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#11 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:38 am

His reiatsu filled the air as she would begin to get a real twste of his power. She would also see the color leaving her eyes slowly fading into a world of black and white. She would rub her eyes as if she believed she was seeing things. It was real. She was actually staring at this courtroom procession through eyes of black and white as if this were a motion picture of old. Her mind was beginning to feel frantic being in this dreaded place. It was so dark, cold, heavy, and she could feel the anger radiating off the walls. The dead were not at peace and she could feel their every angry vibe they emitted. Her heart raced slightly panicked by all of this confusion and her eyes stared directly into the face of this man, who looked even more despicable without color.

He would begin to speak to the judge, which was a puppet of his own making. The judge was certainly not going to be of any use to her, nor was the audience. She was surrounded. She was terrified. All of the evidence he gave had no solid proof or any sort of reasoning other than spite. Of course, the crowds nodded in agreement with everything the master had said to them. Her chest ached at the thought of all of these people being manipulated. She felt so weighted down by the anger they omitted. She felt so alone, so scared, and it only seemed to be growing worse.

The crowds only grew louder with each claim he had made against Natasha leaving her to look around at their faces. They were ao angry. They were disgusted with her. They felt contempt towards her. It was all just a reflection of what this man felt towards her, but he was utilizing the corpses to get his way. It was working slowly but surely as her chest began to hurt more and more. All of these people trusted her, they all looked up to her, and they all obeyed her in anything she asked for. Now, they were being used. They were just toys to a madman's making. It was wretched, yet she couldn't protect their bodies even now.

As he spoke his last words, she could see the black and white anger etched across his face as he expected her to die. She was to kill herself? She would find herself standing to her feet swiftly in a panick. He couldn't do that! She wouldn't allow herself to die here, not surrounded by thus maddness and hate. She wouldn't let him take her last breath from her body. She wouldn't let him. Her mind pounded against her skull as all the cheering became background noise in her head. The judge agreed? The crowd agreed? She couldn't escape. She didn't know how to get out. She didn't know what to do.

He would approach her leaving her to step back into her chair before freezing in place. Her green orbs would pierce his own as he would speak to her manacingly leaving her to straighten up and stand firm in her place. "Alright guy? You'rea monster.." she would growl back at him as she wouldn't move from her standing position. She wouldn't fight because they would surely attack her all at once, but she wasn't about to make this easy no matter how messed up she really was.

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#12 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:11 am

The girl seemed to stand firm in her position, a fighter, one to struggle for Denver before he put her down.. Denver liked that in his women, he liked the thrill of making them powerless, reducing them to a powerless and otherwise useless state.. Abusing them on the way to that position... Well, this just presented Denver with a rather fun opportunity to do just that. He smiled coldly at her, as his arm reformed as a pair of scissors, held together to form a sharp blade at her side.. Denver swung them sideways in an instant, cleaving her legs off below the thigh before stabbing her into place with a downward stroke. She was probably on her back, leaned backwards as the blade pierced her upper thighs, so he would have to pull her back up into position at that point.

He placed a firm hand on her back before allowing the strings to hold her head up, propping it up gently between the two handles of the scissors. They served as gallows at this point, but they were open at the top, not that she could escape anyway.. He severed his own arm, leaving her in place there with strings Propping her and the scissors up and in place.. He used his other arm to point the gun at her head. "Now you're staring down the barrel of a Siamese Gun, confess your sins now and your suffering can end.. It's really that simple my dear.." Denver's smile was cold and unforgiving, but that was the job of an executioner wasn't it?.. Perhaps.. Maybe.. Maybe he even had a greater duty than this.. Perhaps just death wasn't enough to forgive her sins.. Maybe..

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#13 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:36 am

Natasha would find herself staring angrily into the eyes of a madman that smiled back with a smile colder than the atmosphere around her. It made sense that the man willing to play puppet master to the dead be the coldest of the group. Even as their bodies turned a shade of blue, they couldn't compare to the personality of his. As she was lost, frozen in time, she would find herself toppling to the floor before she realized what had hit her. A tremendous agony would shoot up her spine and into her brain. Again, a jolt would be sent across her chilled skin as those scissors came down to hold her in place. All she could see were the scissors sticking up above her. Her eyes would be looking full of tears at the surroundings by her head unable to stay still. Her mouth would release a horrible scream as she wasn't sure what was happening. She was terrified, she was horrified, and her mind was in a state of chaos. What was happening? Her legs throbbed, slipped, and felt horribly painful as they were locked to the floor beneath her.

He would force her up and into place leaning over the open handles of the scissors as she could now see her legs. Well, what was left of her legs. Her eyes stared widely at her legs as she saw the blood pooling into the floor around her. The rest of her legs sat before her completely severed from the rest of her being leaving her to continue crying as she felt a flood of uneasiness wash over her. She would find her hands fumbling lazily around her thighs as she was now feeling light headed and naseated. What had he done? Why did he do this? Why was he targetting her? What was wrong with him? He kept talkibg about her sins. What had she done wrong? She hadn't done anything wrong. He was torturing her like a psychopath for no reason. As tears streamed her face, Natasha would take every ounce of strength to look at him with rage filled eyes. She would scream as panic had set in, "I haven't done anything wrong! Who are you to torture me like this?! Who are you?!" Natasha would find herself looking down as her eyes were beginning to lose focus. No. She wasn't going to die here. She wasn't going to die.

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#14 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:20 am

The girl seemed to be in a state of panic as she screamed and blood began to drip from her body at a unimaginable clip. But he wasn't done with her, not yet at least.. He smiled briefly, cutting her once more across the front of her body in order to use his Reitsu to seal her wounds shut once more. "You don't have my permission to die yet.." Denver smiled in her general direction once more as he removed the gun from her face.. her suffering wasn't over yet, she didn't deserve for it to end as she still insisted on her innocence, innocence that no one with as much power as she wielded had any right to claim.. He wiped a tear from her eye and smiled.. "Don't cry yet, I haven't even started.."

Denver continued his attack on her, severing both of her arms and sealing the wounds shut with a simple slash to her back. She was losing blood at an incredible clip regardless, and if she wasn't a Spiritually powerful human he had no doubt she would be alive. "Death is too sweet an escape for you, I want you to spend the rest of your days a shell of what you once were.. an impotent, useless shell of a useless shell.. That is what you deserve and so it will come to pass.." Denver pointed his gun at her spine and fired. He felt a Spiritual Presence on the way and smiled.. "Everything is gonna be just awful.. when I'm around.." He smiled and waved good-bye to the girl, before allowing his puppet strings to slowly begin dragging her outside, to be left in the cold, alone and useless. Defenseless. Broken..

Just how Denver liked his women..

-Thread Exit-

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#15 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:38 am

She felt herself growing weaker as she tried harder and harder to stay conscious. She could feel the light headedness, the throbbing pain, the agony, and all of the heat leaving her body. Again, she would be struck across the chest cutting her body open only to have her open leg wounds stop bleeding. Her fingers would fumble around her thighs again as she was astonished at what was happening, but terrified as to what would happen next. He spoke leaving her tear filled eyes to continue emitting the salty substance. Within a few more moments, she would find herself trembling and jerking back at the touch of a monsterous hand gently wiping a tear from her pale face.

As she turned her attention to her fingers laying limp on her lap, she would release another scream. Another severing of her limbs had taken place at the hands of this freak, leaving her to stare at her own body parts lying on the ground. They were dying. They were turning shades of cold, blue and purple. Her heart raced and beat painfully against her chest, as a nauseous feeling rose up within her. As he slashed at her back, she would watch the world spin around her as her body violently shook and a cold sweat broke out upon her flesh. She would find herself unable to hold herself up as she would throw up on the floor before her leaving the floor a blood stained, vomit mess. Tears still rolled from her eyes, even as her brain barely had the capacity to think. Her eyes would find no focus and her mind would fade in and out of the darkness. She would hear a gunshot as a pain would ripple throughout her spine sending waves of pain throughout her being. She didn't have the strength to cry out or the energy to keep continuously conscious.

Before she knew it, all she could remember was the smile of a cold, heartless beast of a man while he waved at her. Then, she was outside and there was a figure standing over her. Green eyes would look around tiredly and fearfully before she would realize just who had found her. She couldn't move, she could hardly see, she was barely alive, and she was in the most pain she had ever endured in her life. She didn't know how she was alive. Tears would roll down the sides of her face again as she would strain to even whisper, "I'm... sorry." Immediately, she would fall into the darkness unsure if she would ever wake up again.


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