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#1 [Event] Stage Seven: Old vs New on Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:36 am

Doku had confirmed that Demise was being taken to a treatment center and left, he didn't want to be around Ika after seeing what had happened to his daughter. He knew that would be a bad idea, and he didn't want to have to fight him just yet, in truth? He liked his odds better against pretty much anyone else, but finding an ally such as Minnia definitely helped his odds of surviving this fucking battle ground. Doku clenched his teeth as he watched the mounds of corpses and fading Hollow's littering the battle-field around them, he didn't know what he could do about it, but he sure as shit didn't like his current contributions. He felt powerless to stop what was going on, and that was a new experience for him after 2500+ years of roaming the world..

Unfortunately their problems were about to be compounded, and Doku quickly pointed Minnia in the right direction and drew his Zanpakuto. "Eyes up."

Accelerator and Rei had been cleaning up the battlefield pretty well, but he had bigger fish to fry and after spying the leader of Chaos with another Captain level fighter.. Accelerator had a bit of an idea. He spread 50 bullets around the nearby area, about 300 feet all around formed an elaborate clock as he began to step forwards a small smirk and a bad attitude. He cracked his neck and chuckled lightly as Rei would presumably be making her advance to join them. "I'm going to kill the both of you, if you have any last requests or suggestions I'm open to hearing them but beyond that.." Accelerator's Reitsu began to flood the field like an avalanche, it's density was as high as anyone's at his level. "I hope you're ready to die kehehehe!"

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#2 Re: [Event] Stage Seven: Old vs New on Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:18 pm

Minnia found herself being relatively calm about the whole situation, even as the sky opened up and ceros destroyed everything. Why should she worry? Even as the small time hollows rained down around her, Minnia hardly broke a sweat shooting them left and right with Hado 4's. It was easier than she had imagined as the blasts hit multiple targets shattering masks as they would fade into the air.

As she began to grow bored, a surprising ally would find her allowing her to tag along with him. Doku Mazi was more or less a grumpy old man, but he seemed to be fairly pissed off about something. Something was wrong and it seemes he had been through a terrible fate, however she didn't care to ask. She carried a book with her cradled in her arms as Doku would point out a match that seemed perfectly made for the duo. Her eyes would set on the man and the maid that didn't seem very happy to see them and certainly didn't express themselves as overjoyed.

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