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#21 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:15 am

"Geez what a horrible meting this was.."Said Seishin "Didn't expect so many guests...Oh well can not be helped so now lets talk calmly...the childern are panicing."Said Seishin

"But arn't you a child Elder Seishin?"asked Anna in a taunting manner taking a seat next to Joshua
"I look like a child but I am the oldest one here"She replied
"By like 300 years...nothing to gloat."Said Anna said calmly moving over to amelia allowing her flower fragerance to flow "It is alright just take in some deep breaths...Please forgive us for our rudeness little one..."She said in a soft motherly tone as her deep hot pink eyes watched Amelia with a gentle smile on her face before turning to Satou "As much as that sounds fun, she will freeze you to death but there is no need to worry about that."She added trying to defuse Satou

Seishin looked towards Satou listening to her as she allowed a childish smile to form on her face "That is great Satou..I am so proud of you finding the one you love. I hope you both live happily together...though she isn't a shinigami or anything like us right? might be hard since you would grow old as fast as she will."Said Seshin

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#22 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:44 am

Joshua frowned as the adults talked and the children panicked. Anna was doing her best to help but aromatherapy could only go so far. Things were too chaotic in this environment and moving too fast. With people so young, it was a wonder they hadn't passed out in terror yet. Sighing, he got up even though he had just sat down and moved over to Anna and the kids.
"I'll take them out to the garden and help them calm down. There are too many people in here and it's too much for them to handle, so taking them outside where it's calmer will help the. As this is a family affair, Miss... Umeko right?... this young miss and I aren't very concerned and I doubt Rose's daughter needs to be involved given how young she is." He said calmly before turning to the others. "Once you've all calmed down, you can come get us. Or come get us when we're actually needed. But for now, please excuse us so the kids can relax and I'll field any questions I can answer for them."

With that, wether he was given permission or not, he led Amelia and Umeko out to the garden, away from the adults and the chaos. Once they were outside and away from the adults, Joshua took a seat again before pulling out a small bag and smiling at the girls.
"Allow me to once again apologize for the very sudden chaos that happened in there. I believe I've said so before but I'll say it again: My name is Joshua Tamashii. Something I didn't say earlier is that I'm a former Lieutenant within the squads here, Squad 11 in particular. Don't worry, I aint some battle crazy berserker or anything. I enjoy peace and quiet as much as the next man." He said while opening the bag before holding it out for the girls, reveals several brightly colored balls inside of it. "I know it aint much but I hope this is a start. Just some sweets I happen to have. Some of them are a bit sour though, so beware of that. Anyway, as I said back there, if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask."

Amelia didn't resist when Joshua led her and Umeko away from the adults and once she was outside and away from all the noise, she visibly relaxed a bit. She turned towards Joshua as he spoke to them and managed a small smile. Joshua seemed to be kind enough and this opinion was reinforced when he brought out some candy, causing the girls eyes to light up. She eagerly took a piece and put it in her mouth, enjoying the sweetness. It was strawberry flavored.

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