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#1 [Private] The Maiden's Recruit on Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:46 am

She was on a break of sorts from the Continental wandering the streets of New York with what time she cluld gather up for herself. She had done more work recently than normal, however that attack on the Committee did seem to put a damper on the city. It came of no shock to Mei after she had heard about what Natasha had planned. Apparently, she wasn't as intelligent as they had made her out to be, however those Espada were quite the tricksters. In fact, they were higher priority targets after what they did, which was why she was having to do so much extra work. Hollows were bound to come to New York after such an attack and now they refused to stop. Putting out contracts on the ugly bastards had her all kinds of worn out. Nonetheless, she would have her free time, even if it was only for a few moments.

She would stroll along the street as her short, maidenly skirt swayed with the movement of her body. Her red hair stuck out like a sore thumb among the crowds of humans, who were relatively dull in their appearances. Well, that was the city for ya. Anyway, her eyes would be set on a small shop that had empty tables set along the walkway. Mei would place herself at a table waiting for the waitress to make her rounds as her brown eyes would scan the area.

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#2 Re: [Private] The Maiden's Recruit on Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:02 pm

Kiyomi minded her own business for the most part these days. Though she didn't have too much of a choice at the moment because she was without any new orders beyond the norm. Patrol and make sure the city is safe. She stopped when Kokuo spoke up though, "Isn't that the assassin we hired to train Alyss back then?" Looking around she didn't notice anyone out of the blue at first, but quickly figured out who Kokuo was talking about just as Mei walked into a cafe.

Following her Kiyomi entered the cafe too, "Mind if I join you?" She'd ask politely. Assuming the girl said yes Kiyomi would take a seat and grin a bit, "So what's got you in a no name cafe like this? Boredom or work?"

"It's probably work" said Kokuo in her mind, which annoyed Kiyomi because she wanted the answer for herself to which she retorted, "We don't know that yet." She ordered some coffee and smiled as she waited for a reply from Mei, once she got one, if she got one at all, she'd talk about herself a bit, "I'm here out of boredom. There isn't enough to do for someone with my skillset in the Committee. Might be looking for a new job soon."

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#3 Re: [Private] The Maiden's Recruit on Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:29 am

As Mei entered the café, she would notice a familiar aura following in behind her, although she wasn't quite sure where she had felt it before. She hoped it wasn't anyone that could be considered a threat to her and she hoped they didn't plan on asking her to do any work. As she would take her seat, the familiar would find her way to Mei's table before smiling at her and asking if she could join. The maid would smile in return before gesturing to the seat across from her. She still hadn't quite remembered who this woman was.

The familiar would begin to speak to her and ask her why it was she had entered this café. She gave Mei two options to chose from, which was a but shallow minded. However, she wasn't wrong so Mei couldn't take offense to it this time. Her brown eyes scanned the woman in front of her as her memory seemed to be coming back to her. This woman was definitely a client of hers, but which one was she. Mei would find herself ordering a cup of tea, which was actually quite normal for her no matter how odd it seemed.

"Well, not particularly. I'm here because I've been doing too much work. Just needed to take a breath and drink some tea," Mei would say as she would sort of look off and away from Kiyomi. "Have you ever thought of considering the Continental? You'd still partially be involved with the Committee, but it's a thought at least."

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