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#1 [Private] Meeting of the Old People on Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:06 pm

What a lively evening huh? the moon shinning in all its glory high in the sky fighting with the fellow stars trying to shine past all its beauty. Seishin was sitting on her window sill of her new room. She couldn't fully tell you why she decided to actually join into the Shinigami once again. She was here once before as a Captain ages ago then decided to follow the spirits going where her soul was called, now she was back, Maybe She looked around before looking up at the sky. Her Short Silver-blue hair glistened as it reached to her shoulders. Her pastel blue eyes watched the sky in anticipation. Her long empty gaze watched the moon almost seeming mesmerized by it.

Now why was the small child still up? Well that was simple, Seishin felt off like she was going to have a visitor. How you ask? Her gut and the old glowing butterflies told her so and lets be honest they have been wrong before but Seishin had faith they weren't tonight...Now who is coming to see her.

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#2 Re: [Private] Meeting of the Old People on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:18 am

Doku had been Captain Commander for roughly 1500 years, and in that time he had pretty much communicated in some capacity with everyone in his domain. This held true for the person he was visiting now as well, but he still felt that it was his duty to catch up with the other royal families in regards to their comings and goings, and just to get a feel for what the overwhelming opinion was on various topics throughout the Gotei at any given time. It was with that in mind that Doku pinpointed Seishin's Reitsu signature, and began to wander his way over to her. She was outside by her barracks, seemingly enjoying the lovely nighttime weather they were experiencing currently as well as the well lit moon. She looked pretty god damn young for someone who could measure their age in millennia, but this was an Anime so I suppose that's par for the course. Doku took a seat beside her, enjoying the silence for a moment before speaking up. "Lovely evening isn't it?"

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#3 Re: [Private] Meeting of the Old People on Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:15 am

Seishin continued to watch the moon from where she sat , seemingly lost in her own world or at least not noticing this one till a gold butterfly sat on her shoulder before flying off, bringing her back to reality right as Doku arrived. She blinked some before rolling her neck feeling a kink in her neck. She then turned her head towards him watching him with her large empty light blue eyes " It is a lovely night Commander Doku...Its an honor to see you here. However, what brings you here? I would have expected tons of paperwork and stuff would keep you quiet busy at night along with the issues that show themselves in the day."she said curiously.

Seishin was a hell of a lot older then Doku but age really didn't mean anything in this world, its more the power of which you been granted that really has any say. that was well She still looked like a child instead of looking her age. She still found this odd even to this day but there really isn't much she could do to change that.Along with personally she enjoyed toying with enemies that mistaken her for a plain child shinigami.

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#4 Re: [Private] Meeting of the Old People on Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:27 am

A butterfly had seemed to jolt the woman to attention around the time that Doku had arrived, she blinked a bit before rolling her neck. They were pretty old in fairness, a kink or two was to be expected but she seemed curious in the way that she watched him. She greeted him courteously, politely. It was a welcomed change of pace from the usual greeting he received when interrupting peoples time to themselves, and so he figured that he would probably be polite in return. She seemed curious as to what had dragged him out of his office to meet with her, so he figured the least he could do was oblige her with a proper answer.

"The truth is I don't do much in the way of paperwork, I allow for my Vice Captain to do the bulk of that and if any important decisions are to be made I usually make them verbally, and have him draft a response for me in writing. Doing it this way leaves with me with a significantly smaller portion of the workload than I used to perform, and for that I am grateful.." He would pause a moment before continuing, taking in the night air for a minute before speaking. "As for why I'm out here.. You're one of the oldest members of one of the oldest clans in the Gotei. And while we can't all be blessed by aging as well as you seem to have.. It doesn't mean you have nothing important to contribute.." Doku let that hang for a moment, and a mild smirk was etched across his face before he would continue.

"I was curious as to your thoughts on the current state of affairs here in the Gotei.. Perhaps any rumors or news you think I might've missed.. Some clarity that I could provide, and to simply hear about your clan.. How they're doing.. What prospects are standing out as potential future heads of the clan and Captains... Information like that.." Doku would await an answer to all he had said eagerly before he would continue on.. This conversation didn't need to be rushed and so, it wouldn't be.

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#5 Re: [Private] Meeting of the Old People on Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:22 am

Seishin listened contently to Doku, giving her Commander the respect, he did deserve by listening and not being rude by interrupting him as a lot of the younger shinigami might. She was happy knowing even he had some respect and knowledge of her small old Clan. She took note of the points of interest and questions he asked waiting patiently before she waited a moment or two after he was done before replying " Well I am happy you are not overwhelm with paperwork. As for being one oft he oldest yes but a lot of the younger shinigami would think you are a nutcase for saying I am older then all of them by looks. I been blessed with the appearance of youth and it does give me a edge in most fights along with wisdom flowing in my brain of the millennia I have thankfully survived. However, Sometimes, I do hate looking like this cause it is hard to believe I am a head of a clan or even have children to begin with."She said adding a small laugh at the end rubbing her neck for a second before adding "Are for rumors and things to know, there isn't much I know that you don't. I Do know when my time comes and I am to join those who passed before me or to step down as head of my clan, There might be a small divide in my clan with my two grand children Amaya and Anna. Both are able to lead just the ways and methods they will lead. Amaya more outgoing but has too much moral to break things when it is needed. Anna being different since that hollowfication spread hundreds of years ago. reserved but strong just not wishing to fight whether then observe and wait for the need to bring force...interesting is the future of my clan for when one of those two lead...then there is the youngest of my clan...the daughter of Amaya...Amelia I believe her name is...more reserve she is but great potential that one will hold so I am excited to see how she grows."Spoke Seishin.

"As for the state of the Gotei, I believe we still are not as strong as we can and it seems we are not getting as many shinigami as we could as well as some captains not really taking their position serious or taking care of making sure their squad is ready to draw blood if needed on a moment notice."She spoke "This is just from what I have observed over the past few tears but maybe it is because we aren't are strict since moving to the 6 instead of our 13 of old.."She replied speaking her thoughts to him as she watched and gauge his reaction.

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