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#11 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:44 am

Shana's back struck the wall hard, her entire upper body was on fire, her ribs from where Yukari's kick connected, her spine and shoulders from the wall, every part of her was sending out signal flares of agony shooting through her body, threatening to overload her mind. As her body slid down the wall, unresponsive to all of the commands to just move that she kept sending to it, Shana found herself being lifted up by her throat to stare her monster of a sister right in the eyes. Yukari who had been in control pretty much this entire fight was taunting her and about to threaten to put her out of her misery.

At this point, Shana really couldn't care one way or another, she just hurt too damn much, and her power was proving to be no where near enough to take Yukari out of the equation. Suddenly though Shana felt the cooling relief of her own inner Yukari providing her with power, healing the damage and taking the pain away, allowing clarity to return, and with it Shana's resolve to get her sister back into the cycle of reincarnation. Shana's mask formed around her face as she grabbed the Wrist of the claw Yukari was holding her with, a blackish red orb forming in front of the mask's mouth Shana would fire a Cero at point blank range, her hand grabbing Yukari's arm with enough strength to force, that Yukari's hierro cracked under it, and when combined with the Cero well lets just say the fiery little red head was free.

Not hesitating even a second after the claw released her neck Shana would let go, ducking down and kicking off of the wall with all of her might, she focused her reiatsu into her blazing blade as she went to do a passing horizontal slash on her sister, this time the blade bit deep causing a fountain of blood to come spurting out of Yukari's mid section. Shana would turn and pivot on her heels, flapping her blazing wings she would release a dozen feathers that flew at Yukari, embedding into the dragon like hide of the espada, exploding creating holes in her prized hide.

Shana's momentum was lost however by a vicious backhand, that would shatter her mask as it sent her flying into another building.

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#12 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:12 am

Following hot on the heels of her sister who Yukari had sent flying yet again, it was ridiculous just how easily the monstrous arrancar was able to do that. Though of course, it wasn't like she was going to complain about it. She was finally getting what she has spent almost half a century hunting. Her sister's life was quite literally in her hands to do with what she pleased. Or atleast that is what she was thinking, though as soon as she reached the hole in the wall that was made from her last counter, she was met with a blaze of white flames that forced the dragon back, Shana was already on her feet, mask restored a ball of crimson energy in her left hand that just radiated heat.

Her blade blazed in her right, Yukari made the mistake of the blinking, and her diamond hard hide was split open, her chest bursting with blood, and her left wing was amputated. Turning around she roared out a breath of frosty air, overpowering the heat of Shana briefly while Yukari did something that she never had since the shattering of her mask, and went full powered. Unlike most Arrancar, Yukari's size shrank, dropping two whole feet from her massive frame as her power condensed. The ice that encased Shana shattered as Yukari's transformation finished.

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#13 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:05 am

Shana found herself lying in another pile of rubble, in fact this was becoming such a common occurrence that she was finding it beyond old, Blinking a couple of times staring at the pile of rubble that had fallen around her, covering her quite well she just groaned. Feeling her hollow power surge through her again Shana just let loose a burst of pure heat and energy causing the bricks to crumble around her as she got up. The heat Shana was putting off seemed enough to make the giant lizard back off creating much needed opening.

Shana did not hesitate to take advantage of it, using shunpo she flashed forward slashing Yukari in an upwards strike across her chest, and finishing it with a downward stroke that took her wing as she passed. Spinning on her heels Shana turned to see her sister facing her again, exhaling a blast of freezing air that temporarily overpowered the heat shana was putting out encasing her in ice. While the prison barely lasted a second it was enough for Yukari to transform, her power spiking even further as her frame shrunk. Smirking behind her mask Shana loosed the ball of red ernergy in her had, firing a beam equal to that of a Gran Ray Cero, Which struck Yukari dead center in her core. Though before the smoke even cleared Yukari had Shana's neck in her grasp ready to snap it like a twig.

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#14 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:54 am

Yukari finished her transformation, her wings back to full, the cut on her chest gone, all in all she was back in perfect shape. But that didn't last long as she tanked a gran ray right to the chest. But unfortunately for her frail red-haired sister, with the increased release came a massive increase in her hierro's strength that made the gran ray all but ineffective against it. Before the smoke cleared Yukari used Sonido closing the gap, grabbing Shana around the neck her grip firm enough to almost crushing it in her grasp.

With Shana quite literally in her grasp, Yukari launched an upwards punch at Shana's midsection causing the red head to double over, blood splurting around her mask as she coughed it up. Yukari then proceeded to slam Shana into the ground face first, creating quite the Crater with Shana's face. Though rather than Shana weakening her reiatsu flared higher than ever, her body changing, being encased in a blackened bone, the wings flickering out leaving charred skeletal ones, her mask changing to be a bit more bird like as it wrapped around the rest of her head, only her gorgeous hair showing through. Her crimson eyes, changed to that of molten gold, and for the first time since her transforming into a hollow she felt something... and that something could only be described as fear. Swallowing it Yukari rushed Shana, hoping to take her head off and end this once and for all.

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#15 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:16 am

Shana was pain again, the pressure on her neck, the impact of the fist to her gut. Her mouth was filled with the taste of iron and bile. But she didn't even get a chance to ponder her life as her face was slammed hard into the ground. With all of this pain, and anguish at the situation she was in she felt something in side of her snap. For the first time since Ika helped Shana gain access too, and learn how to control it, she was going to go full out. She had had enough, it was time to finally put her sister to rest, and return her to the cycle of reincarnation. Shana's body became coated in bone, her wings flickered out revealing charred skeletal wings, and her mask engulfed her face. A hole even opened up in her chest, revealing her to be closer to her full hollow form than she had been when training all those years ago.

Yukari's assault was stopped with a single hand as Shana reached up grabbing her sisters incoming punch, squeezing hard enough to crack the scale armor, loosing a blaze of fire that ate away at Yukari's arm leaving it burned and practically useless as it hung by her side. Shana's claws became engulfed in white hot flames as she rushed in and started slashing at Yukari, her sisters hierro proving to be barely more protection than a Styrofoam plate to a butter knife.

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