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#1 Hayate Sato (WIP) on Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:33 am


Name: Hayate Sato
Alias: N/A
Real Age: 261
Phys. Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality:  Hayate is a carefree person who enjoys the little pleasures in life, such as relaxing, cooking top cuisine, and reading literature. He is a kind person towards people, always wanting to encourage them, and hoping to make bonds with people wherever he goes. He is very dedicated to his training, having a strict and demanding training regimen that he never skips, and works for hours on end. He is a dedicated person in which he puts the time in, never wanting to perform at a regular level but to exceed expectations. Hayate is the type of altruistic person who doesn't really care about his well being but to aid and stand up for the oppressed.

Regarding Hollows and Shinigami's sworn enemies, Hayate sympathizes with them, knowing that all Hollows aren't as bad as the Shinigami make them out to be and that he is taking lives. But, he wants to fight the Hollows at his best and for them to do that too, because that is the ultimate honor and respect, in his opinion. He tries his best in battles, and won't back down to anyone, even the people that betray him. 

In conclusion, Hayate is hardworking Shinigami, with shades of altruism, who fights with honor and respect.


Height: 5'8
Weight: 160 lbs
Physical Traits: Hayate has messy and disheveled crimson hair that covers forehead most of the time with a mix of light and tan skin due to his time being outdoors with amber eyes. A fairy altheltic and muscular build, like a testament of the training he performs. He is 5'11 with a medium sized upper and lower body. He wears a black body armor which consists of a black tight and sleeveless shirt with silver accents which outlines his muscles and a metal plate on his collar, and black pants that had two black straps on his thighs, and another two strapped around his shins separate from each other. He wears black metal plated shoes, which appear to be attached to his trousers. He wears a red coat  which were actually two separate sleeves connected by a metal plate at the back which covered his arms and was cut off showing his upper torso and midriff, and had a separate red open skirt which ended above his shins with the top fashioned and tied with a knot, covered by a silver metal plate.


General Fighting Style: Hayate uses a lot of martial arts he has cultivated through his 261 years of existing such as Taekwondo, Hapkido, Silat, Capoeira,  Kendo, Arnis, Krav Maga, Kung-Fu, Kyudo, and Muay-Tai. Taekwondo, Capoeira, and Hapkido for high-speed kicks and disarming enemy attacks. Kung-Fu, Muay Thai Krav-Maga for understanding momentum, and the way the body works, and brutal techniques. Kendo, Silat, Arnis, and Kyudo for finally prioritizing weaponry attacks on different degrees, ranging from Eskrima, Swords, Halberds, etc. Hayate finally combines all 10 martial arts into one complete Martial Art, using his whole body, mind, and spirit to use. He calls it, Kanzenna Tamashii or Complete Soul. He prefers to use mid and close range combat with rapid yet brutal attacks with weapons.

Strengths: Reishi Control and Manipulation, Hadou (60 Or Below, Without Incantations, The Rest With Incantations) Speed/Shunpo
Weaknesses: Bakudo (30 and Above, With Incantations), Endurance, Durability

Ability Name: 1. Projection  2. Crimson Inferno
Ability Description: 1. Projection is an Ability that has been created from Hayate's rigorous training, for the time he was in the Seiretti. This ability consists of absorbing Reishi to his hand and manipulating and creating it into a weapon of his choosing. This has to be a weapon, armor, or shield, and cannot be anything else, and the materials have to be made out of Steel or Hard Bamboo, and cannot exceed 3 meters in length and width, and cannot weigh over 100 pounds. Each Projection lasts at max 4 posts, and they have a cooldown of 3 posts. Projections cannot be used more than 5 times a thread.

2. Another technique Hayate has created is the Crimson Inferno. By coating Reishi from the atmosphere in his hands, and manipulating Reishi to become volatile and increasing the density of oxygen in the air, making narrow airways, so that the Reishi he creates can travel. This change in the atmosphere is in 50 meters of range. Hayate finally changes the Reishi in his hand to blazing flames as he snaps his finger to send the beam of fire to a precise area within 50 meters of range. The results of the flame when connected with something can vary from a light welt, a first to third-degree burn mark on the object, or if Hayate holds the snapping position for 1-2 posts, the flame can cover the object or person entirely, giving them harsh third-degree burn marks. The last alternative is if Hayate holds his hand towards the object, then does the same steps while expanding the airways to 30 meters, it creates a 30 meter big fireball of 50 meters in the range that launches towards the object, swallowing them whole while giving the feeling of corrosive burns that are third degree, having the power and Speed of a Cero. The snapping fire blast can be fired once a post, and the cooldown is calculated by how many times Hayate uses the attack X2. The giant blast can only be used 2 times per topic.


Sealed Appearance: The Zanpakuto is a Tsuba Straight Steel Katana, 60 cm while the hilt consists of the 20 cm of the sword, a good fit for Hayate, having a steel, gold covered pommel, and the rest, a steel straight blade.

Zanpakutou Name: Arashi
Call Out Command: "Sever, Arashi!"


Appearance: A mix of storm blue and gale blue aura, light in density, as the Reiatsu exerted from his body sort of evaporates in clear mist. Hayate's eye color switches from amber to emerald green.

Abilities: 1. Arashino Yaiba: Arashi is the name of Hayate's Zanpakuto, used for manipulating the storm and gales as well as increasing their volatileness and temperature, and condensing it into its original elements. Hayate infuses Storm Reiatsu into the object he is holding, creating a storm-like coating around the object, and if anything other than Hayate touches the coated object, it gets stunned for a post, another post for if the blade is still in the object that it stabbed. Also, Hayate can create a Lightning Slash or Thrust of Reiatsu up to 30 meters big and can travel up to 20 meters before fading in the direction he slashed or thrust. The slash or thrust is equivalent to a slash from his Reiatsu infused sword and can stun someone up to 1 post. The Maximum Duration of the Infusion is 4 posts with a cooldown of 5. The Maximum Duration of the slash/thrust is 1 post with a cooldown of 3. 

2. Reinforcement: A brother of Projection, yet more difficult to perform, Green Circuits flow through either Hayate's body or the thing he is holding, they cannot be boosted at the same time, either one or the other. Eyesight is improved for Hayate in this state, Able to see over 100 meters in clear sight, anything over 110 meters in sight is blurred. Also, the body and or object/technique has a Passive increase in Strength and Durability by 50%, the drawback is that Hayate's endurance gets cut in half. The maximum duration of the Ability is 4 posts, with a Cooldown of 6.

3.  Perfect Aim: Hayate charges up a small beam of Reiatsu from his fingertip, at first, without charging, Hayate can let out 5 beams of Reiatsu that pierce through objects with a maximum range of 20 meters and the beam itself is 5 centimeters in width. With one post of charging, Hayate can let out 10 beams, and with 2 posts of charging, he can let out 15 beams. These have a cooldown of 3 posts, and each beam has a power equal to a Bala.

4. Shunpo Mastery (Passive): With all of the Gale Reiryoku in Hayate's body, it made his body very nimble to the point that he can perform Shunpo at 150%, creating afterimages of himself. 
Boosts: 3x to All


New Name: Asturaru Arashi
Appearance: The same appearances from Shikai except for Red Lightning that circulates his body, as well as a Fiery aura, which combines with his Reiryoku and Reiatsu.
Abilities: 1. Back to the Basics (Passive): Like Shunpo Mastery, Hayate can perform Shunpos at higher speed, but this time at 175%, with fire afterimages, that can give off 2nd-degree burn if someone touches the afterimages within 2 posts of creation. Also, in this form, Hayate can perform Hado and Bakudo at 175% strength, these Hado and Bakudo must be below 70 and this effect is Negated once using Forbidden Hado. 

2. Rho Aias, The 5 Rings That Cover the Fiery Heavens: Before using this technique, Hayate must say this, "I Am The Bone of My Sword" After saying this, Hayate outstretches his hand, then a 5 layer shield, 1 meter in front of Hayate, 5 meters long and across, forms in front of Hayate from the art of Projection. This Barrier blocks and repels attacks equivalent to a Hado 80 or lower from where they came from until a maximum range of 40 meters is reached. Attacks, Gran Rey Cero or above can still bypass the initial repelling and can break through the initial shield. However, for each shield the Cero breaks through, it loses 20% of its initial power. This has no effect on Cero Oscuras, Hado 81 or above, and or Forbidden Hado. The Duration of Rho Aias is 3 Posts, and can only be used once per topic.

3. Trace, Continous Fire: Directly from his Trump Card from his Toukai, this is an advanced step in understanding Projections. A black, portal-like disk 10 meters in length and across, from Hayate's back emerges 30 weapons at first. These weapons can be anything ranging from, swords, staffs, spears, maces, scimitars, etc. Also, they can be crafted from any material he chooses. Past weapons that he had already seen can be replicated, just not their abilities. These weapons also follow the Projection rules in terms of size. Hayate can point his 2 fingers at 2 different targets, and weapons will be launched at Cero Speed towards the objects, stabbing through them, unless dealt with. The maximum range of the weapons are 50 meters from the disk and will turn to dust like normal projections if the range is reached. These weapons cannot curve, only sharp turns. If all weapons are used, 1 post must be used to resupply the weapons to 25 or deactivating the ability to use it again after the cooldown. The max weapons that can be supplied are 50. Hayate must remain stationary for the whole duration of this Technique. The Maximum duration for this technique is 4 Posts when used consecutively, and it refreshes upon resupplying. The Cooldown is 6 posts. 

4. Saturn: Combining all of the 3 elements, produced by his Zanpakuto, it creates a dense, purple orb of Reiatsu made from fiery lightning and storm, as big as 15 centimeters in radius (can be made smaller), with a thin gale ring that surrounds it. The orb can be thrown, at it can explode in a  bright white burst all of the 3 elements (Covering 30 Meters in radius, and gives off 3rd-degree burns.) People who are within 10 meters away from the explosion are temporarily blinded until the explosion fade away, this does not effect Hayate at all. Hayate can perform 3 a post, and the Cooldown is determined by the number of times used x3. 

5. Bladezone: Hayate has been honing his sword skills for many years, and he finally knew a way to augment it. When using a weapon, Hayate must first slash, attack, thrust, etc, before using this technique. When Hayate slashes, he can generate the energy exerted from his Zanpakuto into different outputs. Hayate can clone slashes and attacks from his original attack (Max Clone Slashes is 2) to different areas and angles. The slashes carry the same range, strength, and health like the others, just different areas, and the slashes must come from the origin of the original slash (The user). Hayate cannot clone attacks that come off the user's blade. All slashed areas must be achievable if Hayate were to perform it himself, (Example, Hayate cannot slash at a 20-foot tall guy on the leg, and for the other slashes to be hit on the neck.)

6. Tempete Infernale: Hayate infuses all of his Reiatsu that he has been 
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: [History goes here.]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
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