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#1 Sinan on Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:46 am

Name: Sinan
Apparent Age: 18
True Age: 648
Sex: Male
Personality: Sinan is a pleasure-seeker. Before he was sent to hell, Sinan did it all: booze, drugs, sex, and the like. It satisfied him, for a short period of time, however; it never fully scratched that itch he felt deep within his soul in the end. After brutally torturing and killing a woman who had played him for a fool: Sinan found his life's passion. His discovery of stabbing, cutting, knife on-skin action has shaped and twisted him into a crazed serial killer. Sinan has no trouble making friends (with equally crazed and/or like-minded individuals), and is generally seen as a fun weirdo by his associates.

As one might guess, Sinan absolutely lives for bloodshed. The act of stabbing and cutting has taken on a sexual, fetishistic connotation for Sinan. In other words, stabbing and cutting people gets him off. Fighting him has been described by survivors as "Disturbing," "Terrifying," "Bizarre beyond words," and "Really fucking gross. He literally jizzed his pants cutting my arm off. Like, who does that?" Sinan has been know to employ his own special brand of psychological warfare while fighting by laughing maniacally, becoming visibly excited through flushed cheeks and other mannerisms that indicate arousal, and constantly shouting sexual obscenities at his opponent.

While Sinan is certainly a colorful character, it is also quite true that he has a simple and completely one-track mind. He can't focus on much else besides his desire, and constantly seeks out new victims. Like an addict looking for a fix, Sinan in some ways struggles with his huge boner for inducing gore, amputation, and death in others. He has a soft spot for women especially, that is to say he absolutely adores slicing them to ribbons. However, Sinan ain't picky and he'll go for dudes too. If he can slice it, he gets sprung.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 155 lbs
Physical Traits: Sinan is a six-foot-three-inch lean-ass motherfucker. The proportions of his arms and legs are just long enough to be disturbing to look at. He has very little in the ways of visible musculature, which makes his apparent strength all the more bizarre. His lips stretch into a predatory smile that seems to be trying to rip his face in half, which is followed by a set of perfect pearly whites that are sometimes dyed red after a kill (nothing like the taste of blood after a good slicin' sesh, amirite lads?) Sinan has a light tan-colored skintone, like someone incredibly pale who suddenly decided they wanted to get some sun.

Sinan's hair is a short, black, unruly mess that tends to stick out in large tufts at the sides of his head. His bangs are always covering one or both of his amber eyes at any given time, though this doesn't appear to impair his vision somehow. Anime bullshit, probably. His facial features are sharp and angular, as if simply touching it will give you a paper cut. Complementary to his unruly hair and bizarre nature, Sinan tends to wear totally mismatching and brightly colored clothes. His white and red diamond-patterned shirts are always half-tucked, and his pants are always missing one leg, while the other is far too long and rolled up past his ankle. He finishes this off with a black vest that he never, ever buttons up. Ever.

Sinan tends to give off a creepy and disturbing aura due to his somewhat uncanny-valley appearance. His too-wide grin is plastered across his face at least fifty percent of the time, and he tends to lean forward a bit with his hands clasped behind his back when speaking to someone in as formal a manner as it can get. When Sinan grows excited, he tends to begin panting heavily. His cheeks flush, and his lips will part slightly so that they may spew forth vile and suggestive cruelties he wishes to inflict.


General Fighting Style: Sinan tends to bounce back and forth between close combat and mid-range, seeking to inflict as much bodily harm as he possibly can. Stabbing, disembowelment and dismemberment is the way he plays it. If he can do so, Sinan will attempt to trap his opponent so that he can toy with their bodies, but only if he's absolutely confident he can pull it off.
Strengths: Durability, Strength, Speed, Pesquisa
Weaknesses: Hierro, Sonido, Stamina

[Unlike other races, Sinners are always at full power. You have access to all of these powers at all times.]
Ability Name: Blade-Skin
Description: Sinan can cover any part of his body with many 9 inch long, incredibly sharp metal blades that jut out from his skin to create a protective layer of armor that lasts for two turns. This armor can block one attack up to Cero-level. Unprotected strikes on this armor (fists, kicks, and the like) will stab into the body and deal damage. (1 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Blade-Thorn
Description: Sinan causes a thick serrated blade to rapidly grow from the skin on his torso or back that can reach lengths up to twenty feet. He can control the direction the blade points, and the attack deals Cero-level damage as well as causing bleeding. before rapidly retracting back.
(2 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Sword-Hand
Description: Sinan can fuse his fingers, hands and wrists with metal before causing a jagged, three foot long blade grow from the deformed appendage. These last for 3 turns per hand, and if both hands are used the cooldowns stack.
(4 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Knife Blaster
Description: Sinan causes three-inch blades to grow from his shoulders, up to two for each side before shooting them at his opponent with a range of up to 50 feet. Bala-level damage per blade.
(2 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Sword-Seed Prison
Description: Sinan's legs sprout multitudes of blades that stab into the ground before suddenly erupting under his opponent anywhere within a fifteen foot radius to trap them in a seven foot tall tent-shaped cage of swords at Bakudo 70 strength. While the cooldown is active, Sinan is rooted in place.
(2 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Slicer Shin
Description: Three sharp razor-edge blades grow 3 inches out along Sinan's shin and the top of his foot, giving his kicks the ability to inflict bleeding.
(1 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Tongue-Sword Seed
Description: Sinan's tongue rapidly solidifies into a metal blade, which he fires from his mouth with a range up to 15 feet. If the blade sticks into the flesh of his opponent, it will gradually burrow and grow "roots" of blades until it is pulled out of the body. While the cooldown is active, Sinan cannot speak coherently and only make noises.
(3 turn cooldown)
Ability Name: Blade-Body Stitching
Description: Small, thin blades stitch a deep wound together. These blades can alternatively be melded into one thin blade that rapidly grows from the body to stab into a severed limb from up to ten feet. If the connection is successful, the limb rapidly retracts with the blade and re-attaches itself completely.
(Once per thread)

History: [History goes here.]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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