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#1 Viktor de Grey on Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:56 am


Name: Viktor de Grey
Apparent Age: 26
True Age: 26
Sex: Male
He's a dick and will probably punch you a lot.


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 218


General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: Strength(x2), Stamina(x2), Endurance(x2)
Weaknesses: Spiritual Sensing (x0), Reiatsu(x0.5)


Ability Name: Illumination
Any spiritual or living being hit by Viktor's abilities has a lingering light on them. This light can only be seen by Viktor, and if he hits them with a melee attack, they take a Cero point-blank centered on their location. An individual can only suffer from Illumination's detonation effect once every other post, but the light itself can be reapplied instantly.

Ability Name: Light Bending [Passive]
Due to Viktor bending light to form his attacks and not simply generating them out of thin air, Viktor's abilities only drain half of the energy that they would from someone else. Viktor can fire off two abilities for every one that someone else would; if he fired off two ceros from [Esoteric Light Manipulation], it would drain the same energy as someone else firing off one cero.

Ability Name: Esoteric Light [Passive]
Viktor can manipulate the esoteric side of light with special properties and a mystical nature to it. This ability is constantly active and gives Viktor High-Speed Regeneration while in contact with any form of light. Viktor's Regeneration takes three posts to regenerate a lost limb, two posts to heal major internal damage, one post to heal deep cuts and burns, and minor scratches and knicks are healed almost instantly. Viktor's own abilities do not trigger [Esoteric Light], the Light Source must be external and unrelated to him.

Ability Name: Shining Radiance
Viktor fires off a small orb of pure light which travels exactly 100m upwards from his position at the time of activation. The orb will then emit enough light to make it seem like Daylight within 500m of it, and Twilight within another 500m. This Light will not activate Viktor's Regeneration from [Esoteric Light]. The orb lasts until destroyed by taking a Gran Rey Cero-level attack, and Viktor can only create one every 8 posts.

Ability Name: Esoteric Light Manipulation
Viktor can manipulate the esoteric side of light with special properties and a mystical nature to it. This ability allows Viktor to fire off Esoteric Light, and allows him to release attacks of varying strength from his hands. His limit is Cero Oscuras, and any attack released has a relevant cooldown, preventing attacks of that strength from being used again until the cooldown is up.
• Bala: 10 per Post
• Cero: 3 per Post
• Gran Rey Cero: 4 Post Cooldown

Boosts: 2x All


Ability Name: Salvation
Viktor can fire off a bala of pure esoteric light that has homing on whoever he wants it to hit. When this ability makes contact with someone, it grants them Viktor's High-Speed Regeneration from [Esoteric Light] for 1 post. Viktor can fire this off once per post, but cannot control it once it's been fired; ie, someone can intercept it.

Ability Name: Binding Light
Viktor releases a sphise of light which binds and blinds the first two spiritual or living beings hit. This travels at bala speed up to 5m away from him, and deals cero damage to both targets hit. This can be used every othis post, and targets hit are affected for one post.

Ability Name: Orb of Deception
Viktor fires off a focused orb of light, traveling at Bala speed, inflicting Bala damage to everything hit, and traveling for 10m. Upon reaching its' destination, the Orb begins traveling back to Viktor, at Bala speed, but this time dealing Cero damage to everything hit. This has a 2 post cooldown, and travels to and from Viktor in a single post.

Ability Name: Haste Field
This ability shares a cooldown with [Slow Field]. When active, Viktor creates an area of light centered on his location and traveling in all directions for 10ft; everything hit by this ability gains a 100% movement and attack speed bonus for 3 posts. This has a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Slow Field
This ability shares a cooldown with [Haste Field]. When active, Viktor distorts the light in a target area 10ft in radius, anywhere within 50ft of him, that has a 200% increase to Gravity in it. Viktor is immune to the Gravity, but nothing else is. This lasts for 3 posts, and has a 5 post cooldown.

Boosts: 3x All


Ability Name: Moonflare
This ability causes Viktor's hand to shine with brilliant light. For 3 posts after activation, Viktor can fire off waves of pure light following the arc in which he moved his hand at will, traveling for up to 50m. Viktor can fire off up to 3 of these per post, and each one has the Destructive Strength of a Cero behind it. This ability has a 3 post cooldown after it has ended.

Ability Name: Lucent Singularity
Viktor fires an anomaly of twisted light to an area within 20m of him; the anomaly covers an area 5ft in radius, slows all movement speed by 25% (including Viktor's own), and can last up to 3 posts. At any point during its' life, Viktor can detonate it by snapping his fingers, dealing Hado85 damage within the radius instantly. Viktor is immune to this explosion. This has a 4 post cooldown beginning after it's blown up, and cannot blow up in the same post it was launched.

Ability Name: Final Spark
Viktor charges for one post, and then releases a large focused laser; this deals damage akin to Hado95 to everything hit, travels in a perfectly straight line up to 50m from his current position, is the same size as Viktor himself (5'10" in diameter), and if anything hit has the Illumination debuff, Final Spark ignites it dealing the focused Cero damage in addition to Hado95. While charging, Viktor cannot use any of his abilities, but may move freely. This has a 6 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Hardlight
Viktor can materialize his light to create projections of pure light. These are as durable as Titanium, require no Reiryoku to upkeep once created, and Viktor's only limitation with the technique is his own knowledge; without proper knowledge of how a thing is put together, Viktor cannot make it. This results in him mostly making simple weapons, but he can make much, much more.

Ability Name: Softlight [Passive]
Viktor's Reiatsu cloaks around him while in Hyper Mode. This Reiatsu causes energy-based attacks to repel away and miss Viktor entirely. Any attack up to a Cero in power will automatically miss Viktor once per post; after the effect has been used, Viktor loses it until the next post. Bala level attacks are unique in that it takes 5 of them for the barrier to be considered "used", though after just one it no longer has the power to move a Cero away entirely.

Boosts: 4x All

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#2 Re: Viktor de Grey on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:05 am

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