lightning as a sort of sparkle to her display of power. Burning, shocking, piercing, etc. She enjoys anything that hurts her opponent.

Strengths: Sensing, Agility, Control
Weaknesses: Durability and Zanjutsu

[Unlike other races, Sinners are always at full power. You have access to all of these powers at all times.]

Ability Name: Sixth Sense
Ballerina Girl doesn't need to open her eyes to see. She is so attuned with her natural and spiritual senses that her eyes are simply unnecessary for her to view the world around her. This is passive.

Ability Name: A Ballerina's Legs
Description: The user's legs are so powerful as to be akin to kicking with steel poles. Able to attack and block most things with just their feet and legs as if they were blades and shields. The user can make sharp, acute turns at any speed, even zero radius turns, not only changing direction on the ground, but in the air, while jumping, making sharp flying turns, leaping, etc. This is usually done by curving or zigzag movements. They can change direction to dodge obstacles and attacks while moving. They can fly clumsily by changing their direction to go up every time they start going down while moving forward or by changing direction in the air by changing direction upward to counteract gravity.

Ability Name: Supernatural Agility
Description: Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more agile than their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely more agile and able to combine their balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance in ways that most people cannot. In essence this could lead them to being the perfect assassin candidate. Example feats include reflexively dodging bullets with minimal effort and movement, accurately chucking a knife into the barrel of a gun from 20 yards away, and keeping track of users of high speed movement like shinigami with Shunpo with relative ease, as well as being able to make short-term and sudden movement attacks with high speed and accuracy.

Ability Name: Lightning
Description: Jennifer can manipulate lightning in any form.

Ability Name: Lightning Balls
Description: These are basically spammable balls of electricity that can cause a cero's worth of damage and 2nd degree burn damage. This is due to the fact that they are only slightly smaller than cero and the compacted stress causes things to get heated real quick.

Ability Name: Lightning Falls
Description: With this ability, ballerina can form a ball of lightning, which can then be tossed into the air. This electricity can be brought down whenever the user likes at Gran Rey speed and power. This does have a 3 post cooldown before it can be used again.

Ability Name: Lightning Protection
Description: Jennifer's electricity encases her in a lightning coating, which covers as a sort of hierro. Upon touch, it can inflict 2nd degree burns and a cero's worth of damage.

History: Secrets
Side Notes: N/A
Roleplay Sample: I am.. Mei

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#2 Re: The Prima Ballerina on Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:25 am

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