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#1 [Private] The Spider Queen's calling on Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:08 pm

what a horrible city. Drug addicts, alcoholics, Thugs. City of lights is a very big understatement if you asked Nakita. She was never one to actually give a care for things like that. One good thing about cities like this...Tons of horny men willing to do almost anything to get a piece of a woman. Nakita was one such woman that was currently enjoying playing around with two guys seeing them get in a fight in front of her over her. Simple ' oh don't let my boyfriend see you' gets in one's head every time.

Nakita smiled relaxing in a both in a top night club VIP lounge. She watched and engaged in conversation while slowly weaving her webs of desire on each of her targets letting her children slowly drain the life from her targets while they themselves fell for her every word every lie. Old habits die hard especially for one that died doing just this. what a wonderful world this was for the spider queen. She took a sip of her martini as she got up from her seat before leaning on a balcony watching the crowded dance floor below her "So much food...Perfect place to make a den for my children to grow."She said to herself allowing a small smile to play on her face.

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#2 Re: [Private] The Spider Queen's calling on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:04 am

Great, spider lady in Tokyo, what could possibly go wrong right? Accelerator entered the VIP club and while he certainly turned heads none but the strangest had any intentions with him sexually, and he was pretty sure most knew well enough not to try and test him on the matter anyway. Tokyo was Accelerator's old stomping grounds, and he had left a bit of an impression on the city. He walked to the VIP room and simply repelled the security guards whom were barring the door, hoping for a piece of the Sinner inside. They were lucky Accelerator arrived when he did because from the looks of things, those spiders wanted a piece of them. "Let's make this quick yeah?.."

Accelerator launched Vibroknives at the spiders and rotated them well enough to free the men who were still alive, assuming of course that there were any and it was at that point that he formed a ball of Plasma in both hands. He approached the lady and smirked. "Let's take this elsewhere shall we?.."

As Accelerator said this, he would use a shockwave and collide the blasts of plasma, causing an explosion which was pressed outwards towards the spider and their seductress owner, forcing her outwards towards the alley way behind the club. "I don't have time for chatter, so slit your own throat and spare me the trouble or I'll make it worse for you.." Accelerator would give her a second to oblige, provided she had even survived that Gran Rey Cero level attack, before approaching further.

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#3 Re: [Private] The Spider Queen's calling on Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:00 am

Nakita watched from where she sat enjoying her night tilll she sensed a odd presence taking out her children outside the VIP before watching the door get kicked down "Aw."She said with a sigh putting down her drink before she stood up calmly watching him make work of her children and her meals. What an annoying fly in her newly spun web already making a massive mess and struggle.

She kept her smile on her face watching him form some sort of substance into balls in each hand. How gross? Nakita allowed her eight legs to form from her back being sleek and Raven black as her hair. "Can you like go away and allow me to enjoy this new earth...Your ruining the mood."She said in a sweet tone attempting to not seem hostile but man his existence just pissed her off more.

She moved back while he pressed the balls together before crouching down as her legs wiggled wrapping a cocoon of webs around herself just before it was blasted through a wall into the alley. How disguising a single alley can be. However, Nakita indeed did survive the blast thanks to her cocoon as her leg cut through the fibers like nothing before it dissipate. "Yeah see here is the thing about that. I could kill myself but I always come back from hell...Which i'm sure you would fit perfectly and enjoy being in."She said with a laugh"So I am going to decline offer but I thank you for caring."She said "Now, since I wont kill myself seems you have work to do....If you can that is."She added reaching into her sleeve pulling out a old red fan with Gold flowers on it.


Ability Name: Widow’s Gift
Description: Nakita capable of generating spider webs from her body. Which allows her to use for her abilities with the eight legs on her back

Ability Name: Widow’s Children
Description: Nakita can manifest 10 spiders per post. They can go to the opponent and explode either around or on the opponent presenting Bala damage per spider hit.


Ability Name: Cocoon
Description: By spinning web either around her or in front of herself acting like a barrier and or can reflect the said attack up to Cero Oscara has 2 post cool downs

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