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#1 Andromeda, Queen of the North (Finished) on Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:07 am

Name: Andromeda
Apparent Age: Early 20’s
True Age: 445 Years Old
Sex: Female
Personality: Like with most arrancar, Andromeda’s personality reflects a lot about her Aspect of Death. Namely, Pride. Andromeda has a big ego, matched with royalty complex due to how she had been raised as a human. She was treated as a queen, and feels that her power is fitting for such a title. She knows there are many out there stronger than herself, but she doesn’t view a single one as noble or refined as she.

She tends to be quite witty when in a good mood, masking underhanded compliments to enemies that are significantly weaker than herself when the moment offers itself. She will toy around with foes that she doesn’t view as her equal or superior, only being respectfully subservient to anyone powerful enough to pose any real threat. She hopes to rule one of these days as Hueco Mundo’s queen, and feels like she should act the part for when that position inevitably comes around for the taking.

Those she feels are her equal in battle, powerful or not, will feel the full focus of Andromeda’s power. Her pride will not allow for her to strike someone down with minimal effort if they are someone of importance. Of course, this brings up the matter of the qualities she looks for in an individual to determine if they are worthy of her time, whether on or off the battlefield.

Traits she finds favorable tend to be flattery, discretion, authority, confidence, and dominance. Anything fitting for nobility and appeasing her prideful nature. Of course, being a Hollow, one’s level of power could very well play a factor if used properly. Strength gained from training and countless battle experience will impress her just as easily as a silver tongue. Of course, put both together and you will have her full attention. Having both a pleasant personality and great power will put you, in her mind, on her level. Only those who are rightfully a King or Queen could hope to be considered above Andromeda in her perspective. Granted, not that others will probably care for this little fact.

Height: 6 Feet, 8 Inches
Weight: 186 Lbs.
Physical Traits: Andromeda is a relatively tall female with well muscular hourglass figure. She had snow-white hair that reaches to just under her shoulders, and piercing ice blue eyes. She has a thin scar that runs down her back that looks nearly faded from the passing of time. Her Hollow Hole sits just under her left breast, and is roughly the size of a softball. She wears white clothing typical of an Arrancar, a light robe held together by three bright blue silk sashes. Her Zanapkutou is situated in a harness on her back when not in use.

General Fighting Style: Andromeda is a mix of a melee and ranged fighter, changing up how she attacks to try and keep the opponent on their toes. And then, once they’ve settled into the rhythm she sets, that is when she will attempt a a single overwhelming strike. She is an aggressive fighter, always looking for weaknesses to exploit. If she cannot find a weakness, she will attempt to overwhelm an opponent’s strength.
Strengths: Speed/Sonido, Durability/Hierro, Spirit Energy, Strength
Weaknesses: Endurance, Pesquissa, Spiritual Pressure
Boosts: 2x Boosts to Speed, Durability, Strength, Stamina, Spiritual Energy
Ability Name: Death’s Chill
Ability Description: This is a passive ability, starting the moment Andromeda enters combat. The temperature within an area up to 100 feet will begin cooling down. For the first two posts it doesn’t really have any benefit, just something that can be noticed by only the most observant of opponents. The third and fourth post from the beginning will give Andromeda a slight boost to her Strength(+.5x) and Spiritual Energy(+1x) not exceeding the +6x limit, and abilities requiring Spirit Energy are slightly less draining on her reserves. From the fifth post onward, anyone but Andromeda within the 100 ft. area will suffer a slight Speed debuff(-1x Speed) unless they have a way to keep themselves warm or have decent enough resistance to the cold.
Ability Name: Death Dragon’s Breath
Ability Description: As a Hollow, Andromeda was an intimidating dragon, and this primitive ability carried over when she became an arrancar. She focuses her spiritual energy in her mouth, letting it build up for a bit before releasing it as one massively destructive black wave that is as powerful as 2 Ceros. It’s most terrifying aspect is that the ability isn’t over right after, for the black energy would splash anything within 30 feet against whatever it hits, freezing at whatever it lands on for damage equal to a level 10 Hadou for 2 posts and causing minor frostbite. This has a 1 post cooldown from the end of the 2-post splash.

Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakuto Name: Sindragosa
Zanpakuto Call Out: “Claw, Sindragosa.”
Cero: Andromeda is capable of using Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero(If an Espada of course), and Cero Oscuras(When released).
Cero Muerte: This black colored Cero, using Andromeda’s unique Spirit Energy, is as powerful as a normal Cero when fired. However, the energy of the Cero would splash anything within 25 feet of whatever it hits, causing an extra 10 Hadou in freezing damage and causing minor frostbite for 1 post. Cannot be used again until the Splash ends.
Bala Muerte: Much like her Cero Muerte, she fires off a black colored Bala. This ability splashes anything within 10 feet of what it hits, causing 10 Hadou in freezing damage from whatever it hits and causing minor frostbite, lasting one post. Can only use 3 per post, cannot use again until the Splash ends.

Appearance: In this state, Andromeda’s mask fragment forms two sets of horns that point right up, and bone-white scales cover her hands, forearms, legs, feet and chest. She grows deadly sharp talons from her fingers and toes.
Ability Name: Dragon Ferocity
Ability Description: This is a passive ability. As a fight goes on, her dragonic nature stirs her on, making her faster. Every post after having released grants a +.2x Boost to speed, maxing out to a +1x Boost. And while not giving any bosuses, each time her speed is boosted from this her eyes glow an even more intense icy shade of blue.
Ability Name: Chilling Mimic
Ability Description: Acting much the same as Hitsugaya’s Ice Clone from the canon show, this ability is nothing but a clone/decoy ability. It cannot use any ability using spiritual energy, has half of her offensive physical ability, and is easy to destroy. This is mainly used as a pawn/scapegoat to learn what an enemy can do.
Ability Name: Aspect Knowledge
Ability Description: While in this state, and in her second release, Andromeda is able to recycle the energy of attacks she has made that never successfully hit their target. Of course, it has to be done the very next post otherwise the energy is considered lost and she has to have time to collect said energy. This is also only able to be done on Cero level attacks and lower.
Ability Name: Venom Blood
Ability Description: Not just Quincies should fear her blood, even Shinigami other Hollows would find Andromeda’s blood dangerous. While harmless if exposed to skin, it could pose a problem if splashed into someone’s eyes, mouth, or an open wound. If made to enter the body, her blood would act much like a venomous snake bite. The nerves of the affected area would flood that part of the body with a great deal of pain thanks to her blood, and it would slightly inhibit motor functions until the damage her blood caused is healed. Can be healed by High Speed Regen. and Kaido.
Ability Name: Pulse of the Damned
Ability Description: For this ability, black energy would cover Andromeda’s body for a moment before being released in all directions up to 40 feet. The energy is similar to what she uses for her unique Cero and Bala, in that anything coming into contact with the energy would take level 30 Hadou damage and getting minor frostbite for 2 posts. Cannot be used again until the post that the splash ends.
Boosts: 3x Boosts to Speed, Strength, Durability, Stamina, Spiritual Energy


Ability Name: Calling the Damned
Ability Description: This ability spawns 3 ghoulish creatures. Each of them are clothed in bright white robes stained with blood and each missing one random body part. In life, they had been her ‘worshipers’. In death, they were devoured and are minions to their icy queen. Each one is 1/3 her own tier, with the rest of their stats scaling similarly. These creatures will remain until killed, sent away by Andromeda, or after their 4 post limit. Each one is armed with a very simple weapon (either a shortsword, dagger, spear, waraxe, or club) and will follow Andromeda’s commands to the letter to the best of their ability.
Ability Name: Death Coil
Ability Description: For this ability Andromeda releases a small human skull from the palm of her hand that leaves a trail of black and green energy that reaches 7 feet at it’s max. It will attempt to wrap around and bind the target’s arms and chest at the speed of a Bala, and is as strong as a level 60 Bakudou. This lasts for 2 posts, or until broken out of, and has a 1 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Wall of the Dead
Ability Description: For this ability Andromeda calls up from the ground a massive wall of ice, with skeletons scattered throughout it. The wall is able to block one single attack up to the strength of a level 75 Hadou. After, no matter the result, the wall will crumble and have a 3 post cooldown before it can be used again.
Ability Name: Diamond Shell
Ability Description: Unlike what the name implies, Andromeda doesn’t cover herself in diamond. Instead, she enhances her Hierro with a dense layer of extremely clear ice. It gives her Hierro/Durability a +1x Boost for 2 posts, and has a 2 post cooldown from the point of it ending.
Ability Name: Dragon Form
Ability Description: This is Andromeda’s trump card. While she loses access to all abilities(except Death’s Chill and Death Dragon’s Breath) and is only able to use physical attacks, her physical stats (Strength, Speed, Durability and Endurance specifically) are maxed out to the site’s limit of 6x Boost. This state can be held for 3 posts, after which she will forcefully be reverted back to her humanoid state, completely sealed and completely drained. Can only be used once per thread.

Boosts: 4x Boosts to Speed, Strength, Durability


The Story of the Ice Queen

From the point of her birth, Andromeda had always been considered special. Born to a cult that lived in the North Pole, she was shown to be somewhat resistant to the cold. She was treated specially from the moment she was born for the sole fact that she seemed resistant to the cold. As she got older this resistance grew stronger. To the point where she was able to wear single layers of clothing upon reaching the age of 12.

Of course by that point, the cult was praising her as being a reincarnation of their goddess. Being young and impressionable, the young girl believed them in their claim. If she was a goddess, she deserved their praise. They couldn’t do as she could, after all. And so she experimented. If her body was this resistant to the cold, maybe she could command it?

Months of effort had been needed but finally she figured out how to use her ability, her dominance over the cold. With it, her first act as to form a statue out of ice. A standing testament to her superiority in the freezing north that would last the ages.

However, not all ‘good’ things last.

Upon reaching the age of 19, the cult began making requests of her to choose someone to bring her an heir. She had never been informed about how children were made, and did not even know how to accept this request or not. She delayed, and kept pushing it off until one day, the ice broke. One of the cultists whose lust was more powerful than his mind, cornered the young woman while she was alone. Terrified, she unknowingly used her power, causing the ice under where they built up to crack and open up until a wide cavern, one which fit the entire cult before shutting yet again. A small dome had formed overhead from the ice displaced from the buildings and people. Her followers quickly froze and died, while Andromeda was left to wait. She had never used her powers on such a large scale and didn’t know how to do it again.

So eventually, she starved. Unable to move or get any help. When she died, it wasn’t to some wonderous afterlife like she had expected. They claimed her a goddess, why wasn’t she returning to where she came from? She was still under the ice, unfeeling of everything but the chain that now hung from her chest.

With how deep she was under the ice, she couldn’t tell between the passing of night and day. She was weightless, unable to determine what was up from down. Days turned to weeks, which turned to months. Eventually, her chain eroded away, and where the chain once was there was now just an empty hole. She changed, and it wasn’t painless. Her powerful soul Hollowfied into that of a lizard-like form, the new instinctual and savage form quickly shifting from cold indifference to it’s new survival. It quickly went after the souls of the nearby cult, smelling them out through the ice.

There were no souls left for it to claim in the arctic, none she could handle on her own as she was now anyway. She could feel that several spirits made the arctic their home, and her survival demanded she not stay.

So she left for what felt right; Hueco Mundo. She had gone to the Menos forest, right in the middle of a feeding frenzy. One she quickly got eaten in.

This would normally be the end of a story, but not for Hollows. She had been eaten, but her soul only joined with others. Countless, numerous others. Whether the one she was a part of was eaten or doing the eating, the number kept escalating. For years she was numb to all this, and thankfully so. To watch something like this for so long would probably drive anyone to madness. This meant that when the time came for their Menos evolution came, an internal struggle of wills began. As if snapped out from some suspended animation, her spirit shined through. In life, her will was hard as stone. Her personality easily took dominance inside the massive husk, where she took sight of the Menos Forest properly for the first time.

She looked much like the other Gillian class Menos; same black robes, solid white masks with a pointed nose. Her eyes however, unlike the common red or yellow, were a bright icy blue. She could not speak, instead roaring into the forest. And not a moment sooner did the hunger set in, along with the fear of regression. She remembered a bit about herself, and with each new Gillian she ate came even greater clarity. This was her new opportunity to prove her superiority. This power she was feeling, it trumped anything she remembered being able to do back when she was human. She could go back with this, the icy north would be hers!

Tearing open a path between worlds, the Gillian Andromeda had returned to the arctic. She looked around, and used her senses to feel for the hollows she sensed all those years ago that she feared hunting. She didn’t have to wait long, as one of them came to her shortly after returning. It was smaller than herself, that was for sure. She didn’t know it at the time, but she faced off against a rather weak Adjucha-class Menos. It thought her easy prey since she was a Gillian, but she had been close to evolving for the past week.

He was just what she needed for that last little boost. She could feel it in her gut.

And so they fought. The adjucha quickly caught on to the fact that his attacks couldn’t penetrate her Hierro, and she was too large to land a proper hit. It was a game of cat and mouse now, whoever tired out first would win. The embarrassment of an Adjucha soon slowed down, enough to where Andromeda was able to knock him down before bringing her foot down on it’s legs, crushing them and preventing further attempts at escape. It was now time to feed.

And when she did, her evolution finally came about. When she finished, she was pleased to see she was no longer some lumbering giant. She was smaller, her power more densely packed. She looked much like a european dragon in this state, her scales white as the snow that surrounded her. Her piercing blue eyes scanned the horizon. It was time to reclaim her land.

Within a week she had eaten the adjucha-class Menos in the north. Not many called it home, and most escaped to there to avoid the endless white sands of Hueco Mundo. With no more prey to be had she had no real choice but to return. And so, months into years had been spent hunting. She found her powers over the cold began to strengthen, being molded by this new form in a way that could never have been done as a human. It felt darker, but definitely more potent. The cold was her friend, it would always be there for her.

Word soon reached her of Hollows that underwent Shinigamification through breaking their masks, the Arrancars. While she was interested by the thought, it didn’t feel right for her. Not now anyway. She felt that it was too soon. She still had room to grow. She couldn’t rightfully cut herself off for this way of gaining power until it felt like the right time. A time that soon felt like it was rolling around. Hunting had slowed, only hunting parties dared go after her anymore. Just as she was about to quit her attempts and turn herself after her latest meal, it happened. Her form changed to something more humanoid. Her entire body was covered in thick scales, she could still feel her wings on her back, tail flailing behind her legs, and a mask on her face. However the mask only covered her mouth now, moving around her eyes before forming four large horns which curved back along her head like a crown. She had hands again, each ending in deadly sharp talons. If any time was good, then this was it.

She spent a whole five minutes as a Vasto Lorde before she reached up and broke off the part of her mask which covered her mouth. The change was relatively painless, but she could already feel that she was stronger than before. And she could feel others, all in the same direction that had similar signatures to herself. More arrancars, and they were powerful too. So in the interest of getting dressed and learning more of what she now was, she made her way to the fortress of Las Noches.
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