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#1 Sojourner on Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:44 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Sojourner
Age: 23
True Age: 23
Sex: Male
Personality: He's a distrusting fighter for hire who loves peace but realizes you have to fight to maintain it because people can be heartless and bully the weak. Due to his life being revolved around fighting bullies he's resolved to always step up for the weaker teams and never back down from those suppressing others. inwardly he is a very caring and very kind man but his life has turned him into a hardened battle veteran and this clashes in his mind at times. In battle he has no equal in sheer determination and seriousness but outside of battle he's a pretty lax and fun loving person who would just as easily enjoy a walk through a busy park as he would boxing a man to a stand still.

This is caused by his split personality. The fighter who does all of the combat and enjoys every second of it while having learned from every fight he's ever done and the regular guy who grew up and didn't have to worry about all the traumatic experiences he went through. He knows it is there and doesn't seem concerned about it because it allows him to live life to the fullest instead of being either heartless himself or a drooling mess in a white room. He's very organized and methodical about things and never seems to miss a beat when it comes to tactics and intelligence in general. Despite all the fighting and all of the suspensions and hospitalizations he went through he scored nearly perfect ninety percent of the time on all of his work. So he is by no means a dumb person.

He is an extrovert loving the presence of others and even putting himself in crowded areas just to listen to other people interact and watch them. He is extremely passionate about peace and love and does everything he can to protect both. He can be very rational but has enough imagination and creativity to think outside the box if he needs to. He loves being playful and stuff but his fighter personality is full on serious in combat. He is very courageous even to the point of sheer stupidity as he doesn't back down from fighting. This has gotten him into trouble multiple times in the past due to the bullies. Despite his split persona he is definitely an optimistic person thinking everyone has the chance to be good rather than think they are all automatically evil.

Likes: Fighting, Riding his Motorcycle, Friendship
Fears: Death, Psychics, Poison.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 165 pounds
Physical Traits:

Clothing: As above.
Accessories: He carries a silver flask for water supply and two knives.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: He's a pure melee fighter using all the knowledge he has ever gained to make sure to inflict maximum damage to an opponent even if it means giving nicks and cuts here and there. He learns in real time during any battle and changes his tactics accordingly if need be. He has mastered Kendo, Kenpo, Tai Kwon Do, Thai Boxing, and parts of Karate and Akido. Because of this he is very skilled whether it is bare handed or with a weapon. This may seem like he prefers a pressure style of attacking but he is more than capable of mixing it with explosive styles meant to dish out extreme punishment. He's a brawler but has enough intelligence to make all of his strikes have meaning and precision without losing momentum or having to hesitate or think before he acts.

Strengths: Strength, Reflexes, Speed, Stamina

Weaknesses: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Spiritual Sensing

Primary Stage

Ability Name: Body Supremacy
Description: The user has near or complete control over the movements and functions of one’s muscles, bones, veins, etc. being able to move with remarkable grace, athletic and acrobatic skill. Some users can control their flesh and blood to move at both their conscious and subconscious command, which allows them to take control over their motions, and to resist forced motor control by others.

Ability Name: Density Change
Description: He is able to strengthen his outside body increasing his strength and durability as well as protecting him from swords and axes and such. It doesn't make him invincible but it makes him able to block swords and stuff with his bare hands with relative ease and little damage. This strengthening is more powerful on his hands and feet than anywhere else but can be applied everywhere.

Ability Name:  Intravenous Exoskeleton
Description: Sojourner passively generates reinforcement for/on their circulatory system, increasing durability, and strength, as well as increasing overall resistance of the body and brain. Basically he's as tough inside as he is outside. This makes his durability even more outstanding than a normal humans.

Ability Name: Bio-Electric Wall Crawling
Description: He is able to exert his bio-electrical field to such a degree as to gain the ability to walk on surfaces of things like they were the ground. including buildings tree,s lakes, and other things with surfaces. This let's him essentially walk anywhere he wants without much issue.

Ability Name: Appearance Shift
Description: He can change his appearance visually by changing skin tone, muscle density and bone structures. However he can only look like another human being he can't shift into an animal or a hybrid.

Ability Name: Regeneration
Description: Sojourner has high speed regeneration similar to a hollow that functions based on how much stamina he has left

Ability Name: 100% Muscle Mass Usage
Description: .Sojourner is incredible strong for one of his race. Said to be at the pinnacle of human physical ability becaus he can use 100% of his muscle power without injury as opposed to the normal persons 20-30%.

Ability Name: Aim Dodging
Description: The user can avoid linear attacks such as bullets and lasers by simply quickly positioning themselves away from the path of the attack before it is fired. This can allow the user to avoid attacks that travel much faster than they do. This is similar to simulating a bullet time effect just without supernatural cause or the act of slowing down time in some fashion. (This is just a fancy explanation of he dodges really good.)

Ability Name: Self-Sustenance
Description: The user only requires water in order to survive. He can survive in the vacuum of space, in extreme heat conditions that don't burst him into flames, extreme cold that doesn't turn him into a Popsicle, and can go days at a time without sleep with very little effort. This does not make him immune or even resistant to fire and ice attacks only those environmental conditions.

Boosts: 4x Strength, Durability, Speed, Reflexes, 3x stamina

Back Drop

Background: Childhood - Growing up Sojourner had several enemies from all of his peers as he always let out his anger on bullies and fought them ever chance he got since he would always stick up for others and they hated that. Wanting to beat him down until he conformed into a sheeple like the rest of their friends. It made him sick. He hated bullies and those who picked on others who couldn't fight for themselves and decided if they couldn't then he would.. He was put in several mental hospitals due to his constant fighting and even had medication forces on him multiple times. As time passed they started to finally realize he wasn't the sole cause of his problems as they began to understand that the bullies were causing a lot of his issues as well he simply didn't back down from them. This continued until high school when things really started to take a turn for the worse.

Teen years - As soon as hit hit high school and even before in the late years of middle school the fighting became a lot worse because the bullies he was always getting into fights with started to use weapons and such. When this happened he started taking extra classes in several different fighting styles in order to better defend himself without having to resort to killing his opponents. As even with all the fighting he still had a good nature as a person. Most of his free time was consumed by this training as he realized not only did he have a super human affinity for fighting but he also enjoyed it. He continued to work hard so that he wouldn't have to kill his opponents to win though. It was actually during this transition of middle school to high school that he gained a fear of poisons because someone in his class had poisoned his food and was trying to get him put in the hospital. That person eventually paid dearly from the school system but Sojourner nearly died from the experience. This was one of two times he would nearly die though the second would scar him in a different way. It was not soon after this event triggered that he ended up becoming better than his teachers in terms of raw physical ability because his powers began to unlock one after another in rapid succession during his training sessions with various masters.. When this happened he became cocky and arrogant during his fights and it made his peers dislike him immensely. This got him into so much trouble he now has a scar across his torso and up his back from two different fights where he had challenged someone and gotten too recklessly careless thinking he would win no contest. This taught him the deep importance of discipline and he carried that knowledge with him always.

Adulthood - As his power grew so too did the notice of the coalition. When he turned 18 they approached him and offered him a job which he fervently refused saying he would rather freelance on his own than be chained to an organization. He did state that his freelancing would only be towards those who need it and rarely if ever would he accept a case from an evil person. It merely depended on what it was for. His training reached masterful levels and he continued to fight as a freelancer for others who couldn't fight for themselves, probably reflecting all the years he spent fighting bullies. He mastered all of his abilities during this time and used them to better the lives of people who couldn't get out of things like Mafia deals and other situations involving any level of bullying and criminal activity. He became more and more well known to the criminal underground as the man who stands against tyranny and this made him very hated, but he simply enjoyed the reputation instead of fearing it like a regular citizen might. THis lead to the second event of his near death experiences and led him to fear his own mortality. He had finally begun to realize that he could actually die from all his fighting, but instead of scaring him from his path, it made him strive to become even stronger and more diligent in his caution during combat and out of combat.

Fighter for Hire - he now spends his time as previously mentioned a Fighter For Hire that will take on any opponent in someone's place and doesn't care if he gets paid well as long as the people who hire him have a true issue with the person he's fighting. If they are being bullied or harassed or blackmailed he'll willingly take all of the danger in trying to protect them and their family and take care of their enemies without worrying about his own life. When he tries to recall his past there is a psychic block preventing him from being traumatized by all the hardships and beating he took growing up, as he didn't always win his fights until he hit High school and his powers unlocked, this makes it hard for him to come to terms with his past but also ensures he remains the upstanding paragon he swore he would become. Should those mental barriers come down..who knows what would happen to him as a person. it would either turn him into a monster or make him become the drooling mess on the floor that he actually fears may still happen.

Sidenotes: He has a Motorcycle.


Sojourner's Theme -

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