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#1 Chiaki Zankokuna Kokoro [WIP] on Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:05 am


Name: Chiaki zankokuna kokoro
Alias: Solar God/Lunar God

Real Age: Unknown. Way older than her son Ishii.
Phys. Age: Late 20's

Gender: Female

Personality: Chiaki's personality simply put, can be explained as Compassionate. She is a very loving individual, and shows a loving demeanor to friends, family, and others alike. She shows and conveys her emotion a lot to others, being perhaps the most human out of all her family. However Chiaki is not without the classic Kokoro traits. She is a battle-intuitive warmonger, and like all Kokoro's enjoy's the thrill of Destruction and crushing her opponents beneath her might.

Chiaki's personality can be put into several traits, these Traits Include. Caring, Altruistic, Intelligent, Strategist, Calm, and Impartial.

Caring - Chiaki is a very caring woman. Sympathetic towards most others and and always kind. Chiaki is not a cruel woman, and through the long years she's lived she has never once inflicted pain upon others who did not deserve it. She is a very positive woman, seeing the light in a lot of dire and hopeless times. Notably Chiaki is overly loving and caring for her son. even through the millennia Chiaki has always treated her son lovingly, and still to this day holds his well-being over her own.

Altruistic - Chiaki is a rather selfless woman, usually tossing aside her own greed for her family. She is a very inspiring individual, and is able to encourage the light of anyone to fight onward despite injury or fault. Chiaki is a very march onward type of person, fighting on through even the gravest of wounds or situations. Further strengthening her image of inspiration.

Intelligent - Chiaki is extremely smart and intelligent, this is often shown through her ability to quickly learn and understand complex situations and problem. She has a vast knowledge of Battle tactics and war strategy. She is also very knowledgeable in the field of building and crafting Zanpakuto.

Strategist - Chiaki is a grand strategist, even when it comes to large forces and numbers. When Chiaki launches an attack, it is impossible to discern if it is the main thrust of her strategy or simply a decoy, created to bleed enemy reinforcements away from a battle yet to come. All such assaults are carefully weighted to overwhelm enemy forces already in place, requiring the foe to either sacrifice his troops or reinforce them -- and Chiaki's plans are always many stages ahead, set to take advantage of either course. Indeed, Chiaki's battle plans are incredibly versatile, seeded with feint attacks, counter-strategies and other contingencies enacted automatically should certain circumstances be triggered or thresholds crossed. To the outside observers, there is something almost mystical to Chiaki's methodology, for how else could she so flawlessly anticipate the unseen? Yet in truth there is nothing more at play here than the careful application of probabilities and logic, combined with a canny understanding of the foe’s mindset. Yet do not be fooled. Chiaki is equally as dangerous herself in battle.

Calm - Chiaki exerts a calm and collected aura around herself which can sometimes annoy others because she never rarely changes from that state. Chiaki is practically resistant towards frustration and pressure in a situation. She never/rarely acts on strong emotions what so ever, and will usually take into account a variety of outcomes before doing/saying something, as to not put herself into an undesired situation.  

Impartial - Chiaki can often be quite repetitive in the way she talks and acts about and around others. While talking with others she will always treat them the same way and talk to them in the same manner. While in the presence of higher ups or something similar and around people of lower stature, she will treat them both equally. She does not see the point in treating someone higher in quality unless they treat her the same. This means she often appears Intimidating for those who cannot handle her sometimes blunt and cheerful persona.


Height: 215cm
Weight: 100kg

Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style:  Front-liner sword and shield. Much like the family name, Chiaki is a master of the art of head on combat. Overpower, Misdirect, and Conquer.  

Strengths: Durability, Reiryoku, Endurance.
Weaknesses: Kidou, Hakuda.

Ability Name: Radiance
Ability Description: Chiaki is like a light battery. She is able to generate any form of light, and also store light. Chiaki's body is also made up of light. Her blood flows like liquid light, etc. This also acts like an innate high-speed regeneration ability.  

Ability Name: Kokoro family staple.
Ability Description: Chiaki's stength is always a constant x6.

Ability Name:  
Ability Description:


Sealed Appearance: Looks like a unique sword.

Zanpakutou Name: Taiyōkō

Call Out Command: Eclipse


Appearance: Look at appearance section (and at sword and shield).


Ability Name: Light-wave Manipulation
Ability Description: Chiaki can create, shape, manipulate, and harden visible light, commonly referred to as light, is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye, and is responsible for the sense of sight.

Ability Name: Eclipse-Vanguard
Ability Description: User takes 50% less damage from all sources of damage.

Ability Name: Ray of Unstoppable Light
Ability Description: Described as a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path. The user cannot be stopped unless equal force/measures are applied, or they stop from their own free will. (reflective of the strength stat)

Ability Name:
Ability Description:

Ability Name:
Ability Description:


New Name: Tsuki no taiyō

Appearance: Look at appearance section (and at sword and shield).



New Name: Burakku mūn sanraito

Appearance: Look at Appearance section (and at sword and shield).


Ability Name: Equilibrium Apocalypse
Ability Description:

Ability Name:
Ability Description:

Ability Name:
Ability Description:


History: The Mother of Ishii Jaken'na Kokoro. Chiaki is living history.  

Side Notes:

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