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#1 Chaos Missions on Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:17 am

Chaos Missions

The missions for the Chaos will be based on your own tier. members that are going after a reward a tier higher then their own must be supervised by a one of the higher tier members. If a mission gets out of hand and becomes more challenging than originally labeled, another character will be able to step in and assist you. Don't worry, everyone will be paid based on the difficulty of their mission. If there are multiple people in a mission, every person will receive the payment once. They payout is as follows:

O Tier - 500 Coins
1 Tier - 400 Coins
2 Tier - 300 Coins
3 Tier - 200 Coins
4 Tier - 100 Coins

The Espada Missions are as follows:

Tier 0 Missions:
Natasha 0-2 Bounty: 1K
Jackal 0-2 Bounty: 1K
Selica 0-4 Bounty: 1K

Tier 1 Missions:
Aria 1-5 Bounty: 800

Tier 2 Missions: 500
Tier 3 Missions: 100
Tier 4 Missions: 50

This is a list of all volunteers in the opposing organizations. Since they have already volunteered, they should be ready to be attacked at any given time in any open thread. Changes can be made at any time to these missions and monetary value can potentially be expanded upon, so keep an eye open.

Natasha – Leader of the Committee, is another pain in the butt for us, Capture her alive, injury can happen. We just need her breathing and alive to be useful . Let the warning be made that a few serve under her and may come to aid her if attacked. Mission level 0.

Aria - Head Creator of project Ark. We want her alive to pick her mind on the details and any other items of which she or the committee are making. She will be heavily guarded and heavily watched. Capture her alive, don’t let her escape or it will be a fail. Mission level 0. [dangerous]

Selica- Hunt her down, tear down her babies, We want her alive and severally hurt, She tried killing the daughter of the Captain Commander, He wants her brought back for Revenge, the 4th Espada so have fun with the hunt, Mission Level 0

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