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#1 [Private] A Friend of the Family on Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:39 am

Moira usually didn't find herself going out of the way to interact with others nor did she prioritize a conversation over her duties. However, this was one of those special circumstances that she felt required immediate attention. She had received a request from an old friend that wished to speak to her as soon as possible. Considering the Gotei wasn't particularly busy as of recent, Moira decided to plan a small portion of the day out to seeing her old friend. This particular friend hadn't spoken to her directly in well over a couple decades since they had both found the busiest points of their lives.

Moira would find herself wandering up to the Squad 5 barracks only to be escorted straight to Amaya Nanashi. She wasn't sure what the conversation would entail nor what the severity of it all would be. Her message didn't sound dramatically urgent, however the wording seemed different than she had last remembered, as if Amaya may have been distracted by something. Moira would find out soon enough as she came face to face with the ice woman.

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#2 Re: [Private] A Friend of the Family on Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:59 am

Amaya sighed having to go through all the needed paperwork that kazuku was too damn lazy to complete or even be bothered to be anywhere near. Freaking spoiled brat, didn't deserve the spot he had but oh well what could she do...Not like she would take him on...god knows she didn't mind not being a captain but she minded having to do his damn paperwork...She didn't get paid or enough respect to even want to do it. She heard footsteps coming towards her office finding on of the unseated memebers escorting the Captain of squad 2 right too her.

"Oh Moria...I didnt expect for you to come see me during work hours...Do come in, you can leave."Said Amaya dismissing the unseated member as she moved some piles of papers out of a chair for Moira "Alright now that we are alone...I wanted to let you know I had a visit from your daughter a day or two ago at my home...Seems she gained some interesting friends."Said Amaya

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#3 Re: [Private] A Friend of the Family on Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:31 pm

She would be invited into the office that Amaya was occupying only to find herself observing her surroundings. There were piles of papers and other utensils galore. Her red eyes would look from the mess to Amaya, who was clearing off a chair for Moira to sit in. It was quite a disappointment to see her having to do so much work, especially when it wasn't hers to do. Those Mazi children were certainly some of the laziest she had seen, but she had no room to complain. They had immense power like their father and as long as he was Captain Commander, they would mind for the most part. A sigh would escape Moira's lips before she would hear Amaya begin to speak to her again.

Her subordinate had left and Amaya was, as always, very blunt in her speaking. However, this would leave Moira more than surprised at what she had just heard. For a moment, she would stand staring at the Vice Captain, but would soon find herself responding. "Well, you're as straightforward as always. Guess there's no point in beating around the bush," the woman would find herself feeling a bit annoyed at the comments made by Amaya, even if it wasn't something she could control. "What.. uh.. What was she doing at your residence? Did Anna bring her there?" Moira was dedinitely calm in demeanor, but the way she spoke made her sound a bit on edge.

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#4 Re: [Private] A Friend of the Family on Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:32 am

Amaya listened to Moira speak as it did seem Moira was on edge about the mention of Satou. What exactly was going on in that family to cause all this? Amaya closed her eyes before opening them again before replying "Well She came cause one she is one of Anna's Bodyguards since it seems they follow Doku's Orders and with anna being their head medic...seems logical..ish. Also If I happen to remember correctly, She had purple eyes yes? Well now she has one blue and one green. The blue one is identical to my clan head Seishin's eye and the green she spoke of getting from the love of her life. This meaning Satou is with chaos and seems to enjoy switching her eyes out in a sign of friendship?"Said Amaya sitting on the desk "Oh and she was at my house cause seishin though calling a family meeting would be great as the brought anna and her two guards there so that was a thing i had to deal with my daughter and her friend."She added flipping some of her lavander Purple hair over her shoulder as her one right blue eye watched Moira

"I am telling you this cause you have always been a dear friend of mine and to my family and honestly I figured you would wish to know of the changes in your daughter's life. Since you sent her away for the safety of everyone, Good choice choosing my little sister by the way. Satou seemed to really come protective over Anna as a guard should be."Said Amaya "But she did behave herself as in not causing damage to my house."She spoke remaining calm as she felt it was best to not keep anything for Moira about her daughter

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#5 Re: [Private] A Friend of the Family on Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:02 am

Moira would listen to Amaya's words taking the time to sit and think about the information she was being given. Satou was still with Anna, which was a good thing. However, what was this about being a bodyguard? It had been so long since she had last seen her little girl that she probably felt abandoned by her parents. Moira thought about her daughter every day and it had always weighed on her that she had sent her little love away. Had she been a terrible mother? This was a question she continuously fought with and had a million other questions roll off of it one after another.

Anyway, it seemed that Satou had grown powerful all on her own and if she waa still with Anna, that meant she was still safe. Of course, a more horrifying thought would cross her mind at the mention of Satou with different eyes. Her eyes weren't purple, but blue and green? And Seishin? Seishin. That couldn't possibly be connected to who she was thinking of, could it? Moira would find herself completely staring through Amaya as she listened to every word she was saying. Satou was switching eyes with people for friendship and love? A churning feeling found its way into the pit of Moira's stomach as she wondered just what had happened to her dear girl. Why was Anna encouraging such behaviors?

Moira would finally begin to see Amaya as she would look her in the face. She was saying that Satou being with Anna was a good choice because she was protective? That sending her away was good for everyone? Then, to top it off with the fact that she didn't smash up Amaya's house just to make it all sound good. The red eyed shinigami would find herself looking away from Amaya with eyes full of confusion.

"I told her a few times that eyes were a window to the soul and they hold a powerful connection. I'm not sure why I said it, but she must have taken my words in a literal sense rather than figurative. Is it possible that I'm the reason for her actions?" The Captain would find herself looking to the ground for a long moment thinking about a small Satou, who hadn't shown any signs of the way she was now. It was odd to realize how much she had changed and how much worse her mentality had become. "This elder of yours... Seishin? I've never met nor spoken to her. I had never even heard of her existence, but is it possible.. Did Satou happen to refer to her as Seishy?" Red eyes would lock onto Amaya as her last question was asked. Amaya wouldn't understand what it was Moira was getting at, but if her answer was what Moira feared, then she would be absolutely devastated.

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#6 Re: [Private] A Friend of the Family on Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:28 am

"Yep Elder seishin is literally a child... a former captain much like me and Anna. She served before and during Doku's reign of the gotei. She is more like a spirit caller...She goes where spirits call for help...She seems fond of Satou though and seems happy to see that Satou is alive and well. Seishin isn't happy with my sister being a vizard now because of that hollowfication."Said Amaya. "Seishin looks to be about 7ish with greyish blue hair a old fashion meji era style. Those strange butterflies on my estate are some of her messengers."She said " I will admit Satou does listen very well for Anna and has gotten much stronger...oh and it seems Demise is in chaos as well as Doku so atleast she has family. I am just curious who she got that green eye from and who this beloved of hers is."Said Amaya calmly.

Amaya sighed reachiong into the top drawer of her desk bringing out a flask and two shot glasses "Honestly, You should go see Satou more...I think she will make you proud on how well she is doing for herself. Anna seems fond of her and seems to have a great deal of control over Satou and that blood hungry side of hers but I wonder why she likes that big hammer and how she can lift that thing like nothing.'Said Amaya pouring the flask into the shot glasses. "ON a side note...I am thinking about adopting Amelia's friend Umeko into the family...since she is now part of my squad."Said Amaya holding out a glass to Moira

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#7 Re: [Private] A Friend of the Family Yesterday at 12:47 pm

That was that. The confirmation of Moira's question would send her straight down a path of despair as she began to question everything she had done as a parent. She had only believed until now that Satou's little friend was imaginary and just something to give her a sense of companionship. She had never actually believed before that her child's friend could have been possibly real at all. The way she had spoken about her friend, the stories she had told, and the way she was always alone speaking to herself. It all seemed like another case of an imaginary friend. As time went on, it had annoyed her that the child could never shake her imaginary person, but now it was plainly obvious why. Her friend wasn't so imaginary afterall. She was real. She was exactly as Satou explained her. She was a hell of a lot older than even Moira was by the sound of things. What kind of mother was she? Not a very good one.

The woman would find her thoughts being placed on the back burner as Amaya began speaking about Satou again. At least Anna seemed to be doing a better job than Moira could have ever done or could potentially ever do. However, she was less worried about that after Amaya would find her off topic little add in spouting from her lips. Demise was in Chaos? She had known that he wasn't in the Soul Society, but she wasn't sure where it was he had ended up. Her face would become slightly more twisted with concern as the Ice Princess would mention Demise and Doku in the same sentence. She would begin to mumble to herself, as it seemed Amaya was a non-stop talkier like always. "I'm not so sure that's a good thing. They've never actually met before and it's more liable that they'll get her killed," Moira would sigh knowing full well what was capable with that band of misfits. Doku was problem enough, paired with Demise they were virtually unstoppable, add Anna, and if Satou was as strong as Amaya made her out to be, it'd be disaster everywhere. Thinking about it, Moira would lower her head placing her face dead in her palm for a moment. The worry and stress was far greater than she had imagined.

As she sit in her seat, Amaya would make a comment about Moira going to visit her beloved child. She wasn't wrong. Perhaps if she had just visited her more, things wouldn't have turned out the way they did. Hell, if she had only listened to her child and given her what she needed in the first place. She would find herself becoming more annoyed by the second with all of her frustrations. Why did she care now? All of those things were long past, yet she still felt completely dejected. What was she supposed to do now? Her red eyes would lift through her fingers to Amaya at the mention of a hammer and seemed to hint at some monsterous strength. Her hand would lower to her chin as it now rested in her palm, "I'm sure I have more than enough reason on how that's possible. I may not have the terrifying strength, but her father certainly does." She wondered just how large this hammer of hers had grown, if it a question of strength had been brought into the mix. She wondered and wondered to the point that a visit now actually sounded like a decent idea. Her heart yearned to see her Little Love and now that this conversation was being had, it seemed like the perfect time.

She had been lost in her own world before Amaya would say some nonsense about a girl in her squad. Moira really could care less about some little academy girl and she certainly didn't care about Amaya's squad. Still, she would pretend to act interested as she would take the glass from the woman's hand. "Ah right. The academy kid. What would make you want to adopt a thing like her?" The Captain would ask begin genuinely blunt about it. She didn't understand taking in a child that she hadn't given birth to. It wasn't her place to care for every unfortunate kid she came across no matter how sad it was. Honestly, it hardly bothered her most day, since it wasn't her business to be involved in. She didn't want any part of it.

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