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#1 [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:09 am

What fucking stage is this? What does it matter? Natasha found herself sitting around near the Ark waiting for someone to show up. How did she know someone was coming? Well, she fucking didn't. She just magically fucking guessed because why not? Apparantly, she was just supposed to know that someone would come for this machine. It was probably going to be Ika because who else would it be? He seemed to be everywhere all the time anyway.

So, she would sit in wait as her green eyes stared at the doorway to the lab. How was he going to find this machine? She didn't know, but hopefully he'd get an idea after this. It's not like he actually tried to get an idea. Anyway, she was waiting. That's all she could do. What else could she do? Nothing.. but.. wait..

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#2 Re: [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:23 pm

Ika arrived and was greeted immediately by gunfire from nearby Committee soldiers. Unfortunately for them, this was going to be the last time they performed in their given line of duty, because Ika was having a.. Bad day to say the very least. He simply launched Bala's through the lot of them his mask donned his face and he had already entered Shikai before arriving. As he turned the corner he noticed the Ark was in his sights, and as was the leader of the Committee, Natasha.. "You can move or you can die.. Enough has been lost already over that fucking device. I'm destroying it whether you like it or not. The only question is.. Are you going to be destroyed along with it?" Ika's eyes focused in on the woman as a ball of acid from his point finger entered the atmosphere above them. He wasn't here to waste time or make friends, he had every intention of ending this war now, and dealing with the consequences later..

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#3 Re: [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:38 am

Bingo. There he was. Green eyes would set sights on Ika immediately as she would notice his mask. He was definitely not happy, but she just didn't understand why. What was the big deal? It was just a machine. He would make a speech about how the device was going to be destroyed and her as well if she got in the way. Surprise! She didn't really care nor was she scared. She was more so angry about the whole situation. "I don't understand the problem. The Gotei and the Espada can pop in and out of our world, destroy the place, kill our people, and wander freely whenever they want... but the Committee be damned if they have the power to do so too. We're bad guys for wanting to be on the same footing as everyone else? The Espada are the problem, they've done all the damage, not this machine. What's your problem anyway acting as if ANYTHING YOU care for is at stake here."

The woman would frown at Ika as she would cross her arms in front of her chest. She would await an answer as she would stand firm in front of everything her people worked so hard for. She wouldn't go down without a fight, but she wanted answers. She wanted to know what was so terrible in their eyes.

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#4 Re: [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:45 am

The girl was speaking of things she didn't understand and all she was accomplishing overall was pissing Ika off more, and more, and more, and more, until it climaxed with the last words that had left her mouth. Nothing he cared for was lost?.. Nothing he cared for was lost or at stake after he watched his daughter blown to fucking pieces right in front of him?.. Sure, it was true that she simply couldn't know that it had happened but the fact that she would even speak to such ignorance was.. Well it was going to cost her her life simply put.. Ika for the first time in a short while entered a place he didn't want to go back to, but she hadn't really left him with much choice..

The insanity that once defined Ika Mazi, had returned. "First you'll choke on those words.. Then you'll choke on your dying breath.." Ika Shunpo'd forwards immediately as her arms were crossed and placed a leg behind hers, he aimed his skull at her nose and exploded forwards, hoping to knock her to the ground and split her face open in one movement. When she came to, she would probably notice the abundance of acid falling from the sky towards her, as the nearby buildings began to crumble to the ground around them.. "I'll make it quick if you hold still.."

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#5 Re: [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:18 am

Her green eyes were so determined, until she heard him speak to her. Then, they would be wide with surprise as she would realize something was definitely off. She had said something wrong. Something had happened that she hadn't seen, but what? If he was this angry, perhaps someone close to him had been hurt in the blast. She had known of his bodyguard and he certainly seemed upset by it, but he wasn't this angry over it. Someone else? Something else? Whatever it was, she knew she made a mistake.

He would shunpo towards her and before she knew it, his head would collide with her nose sending an agonizing pain throughout her face. Immediately, blood would begin pouring from her nose as she would hit the ground cracking her head off the solis floor. At this point, she would find herself cupping her face with one hand as she would grasp her head with the other. Green eyes would slowly come into focus as her head pounded in distress. She would groan, until finally she would see the acid coming down towards her. She would raise the hand from her head as a shield would appear midair above her as she would curl her body under it. She wasn't sure what she could accomplish, but she knew she could at least try. She just hoped his acid wasn't too terribly strong.


Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Shield
Description: Stationary. Shield.
Cero: 1 post cooldown
Gran Rey: 4 post cooldown.
Cero Oscuras: 5 post cooldown.
Forbidden Kidou: Cannot Block

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#6 Re: [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:39 am

So the girl was having a rough go at things right off the bat, beyond the broken nose she had already received and beyond the concussion Ika had probably given her, she was now having it piss acid on her as well. Unfortunately for Ika, she was undeterred and put up some kind of giant fuck off shield to counteract his acid, which was an effective move for a number of reasons. Unfortunately for her, Ika's acid was wearing the shield down and he was now on top of it, pounding downwards at a rapid clip, denting the shield at first before reaching his hands in and ripping a hole in it provided of course that she had held still the whole time. He just had to hope that there was nothing waiting for him on the inside as he aimed a Cero inside to end her fucking life..

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#7 Re: [Event] Ika V Natasha Round 378 on Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:53 am

So, her shield was holding nicely against the acid, but she hadn't expected to have to hold Ika on it as well. He certainly wasn't heavy by any means, considering her stupid amount of strength but it wasn't fun having her shield beaten on. It was much more difficult to hold the fucking thing still as he pounded against it with his fucking hands denting it inwards. She would grit her teeth as she pulled her bloody hand away from her nose reaching for a pistol that she just so happened to have attached to her hip. As Ika would finally penetrate her shield, Natasha would see the charging cero, except she had an idea of her own. She would shoot Ika in the chest like an idiot because a bullet will definitely stop a raging monster like that.

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