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#11 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:54 am

The new sapling would speak of his memories and the things he had been thinking about pertaining to his past. Selica would slowly make her way to stand in front of Colbolt like a mother protecting her baby as Willow's expression hardened and grew darker. Something was troubling him and it seemed to have more of a grasp on her persona than she would have realized. He would go into more detail speaking about the Quincy, which weren't an uncommon enemy of anyone. It seemed they were frequently targeted by everyone and anyone. Selica didn't particularly have anything against them, but she didn't like any of them either.

As he would finish his speech, Nakita would find her way to him wrapping her arms around his body as she would prompt him to calm down. Then, she would state the most fucking obvious to Selica at which point she would cross her arms just under her bust. "I see. Well, I've adopted him as my sapling, so you'll simply have to allow this mother to see her baby every now and then. He will grow into a strong tree one day. We'll simply have to tred lightly and support him with all his essentials," Selica would smile as she turned towards Colbolt before patting her head. "Isn't that right my flower?" Selica would say running her fingers down from the top of the girl's head through her hair allowing the locks to lay flat in her palm.

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#12 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:31 pm

Willow felt a familiar pair of arms carefully wrap around his body as the same flower smell tickled his nostrils while he was prompted to calm down. Willow slowly took his hand off of the handle of his Zanpakuto after his bow and turned to his side where the woman whom had brought him here, whom he owed so much, introduced him. He turned and bowed his head to her, "Greetings, Lady Nakita," before furrowing his brow at the mention of adoption by Lady Selica. The way she talked about supporting him and such gave Willow an odd amount of mixed feelings.

Eventually, Willow decided not to go looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything. "Thank you for your generosity, Lady Selica." Willow smiled and bowed to her once more before turning to face Colbolt and finally asking, "Who's this... Anna person, if I may ask?"

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#13 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:39 pm

Colbolt watched as Selica more or less told Nakita to suck it up and share. Geez same thing selica told thor when Colbolt first came here.

"Fine fine but dont think for a second he is fully yours cause i will cut you down"she said the last part in a whisper as yes Nakita had a tendency to be a little territorial over her things.

Colbolt listened to Willow's question "oh I am only half a soul. I am connected to a pink haired Vizard Named Anna she works for chaos as head of medics. I wasnt a hollow when i was here i awoke as an arrancar. My only want is to destroy her, consume her and once again become whole and powerful "she said simply "She has a plant zanpackuto like me but doesnt really habe any emotions like me but has the power i lack at the moment. I can feel her pain as well as share memories and occasionally see through her eyes and vise versa"she said

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#14 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:20 pm

Selica would stand beside Colbolt making extra sure to play with her beautiful hair as she listened to her tales of woe. A frown would cross over Selica's face as Colbolt brought that they were both of the flower origin. A heavy sigh would escape her mouth as she would begin to speak, "Both so beautiful. Both such precious flowers. The sweet, colorful petals and yet neither of them can live outside of the other. Isn'tit just so sad? This poor mother can do nothing to stop it." Every word she spoke seemed to be a bit theatrical in a sense, but full of emotion. She was truly saddened by the thought of not having Colbolt around one day to the point that she denied the thought constantly. Even now, she was denying it and playing it off as light. She refused to think about it. Period.

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#15 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:54 am

Willow's eyebrow slowly climbed up his forehead until it was sufficiently raised as Colbolt explained the whole entire Anna situation. A split soul? How did that even happen? Willow desperately wanted to ask, but deemed it to be unnecessary prying. Maybe another time. In any case, he smiled sweetly and offered Lady Nakita a small bow of the head as she appeared to grumble something about 'being fully yours'.

"That is quite unfortunate, Lady Selica." Willow frowned slightly and gave Colbolt a sympathetic look, even if she could one hundred percent beat him into the dirt. Truly, though, the longer he stayed here and the more he learned about the occupants of Las Noches's the happier Willow became. It felt really good to be part of such an organization with such interesting, quirky people. "... I've made new friends, mother..." Willow whispered quietly and smiled.

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#16 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:08 am

Manda had been relaxing in her room which was not far from where the group was standing and talking. She felt the flare of rage that Willow had let out and became curious. She had thought only she was able to let loose like that. Curious, she walked out of her room and towards the area she felt the rage in. Upon getting closer she saw Cobolt, the Third Espada and the Second Espada, and a new person, the one who let out the rage. She smiled softly and walked towards the group, bowing to the two Espada present and waving to Cobolt before turning her attention to Willow. ”Well hello there. I’m Manda Marluz. I’m a Fraccion for the Primera Espada. Pleasure to meet you.”

Manda didn’t care if she walked over the others word wise, nor did she really care what was really going on. She just wanted to know more about this lovely Arrancar before her.

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#17 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:53 am

Willow blinked a couple times as someone else came and suddenly offered her greetings. Truth was, a small part of Willow was incredibly confused. Just a while ago, the halls had been basically empty, and now it was bustling with activity, in a sense. Next thing he knew, the Cero King himself would pop up and say hello. Though Willow highly doubted that, the thought made his smile widen just a little. He focused his attention on the latest person to come say hello and bowed to her.

"Hello, Miss Manda. My name is Willow, and I am Lady Nakita's new Fraccion... Though it seems I am under some sort of shared custody with Lady Selica as well." Willow took this moment to give Selica a small nod then continued. "I just recently tore my mask off, so a lot of this Arrancar business is quite new to me. I am quite grateful, everyone has been quite patient with my ignorance, and answered all my questions. I feel a bit silly for being so terrified of this place during my days as a lesser Hollow... " Willow grinned sheepishly and scratched his cheek, unsure of what to say next.

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