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#1 [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:32 am

Shana had came to provide extra security for the summit, but because of the restrictions on the meeting, and the already relatively high tensions of everyone present she was not allowed into the meeting room, and was instead sent on patrol around New York, where she encountered a young woman with wavy black hair, and aqua colored eyes. There was something about the young woman that Shana couldn't quite place her hands on, but felt extremely familiar. Almost as if she had known her all of her life.

And while the woman did not seem spiritually aware, Ignoring Shana's attempts to communicate with her, to try and figure out where she knew the woman from, Shana could swear that she had caught the woman staring right at her. But before Shana could ponder that all too much, the sky literally opened up, and Hell started to rain down on the earth. Though before the fiery little red head could do anything about it, her world turned red, and was sent reeling as a heavy blow landed right in her gut sending her flying away.

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#2 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:29 am

Finally Yukari had a reason to break out the gigai she had stolen so many years ago, it had been such a long time since it had been used last, what with her staying in Hueco Mundo, and her few forays into the land of the living being hindered by it's presence more than helped. But as they were supposed to being lying low for the time being now was the perfect time for her to break it out, and get herself into position should the order to attack came. It was while wandering around the city that she saw the familiar red locks of someone she had been hoping to see again. Her twin sister, Shana, the last soul that Yukari truly desired to eat, and the only one that even remotely awakened her hunger.

From the corner of her eye Yukari would examine her sister, it had been almost three decades since she had seen her last, an with the haori on her back it was safe to say that she had done well by herself, making it to Captain. And while Yukari did hear Shana trying to talk to her she figured it would be best to play dumb like she didn't even notice her. It would make the surprise all that much better.

The Sky opened up, Hollows and Cero's raining down from Garganta creating chaos and distractions, this may not have been a signal from the king, but it was definitely a sign that all hell was about to break loose on New York. Shedding her Gigai in an instant Yukari would Sonido, throwing a full force punch into the distracted Shana's stomach. The force of the blow, was more than enough to send the not even 100lbs of captain flying like she was shot out of a gun, until she struck into an office building crashing through it and finally coming to a stop in an SUV parked in one of the many parking garages strewn across the big apple. Yukari would follow the flight of her sister arriving just in time to see Shana getting to her feet, gasping for air and coughing up blood. "Long time no see sister dearest, ready to finish what we had started so many years ago. The same thing that has been interrupted countless times over those years."

The look of fear and recognition that flashed across Shana's face as her scarlet eyes locked onto Yukari's brown ones, sent a cold smile spreading across her face.

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#3 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:18 am

The sound of metal crunching as she impacted into the SUV leaving a Shana shaped dent, between the force of the blow that sent her flying, the building that she smashed through, and the final stop in the SUV her breath was forced out of her lungs, leaving her quite shaky as she got to her feet, gasping trying to force her lungs to refill. As the red faded from her vision, and oxygen flooded into her system again her scarlet eyes locked onto the chocolate brown of the one person she never thought she would see again. Aside from the color scheme Shana might as well have been staring in a mirror, as her twin sister stood before her, Yukari, the very being responsible for her death, and subsequent hollowfication. "Wha...Huh...How?"

Her eyes widened as the implications finally set in, her sister was alive, and it wasn't going to be the joyful tearful reunion that she had hoped for, instead she was here to kill her. And if the punch wasn't obvious the look on Yukari's face would have driven the point home to a blind person, But Shana didn't get much time to process all of that before Yukari would lash out with another punch. Though this time Shana's training kicked in, and she was able to deflect it, redirecting the strike with her right arm, leaping backwards rather than taking advantage of the opening that the deflection made.

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#4 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:15 am

Yukari just continued to smirk as She lashed out with another punch, though this time Shana was not caught off guard, Yukari's sister had reacted by raising her arm, pushing Yukari's blow off course, which exposed the brunettes side, though she waited for some kind of counter strike, but apparently her sister was far too much of a coward choosing instead to put distance between the two of them rather than duke it out. "Shana, Shana, Shana, I didn't think you were that much of a coward. Killing you will be far easier than I had thought, and far more fun too."

And with that said Yukari would launch herself at Shana again, launching a relentless barrage of attacks throwing punch after punch. Shana was proving to be quite slippery, avoiding each strike by a hair, her face full of fear and anguish. She was being torn up inside just with Yukari's presence, and the sadistic hollow was eating it up. Laughing Maniacally, "My, my, my, would you look at the big bad captain of the Gotei, running like a scared little girl."

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#5 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:35 am

Shana was numb, her emotions were so overloaded by her sisters presence, and the memories that were dragged out of her subconscious that she barely even registered the taunt. In fact her body was moving almost purely on instinct as she narrowly dodged each blow of Yukari's barrage, not acting but reacting. Her spirit was practically shattered just by the realization of her sister still being alive, being the very monster that had killed her, and still haunted her nightmares. Some part of her already knew that to be the case, what with her inner hollow being an exact copy of Yukari and all, but this undeniable truth of the situation shattered her resolve. If it wasn't for the well honed survival instincts that she had, she probably would already be dead. Suddenly out of nowhere, she heard a voice coming not from without but within, "Shana, Remember who you are, what you believe in, it is more than just your life on the line, if you die here it is not only you who will die, but the countless others who you won't be around to save, as well as the countless innocents that she will kill when she gets her way."

"She is right, that thing before you may have been your sister at one time, but she has long since lost her humanity, what is left of it lives on inside of you." Those words, both from her inner Yukari, and from Alastor was enough to snap Shana out of her stupor, and get her firing on all cylinders again. The change was quite obvious, as her eyes focused, and she went from just narrowly avoiding the blows to ducking under and stepping inside of one, landing an elbow strike of her own.... However she might as well had been hitting a steel wall for all the good it did. Hell it felt about the same, but the sharp pain shooting up her arm did not slow her one bit as she spun around Yukari as her twin went to slam her elbow down on Shana's back. From her new position behind Yukari, Shana would release a stream of fire from her hand.

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#6 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:51 am

Yukari's confidence faltered for a moment as Shana's face went from looking lost, to almost at peace, resigned with the fact that she had a job to do, and was going to do it. And sure enough she was going to try, launching her first counter attack this whole fight, as ineffective as it was against Yukari's hierro. It was going to take alot more than a measly elbow strike to even make her notice. Though Yukari's follow up blow missed, as Shana spun around her, ducking under the strike and launching flames that engulfed the icy arrancar from her back. Though decent sized wall of Ice formed between them sizzling and crackling under the heat of the flames, but it was being sustained by Yukari's reiatsu so it survived the onslaught, melting as the flames died down leaving the Arrancar looking no worse for wear. "Better, much better, but you are going to have to do even better to so much as scratch me."

Yukari would smirk, cracking her knuckles as Shana stepped backwards, Though that was a mistake, with a flex of her reiatsu Yukari formed dozens of ice daggers around Shana and would encase her feet in ice trapping her in place while her daggers would fly at her full speed.

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#7 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:25 am

Shana had stepped back, she needed time to think about how to deal with this creature in her sisters skin, the nearly impenetrable hide proving to be far more difficult to manage than your average hollow or arrancar, in fact as far as Shana they were fighting on far more even footing that she would have liked. But she didn't get any time to think about that as her feet were suddenly encased in ice, and blades of ice seemed to formed in the air around her. Shana was not having any of that, as the blades of ice closed in Shana herself was engulfed in white hot pillar of flames that vaporized the ice instantly. Drawing Alastor from it's sheath Shana would slash out sending a blade of flames flying at Yukari scattering the pillar she encased herself in.

The slash itself might not do too much damage, but it was just a start of what she was going to do. Loosing one of her own creations, a Kido that would bind Yukari's arms and legs, if only temporarily. Just long enough to create an opening for Shana's next trick, a massive fireball, that would be about the same as striking the Espada with a flaming Gran Ray.

Techniques Used:
Technique Name: Hien
Technique Description: 1 post cooldown - Shana swings her zanpakuto creating a wave of flame, that expands outward in a circle like pattern, however it does not form a full circle, and leaving the area behind the Shana's back untouched. The wave itself has the same cutting power as her own zanpakuto, though the flames will prevent the wound from bleeding, by instantly cauterizing it dealing up to second degree burns in the process and doing damage equal to a Cero. If this attack is empowered the cut depth will double.

Technique Name: Hantei
Technique Description: Cooldown Varies - By far one of the most basic abilities that Alastor possesses being just a simple fireball fired from the blade of the zanpakuto that explodes on contact. The only variation of this technique is that Shana can fire off fireballs of variable sizes. The sizes in feet are as follows:

Fireball Chart:
12x12x12: These are the most powerful of the fireballs that this technique can generate, dealing damage equal to Gran-ray Cero, causing second degree burns on impact, and first degree to anything in the blast radius. Shana can only fire one of these per post an the ability goes on a 3 post cooldown afterwards.

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#8 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:02 am

Yukari's offensive kind of fizzled, ... well sizzled as her sister decided to create a spinning cyclone of flames that vaporized the ice instantly. Even with her shitty sensing Skill Yukari could feel her sister's pressure spike as well as the heat in the area rise. The cyclone split open as a crescent of fire burst from it, Yukari intecepted the blow with a wall of ice, which shattered under the pressure causing the chilly brunette to have to raise her guard lifting her arms to intercept the attack which though weakened by her wall of ice still hit like a mac truck, cutting into her arms down to the bone, searing the wound closed in the process. But Shana was not done, suddenly a massive fireball was coming her way leaving yukari no choice but to keep her arms up and try to encase herself in as much ice as possible.

Needless to say that was not enough to reduce the damage by much as after the subsequent explosion, and smoke cleared Yukari was standing there, looking quite ragged. Her clothes tattered, singed, and covered in the blood that seemed to be leaking from most every part of her body. That fireball freaking hurt, like badly, even with the near impenetrable hide that she had been blessed with after shattering her mask Yukari was hurt by that attack. "There, that is so much better, now it is time for me to show you something of my own... FREEZE, DRAGO!"

That shout was trigger for a massive transformation that Yukari has not had much use for... well ever since her Vasto Lorde days. Ice creeped up and encased around Yukari in a massive cocoon that exploded, the chunks of ice missing Shana, as her sister now stood there as an eight foot tall humanoid dragon with massive wings, and long powerful tail. Her voice sounding far more masculine, and kind of gravelly as she spoke. "Now for the real show to begin."

Then with speed that was far too unnatural for a creature of her size Yukari was on top of Shana again, launching a massive swipe of her claw, that met Shana's zanpakuto mid swing. The claws didn't get to bite into the tender flesh of the Fiery captain, but the force of the swing was more than enough to send her flying again.

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#9 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:08 am

Shana's blows had hit home, and definitely proved powerful enough to do some damage, based off of the tatters that Yukari was in when the smoke cleared. But the victory of the damage didn't last long as Yukari called out her release encasing herself in a cocoon of ice. The cocoon exploded outwards revealing a massive humanoid dragon almost twice her size. And all of the damage that she had just inflicted had evaporated, the transformation wiping away the damage almost as if it never had happened. Though Shana was not given any time to bemoan the wasted effort of her last attacks before Yukari lunged at her again, attacking with a massive swipe of her claws.

Shana raised her blade blocking the blow but she was no match for the sheer might of the swing and was sent flying again. But because she was ready for it this time, she flipped in the air, triggering her Bankai causing wings of flame to sprout from her back that would spread and slow her flight allowing her to be back in control of her motions. With a quick Shunpo she was back in front of Yukari swinging her blade horizontally across the arrancar's waist. The steel of her Zanpakuto clanging harmlessly against her sisters hardened hide. Grimacing at that realization Shana felt a sudden impact on her head followed by striking the ground and being kicked away.

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#10 Re: [Event] Stage Six: Sibling rivalry on Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:53 am

Yukari smirked as her sister's slash harmlessly clanged off of her hide, as if it was nothing. Though before the fiery little red head could recover, Yukari slammed her hand down right into Shana's pretty little head. The force of the blow caused Shana to slam into the ground with enough force to bounce up. Like a well served Soccer ball Yukari punted Shana hard, hard enough to send her flying again.

Though this time Yukari held back her strength a bit this time, as Shana flew through the air, the first wall she encountered was enough to stop her. Though her frail frame bounced off of it and before Shana could even hit the ground Yukari lunged again, wrapping her frigid claws around Shana's throat. Lifting her to look directly into Shana's Scarlet eyes with her own Icy ones. "Poor little Shana, is this all you can manage to muster, I guess I will just... what the hell?"

Shana's eyes had changed from their beautiful red, to a malicious gold, as her reiatsu fluctuated into something quite a bit darker.

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