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#1 Misaka/Ame on Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:57 am


Name: Misaka/Ame

Apparent Age: 8

True Age: 8

Sex: Female

Probably one of the most adorable, yet fucked up kids you're ever gonna meet. Misaka was once a sweet, innocent little girl, who cared for anything she had set her eyes on. She was the little sidekick of a boy that she loved dearly and she would always try to be where he was. Now, she seems to be similar, yet there is also something darker that lies within her leaving her to have a split persona. She calls her other side Ame.


Misaka is just like most children: Adventurous, Clumsy, Energetic, Innocent, and Loving. However, she doesn't come with the bratty "throw a fit" factor when she doesn't get her way. Now that doesn't mean that she won't pout or give a sweet puppy dog face. Unlike most kids her age, she is also quite sassy but still highly dense. She also tends to speak in the third person and whispers to herself when people can clearly hear her. What's up with that?

Misaka has been on her own for a long time without a family, so she has learned how to occupy herself. She likes to go out and explore new things. She likes to let her imagination run wild sometimes to the point where she doesn't pay a single bit of attention to her surroundings. She likes to dream of new things. She normally gets lost (even if she doesn't go far) but always finds her way right back to familiar areas. Misaka never likes for things to be the same over and over again. That would just get boring, right? Misaka hates being bored.

Yes, Misaka is sadly very clumsy. Often times, she can be found falling on her face sometimes for no reason at all. The child had never been a well balanced little girl when she was learning how to walk and she still hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. Misaka is so clumsy she seems to be used to it, but still manages to cry when she scrapes or cuts herself. Sometimes, she seems so clumsy she could trip on air, which has happened many times before.

As most children have, Misaka has so much built up energy and sweets only make it worse. It seems this child is always on the run and always ready to learn new things. She seems to be obsessed with the idea of finding something extravagant lile princesses, dragons, or various other myths flying about. She also increasingly loves to eat, however she has a very picky aura to herself. She likes to eat riceballs more than anything and it's really hard to convince her to eat anything else.

Misaka is a very innocent girl and she hasn't quite learned enough to make a single drop of her innocence wear off. Every gesture made towards her she sees as normal and usually doesn't spot danger unless it's blunt or she knows to look for it. Misaka always wants to find the good in everything, but doesn't understand that sometimes there isnt. The girl simply believes the world is a smiling, happy place. However, she becomes a bit nervous when people yell or raise their hands to her too quickly.

Misaka is basically a small box of love. She seems to just ooze love and always wants to make others smile and laugh. She adores hugs and affection. She always wants to compliment others and be complimented. She always wants to make sure everyone feels happy. Misaka just wants to feel the love that she hasn't felt from anyone.


Ame is a much, much darker entity inhabiting similar space as her counterpart Misaka. This entity seems to hold a stern and fearsome aura to her, almost lioness like. Her being is not something to be taken lightly for she is much stronger than meets the eye. Ame can come out at any moment without so much as a warning. She is quite the opposite of sweet and innocent.

Ame is quite the stern, serious, and monotonous side of Misaka. She can be a force to be reckoned with if she feels the need to stand her ground. She finds herself unafraid of the dangers that await in the future or rather right next to her. She takes on any and all danger that Misaka may be in with a hard attitude.

Ame also seems to crave attention. She craves the attention of one person and one alone. Whether it be torture, mental abuse, physical abuse, or possibly even good things. Ame never ceases to gain more attention from him than Misaka, considering that's what she was developed to do. She craves attention to protect Misaka from being completely snuffed out. She craves attention to protect that sweet, innocent child inside, who still waits for a savior.

However, when Ame comes out, she also finds her own fun and personality. She finds herself killing, hurting, and causing trouble to anything around her. Sometimes, she can be seen slaughtering animals for fun. Sometimes, she can be seen gutting other children for fun. She's quite the troubled girl. Ame shows off that she doesn't want to just kill her victims in the line of fire, but wants to play with the victims, pretending to be their friends or letting them free just to kill them later, like an ordinary child would with their toys

Ame loves to fight and shows no mercy while doing it. She loves to watch and feel the blood. She loves to watch others fight. She loves to feel the bones of her enemies breaking. She enjoys doing whatever makes that man entertained. Ame is quite the sinister and murderous tyrant and uses her fatality to ensnare innocent victims to secure their demises.


Height: 4'0"

Weight: 47lbs

Physical Traits:

Standing at about a height of 4 feet is a beautiful psychotic killer almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless, except her skin. Every feature seems to compliment another and every part of her just seems so adorable and so small when she's not trying to dismember you.

Her small, yet semi pointed chin, is no flaw in the fact that it creates a young and sweet look to her features, considering that's exactly the way she wants you to think she is. Her arms are proportioned rather perfectly to the rest of her yet her strength is that of a (noun), although she seems to be that of normal strength for a child. Her legs hold a wonderfully small and adorable frame to them nicely proportional to her being. Her legs are quite a bit stronger than her arms.

Covering her wonderful psycho frame is skin that is so fair and soft, yet flawed by color and scars. Her skin is an eerie grey shade from chemicals being used on her flesh and the scars range from deep to small. However, nothing compliments her creepy complexion like her long, jet black hair. It hangs at a length that is just at elbow length covering her ever so slim face most of the time. Much of her hair hangs down over the right half of her face covering an eye that is mostly blinded. And what beautiful eyes she has, blending with her lovely locks with their black color. Anyone who looks at her can simply tell just how precious of a girl she can be. Just under those black orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of tiny, soft, grey lips that are normally seen curled into a smile the intention is hard to tell though.

Upon her tiny person, Misaka/(Name) has been seen wearing the same red, torn and wrinkled dress multiple times. Upon her feet, she wears no shoes and honestly prefers it to be that way. However, the child side of Misaka dreams of owning dresses of every color, most of all pink! However, her darker side much enjoys the dress they normally wear. The two are forced to wear dresses, but they don't seem to mind it much.



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She was born in a terrible time to just the wrong family that scoured the deepest crevices for any bit of money they could fine. Sadly just after her first month being alive, Misaka's family was murdered ruthlessly, violently, and mercilessly leaving her in an alleyway for the animals to pick at. Of course, the story didn't end there and actually continued with a sweet, elderly man hearing the cries of the infant. Being his age, he couldn't keep such a young girl and left her upon the steps of an orphanage hoping she'd get the care she deserved. However, she would only receive the care she needed so the home could get funding, which wouldn't be used normally on the children. She did nothing to deserve it, yet everything to end up in it.

Growing up, Misaka didn't know what was happening or understand that she was alone. She thought those rocks the kids threw at her were a game they were playing. She thought those toys the kids ruined so she couldn't have them were things they were trying to protect her from. She thought those multiple lashes that made her skin bleed were just punishment and making her better. In that home, Misaka only learned what she taught herself or what she had overheard from other kids. However, she wouldn't learn how bad that house was for her, until she experienced it first hand.

Misaka was minding her own business when she happened to wander into the wrong room at the wrong time. There was a lashing, a hitting, and multiple bruisings. The girl bled from the many painful open wounds and decided to run far away. She would leave with scared eyes and timid thoughts. She wouldn't trust anyone. The alleyway she finally found was her refuge for a while. Then, her wounds became infected but she hadn't known what to do. She didn't want to go back, but she didn't want to be alone. Misaka would stay in that alleyway, and eventually a woman would come to her aid. A woman with long blonde hair who seemed to be lost would approach her with gentle words and a kind heart. She would heal her wounds and disappear again after Misaka convinced her that she'd live. She had restored hope.

When she was just 6 years old, Misaka would roam the streets alone begging for food, friends, and necessities. Little did she know, her life was just beginning on a high note. One day, the little girl had received issue from a man at a toy shop, who attempted his best to run her off. However, a boy with white hair would wander upon her and save her from that man. He got her lots of dresses and toys. He even took her to a new home and she stayed with him happier than ever before. She would grow very close to that boy staying by his side and going on fun adventures with him. He was her whole world and nothing would ever change that.

However while she was alone, someone would break into the home where Misaka was and he would take her far away. She cried and pleaded for someone to help her, except nobody could hear her. She cried for the boy to come for her, she begged for him to find her, and she wished that he would stop the hurt. He never came. The man that had stolen her would do bad things to the child. He would hurt her, torture her, and mess with her head. She would go through long, pounding headaches before she would meet her new friend. Her new friend would stay with her in her head. She would keep Misaka safe from the man. She would take all the hurt and pain in the moment leaving Misaka to only deal with the pain afterward. When he had taken every last bit of her innocence and stolen her identity, she would give up on that boy. She knew he wasn't coming to save her. Nobody would save her.

Eventually, Misaka would learn to live with the man bending to his every will, learning to take the abuse, and developing more of a personality to Ame. She would become something unforgivable. She would become quite the little monster.

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