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#1 [Private] To New Friends on Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:55 am

Umeko had found herself at the academy for another day and she was becoming particularly knowledgeable in kidou. However, she was pretty much bad at everything else, so she wasn't necessarily in the best of moods. It seemed as though she had enough embarrassment when she decided she would spend time sitting in the courtyard all by her lonesome.

Of course, she would find herself with a riceball in hand as she sat off in one of the corners of the square. She would take a bite, chew, and swollow repeatedly as she thought about the day. She had been laughed at, picked on, and felt worthless all because she wasn't as advanced as the other shinigami. What was she supposed to do? She tried so hard, but she never advanced any. She would lean her head against the wall of the building as she ate her riceball with a saddened expression.

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#2 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:17 am

Peter slowly meandered along the school grounds with his usually serious expression buried in a textbook. He was analyzing a particular chapter on the history of the Gotei as he wandered into the courtyard. It was clear from the moment anyone sighted Peter that he was a complete and utter square. His posture was rigid and formal, his steps measured and paradoxically purposeful, and he was reading a textbook. After school. On history. In an academy that taught young Shinigami about combat and their abilities. His uniform was crisp and regulation to a T. His hair was a short, well-groomed blonde that stood out among all the other students.

As anyone who has tried to walk while being deeply engrossed in a book will tell you (myself included), it's a recipe for disaster. Peter walked into part of the raised courtyard border that Umeko was sitting on, tripping and falling face-first into the grass with his book. "Curses! My textbook is a mess! I'm a mess! This won't do at all, what if someone sees my untidy appearance..." Peter grumbled as he took a couple minutes to dust off himself, then his book before slowly looking up and realizing a young-looking girl was there. For how long? He wasn't too sure.

Peter's cheeks took on a tinge of pink as he stood up straight and gently coughed into his left hand. His stern facial features softened just a tad from shame, and he held his textbook in his right hand. "Erm... May I assist you in any way? My apologies if you're busy, Miss."

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#3 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:33 am

Brown eyes would find themselves catching sight of a blonde haired boy. Hadn't she seen him before? Umeko would freeze with her riceball in her hand as she watched the boy walking around with his mose stuck in a book. She was almost certain she had seen him around. As she thiught about it, her eyed would light up. He was from Captain Kokoro's class that one time! At that time though, she seemed kind of like a snob. Even now, he looked a bit too proper for her.

Umeko would look down seeing her uniform wasn't near as pristine. In fact, she would wipe some of the stray rice from her pants and she would notice that some of her uniform was even wrinkled. Then again, she didn't have parents and she was never taught how to do anything since she died so young. The girl would sigh realizing this was just another thing that put her so far behind. She would never be as good as these other students, especially not this boy. What was his name again? Peter?

Umeko would find herself looking up just as the boy toppled to the ground. Her head would immediately turn towards his flattened body as her eyes would stare at him concerned. The boy would dust himself off and then his book, but she hadn't moved a single muscle. Eventually a small "Uh," would come from her mouth before the boy seemed to notice her.

He would immediately continue into the whole "may I help you" deal as he tried to brush it off, which was a sign he was alright. At this point, Umeko would burst out hysterically laughing as she would drop her riceball onto the ground. "I'm so sorry!" She would shout in between laughter. Soon enough, she would calm enough to have a normal conversation before looking at the ground. "Aww.. my rice ball." Then, her eyes would turn to Peter, "Oh! I'm so sorry! I just.. you see. I wasn't expecting that and uhm.. well I just needed a laugh was all. It's been one of those days, ya know? I uhm.. My name is Umeko. I think we have class together." A bright smile would be plastered on her face as she sort of kicked the rice around on the ground.

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#4 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:06 am

Peter's cheeks turned a bright shade of mortified pink as the young girl burst into a fit of laughter. Her bright and sunny smile seemed as if, for that moment, she hadn't a care in the world. This seemed to include her rice-ball, which fell to the floor in a sad little splat. As the girl offered an apology, Peter bowed in return. "It's quite alright, this was my mistake after all."

Her name was Umeko, and it seemed they shared a class. That explained why she looked so familiar. Reaching into a pocket in his haori, Peter pulled out a handkerchief and held it out for Umeko to take. "Here, use this to clean yourself up." Peter sighed, sat down next to Umeko, and set his textbook down next to him. "...What's wrong, Umeko?" While he'd normally stay away from other people's problems, Peter felt responsible for the tragic loss of Umeko's snack and decided to make it up to her this way.

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#5 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:01 am

The girl would be smiling at Peter and look relatively confused when he handed her a handkerchief. He was giving her that to use on her own mess? She couldn't accept it, but it would be rude to refuse. So, she would hesitantly take the item as she would begin to clean the mess off of her. However, as she was cleaning herself off she would hear him ask a question she hadn't been asked in a long time. What was wrong?

Umeko would freeze before looking up the Peter in complete fear of the situation. Did she say nothing or did she tell him about the others? She would find herself awkwardly squinting at the boy before she would sigh clutching the cloth in her hands. "Well," she would begin as she looked away so Peter couldn't see her face, "I don't really have any talents yet and I really don't know how to do much on my own. So, the others call me names and hide my zanpakuto in high places so I can't reach it. They say she's fake, but I know she's not." Umeko would find herself tearing up as she would wipe at her eyes with her sleeve. The girl would then look back to Peter with a smile, "It'll be fine though. I'll learn and everything."

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#6 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:01 pm

As Peter listened carefully to Umeko's woes, his eyebrow slowly climbed on his forehead as his lips thinned into a small line of displeasure. "How uncouth. Such actions bring shame upon the honor of our glorious Academy." Peter's voice was cold as he spoke, and he shook his head slowly to further punctuate his disapproval. He then let his gaze shift back to Umeko's form, dwarfed by his own height. Slowly, awkwardly, Peter stretched a hand out and gave Umeko a couple stiff but well-meant pats on the head. He sat next to her silence, contemplating the situation for a couple minutes before nodding and getting off the wall before standing in front of Umeko with his arms crossed. Peter wasn't exactly the best person when it came to feelings and the like, so he did what he knew best: lecture.

"Umeko!" Peter spoke with a slightly raised voice to get her attention as he looked down at her with his usual stern gaze. "Hmph. Have more faith in yourself! This sort of behavior is completely unbecoming of a young Shinigami! Do we guide Plusses to the afterlife by moping? No! Do we slay Hollows by pitying ourselves? I think not! Do we defend the Seiretei by hiding from our problems? Never!" Peter took a deep breath, then entered his lecture's second volley.

"'I'm not good at anything'? 'I have no talent'? Hmph! All excuses. That simply means you're not working hard enough, nor have you looked deep enough within yourself! Nobody is good at nothing, Umeko. It's simply a matter of finding something you can do well and mastering it. That way, you can thrust your chest out proudly, and proclaim 'This is something I can do well!'" Peter raised a fist and thumped his chest twice. "Do you think my grades are because I'm simply naturally gifted? No! I work hard, and play to my strengths! And from now on, you shall do the same. I'll make sure of it!" Peter then stretched a hand out to Umeko, and spoke in a normal tone of voice. "Are you with me, Umeko?"

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#7 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:30 am

After she smiled at him, he would seem to respond in a stern, cold manner leaving her a bit confused, however she had seen the way he interacted with the world. Peter seemed to be the type that didn't really know how to socialize with the people around him. He seemed to know how to interact with books, knowledge, and training more than anything. Obviously, he seemed to be entranced by rules, which was also something offputting about his personality. Nonetheless, she would realize he meant well when he spoke about the academy and the other shini's actions.

He would pat Umeko a few times on the head and she would smile awkwardly for a moment. However, she would straighten up swiftly and fiercely as Peter stood before her with his arms crossed over his chest. He would begin to speak to her loudly and coldly as if he was mad at her. As his voice grew loud, she would flinch a few times and she would do everything in her power not to tear up. She knew it was for the better and that he meant no harm. Still, it scared her when anyone raised their voice to her or yelled at her. He reminded her of all the things Shinigani had to do and every duty that was bestowed upon them. Then, he would take a deep breath and she knew it wasn't over.

He would yell at her for thinking the way she did and saying the things she had been saying. This would quickly turn into an inpirational speech, which would completely confuse her mind. So was he mad or trying to inspire her?What exactly was his intention here? They didn't really know eachother well, so she wasn't sure if he actually cared. Was this just a conversation they would have and forget? He would start talking about himself and saying how everyone can be like him if they try hard enough. Well, at least, that's how she interpreted it.

The last thing he would say would actually be a question. He would reach out to her as he would ask her if she would allow him to help her. For a moment, she would stare at him completely confused and processing the whole thing. Soon, that confusion would turn into absolute excitement. She would grab his hand as she would smile brightly, "Do you really mean it?! You want to help me?! I'd love to!" Her eyes would shine as she would jump up from the wall with the handkerchief in grasp of her other palm. "Oh. Uhm. I suppose you'd want this back, but I'll take it and wash it first for you," the girl would blush a bit as she remembered her poor food. She just wanted another riceball.

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#8 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:13 pm

Peter nodded firmly in approval as Umeko grasped his hand with hers in camaraderie. As she began to return his handkerchief, but then pulled back and explained why, Peter simply replied with, "That would be the proper protocol, yes." His gaze then turned back to Umeko's poor rice-ball and he began to think on how he'd been so busy studying and practicing Reiatsu techniques he hadn't-- Peter's stomach growled indignantly, demanding he fill it with nutrition as Peter simply shook his head and sighed.

Peter then turned to look down at Umeko again, a resigned look morphing his normally stern features as he spoke quietly. "Shall we go get something to eat...?"

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#9 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:27 pm

Umeko would nod as Peter comfirmed that she could go and wash his cloth before she returned it to him. Then, she stood looking at her snack on the ground as she too did. She would sigh as a dejected feeling crossed over her face. She really would have eaten that riceball since she really hadn't eaten much that day and it seemed Peter hadn't either. Her crimson eyes would jerk back to his own as she would hear a growling sound coming from him. She would try not to laugh, but couldn't quite help it. A giggle would escape her mouth as she would shake her head at the boy.

He would ask her if she wanted to go get something to eat, which would make her eyes brighten and her smile beam. She loved food. She was actually always constantly eating, even though she was so small. It was the most obvious way to motivate her and she always was so excited at the mention of it.

Umeko would nod at Peter, "Y-Yeah. I'm still kind of hungry, since I didn't finish my food." A blush would cross her small cheeks as she would find herself shoving the handkerchief in her pocket. She would try her best to get it back to him on time, but this would give her an excuse to meet up with him again. He was odd, but he was very kind. She definitely wanted to be his friend. Maybe she could teach him a thing or two afterall.

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#10 Re: [Private] To New Friends on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:05 am

"Very well then. What shall we have to eat, then?" Peter kept his back rimrod stiff, and his posture remained impeccable as ever. This kind of attitude was the reason why many people joked that Peter had such a stick up his ass, he never seemed to relax, ever. Of course, this was simply the way he was. Peter generally abhorred relaxing and loved keeping busy. He was a workaholic in the truest sense of the word. Even now he was formulating ideas on how he could try and see where Umeko's strengths lay.

"Hmmm... You were eating a rice ball, correct? Did you purchase it somewhere in the lower areas of the Seireitei? I'm told you can purchase food in certain establishments that exist in these areas." Peter raised his other hand to his chin and gave it a few quick taps. It was odd, really. He only ever heard about these sorts of places, and never actually went to them. He usually ate in his dorm quarters, and he stuck to simple foods that didn't cut too much into his need for working or practicing various techniques. However, Umeko seemed rather excited at the mere mention of food. Perhaps this was what drove her? If so, it was valuable information.

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