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#1 [Private] Zero and Three on Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:47 am

It was a normal day in the world of Las Noches. The artificial sun sat in the sky, the sands were quiet, and all the hollows hid away in the dark holes they considered safe. Well, Selica didn't see any reason to hide since she was fairly certain nobody wanted to die on this day. She was far superior in power to all but three others leaving her feared across the sands, except she wasn't all that sure why. She was sort of nice under most conditions. She was really only a chore to deal with when her plants were messed with and she was disrespected. Other than that she was somewhat harmless.

Anyway, she found herself wandering her own makeshift garden that she had created. It was cared for by the others that she trusted with it and herself. There were flowers, desert plants, grasses, and leaves. It seemed like an odd mixture considering where it was, however it was created by her own hand meaning her own power. Essentially the moment she died, so would it. Out of all the plants though, she held a favorite spot. She would find herself admiring the beauty of a white lily surounded by a vast array of others of various colors. Her fingers would run along the soft, fragile petals as her green eyes would wander the others to see if there had been any changes. Her eyes would spot a flower that hadn't been before and she would freeze a moment.

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#2 Re: [Private] Zero and Three on Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:52 am

Today seemed as good a day as any to traverse Las Noches. Wolfgang had become so tied up in all the politics of leadership. That he'd somehow forgotten how to relax. The Cero Espada found himself in a position of power. It was all a blur to him, and quite frankly his rapid ascension baffled him. At this point though, he only hoped that he will continue to deserve it. There he was walking along with his left hand in his pocket. His right hand held a coin which danced between his fingers. The man had grown so accustomed to it that it was now being done without thought. With that said, Wolfgang was delighted to feel the spiritual pressure of a certain flower. A smile adorned his face, one born of curiosity and pleasant thoughts.

Without wasting much time Wolfgang headed in the direction of the source. This might be what he needed now. A way of chilling and sharing in camaraderie. It took a short while for him to arrive at the gardens. And there she stood, the woman who he met sometime ago. He remembered it, because he wasn't even the Cero Espada when it happened. He remembered her divulging information about her past life. The cruel men she met along the way. Wolfgang took a gentle step forward. His form soon vanished into thin air it seems. The man reappeared behind Selica in one swift motion. Making no wasting movements when moving from point A to B. The man stood a mere feet away from Selica, his head cocked to the left, accompanied by a smile.

"This looks rather nice. Mind if I join ya?". The man asked with a relaxed tone. He was within touching distance of the Tercera Espada, but held back. He didn't yet feel it was his place to make any unnecessary bold moves.

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#3 Re: [Private] Zero and Three on Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:38 am

It seemed in all the time she had been in Las Noches the multicolored flowers had grown with each new individual she had experienced. The white one had been the beginning of it all, yet she still had no idea who it belonged to. Perhaps, someone from her past life? She looked at it every day and wondered who it was, why they were important, and what they were doing in that moment. Then, there was pink for little Miss Colbolt. Red for that bastard child Kat. Purple torn to shreads for the man she despised. Green for Anna. A recent bloom that hadn't blossomed yet for Willow and many more. It was a reminder to her, but also highly sentimental. However, the one that stuck out most to her was a beautiful, teal lily that seemed far too bright for the others to compete with.

Her green eyes would freeze on the freshly blossomed flower and her hand would seem to reach out. She was about to touch the beautiful flower before a voice would be heard behind her. She hadn't noticed the arrival of anyone nor did she expect anyone to show. Naturally, this made Selica genuinely frightened as a thorn would instantaneously grow from her palm and she would spin around too fast for her own good. She had extended her hand, but would stop before the thorn would even dare make contact with the poor victim that dared startle Selica. In that moment, the thorn would retract and the woman would find a nervous expression crossing her face.

"O-Oh, My King. Please, forgive me. It's not every day that someone has the ability to startle me," a nervous laugh would escape her red lips as she would attempt to collect herself. After a moment, it would seem her whole demeanor had changed yet again. "Anyway, there's always room for you in my garden. You certainly bring more asthetic to my wonderful children," this time a more playful look would cross her eyes. She wondered why he was here. She wonderes what he could simply want by speaking to her. She wondered what he was thinking.

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#4 Re: [Private] Zero and Three on Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:33 pm

His appearance caused a fright that he did not expect but luckily was prepared for. His preparation comes from centuries of having to be battle ready. This is why when Selica swung round in one swift motion. The Cero smiled while also raising his hand to meet Selica's own. He'd already perceived what was about to happen. He was swift in his actions but also seemingly nonchalant too. His own hand intercepted Selica, grabbing hold at the wrist area. In addition to this his index finger extended and rested itself in her palm. The man smiled at the flower stood before him. The idea was to prevent Selica pulling back her hand completely. "My apologies if I caused a fright. But your form was impressive just now, as expected of the Tercera Espada". He replied saying before releasing his hold.

Listening to her speak was always a pleasure for Wolfgang. Ever since they first met it had been like that. "Ya know had you not finished what you said, I would have thought you were dropping some innuendos". He said playfully before his gaze shifted a little so that he may properly observe her garden. While certainly pleasing on the eye, he felt as if it was alive somehow. "Tell me, how are you settling back in with us? I seem to have a need to check in on you from time to time. Can't have any one in las noches feeling alienated. Sides, this seems like a really good time to take a stroll". Wolfgang stepped to the side and set off walking around the garden. He remained within earshot of Selica, hoping that perhaps she will accompany him.

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#5 Re: [Private] Zero and Three on Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:11 am

His hand around her wrist would cause a tingling feeling on her skin as a feeling bubbled up inside of her. She wasn't quite sure what this feeling was, but it was certainly restless and particularly warm. However, she couldn't help but notice how small her wrist was in this moment as his hand seemed to be able to completely encase it leaving her feeling more attracted to him in this moment. He was quite strong in his ways while also being relatively calm and collected about them as well. It hadn't taken much to stop her, even if she had decided she wouldn't go through with it entirely. What was the difference in their powers?

Jackal would compliment Selica leaving her only to stand in the most proud of postures as she would blush unintentionally. As he continued to speak, she would find herself grinning in the most devious of ways. A smug giggle would escape her lips, but only for a second. "Perhaps, your thoughts wouldn't have been incorrect," she would say in a semi-quiet manner watching Jackal look over her beautiful creation. It was her most prized possession and her most comforting place to be.

Green eyes would continue to watch the man as he questioned her and how she felt about being back in Las Noches. She remembered the short while that she was away and she didn't dare dwell on it a second longer. She would remove the thoughts from her head quickly as he would suggest taking a stroll as she replied to him. Gladly, Selica would find herself walking alongside him as she swiped her fingers gently along the buds of daffodils that had yet to fully bloom. "Well, I can't particularly say it's been horrible, but I also can't say that the other espada will ever find joy in me being around. Their fraccion seem to worship me and I adore them. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have someone to be closer to. Someone to follow beside me. Someone to share memories with and to grow with. Although, it's an odd thought for someone such as myself to have I think," she would find herself speaking earnestly, which was odd for her. However, nobody ever seemed to enjoy the truthful conversations she wished to have with someone. Nobody seemed to want to actually know her. It was a lonely world.

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#6 Re: [Private] Zero and Three on Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:18 am

The Jackal felt a certain joy that was unexplained while in Selica's presence. In his eyes she was a budding flower, hardly yet in full bloom. Meaning that there was a lot more to come from her. That was his hope. Listening to Selica speak made the man pause for a moment. His eyes directed in Selica's direction as they continued to walk. He thought about her words and took it under careful consideration. "Are you suggesting that some of your fellow Espada are threatened by you? That's interesting. Although its not completely surprising. We are Arrancar after all and we are who we are. So forgive those who become a lil possessive about their Fraccion. Sides, I can understand why they would feel that way. You are Selica of course, quite a few have yearned for your attentions. Makes me wish I had myself a Fraccion too. Oh well, shits not that big of a deal". He stated out loud before releasing a chuckle. He felt like smoking, but sparking up a cigarette now was perhaps bad timing. "Say, I once heard of a certain ideology or better yet a reasoning for certain things. And some apply it to the Espada, but all Arrancar are said to fit it. Its to do with one of the many reasons a person dies. There are a multitude of reasons, but if I had apply it to myself then I would represent intoxication. Would you agree?". In some ways it didn't really matter now. Their human life was left behind them when they became Hollows. And as they evolved they grew stronger and stronger. And now here they are trying to recall an almost nonexistent past life. There are many a things the man wanted to say. But some of it may not be entirely appropriate. Not yet anyway.

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