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#1 Kiyoshi Yamamoto on Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:10 pm

Name: Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Alias: N/A
Real Age: 673
Phys. Age: 16
Gender: Female
Kiyoshi is a very hard worker, pushing herself to her limits constantly with everything from training to paperwork, working hard for the sole purpose of relaxing. Kiyoshi's entire work ethic is devised around accomplishing enough that she can relax for a few minutes, have a smoke or read a few chapters of a book, before returning to work. She's dedicated to what she does, regardless of what it actually is.

As she's so unique among her own people, the Shinigami, she's taken an eye to the uniqueness of everything around her. Not all Hollows are evil and must be killed, but the overwhelming majority of them are and she knows it- she'll always try to give a Hollow at least one chance to not be attacked, and even though most of them fail she's still looking out for the ones that don't. Her trust is difficult to earn, but she hands out cautionary trust like candy.

When training runts, Kiyoshi pushes them to their physical and mental extremes, cramming everything she knows down their throats. When students inevitably collapse of exhaustion, she nurses them back to health carefully before beating their ass and sending them back to the training grounds. A very capable multitasker, Kiyoshi once nursed 7 different students back to health while simultaneously training 22 others and dueling yet another, by herself.

All in all, she's a free spirit, a dedicated worker who yearns for breaks and relaxation, and an avid fighter.

Height: 6'
Weight: 167 lbs
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: A mix of Sambo, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Tai-Chi, and Wing Chun, Kiyoshi's fighting style has no particular name, though she affectionately refers to it as "Quirky". When she's wielding a weapon, however, her fighting style is entirely dependent on the strengths of the weapon and weaknesses of the enemy. Kiyoshi has so much experience in fighting, especially with weapons she's created due to her abilities, that combined with her natural talent at it made her an indescribable fighter on the battlefield.
Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryokyu, Speed, Kidou (60 and Below = Wordless, 80 and Below = Name Only)
Weaknesses: Durability, Endurance, Strength

Ability Name: Quirk
Ability Description: Kiyoshi's main ability is Quirk - This ability has several sub-abilities, listed both below and in her release stages as her Zanpakutou unlocks more of her own latent power. Quirk can be activated once every post, activating one quirk from her options. Kiyoshi can only have two quirks active at any time, as each quirk lasts only two posts. Kiyoshi cannot activate the same quirk twice in a row, or while that quirk is already activate.

Ability Name: Quirk: Creation
Ability Description: Kiyoshi can manipulate atmospheric reishi, creating any non-organic solid object. These constructs last the entire thread, or until destroyed. All constructs have the durability of Steel, and can be a maximum size of 5ft by 5ft by 1ft.

Ability Name: Quirk: Charge Beam
Ability Description: Kiyoshi can generate electrical charges in their body and discharge them. These laser-like beams travel for 35ft from the user at Cero speed, and deal similar damage plus first degree burns. Kiyoshi can fire off 5 per post.

Ability Name: Quirk: Air Raid
Ability Description: Kiyoshi solidifies her Reiryoku into a pair of wings which, for as long as this quirk is active, grants her perfect air maneuverability.

Sealed Appearance: A simple, unassuming katana with standard wrap, worn at her right hip above another, much more extravagent katana. She often uses the more extravagent one in combat, leaving the actual perfect blade of her Zanpakutou intact and unharmed.
Zanpakutou Name: Zōkyō
Call Out Command: Help me!

Appearance: When her Shikai is active, Kiyoshi's eyes and reiatsu turn Purple. There are no other changes.
Boosts: All x2

Ability Name: Zōkyō [Passive]
Ability Description: The true power of Kiyoshi's Zanpakutou, when released, this ability causes all of Kiyoshi's Kidou to be fired off a second time at half power for free. Kiyoshi can choose to combine these two into one attack (giving her Kidou 150% strength) or can fire it off with her other hand allowing her to change her tactics. This has no effect on Forbidden Kidou.

Ability Name:Quirk: Carbon Armor
Ability Description: Kiyoshi's reiatsu pulls atmospheric reishi into it, in a mutation of her Creation Quirk, transforming her skin into a Carbon-based Alloy stronger than any known metal for the duration of the quirk. Kiyoshi has full mobility during this state.

Ability Name: Quirk: Bullet Rain
Ability Description: By focusing her reiatsu in her fingertips, Kiyoshi can release a rain of tiny energy pellets similar in size to a .22 Calibre Bullet, dealing 1/5 the damage of a Bala. Kiyoshi can fire 100 of these per post, regardless of how many fingertips she fires with.

Ability Name: Quirk: Pride
Ability Description: Kiyoshi is empowered by her pride, allowing her to harness the pure destructive force of fire itself. This causes her to be cloaked in flames, dealing constant first-degree burns to anything within 10ft of her. Additionally, once per quirk use, Kiyoshi can focus all of the heat she's producing into a single fireball and launch this at the enemy. At any point during its travel, or upon impact, Kiyoshi can have the fireball explode with the force of a Gran Rey Cero. Use of this secondary attack ends the flame aura.

New Name: Chō-Zōkyō
Appearance: When her Bankai is active, Kiyoshi's eyes and reiatsu turn Red. There are no other changes.
Boosts: All x3

Ability Name: Chō-Zōkyō [Passive]
Ability Description: In it's Bankai state, Chō-Zōkyō enables Kiyoshi to cast two separate Kidou at exactly the same time, both benefitting from her Shikai's power (being cast at 150% strength). Both Kidou cast must be under number 81. Her latent Kidou abilities also improve, allowing her to cast all Kidou under 81 in number silently at full power.

Ability Name: Quirk: Combo Star
Ability Description: While this quirk is active, every consecutive hit Kiyoshi makes on the same target deals 25% more damage, capping out at 250% of the original damage value (or a 10 hit combo) - Being hit by any enemy or hitting a different enemy will reset Kiyoshi's combo, but missing will not.

Ability Name: Quirk: Negation
Ability Description: One time, while this Quirk is active, Kiyoshi can create a temporary unstable black hole which will completely consume the first non-final skill which touches it. For the remainder of the Quirk, Kiyoshi can only move the black hole, not create more of them. The black hole will also not consume any other skills, but will instead only affect their trajectory, acting like a Repelling Force to all energy-based attacks while active, while acting like an Attracting Force to all physical-based ones.

Ability Name: Quirk: Explosion
Ability Description: Immediately upon activation of this quirk, Kiyoshi's reiatsu inverses and begins to overcharge. This causes her to release a massive heat aura, raising the temperature within 50ft of her by 20 degrees celsius. When the quirk ends, right before going on cooldown, Kiyoshi releases all the pent-up reiatsu, causing a massive explosion 200ft wide (100ft radius from her location) dealing Gran-Rey Cero damage to everything hit. Kiyoshi can, in an emergency, release this Quirk early, but this cuts the range in half, the damage down to cero, and puts the Quirk on cooldown anyway. The temperature increase fades immediately upon ending this Quirk.

Ability Name: Quirk: Soul Force
Ability Description: Kiyoshi coats up to ten weapons on the battlefield in her own reiatsu, allowing her to, for the duration of this quirk, control the weapons telepathically within 50ft of herself.

New Name: Shin Chō-Zōkyō
Appearance: When her Toukai is active, Kiyoshi's eyes and reiatsu turn Platinum. There are no other changes.
Boosts: All x4

Ability Name: Shin Chō-Zōkyō [Passive]
Ability Description: At it's most powerful stage, Shin Chō-Zōkyō allows Kiyoshi to cast all Kidou below number 91 silently at full power, while all Non-Forbidden Kidou are cast at 200% strength (overwriting her Shikai boost) and still enabling her to cast two simultaneously. Additionally, her non-forbidden Hado have their cooldowns reduced by 1 post.

Ability Name: Quirk: One For All
Ability Description: Kiyoshi completely seals her reiatsu and reiryoku while this Quirk is active, increasing her physical abilities tremendously. All of her physical abilities improve by 1 stage while this Quirk is active.

Ability Name: Quirk: Flame Manipulation
Ability Description: For the duration of this quirk, Kiyoshi can generate and manipulate flames freely with her mind and body. These can travel at up to bala speeds, inflict second degree burns on contact, and are limited to 100ft from Kiyoshi's position. The fires will continue to burn until put out by Kiyoshi's will alone, or by Water Manipulation from someone who is at least 3 tiers Higher than Kiyoshi.

Ability Name: Quirk: Replica
Ability Description: Kiyoshi creates an illusory clone of herself instantly upon activation of this quirk. The clone travels in exactly the opposite direction Kiyoshi is facing for at least 1 second, during which time Kiyoshi can swap their positions at will to switch which direction she's going in. The clone is identical in every possible way to Kiyoshi herself, but nothing it does will ever affect the real world.

Ability Name: Quirk: Regeneration
Ability Description: For the duration of the Quirk, this ability acts as High-Speed Regeneration from a Hollow.

Ability Name: Echo Break
Ability Description: This attack releases a massive pulse from Kiyoshi's position, traveling at the speed of a cero for five hundred meters in every direction. This attack only deals damage to those Kiyoshi views as an enemy, and for those who fit under that banner, are met with an attack equal to a Forbidden Kidou at point-blank range. Upon termination of this skill, Kiyoshi is placed into a fatigue state; her Zanpakutou reverts to its sealed state, her Quirks immediately end, and she loses any ability to fight whatsoever.

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#2 Re: Kiyoshi Yamamoto on Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:04 pm

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