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Elias sat calmly amidst a field of flowers, legs crossed, looking out into the distant mountains and river regions. He was centered a ways from a beautiful brick cottage house, smoke puffing from its chimney. It's garden's neat and layed before a large overgrown forest of which whose beauty was in it's variety of plants and untamed fashion. Looking up at the sky, Elias would watch as the world slowly turned. Not a cloud was to be present in the sky, and a soft cool wind would make its way in. Waving through flowers, making them dance under the suns reign. The field was silent and full of life, yet felt lonely as Chise's presence wasn't in sight.

Amidst the field of love, Elias would place his attention to his palm. On which he would grow a red glowing flower, in the image of Chise.

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The forest was a beautiful serene place that Chise seemed to find interest in. It was calming and she particulalry enjoyed the environment. She could hear the birds and smaller insects chirping away signaling that they were there yearning for attention. She could see the canopy above her head sway in the breeze as light poured through every small opening and crevice. She could could feel the crunch of the leaves beneath her boots as she wandered between the large trees. The forest was much larger than she was making her small being seem far more obsolete to the world. She was just another one of millions of humans in this world. There was nothing special about her.

Well, Chise hadn't wandered too far into the forest considering she didn't want any problems to arise with her being all by her lonesome. So, she would be able to find her way back to the cottage quickly. Stepping out from behind the trees the light would force itself into her eyes causing her to place her hand up to her head as a shield. As her eyes adjusted, she would look up to the blue sky seeing just how empty it looked. She wondered if the sky could ever be lonely without something to fill it. The teen would find herself looking down from the sky as she seemed to be taking on some familiar heavy emotions. Everything was so beautiful that she couldn't quite feel like she belonged.

As she looked out into the waving fields, she would see something lightly glowing a shade of red and a smile would slowly cross her lips. Chise would find her feet moving before she could think. She would try to avoid as many flowers as possible on her way to him, so as to not crush them. Eventually, she would find her small stature in front of his sitting being. "Hello, Elias. What do you have there?" Chise would ask as if she couldn't already see what it was. Her small figure would crouch down as she placed her hands on her knees.

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In the corner of his eye, Elias would notice Chise approaching. The lonely feeling that was grasping around him had left as soon as her beautiful presence had made contact with his view. She was like a flower of her own, and the soft breeze of wind made her hair dance like the flower's beneath the sun. When Chise came to stand before Elias's large figure. She would seem to catch a glance at a rather familiar looking colour. "Hello, Elias. What do you have there?" She would ask, crouching down, to seemably get a better look at the object.

Slowly Elias would turn to face Chise, his red eyes directly taking in Chise's presence. "Chise!" he would say in a slightly surprised tone. "This...? I made it in your image, because you're so beautiful, and I felt odd. I think it was loneliness."

Placing his left hand on the ground, he would expel energy through a small patch around himself and Chise. The flowers around them changing and reflecting the same colour of Chise's hair. Continuing to stare at Chise, Elias would place his right hand gently on the side of face. Reaching out his snout he would affectionately nuzzle Chise on her cheek.

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Her green eyes would look into that of his own red ones as she waited to see what it was he had to say. He would speak her name in a tone of surprise, which she found a bit different. She hadn't gone anywhere far and she certainly hadn't left home recently. He knew that she was around did he not? Her eyes would move from his own to the object in his hand as he would begin to explain it.

A blush would find its way across her cheeks as he would note its beauty was in the image of her own. He thought she was beautiful? As the patch of flowers before them began to change color, Chise would watch in surprise of her own. He did this for her? Had he really felt loneliness without her around? It seemed that he was learning more human emotions and concepts as time went on. Loneliness. She didn't realize he developed such an ideal.

His hand would slide over her cheek causing the blush to grow just a bit deeper in color. Then, he would nuzzle her other cheek to which she would lightly smile. "Thank You," she would whisper looking down in embarrassment, yet she didn't feel as if she could simply sit still. A warm feeling would grow in her chest and spread throughout her being. It made her skin tingle and persuaded her body to move in a moment of confidence. She would find herself shifting into a kneeling position as she would lean forward to wrap her arms around Elias' neck. "It's okay to feel loneliness, Elias," she would say softly before letting him go running her hands along the underside of the skull that made up his head. She would cease for a moment before she would smile at him, "But I will always come back to you." Green eyes would stare warmly into his red ones before she would place a small kiss right on the front of his snout.

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