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#1 Seishin Nanashi on Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:18 pm


Name:Seishin Nanashi
Alias: Spirit , Sei
Real Age:2,865
Phys. Age:
Gender: Female
Personality: Seishin at first glance just seems like a lost child. She rarely talks along with her long empty gaze. One would sometimes find a presence of something hidden underneath that childish mask she wears.

Now if one manages to find and hang around her they will notice certain words will trigger different memories, personalities. Almost as if. Her mind had created a file for the various years and personas she embodied to those who know of her or those who manage to hold a place in her heart.

The call of her given last name " Nanashi" brings out a well mannered girl that holds a respectable presence of power and authority. Those of the Nanashi knows this side well instinctively as if in the name itself. She is a figure head and is not ine to take lightly in this persona.

The nickname of Sei-Chan brings out a side that only one person in particular. This side tends to shoe to the one person and shows as a sweet child with a twisted sense of the word of friendship. This persona enjoys stories from the particular person as well as understanding the world through their eyes or well their eye.

The Words pertaining to shinigami whether it is shinigami, kido, zanpackuto etc. Brings out a loyal combatant that enjoys showing their skills but holds a childish sense of wonder with a hidden undetone of something darker deep down.

The words of obedience or doll brings out the loyal side of Seishin that somehow imprints loyalty to the one that speaks it. This side is one Seishin doesn't remember much of nor does any memeories of how it comes about. This persona is a so called reset in the fact that each time it comes out it holds no memory of the previous time it was brought out. She becomes much like a doll having the knowledge of the world known to her as well as her own combat abilities and knowledge. This side is obedient till another takes its place.

The words of anger or attack seems to bring out the darker side of Seishin that brings out the want for blood and death. This side is more or less her pent up anger and rage. Sometimes once this side has killed or drew blood it tends to become relieved, relaxed before she begins to shed tears from her only eye. This side doesn't understand why it does this or feel relieved after shedding blood or taking a life and it is something this side cant stand.

The words go or wanderer brings back the Seishin that one tends to first meet. There is one factor that can bring this side out and that is as she describes " the call of a distant friend" bringing to her a call of a soul that calls to her deep down and tends to make her "wander" and dissappear through her various gates to who knows where or why.


Height: 4,5'
Weight: 65 lbs
Physical Traits:
   Seishin stands at 4,5 roughly 65 lbs with silver hair ending mid neck length between her chin and her shoulders. It is as straight as a sheet of steel but glistens like moonlight on a lake. Her bangs are parted but drastically covering the right side of her face mostly her cheeck and the skin around the face above and to the beginning of her ear. Underneath the hair one would find just a black socket with deadish skin around it with burned skin on the outside fading into her parcelin skin that is soft like a baby's skin. If one was to look any other part of her they woudlnt find any nics or scraps on it what so ever. What happened with her eye..Well that is a secret for her to keep. Her one eye is a empty glassy moonlight blue as one can swear she was blind due to the missing pupil om her eye and sometimes she does play blind to those who didn't know. Her clothing is that of the edo period as she whether enjoyed the style of the clothing in japan around that time. Seishin gives the presence of someone wise and powerful for her young appereance. She has a polite childish voice about her giving one a impression that she knows much more then she lets on in that empty long stare of hers.


General Fighting Style:  Seishin is more for not even fighting if at all possible. She doesn't care for fighting or anything of the sorts. If she can she will no draw her weapon or blood if possible.

Strengths: reistu control, stamina
Weaknesses: hand to hand, strength
Ability Name: Oracle
Ability Description: Seishin is able to release a projection of herself anywhere within a 100 meters of her location seeing and hearing every thing around her appearing much like a ghost. This ability has a physical effect when she is touched allowing her to see the past of the one thst either is touching her or that she is touching
Ability Name: Gateway Keeper
Ability Description:  Seishin is able to open a gateway for herself and one other to more or less go where ever she wishes or knows of before hand.


Sealed Appearance: a simple blue hilt dagger
Zanpakutou Name: Gōsutobaindā
Call Out Command: Shatter reality, Gōsutobaindā


Appearance: Seishin will draw her dagger before attempting to slice into her arm. At the connection of her skin to it it fades into mist then nothing before 5 rainbow colored see through orbs with adorable animal like ears along with a tail. The orbs seem to have minds of their own and small giggles can be heard from them. Each one does its own ability.

Ability name: Spirit Weapons
Ability description: One orb will turn into whatever weapon she can think of at any moment. This weapon, whatever it might be whether it is a needle it a giant great sword will be see through with a raindow outline. A ability of the weapon is instead of cutting into the literal body the weapon will make a limb or part of the body it touches go limb and becomes unuseable for a post. This ability is her basic one and holds no cooldown.

Ability name: Spirit Detachment
Ability Description By using another orb it will shot through her granting a doppelganger in her place as Seishin herself will dissappesr for the duration of the post. Depending on how it was attacked depends on its effect.

If it is attacked with a physical attack, not including a weapon, it will exploude releasing a rainbow mist that will disorient all the opponent's senses for a post.

If it is striked by a weapon a surge of eletricity will be sent up the weapon granting a 5 bala of damage.

If a energy attack was to hit it the doppleganger would become a bubble and send it back at her opponent with the same damage as well as a added cero damage on top of it. Has a post cooldown

Ability name: Orb Canoon
Ability Description 1- 2 of her orbs will transform into cannons firing two. Shots each a post. Granting Cero damage and 2nd degree burns if hit. Her canoons stay for a duration of two posts unless destroyed has a 2 post cooldown

Ability name: Barriage
Ability Description One of her orbs will expand before breaking into five more orbs that will then explode sending out ten spikes in every direction if the spikes hit a target they will explode granting bala damage and 2nd degree burns to the opponent. Has a 2 post cooldown.

Boosts: 2x Speed and Reistu control


New Name: Gōsutogādian anba
Appearance: Seishin's appearance doesn't change too much other then she gains 9 see through tails and ears of a fox. Her eye will become slit. Her orbs will form together into a see through dagger.

Abilities name: Spirit embodiment
Abilities description this form she gets a 2x boost to her agility along with reflexes as well as her senses of sight and smell become heightened.

Ability Name: Spirit Leak
Ability Description: Two of her tails will touch the ground before a see through coating with a see through layer of plasma cover the field before moving up to a dome around them. From there large spikes will come from all directions towards the opponent in the dome. If the spikes were to hit they will explode on contact granting 1st degree burns. Has a two post cooldown

Ability Names: Ripple effect
Ability Description: one of her tails will turn split and turn to a portal as two will move into the portal. Two portals will open and move the battlefield before firing missles of plasma at the opponent. If the missles hit they will disorient their target for a post and grant 2nd degree burns.

Ability name: Spirit mirage
Ability Description Three of her orbs will come down abd and around her and her opponent. Three things will happen during this attack. First one orb will explode into mist that will expand 20 meters in ever direction granting her invisiblity inside it as well as giving her a 2x speed boost and disorient her opponent for the duration of the time they are inside the mist. as her second one will explode leaving droplets inside the mist that will leave 1st degree burns on contact. The third orb will wrap around Seishin like a coat of armor that will handle up to two ceros of damage. This will last up to three posts and take 3 post cool down.
Boosts: 3x speed, Reiastu control


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
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Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: [History goes here.]
1. Seishin was the one of the first two ever of the Nanashi clan.
2. She is currently the oldest living member of the Nanashi clan.
3. She use to be a captain and was around when the 13 squads were great and was the first to keep records of the gotei
4. Only the Nanashi clan and Doku knows of Seishin's condition and identity
5. In a rebirth Seishin meet snd befriended Satou creating a new kind of friendship with the troubled girl
6. Seishin seems to come and go mustly coming in the time of great need and war.
7. Seishin was the captain under Doku and often couldnt be found but always seemed around when she was needed by him or her clan
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#2 Re: Seishin Nanashi on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:02 am

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