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#1 [Private] The New Guy on Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:58 am

Kat was doing her normal, everyday Captain things, which at this time consisted of sleeping. That's right. Kat was laying face down on her desk napping away not caring about anything in the world. Even as a stack of paper sit on the left side of her head and her people scurried about the barracks, Kat didn't even attempt to put on her best face. It waa times like these where everyone wondered why she was their Captain, even if she was the Captain Commander's daughter. She was lazy, arrogant, and very ill mannered, which Kat didn't mind being called. She was certainly all those things and sassier.

However, her nap would be interrupted when a knock came at her door. She would open her eyes as she lifted her head only to stretch out her arms and sigh. "Come in," she would say sitting her chin down in her palm. The individual would enter only for a moment to tell her the new recruit had arrived. Green eyes would look around the room and then to the shinigami, "Well, are you gonna bring him in or not?" She would say before gesturing to the open door. She wasn't going to just talk to a brick wall.

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#2 Re: [Private] The New Guy on Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:10 am

Kairyuko had more or less finished the academy and few days ago and was selected to be in squad 6 since he didn't care where he was to be as that was the usual thing he did . He slowly moved inside not standing out in any way as he had a mess of black hair on his head with gentle gold eyes half way closed as he stood a bit relaxed as his hands rested in his pockets "So I get to follow the brat of the commander..Of course I get stuck with this."he said with a sigh looking towards kat as they had one thing in common, both really didn't give much shit what so ever about anyone or anything.

"So I am here...I'm Kairyuko, or Kai for short."He said

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#3 Re: [Private] The New Guy on Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:28 am

As the boy walked in, Kat would notice that he was rather bland and dull. His hair was a mess, which she didn't really care for, but it seemed that he didn't either. His eyes were cold, dim, and empty leaving her to only assume that he was going to be so much fun to work with. Her emerald eyes would wander his being with an expression just as blank as his attitude was. Of course, his comment wouldn't change that fact, but it would certainly get some interaction out of her after he had introduced himself.

However, there would certainly be a moment of silence where Kat would stare at him before rising slowly to her feet. She would find herself using shunpo to get in nice and as close to his face as possible considering the 4 inch difference in height. Obviously, he wouldn't be able to even remotely track her movements and it would probably take a moment to register before he would even notice. "Well, this brat would certainly kick your ass before you had a moment to think," Kat would say with a grin before deciding to walk around the boy just to stretch her legs. "So, Emo Kid, your name was Kai right? Whatever, doesn't matter. What's important is that I introduce myself. I am Kat Mazi, Captain of Squad 6," She would stop beside the boy before rolling her eyes. "I think this is really stupid and I don'tcare much for it. But, Emo Kid. I'm going to have you tell me some things about yourself. Ok? Ok."

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#4 Re: [Private] The New Guy on Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:09 am

"Too bad already thought about it and your still a brat."He replied blankly not moving from his spot as his blank expression watching her move about before he let out a sigh tilting his head back looking at the ceiling as he scratched his head "First of all, I am not Emo, so get that out of your head brat. Secondly, You know nothing of me nor do i really give much care what you think you know cause frankly you are still a brat riding her father's coattails."Said Kai as one of his issues is the fact he had no filter or more never learned to filter enough to really care. he wasn't going to hide what he thought cause he never thought to or found a reason to.

He moved his face down looking towards her "Simple here it is, I am as simple as they come, I don't have drives nor do i cause trouble I am here to simply exist and survive so that is all there is..I am Plain boring and more into books then anything else"He said

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#5 Re: [Private] The New Guy on Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:43 am

So, you're emo and childish then," Kat would say glaring at the side of his head. What had she done to this kid? She had never seen him before in her life and she certainly had never caused him any problems. She would think as she glared at the side of his head. Had her father done something to him or his family? She doubted it since he wasn't making some drastic claim about murder or anything. So, what could it be? Was he just trying to piss her off?

Kat was about to ignore him, until he would reply to her own words. He would speak bluntly and quite arrogantly to her. He seemed to be trying to demand her... Kat.. a Mazi nonetheless. For a moment, she would seem to only grin acknowledging the fact that he was actuslly disrespecting her in such a manner. Her emerald eyes would only begin to see him as a toy to shred, especially after his second opinion came out of his mouth.

The girl would stand for a moment as all expression had faded from her face and she would stand all too quiet in her place. Her fingers seemed to twitch as small flames danced along her fingertips. Her eyes had faded from playful to a more stern, cold expression. She would find herself taking a deep breath as he explained himself to her. Then, a simple smile would cross her face as the flames died out from her fingers. Slowly, her spiritual pressure would begin to seep from her body become heavier with esch passing moment, until she knew Kai would have to give in. He would more than likely end up on the floor like the child he deserved to be treated as and as he found himself in such a position, she would speak to him. "You say you're only here to survive and exist. Well, let me lay down a few tips. One, the six that are Captains right now are captains for a reason. You fuck with any of us and you're sure to end up in a less than survivable condition. Some are more genrous than others, but trust me.. most of us could care less about your pathetic existence. Second, just because I wear the name Mazi does NOT under any circumstances give you the right to tell me that my father is the only reason I'm important. All of you bastards that think you can treat me like nothing just because of my name..." Kat would grit her teeth before she would find jerself secluding back into her own skin. The pressure would let up as Kat would turn away with anger filled eyes. She would return to her desk before slamming her head down on the hardwood. "Just forget it... Get out," her voice was soft and seemed to crack as she spoke. She had never been treated fairly once in her life. Why should anyone start now?

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