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#1 [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:38 pm

Willow opened his door and got out of his quarters with a big yawn. He rubbed his eyes and spent a few minutes stretching, his body feeling the most rested it had in countless years. "What do I do now...?" Willow looked down the hall as it branched off of a wider corridor within Las Nachos as the idea hit him. He could go explore! Well, he still needed to proceed with caution, though.

Willow began to trek down and into the wider hall, marveling at the simple and grand architecture of the the hallway. The entire building had this simple, masterful craftsmanship to it, as if it had all been hewn from a single mountain in Hueco Mundo. "Maybe I'll run into some of my brothers or sisters... Then I can introduce myself to them!"

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#2 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:05 am

Nakita was relaxing in one ofbthe grewt open rooms with a book in her hand. She was bored but this was a usual thing in the Espada.

A Salmon pink haired female moved out of her room not fair from Willow's own with a similar outfit fashion. She had her hair in a high loose bun as her orange eyes focused on the small flower in her hands that seemed to wiggle. Colbolt smiled petting it gently examining it as she walked

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#3 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:59 am

As Willow walked through the halls without any sense of direction, he briefly considered going to find Lady Nakita and ask her if there were any Do's n' Don'ts here in Las Noches, but decided against it for now. The possibility she was busy was high, not to mention he'd already taken up quite a bit of her time. He really didn't want to impose on her any more than he had. He stopped for a moment at a four-way hall junction, and looked both ways as if he were crossing the street in the Human World. This brief pause let the woman who had been walking behind him for sometime pass by. Seizing the moment, Willow decided to go ahead and introduce himself to her.

"Oh, excuse me Miss." Willow approached her with caution, the terror he felt from his days as a low-level Hollow pertaining to this place and whatever creatures must call it home still remained embedded in his mind. "That's a very pretty flower, if I may say so." Willow smiled as graciously as he could through his nervousness and bowed. "Pardon me for bothering you, I'm going around Las Noches to introduce myself. I am Willow, Lady Nakita's new Fraccion. May I ask your name?"

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#4 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:30 am

"Hm? Oh hello..Yes one of my many little friends this one is."spoke Colbolt turning to tbhe new fraccion as the small flowr in her hand swayed from side to side watching him "Oh so the sinner representative has a Fraccion now? Well i am Colbolt Nagito. I am the first of two fraccion for the Primera Espada Thor Blester. It is nice to meet you ans from how you act you must have recently formed into an arrancar so welcome to our race and the rules are the same kill or be killed though you are safe from that in these halls Wolfgang and the other Espada makes sure of that" she replied as her pastle orange eyes watched him as she petted the flower

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#5 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:54 am

Selica had found herself wandering the halls of Hueco Mundo with her usual sexual appeal showing for all to see. Green eyes would fall on nothing as the many halls seemed to be empty of chatter, movement, or simple life. The spiritual pressures were evident, but they were hardly a problem since everyone was being so lazy on this particular day. Rounding a corner Selica would set sights on the cutest, pink haired girl she had known yet. She seemed to be speaking to a boy, but she had never seen him around before. Who was he?

Selica would find herself standing directly behind Colbolt as the boy introduced himself and she would listen to the flower's response. Her green eyes scanning the boy would look a bit confused. The spider witch had a fraccion? Why did everyone else get a fraccion? Selica didn't get a fraccion. At this point, she was liable to throw a fit, but it would be unacceptable in front of her new child. "Come now, Flower. Don't frighten the poor kid," Selica would smile as she draped her arms over the girl's shoulders. Her fingers would lightly carress the petals of Colbolt's friend. "Do not worry, My Sapling," Selica would say looking up towards Willow, "As long as you mind you own and remember your place, nobody will so much as glance in your direction. We're not savages."

Selica would place her cheek against Colbolt's head as she would wrap her arms around the girl giving her a hug before standing to look at the boy. She would wander around him before smiling. "Forgive me. Where aremy manners? My name is Selica. I am the Third Espada. You could say I'm particularly fond of plants and with a name such as a great, strong tree you have become my sapling." She would speak nice and clear, until she decided to mumble, "Spider will just have to share."

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#6 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:42 am

Willow nodded and listened carefully as the person he had approached introduced herself as Colbolt. From what he knew so far, this made her his senior Fraccion, one who likely used plants, based on the way the little flower seemed to animate in her palm. As the intimidatingly beautiful woman approached them, Willow didn't react until she spoke to him.

After referring to him as 'Her Sapling', which deeply confused Willow, he learned this was the Third Espada, Lady Selica. Was the sapling thing poking fun at his name? It didn't seem so. Willow let out a sigh of relief once the two of them were done giving him the run-down. He appeared to relax a little and nodded politely while offering the two of them a gentle and youthful smile. "Thank you very much for reassuring me, this is... New territory for me. I've been an Arrancar for a day or so, at best. I appreciate your advice; Miss Colbolt, Lady Selica." Willow paused before asking a question, seeming to choose his words carefully. "Is it... Odd, to retain one's human memories as a Hollow?"

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#7 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:28 am

Colbolt sense Selica's presence as she allowed the woman to hug and hold her and pet the flower in her hand that made a adoriable coo. She blushed some feeling selica on her "Se-Selica..."she studdered easily embrassed as sge seems before she smiled "just call me colbolt and it seems normal i know mine but then again i have a vizard counterpart that shares mine...big thorn in my side"she said

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#8 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:56 am

Selica would pat Colbolt on the head as she answered Willow's question, although it may confuse the poor sapling. She would sort of tap her chin as she would then sort of point her finger up while the spoke. "My flower is correct. It is fairly normal for some to know their past. There are many espada that can tell you exactly what happened in their previous lives. There are also some like me, who don't remember anything at all that have to just pick up their new lives. It's sort if a.. what do you call it? A toss up?" The woman would sigh before looking away.

After a moment she would turn back to Colbolt, "You may have to explain to him about Anna. He is very fresh afterall."

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#9 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:43 am

Willow listened intently as Selica went about answering his admittedly rather bizarre question. The answer wasn't quite what he'd expected, but it made sense overall. "So my case wouldn't be unheard of, then... My memories are rather, er... Fragmentary at the moment, you see..." Willow's expression hardened all of a sudden as his left hand moved to the hilt of his Zanpakuto and gripped it with impressive force for a new Arrancar.

"I remember... My vow. The Quincy..." Willow's voice lowered to harsh hiss filled to the brim with rage and hate. "... I'll fucking kill them all." Willow remained silent, his body shaking with anger that seemed to crawl up from the depths of his soul and radiate off of his body. "Ahem..." Willow raised his eyes and looked Colbolt and Selica in the eyes, each in turn before bowing his head. "My apologies for the unsightly display, I just..." Willow let the rest of the sentence trail off, his expression a complex mix of clashing emotions.

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#10 Re: [Open] Willow's Espada Meet N' Greet on Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:47 am

Colbolt watched him before sensing another presence move towards them finding it was Nakita. She listened to the arrancar "we all understand what you are feeling enspecially me. I wsnt nothing more then to end my other half to become whole again"she spoke as the spider queen moved to willow wrapping her arms around him " deep will get your revenge someday..."She spoke to him before looking towards selica and Colbolt "this is Willow i found him right after his evolution..he hasnt quite gotten the hold on this new life." said Nakita redting a hand on his shoulder

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