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#1 [Private] A New Beginning on Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:49 am

She wasn't happy, but she certainly wasn't angry by any means. In fact, she was worried and she feared that she may have made a mistake, even if the information she had to work with was limited. It seemed that she had sent one of her own off on a mission that wasn't as she thought. It had been far too long that she went without recieving a report or seeing her employee. She didn't like the feeling and she didn't want to risk sending anyone else after the target. Sure, she trusted everyone under her, but she didn't want to potentially send anyone else to their death.

The only lead she had at this time was the report of a disturbance beyond belief and a spiritual presence that was unmatched by just about everyone. Natasha didn't like the sound of that and she ultimately couldn't let it go unchecked any longer. There were innocent people out there counting on someone to save them and if the rumors were true, this threat was no to be taken lightly. So, she set out towards the disturbance with a desire for answers.

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#2 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:33 am

Here comes the girl with concussions in her pocket, here comes the girl with a laser-guided rocket, orders sent down so they could kill with no remorse, kill with no recourse, dance on your conscience until it's a corpse... Denver smiled to himself, watching the silhouette of the nearby body dance till it's very last twitch at the end of a rope.. Wars such as these had no beginning, they had no true ending yet Denver had known that now was the time to make himself known.. She would know she was at the right place when she entered the large supposedly abandoned building, to see what would appear to be a run down carnival. Three of her shoulders held signs to their dead bodies, with a bloody arrow pointing where he wanted her to go. It was meant to take her towards a door where she would find a note. "If you'd like to know who killed those poor souls out there.. open."

Denver was no where to be found, but what she would find inside was a mirror, and a murderer staring back at her with eyes she'd know better than she might've thought.

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#3 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:22 pm

She had found it. The building was old, crumbling, and seemingly run down. It looked abandoned and still, as if only the dead could occupy the space in side. She would place her hand on it feeling the cold, hard outer walls, except it seemed that it wasn't as lonely as she had believed it to be. There was a sick, twisted atmosphere that sent chills down her spine and goosebumps plaguing her skin. However, the door didn't hesitate to open against the force of her strength.

As the doors opened, she seemed to take a step back as her eyes widened in horror and her heart dropped into her stomach. She would stare looking over the bodies that she remembered all too well in this moment. She knew them all and even though they seemed too far gone for hope, she would find herself running towards them checking for pulses in the process. Not a single breath, not a single heart, and not even the smallest of twinkles could be seen in any of their cold, dull eyes. As mortified as she was, Natasha would continue on towards the door the arrow was directing her to. Her small hands would reach for the note, plucking it off of the frame before reading it.

A rage would build up inside her unlike any she had seen before as she would crunch the paper in her grip. Her fists were as tight as she could make them with her knuckles turning white as she would slam the door open. She wanted to see them. She wanted to know exactly who it was that had the audacity to challenge the Committee. She would storm into the room stopping just short of the mirror as she looked into her own angry, piercing eyes. Immediately, her face would begin to soften as she again because increasingly horrified. She would look back to the note reading the letters that had been crinkled by her own hand and then, back to the mirror. Her? She was the one? No, she didn't send them to die. She sent them to win, she sent them to protect, and she sent them with full hopes of their return. She didn't intend for them to die and she certainly didn't intend to let his mind games work on her. Natasha would rip the note straight down the middle before punching into the mirror watching the glass shatter to the floor as the noise would bounce off the walls.

"Don't fuck with me! I know you're here. Show yourself!" The woman would yell out loud as if she was now a predator looking for her prey.

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#4 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:59 am

The girl screamed her contempt for all to see and hear, Denver smiled lightly, using his marionettes from afar to control the bodies of the now dead Committee members. They approached her with cold skin and empty eyes, ""Your mouth's an empty hole. You left us for dead and now we want you, we want you just as you wanted us. We wish to dress your corpse in a low-cut dress, to drizzle lipstick on your charred french kiss, dip your severed jaw in cheap cologne, push up bra's dangling from your snapped elbows.. You can be just like us, because death's just death no matter how you dress it up." The bodies approached her with blades in hand, blood pouring from their mouths as they made their approach. If she remained still she would die, if she didn't they would die once more. Either way Denver was simply amusing himself from afar, waiting to see how she would respond..

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#5 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:46 am

As she awaited someone to step up from the shadows, she saw what she had presumed were the corpses of her dead comrades coming towards her from where she had just came. That wasn't right. She had already checked their pulses and she knew for a fact they were dead. Their skin was so cold, their eyes were completely lifeless, and their bodies were mangled. Green eyes stared as she stepped back and around the mirror with every step they took towards her. Words of maddness would echo around her as she would watch with tear filled eyes.

She would clench her teeth in anger and confusion as she looked between the moving dead. This was wrong. Something was wrong. Whoever this was had to be psychotic beyond anything the mind had ever seen. To play with the dead? To harrass and mortify Natasha with her own people? She would shake her head from side to side slightly as she continued to watch them through slightly blurred vision. They were wrong. None of this was real. Blood would pour from the mouth's of the bodies almost seeming to snap Natasha back into the real world. They were dead. They were long sense dead.

Their weapons would make themselves known by the light and the way they were raised to her. There was absolutely no way she would be taken down by a psycho with a twisted mind and horrifying tendencies. This needed to end. She wouldn't dare let them manipulate and mutilate another human being the way he was now. She wouldn't let them keep the dead from the peace they deserved. She certainly wouldn't die because of a dead man. Natasha would give little mercy to the corpses as she would pull out her own sword taking all three of them out with one sideways swing severing their remains in the middle. As she did so, her heart seemed to beat hard against her chest as she took in a gasp of air. She would tighten her grip against the hilt of her weapon as she would apologize profusely in the soften tone possible.

Then, her attention would turn back to the sick puppeteer, "You sick, psycho bastard! Stop playing these stupid games with me! Show yourself already! I want to look you in the eyes when I take the life from your body!" She could feel the anger, the rage, the confusion, and fear all bubbling inside of her. Just what was this person? Who was this person? What were they trying to accomplish?

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#6 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:47 am

Denver watched as the woman butchered her own former soldiers in defense of herself, just as he would've expected from such a cruel and tasteless individual such as the one that stood within the confines of his own domain.. However what she would see as the bodies before her fell, was the newly strung up bodies of several more Committee soldiers whom had gone missing over the year, swinging gingerly in the space allotted to them. Denver was watching from a one way mirror behind the bodies. A sudden draft had caused the bodies to begin to sway peacefully in front of her, reminding her once more that her actions had held dire consequences all this time.. Denver would smile, and while she may not see it she would be stupid not to feel it.. "Watch their bodies, swaying in the breeze. Keeping beat to your butchery.." Denver tapped the glass twice, and it would shatter before her, revealing him for the first time..

He figured now was as good a time as any to make an entrance, as he walked slowly and happily through the bodies surrounding him, gently pushing them aside as he made his way towards her. He had messy black hair, and his attire was best described as business casual. His smile was cold, and accurately conveyed his every thought to anyone perceptive enough to see through him. "War never ends, war never begins, and that is why I wanted to show you what you've wrought.. Every soldier here deserved better than this, and I know you'll blame me.. but how can you?.. None of this would've ever happened without you.. I'll be honest, such power and decisiveness towards ending the lives of others.. I envy you a bit. We're really not all that different you and I.."

Denver chuckled lightly, before tapping the ground with his foot once more. "We do however differ on our honesty towards these matters.. You fancy yourself the protagonist, a protagonist who can't even guess her own ending, hell, you probably think I want to kill you.. I don't. Not yet anyway, suffering isn't so easily repaid, but you'll learn that in due time.. For now.. Well.. You're on trial my dear."

As Denver tapped his foot once more mirrors would shatter in a particular order, revealing a court room. With a gavel manned by one of the various corpses she had seen earlier on.. "Have a seat if you think you've got the guts.. Or who knows.. maybe I can rip them out and they can pay the penance for you.. All the same to me."

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#7 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:23 am

Natasha would let loose one small scream as the bodies dropped down before her. She found herself stumbling backwards away from them as they swayed before her. The tears would well up in her eyes again, but wouldn't hesitate to roll down her cheeks. She couldn't look away. Why couldn't she look away? She would step forward dropping her sword before her as it dissipated. Her hands would reach for the corpses as she couldn't believe her eyes. She wanted to save them. She wanted to help them. What good was she if all of her people died? However, she would stop hearing the voice speaking to her from somewhere nearby as her head would slowly turn towards the sound of shattering glass.

He came towards her in a mood far too cheery for her own sanity causing her hands to drop and her eyes to stare at him completely fear stricken. How could he do this.. and still smile? How could he do this at all? Why was he torturing her like this? As he walked closer, he would begin to touch the bodies lightly pushing them forcing them to sway more and more. "Stop.." she would say softly at first with a look of complete horror. As he continued to touch them, she would continue to speak louder this time with a normal tone, "Don't touch them.." Finally, she would find herself screaming at the top of her lungs, "Stop touching them!" Tears streamed her face as she was now lashing out in anger at the sight before her. She would only freeze again when he was in front of her with that dreaded smile. That grusome, maniacal, cold smile that sent a sick feeling straight into her stomach. She could feel her heart racing as he began to speak and her fingers seemed to dance nervously at her sides.

She would clench her teeth as her fingers moved frantically against her legs at every word this monster spoke. He was right. She was to blame. If she hadn't sent them herr, if she hadn't acted as she did, maybe they would all still be alive. How could she have known though? How could she have known she was sending them into the pit of this monsterous hell with this damn lunatic? They were only disapatched to eliminate the threats of the world, but this was far worse than she had ever imagined. These weren't mere hollows or even simple minded shinigami. This was a monster, a freak, perhaps even a demon in human skin. This was no mere man. As he would tell her they were similar, she would answer softly and swiftly in return while she stood completely shocked, "You're wrong."

His fantasy story would continue as Natasha continued to wrap her mind around his thoughts. He was treating her like a villain when, in fact, he had brought death to all of these people. She was no monster nor was she any sort of demon. She was protecting the people of the world. She was protecting those unable to help themselves and everyone under her devoted themselves to achieving such a goal. They all knew the consequences and what could happen out in the world they fought so hard for. They knew and yet, they didn't deserve to end up here. This man made his choice to cause this mess. He made this choice to cause this havoc and destruction. He was pure evil in the face of a normal man. His words would finish and the ending would echo in her head. She was on trial?

In an instant, shattering glass would sound and a court room would appear before them. How had he done that? What did he do? Where were they? Her tears had stopped, but had been replaced by anger as he threatened her once more. Her eyes would turn to the judge, which turned out to be another one of her beloved people. She was weak. She could hardly function in this state. Her mind wasn't strong enough. So, she would obey and sit with eyes glued to the corpse sitting before her. What was she going to do? What was HE going to do?

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#8 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:00 am

The woman screamed weakly as the bodies dropped down in front of her, she stumbled backwards and away from them and consequentially she was backing away from Denver. He could taste the tears in her eye mingling with the fresh gore and blood he had caused, such a sweet yet beautiful combination was only enough to properly wet his pallet. He knew she wished she could tear her eyes away from the gruesome spectacle she was witnessing, but he was pleasantly surprised to see that she couldn't. His only regret was that he hadn't even gotten a word in, and he had already broke her mentally, as much of a pity as it was though, he knew there was still work to be done. No point resting on his laurels now right?.. The fun was just beginning..

Her head turned towards him as she heard the glass shatter, the determination and fear in her eyes was palpable and he was delighted to see it in all honesty. Her hands dropped, and her eyes pierced through him fearfully. As he continued his approach and pushed away the bodies one by one, he would occasionally stop to examine his work, that was until she had asked him to stop. It was the first time her spine had made an appearance since she had arrived! Denver's hope however, was that he'd get to see it up close and personal, soon enough. Nonetheless that little tease of spine he heard from her was just that, a tease. She still trembled like a newborn babe and her voice was soft and lacked conviction. He couldn't help curl his lips slightly to mock her, before returning to the smile he previously held.

"Awe.. What's the matter love..? Perhaps if you explained to me what exactly it is that I'm doing wrong I would be more capable of stopping, of course that's assuming I want to and I've gotta say.. I probably don't.. I like that cute face you make when you scream, and I've gotta say those tears compliment your complexion perfectly!" As he had continued to touch them of course, she would interrupt his speaking once more, telling him to stop. There was a noticably amount of bass added to her tone as opposed to the last time she had spoken to him, and the spine he had seen earlier was once again out to tease.. Of course, it wouldn't be there for long. She snapped back into her cowardice in an instant and screamed for him to stop touching them, tears rolled down her cheeks and Denver was happily watching the whole thing unfold in front of him..

Denver thought he had a great smile, he brushed his teeth three times a day, and occasionally sharpened his canines on the bones he collected, but apparently she didn't agree with him, just the sight of it seemed to freeze her in her tracks. She appeared to be nauseous, and her skin had already become notably more pale than it was when she had first entered. Her fingers tapped nervously at her sides and he could hear her heart thumping in her chest at such a lovely elevated rate, the sound of a fearful heart was a song he was addicted to.. It was the greatest symphony one could ever hope to acquire and here it was once more, right in front of him, performing as only a fearful heart could.. Beautiful.

She clenched her teeth tightly, and he could hear their scraping join in to the beat of her still very much fearful heart, her fingers added rhythm as they patted against her hips and in truth Denver was lost in it, not that she'd ever know.. Nonetheless he could tell that what he had said to her was getting to her. The face of a leader being questioned, the face of the once so confident second guessing their every move, whim, and want was truly something to behold. It only added on to his enjoyment, it teased him with visions of what he hoped to achieve later on. However, as it had been doing throughout the evening.. That damned spine of hers was choosing to rear it's pretty little head again, and it took all that he had not to reach through her chest and rip it out himself but.. He had a plan, and while in some instances he would throw caution to the wind and act on such primal urges.. He knew his prize, in this case, was worth waiting for.

As she continued to listen, to him and seemed to be attempting to wrap her mind around what he was saying, it seemed that she was still not aware of the roles as they were here! She probably still thought in that no good fucked head of hers, that HE was the monster for killing them, but he knew this was not the case. She was probably trying to justify her actions to herself, something she had probably never needed to do before. He wondered what she could think of to comfort herself, would she blame it on the greater good of humanity? Would she make amends in her mind that they had accepted this as a risk when they signed up for the jobs they had taken, that such casualties and liabilities were simply a part of war and what her job entailed? Or maybe, just maybe, she would continue to question herself critically, and begin to see things as they truly were.. She was a murderer, and Denver was doing all those people she killed a favor they didn't even know they wanted.. The notion of a jury, of judgement by someone other than herself had seemed to snap her back to attention. Perhaps the objective eyes of a judge could pull her back to reality, perhaps she would then see what he saw, and what her soldiers now knew.

She seemed confused as the room changed around her to suit Denver's needs, and her once teary face had been replaced by an expression of deep rage, as one might expect from a monster such as her, when questioned her true nature was revealing itself for all to see. Of course her bravado was short-lived as she once more was forced to look into the eyes of one of the many men she had sent to death, her mind was weak and simply enough not strong enough to resist.. As she was seated he knew he had her.. The judge would scowl across the room, hammering his gavel down with rigid jerky movements. Denver smiled, knowing every word spoken would tear the tingle from every touch she would ever experience from then on.. He would separate the sparkle from every star in her sky, as they too were on trial as far as he was concerned..

"We are gathered here to judge the accused part openly, and objectively. Something she could never hope to achieve on her own accord.." He would then proceed to puke up a putrid smile before continuing on, "If guilty, a sentence befitting such crimes will be handed down swiftly, and unmercifully. God will have no say here today, or from here on.." He screamed once more as the bodies around them came to life. "ORDER, ORDER, ORDER IN THE COURT." His voice was a shrill scream, and every thumping of the gavel had his trained eyes on the woman in front of him. The bodies were sat politely behind Natalia, all staring a hole through her shaking body.. "Let us begin.." As he said this, Denver would stand up from his seat and smile.. He had been waiting for this.. For so.. so long.. And so it would now begin. The only thing he was certain of as he stood before her, was that she would never the same again, no matter how she planned on leaving this place..

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#9 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:31 am

She couldn't stand him. She couldn't feel anything but burning rage and hatred for him. Well, other than the nauseous feeling she continued to hold in her stomach every time she looked at him. His smile, his appearance, and his words were all too clean and smooth for a disgusting man like him. He was ruthless, he was grusome, he was a liar, he was a monster, and he was going to die by her hand. She wanted to reach out and choke him until his eyes popped. She wanted to crush his bones with all of her strength and she wanted to destroy him with however many weapons it took. She wanted him gone. She wanted this over. She was trapped. How was she ever going to get out of this horrible place?

Her skin would crawl as she would remember what he thought about the weakness she had shown him and her heart froze as he called her a silly little pet name. She was in danger here. Everywhere she looked, there was unorganized chaos, there was corpses, there was the living dead, and there was this man. Who even was he? Why did he show such contempt for her? Why did he want her to suffer so harshly? Green eyes would look at the man who was her judge during this trial. She would bite her lip as she decided to sit strong in her seat and try to gather her courage. However, her mind wouldn't comply and everything had become so dull. The room was dark, the air was heavy, and the noises grew louder. The gavel would hit the desk and Natasha could only blink. What was this trial? What were they going to do to her? She couldn't be found guilty. She couldn't stay here any longer than she was forced to.

Again, that smile was showing on his face as he seemed to be going against her. All of these corpses were on his side, all of these people that used to live along aide her were gone, and the odds were not looking good for her. She wouldn't be able to take them all on. She may be able to escape, but she wasn't even sure where in this building she was or even if she was in the same area. If she escaped, would they follow her and attack the rest of the committee? What was she thinking? She couldn't dare leave like this, especially with him still alive. She wasn't going to be cowardice and run away from an evil this vile. Green eyes would look to the judge, who was beginning to speak. Immediately, his words would attack her and she would find herself clenching her teeth again. She couldn't get angry, she couldn't let herself go, and she certainly couldn't bring herself to attack any more of her people. Who knows what sort of access he had to others that belonged to tne committee? Her heart would pound as the corpses around them came to life, yet again and sat behind her.

Green eyes would look over her shoulder and return to the judge just has slowly as she had looked away. They were all staring at her. They were all ready to tear her apart, beat her down, and destroy her very existence. What were they going to talk about? What was this trial for? Denver would rise as Natasha would stare at him with angry eyes and disgust. Her mouth had tasted of something bitter and her stomach churned as his smile was showing all too easily again. Her body would tense as she could feel the room filling with a heavy atmosphere. She could feel the eyes, the words, and the intent all baring down on her. Something bad was going to happen, but she couldn't tell what. It was wrong. It was all wrong.

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#10 Re: [Private] A New Beginning on Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:04 am

He could feel the contempt pouring out of every inch of her skin, the only thing that seemingly rivaled her contempt for him was the terror she felt deep within every time he drew breath. It seemed that she was piecing together the situation she was in and trying to make sense of it all, in truth, it would do her little to no good at all to try and figure out his intentions, or what laid in store for her. She was better off just sitting there, and enjoying the ride much as he was, even though he intended for her ride to end significantly earlier than his own. The corpses seemed to weigh heavily on her conscious, and began to keep her still. Denver let some of his Reitsu leak out, and she would soon begin to notice the color from her vision beginning to fade, as she would begin to see the world in black and white, and whatever shades of grey Denver was allowing to pass through her vision at any given time..

She seemed to be trying to convince herself that in all of this, she was the victim. She was the party being wronged and it made Denver's blood boil, but not with rage as one might expect but rather with excitement, with glee as he knew full well he was going to take her fragile existence and shape it into whatever he wanted it to be. "Your honor, I have but a few simple exhibits for you today. Exhibit A. The trail of tears and blood that follows every decision she's ever made, as I'm sure this lovely group of people can attest." The people to her back nodded in agreement, anger and disgust was written across their faces much as Denver had intended.. "Exhibit B. The death leather these fine folks wore to their deaths are marked with Committee insignia's. An insignia this murderous beast claims control over." The audience exploded with affirmative reaction to everything he said, as Denver's once delighted demeanor now shifted..

Denver's face was no longer a smile, it was cruel and clearly angered. "Exhibit C. Your honor her cancerous smiles our equations can't solve, her intent can't be named and much less can it be proven.. I propose she ends her life as so many before her did, choking on the barrel of the Siamese Gun.." The crowd would at this point erupt with applause, chanting shoot it, shoot it, shoot it, as the judge slammed the gavel down once more to regain order.. A twisted smile crossed his face before he began, lifting a proud hand before he could begin to state her sentence. "Death to the accused scum, the human menace!"

Denver smiled with glee as the crowd roared behind him with glee. He approached her roughly, "On your knees.. because if I have to put you there.. well.. I know I come across as an alright guy but I'll be honest with you for a moment.." He would begin to whisper in her ear, with breath that smelled distinctly of death and blood. "I can be a bit sadistic when the time calls for it.."

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