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#1 [Event] Stage Two: In the Mix on Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:07 am

Out of the building he went in order to clear himself of the hot zone. Cero blasts bombarded the building and meeting room. And as a result of this, quite a few spiritual pressures were lost. Wolfgang wasn't expecting it to turn out like this. Someone had miscalculated a few things and made a move far too early. He will have to deal with his fellow Espada later. In the mean time though, it was all about getting away from the scene. Whether or not he can do so unscathed remains to be seen. Wolfgang moved through the gardens of the committee. It wasn't long before the man fell victim to a surprise attack. Wolfgang was ready to ascend towards the skies. It was at the moment that he felt the Reiatsu of the assassin. Before long the man was struck by two attacks. But not before he reacted by generating a strong and visible electric current.

It projected itself from his body, meanwhile the initial attack connect with his body. It was launched from behind, connecting with his back. A strong hit, but its potency was reduced by the Jackal's own defences. The man stopped for a moment with his head hanging. His eyes narrowed meanwhile protected by a barrier. The Jackal waited, taking note of his opponents position some twenty meters before him. The man was already preparing for another attack, but no matter. The Espada was prepared to deal with the attacks. Which would crash against his barrier which protected him all around. The smoke soon cleared, blood splashed on the ground. More blood flowed from his upper back area down to its mid portion. The man even got him on his upper shoulder. He was still breathing, and while the pain was a sure reminder of war. He couldn't help but see the irony in all of it.

"Touche" he simply stated while opening his eyes fully to gaze upon the assailant. The Espada was pissed, and while never once referring to himself as King. Wolfgang felt it necessary to demonstrate while he held said position. As he stood there, his overwhelming Reiatsu rose to new heights. Something which felt abyssal, dark and uncompromising. The heavens above reacted to his hands taking hold of his weapons hilt. The skies darkened, meanwhile lighting flashed and thunder roared. As its a war, there was no point in holding back. Besides, his opponent sure wasn't. With his weapons now unsheathed, Wolfgang spoke the release phrase to his Ressurreccion.

"Place your bet" he said with a growl of his voice. "El Jugador Mascarada". Now in his resurrected state, the man was ready to take on his opponent. The wounds that he suffered earlier now fully healed up. The Jackal carried a pair of pistol, a Venetian mask on his face, black clothing with card symbols all over it. A pair of holsters, and a overcoat. "Remind me not to leave my back open, shall we begin?". He stated with a bit of arrogance behind his voice.

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#2 Re: [Event] Stage Two: In the Mix on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:53 am

Kaede's crosscut struck home, leaving his opponent's back cut and bleeding, though it appeared that his blade did not bite as deep as they could have, nor was their subsequent explosion as damaging as he remembered it being. Though the why was answered as all ten spears he had fired impacted against an electric barrier that triggered their explosions from of their effective range. Kaede's rose colored eyes locked on his foe as he growled something that sounded like a release command. Well probably because it was, as the Jackal changed, a coat forming on him, and guns formed in his hands.

"Good I will actually get a fight out of you. If that was enough to kill you, even with getting the drop on you like that, then I would have been disappointed" Kaede would say, his curved twin blades reforming in his hands, as he stood his ground. His sneak attack hurt him, but not lethally and unfortunately with the guns Jackal would probably prove to be a long ranged combatant, meaning the red haired captain had his work cut out for him, having to get in close without getting hit to even try to harm the Cero Espada again.

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#3 Re: [Event] Stage Two: In the Mix on Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:36 pm

Wolfgang found himself within two meters of Kaede by the time the man finished saying the word "disappointed". His left hand already raised and his pistol directed towards Kaede's chest area. Simultaneously to this action, a large opened hand of lightning moved to grab the man. A clear indication that Wolfgang was in no mood to waste time. His actions were swift, fluid and vicious. The hand which attempted to grab Kaede was large enough to restrict his whole body. The raised pistol was more of a distraction than anything. But still a factor to be considered. Wolfgang made his move by using a Sonido in the first instance. Should his attempt prove successful, then its only natural that his opponent would feel the effects. Most important of all, restricted movements and a power electric current constantly flowing through the body. The hand followed up by raising the man high, while extending further from Wolfgang.

These actions being performed as swift as possible. Before smashing the assassin into the ground. All this time Wolfgang's body crackled with electricity that is quite potent. This makes it so that close quarters combat was a dangerous proposition. His protective field extending five meters from his body, albeit easily extended should he choose it. Most of what the man did depended on Kaede being caught in the first place. He was of course ready to change his course of action. Should his opponent prove capable of escaping his grasp. In the mean time though, both Wolfgang's left and right hands remained free. It was the energy which he's able to control so well that did the work. All around him were playing cards which floated about in their numbers. The Espada had them spaced out carefully and strategically. This way getting in close to him may prove even more difficult. While typical a long ranged fighter, he also had the means to deal with close quarters combat.

In any case, the man was ready to move and react. He was also interested in seeing what skills his opponent possess. Something tells him that he might be in for a few surprises.

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#4 Re: [Event] Stage Two: In the Mix on Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:04 am

Though Kaede was talking he hadn't dropped his guard for a second, his reflexes kicking in as the Jackal moved in close with his gun raised. Kaede swerved out of the path of the pistol's barrel. Using Shunpo to avoid the lightning hand, landing in a crouch he lunged forward, aiming to take the Jackals arm with his next slash, with a passing vertical strike. His twin blades weren't the most durable things ever but should he get lucky he would be able to greatly hinder this man's offensive might. But his assault was cut short as he ran right into the defensive barrier. The electricity or the field sent the red-haired captain flying back, his twin blades shattering into useless particles of reishi.

Landing on his feet, his body tingling mildly as a smile spread across his face, his eyes turning to molten steel as he elevated himself to toukai, his power spiking to match his new release, he was no longer going to hold anything back. Now that the element of surprise was gone, he needed all hands on deck here, his full power being brought to bare, including his full access to his armory. In his right hand, a six foot long single edged blade formed, the winds around him kicking up with it's presence. This blade belonged to Noziel Aran, one of his fellow captains, and with it the very air around them was his to command. And command it he did, focusing his power to the blade he would swing, releasing a horizontal strike equal to that of about a gran rey, before parting the air around him reducing the friction of him moving through it, and creating jetstream of air from his back as he rush after the slash ready to move to intercept the Jackal for a slash across his legs, once in range, moving with the King should he choose to dodge.

Techniques Used:
Name: Pāfekutopurojekushon (Perfect Projection) - Noz's Toukai
Descirption: Through the use of his reiryoku Kaede manipulates the reishi particles in the area to generate any weapon that he can think of (within the rules), though if it is not contained within his library it will not have any abilities of its own. Kaede also gains an instinctive knowledge of how to use any weapon he is actively wielding making him a natural master of the weapon. Unlike in his previous states however the weapon he copied will be at 100% of the originals power making it a near perfect copy of the original.

Vacuum Blade EX - Passive/Upgrade
If Fusoku no Koete is swung, a Vacuum Blade will fire from it, directed where the swing would follow with no range limits, no cost, and no cooldown. However, if Noziel chooses to, he can charge it for up to a Gran Rey's power, only able to do this twice before he can no longer charge it for three posts afterwards.

Call of the Winds:
Noziel can bend the winds to his will, at least enough to shape them, and contain objects in the air. He will use this to further boost his already dangerous movement speed, force of impact, and near-perfect velocity/inertia control. Long and short, full-on wind manipulation.

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#5 Re: [Event] Stage Two: In the Mix on Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:16 am

Watching his opponent in action, Wolfgang figured that Kaede had some fight in him. The man was able to escape his electric grasp, but was rejected by his barrier. Wolfgang watched as the Shinigami was sent flying, meanwhile his twin blades shattered. The Jackal thought it to be strange. He was strong, but it wasn't everyday a Zanapkuto would shatter before his might. Something was afoot and the Espada wasn't exactly sure that he liked it. The man watched the Captain carefully as his powers grew. It was most pleasing for the Jackal but it also put the man on guard. They all had such strange abilities, something which made dealing with the Shinigami even more troublesome. Now that his opponent had reached another level, Wolfgang pondered how this would turn out. In response to Kaede's Toukai, the cards that were carefully scattered moved in closer. The blade in Kaede's hand was most unusual. And in some ways he felt as if he needed to match it. The time for that will come soon enough, for now he had other things to attend to.

Taking note of the change in Kaede's energy and the obvious preparation for an attack. The Jackal held his pistol at the ready. The swing was accompanied by a wind construct. The Jackal reacted immediately but squeezing the trigger of his pistol. The man released several shots towards the wind slash, and at Kaede by default. Each bullet released was the size of a Cero, made up of lightning and electricity. Once the bullets collided with the wind slash. They exploded violently with the power of a level eighty-eight kido spell. This was not only meant to halt Kaede's attack, but stop the man advancing further. Meanwhile this took place, Wolfgang moved his cards about. One just above his head, cards on his left and right side. Cards moved behind him, below his feet and in front of him. The rest would be left out in the open as a further means of deterring his opponent from getting in closer.

The true purpose of the cards was to lock the man in a cage of sorts. One where he was protected from all directions. This cage will activate itself should Kaede manage to escape the explosion area unscathed. The Jackal was of course keeping close tabs on the man. For the cards that was strategically placed around him was at the ready. All he needed was two of these cards to cause a devastating explosion. Should Kaede follow through with all his aforementioned actions. Then he would come up against the cage. One created from his own energy, bubbling with lightning and electricity. Hopefully the cage was strong enough to keep the Captain's attacks at bay. Not to mention the cards that was still in play. Those set to explode should his opponent reach within five meters of his position. The Jackal attacking from the direction that Kaede would come from. Timing his attack as to not waste any bullets so to speak.

¬Name: Castillo de Naipes-House of Cards
¬Level: Ressureccion
¬Types: Offense & Defense
¬Effect: House of Cards is one of Wolfgang’s more defensive techniques that can switch to offence when combined with Russian Ruleta. Castillo de Naipes main purpose is to protect the Jackal from harmful forces being used against him. The Jackal will have one or more cards expand, according to his current needs. The card(s) will expand ten feet by ten is order to offer full protection. One card if the man is seeking protection from any one direction. However, he may require two, if he needed protection from frontal assaults and those from behind. A full set of six cards if he is seeking protection from below, above, the sides, in front and his back. The same black and teal colour lightning energy will coat these cards, while also making them as fast as a Bala as they come to the aid of the Jackal. Castillo de Naipes can naturally protect Wolfgang against techniques up to level 93. Techniques higher than this level will still be reduced in potency, based on the way in which the teal color energy coating the cards work. As such if Wolfgang wishes to protect himself against an attack that exceeds what Castillo de Naipes is suppose to be capable. The man will have to sacrifice even more energy, based on the guidelines of his Resurrecion ability. As it lightning and electricity. Coming in contact with the cards will send power electric currents through the opponent. Can electrocute, fry and leave the opponent mangled.

Range: Close-Mid Range
Duration/Post Usage: 1
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 3

→Name: Veintiuna-Blackjack/Twenty-One
→Level: Resurrection
→Type: Supplementary
→Effect: Blackjack/Twenty-One takes on two forms for The Jackal. The technique can be discharged from the man's pistols as a teal coloured energy theming with electricity. That when fired from the pistols moves twice as fast as a Cero. The unique thing about this technique is that the energy fired, also has a mixture of cards decorated all over it. Most notably the Ace of spades and the King of spades. The other form of the technique comes in the form of Wolfgang bring together two kinds of cards from his deck. This consists of an Ace and another number ten card. These two cards will manoeuvre together like a pair of cards being held would. The Jackal can then have the pair explode violently, causing damage to whatever or whoever caught in its way. Both forms of the attacks are quite powerful, reaching the power of a level 88 spell, like most of his ressurrecion abilities. The energy is based on lightning and thunder, thus electrocuting, frying, maiming the opponent and leaving them mangled.

→Usage: 1 Posts
→Cool Down: 4 Posts

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#6 Re: [Event] Stage Two: In the Mix on Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:23 am

Kaede was following the slash at close range as the King blasted the slash out of the sky, the wind swirling around him protecting him from the flames and shock wave of the explosion allowing him to pass through the blast unhindered. The wind looked like a drill as it parted the blast, once in range Kaede would go for a horizontal strike at the Jackal's leg. Kaede wasn't foolish, he knew that his old friends sword was not going to be enough to finish off the lord of the Espada on it's own. And for that in his left hand a second hilt would appear, the blade of it completely invisible. This blade was the bankai of a former Captain Commander, and with it came a massive spiked in his own power and speed. That he would take advantage of no matter whether that first strike landed.

Vanishing with a blink Kaede would reappear on Jackal's flank dashing forward through the Jackal lashing out with two shunpo speed strikes as he did, both aiming for the Kings legs.

Techniques Used:
Spirit of the Zephyr: Utilizing the sheer increase in power received in bankai, Kaede is capable of particularly high-speed combat. Enhancing the ability of Hurricane Rush, he is capable of launching an intensely swift attack from almost any location to dash forward and strike through his foes, launching herself off of anything she could get a foothold on (Including momentary air-walk if need be) or simply increase the sheer speed of any swing he makes.
- Grants two speed enhanced attacks, with a 1 post cooldown (Shunpo Speed Attacks)
- Enhanced attacks may be straight dashes or simple quick attacks.
- Speed is passively increased by x1 (x4 in Bankai)

Enlightenment: Once released into bankai, Akane’s innate pool of reiryokyu becomes even more overbearing than it already was in shikai. Crushing down upon those around her while granting to ability to snuff out energy based attacks without a hint of exertion on her part.
- Reiatsu Boosted to x4
- Reiryokyu Boosted to x4
- 100m Range
- Can ‘extinguish’ attacks that enter this range, nullifying them completely.
- Bala (5 per post)
- Cero (1 per post)
- Gran Rey (4 post cooldown)
- Cero Oscuras (5 post cooldown)
- Forbidden Kidou (6 post cooldown)
- Cooldowns are shared

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