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#11 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:57 am

Well apparently, Amelia couldn't have been more wrong if she had tried. Before she knew it, Umeko had turned her attention to Amelia and began speaking, including asking questions and making some statements/assumptions. At Umeko's questions, Amelia simply nodded silently in reply. She then watched as Umeko moved over and sat next to her, causing Amelia's face to turn a bit red as she looked away, not wanting Umeko to see that she was blushing, even if it was out of simple embarrassment at her unease. Her face only grew more red when Umeko said that Amelia must know a lot about being a Shinigami and the academy, causing the younger girl to shake her head.
"I don't know... all that much." She said, her tone rather low, making it hard to hear what she was saying, especially since she was facing away from Umeko. "Mom just gave he a crash course in order to get into the Academy since I applied later then the rest of you. I'm just... unremarkable and average, probably worse then everyone else in class. And you didn't scare me so much as... surprise me."

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#12 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:26 pm

Amaya smiled letting the servants serve the food before she heard a light ring of a bell before feeling a pulse rush through her as that would be the same for everyone beside Umeko. "She is showing up now?"Whispered Amaya seeing a white portal like door form in the back of the dinning room as a small pastel gray blue haired girl slowly stepped through follow by a few of the butterflies Umeko followed.

the girl looked around "We are missing one...That one will return shortly."Replied the girl gently

"Elder Seishin...Your back?"asked Amaya standing up from her seat
"For now..."She replied simply closing her blue eye


Anna was working on some documents before feeling a pulse rush through her as she closed her eyes before sighing "Joshua, We are going to the Soul Society...The head Nanashi is calling a clan meeting."Said Anna slowly getting up from her seat "Honestly, I can't remain dead for long can I?"she asked softly to herself as she knew amaya would be there and that was something she didn't want to ever deal with.

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#13 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:00 am

Amelia jumped and looked around as she felt a sensation pass over her that she hadn't felt before. She looked around the room before the portal opened, her eyes locking in on it when it finally did form. The woman who came out... well, not really a woman. It was a girl who looked several years younger then Amelia herself... maybe older? Either way, Amelia could tell she was slightly shorter then this new person, but not by much. Either way, this seemed to be someone important to the family, so she bowed her head to the woman, not looking at them unless addressed.

"Wait, what? This is rather sudden, which is completely unlike you. Is everything okay? Also, who the fuck is the leader of the Nanashi clan and how in hell did they contact you to tell you of this meeting?" Joshua said, jumping to his feet from the push-ups he had been doing. He had known Anna a long time but this was a first for him. On top of that, they were returning to the Soul Society, a place where neither of them were exactly the most welcome people. But what worried him more was Amaya. It had been a long time since he had seen Anna's sister and they had been known to butt heads... a lot. So he doubted this would be a very peaceful meeting. But, if Anna was going, he was going as well, regardless of who or what awaited them on the other side.

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#14 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:25 am

Umeko would watch Amelia as she would answer her question, but before she had time to say anything else her attention turned to Amaya. Then, a strange feeling would fill the room as a door would appear out of nowhere. The girl's eyes would widen as she sat completely still. What was happening? Who was that? A girl would emerge from the door looking noy much older than Umeko and Amelia. Crimsom eyes would stare at the butterflies that followed through as her smile would brighten. They were odd little creatures, but she enjoyed seeing them. She would attempt to point them out to Amelia, but she seemed to be hanging her head. Why? Was she hiding herself? Was something wrong? Umeko would find herself scooting her chair closer to the girl as she would grab at her shirt with two fingers, "If it makes you feel better, I don't know anything that's been going on since I woke up this morning, especially not now." An awkward grin would cross her face as she would whisper to the girl.

Satou has found herself enjoying her new green and blue eyes. She was sitting in a closet hiding away in the infirmary for who knows why. She wasn't sure if Anna knew she was there or not, but she had to guess that she would. Joshua on the other hand probably hadn't realized it, since he was busy with other things. Within a moments notice, she would find her left eye pulsating and she would clasp her hands over it. The pulse would ring throughout her body and a smile would cross her face. Through the door, she could hear Joshua questioning Anna and she couldn't help but burst put holding her hammer over her shoulder. She would make her way up behind Joshua as she would wrap her right arm around his waist. "Seishin Nanashi. My imaginary friend. I got this blue eye from her. Hmm.. she sends this.. sort of signal. Anyway, there's no time! We have to go!" Satou would say unwrapping her arm and pointing into a senkaimon that she would open herself. She may not belong in the Soul Society, nor did she know if she would be welcomed. But who would challenge her?

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#15 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:23 am

"Amelia, Umeko this is Seishin Nanashi Former Captain of the 7th Divison before and during Doku's reign. She is the first of our clan and what we are today. Other then the Mazhi clan we are the oldest and largest noble family"Said Amaya before seeing asenkaimon open on the other side of the dinning room. Amaya turned to the figures before her heart stop alot of the other adults did as well "A-Anna..." She whispered shocked.

"The lost soul has returned with friends"spoke monotone Seishin seeing anna and Satou. She Shunpo over to Anna jumping on to a chair "your and his soul corrupted and stained..What did he do"asked Seishin

"Nothing"said Anna before Seishin smike towards Satou "you grew up..So strong..I am proud of you Satou-Chan."She said

"What the hell is going on..after all this time you were alive!"yelled Amaya moving to them grabbing Anna's shirt "Give me one reason not to kill you for good"Said Anna

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#16 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:01 am

"The fuck?!" Joshua said, turning towards the sound of a door being slammed open while grabbing and preparing to draw his blade. He saw it was only Satou and relaxed, only to have her wrap her arm around him, causing him to look annoyed. Still, he didn't say anything and simply patted his clothes into place before glancing at the senkaimon that had been opened, seeing Anna already heading towards it. Sighing to himself, he scratched the back of his before following after her.


For Amelia, things were just getting more confusing as everything was happening way to fast. First her mother introduced her and Umeko to the young girl who had suddenly appeared, calling her Seishin, the elder of their clan. Within seconds of this, a senkaimon was opened in the middle of their house and three people stepped through, two women and one man. Her mother seemed to recognize one of the women, moving over to them and acting in a mixture of surprise and anger. Amelia herself just remain silent, wondering what was really going on.


"Honestly Amaya, I can understand that you're probably beyond furious, but there's not need to threaten the poor girl." Joshua said calmly, gently hitting Rose on the forehead with his sheathed zanpakuto. He glanced around the room before spotting Amelia and Umeko, shunpoing behind them glancing down at them. He then smiled and patted each of them on the head, seemingly amused. "Did you have kids while we were away Amaya? If so, who was the lucky, or in some cases unlucky, guy and how did you get two cute girls like this?"

Amelia's face turned bright red at both the patting and the compliment, hiding her face in her hands.

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#17 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:47 am

Satou's blue and green eyes would light up as she saw her oldest friend and a smile would cross her face like a kid at Christmas. She would shunpo over to Seishin wrapping het arms around the girl's neck as her hammer dangled loosely in her right hand. "Seishy! I missed you so much! Where have you been? I've been so lonely without you!" Satou would giggle as she would losen her grip on the girl seeing everyone was far too jumoy about her touching Seishy. "Calm down. I would never hurt, Seishy." Her eyes would roll as she would watch Amaya going right for Anna and grabbing her by the collar. Satou would lift her hammer placing it directly against the side of Amaya's head lightly. "Leave my Anna alone," her eyes would grow cold piercing down her hammer at Amaya. Well, now Satou was really making people nervous as their whole family seemed to be all too on guard with her around. Satou wouldn't play games when it came to Anna. Anna was all she had right now and she wasn't about to lose that, no matter how nonchalant Joshua was acting.


Umeko would stare at the group as things seemed to get heated rather quickly. Who was that white haired girl? Who was the green haired girl? Who was Seishin? Oh right, the elder. That really didn't tell her much though. A hand would set itself upon her head as Umeko would jump wrapping her arms around Amelia in a terrified manner. Who was THIS guy? Umeko's head felt like it was spinning at this point, but then his voice would cause her to reply swiftly. "Oh no. You have it all wrong! I don't have any parents. I don't live here. I'm just.. an.. acquaintance." She would laugh nervously as her face would blush. He had called her pretty, but she had never thought so before. How odd. These three were such weirdos. Misfits even.

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#18 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:35 am

"First of all nice to see you again older sister..Secondly, let go of my shirt Satou bought it for me i dont want it dirty"Said Anna lightly pushing Amaya away "I am here cause Seishin called me. These two are , more or less, my bodyguards. They go where I do for obvious reasons."She replied looking towards Satou "Now now Satou, we are guests of Elder Seishin, lets not go smashing up the estate now. So put your hammer down"Said Anna "As for the rest of you who do not know me since she doesnt speak of me. I am Anna nanashi former 4th squad captain, younger sister of amaya by spirit but older sister in the clan from our age difference."She announced "That man is Joshua Tamashii, a former shinigami turned Vizard along side me. The girl is Satou Kokoro...she is Hagane and Moira's daughter. We are of the organization chaos."she said getting that out of the way.


"All these years we thought you were dead and missing after the break out. We had a plack to honor your memory and you suddenly show up like this...I have half a mind to beat you to the ground Anna.

"You could try but Satou and Joshua won't allow that and you know i can beat you and your ice"she replied blankly folding her arms at amaya's threat.

"I go where i am needed...souls call, I go."seishin said gently letting Satou hug her "I am happy my eye is serving you well Satou but i noticr you no long have your purple eye..whst became of it?"asked the 7 year old before looking at the Scene clearing het throat "I called everyone here to habe a family reunion of sorts since i made it see who was alive"she Said.

Amaya sighed seeing anna push her away before she turned to joshua "if you want to keep your hands dont touch Amelia or Umeko...Amelia i adopted as i saved her soul and found her here Umeko is a friend of hers" said amaya

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#19 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:38 am

"Geez woman, you need to learn to relax. You should know full well I wouldn't harm anyone here, especially children. Just because it's been a long time since we last saw each other doesn't mean we've changed. Though I will admit, Anna is a little more aggressive then she used to be." Joshua said lightly, moving over to a free section of the room and sitting down on the ground, Kaminari leaning against his shoulder. This was a family affair, so he would simply rest and let everyone talk as they wanted, interrupting as little as possible.

Amelia was just lost at this point. She had no idea what was going on, who these people were, when she became friends with Umeko (though it was a nice thought, so maybe she could just accept that one), why any of these people were here, and what to expect. She was almost as stressed out as she had been living with her brother and father. All she knew now was that things were chaotic as could be and she wanted out of it. Just retreating to her room for peace and quiet sounded amazing right now.

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#20 Re: [Private] Very First Friend on Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:34 am

Satou would grin as Anna was worried about the shirt she had bought for the woman. She could remember that day clear as water. She had said Anna was old fashioned, they went to the shops, and Anna ended up with a new wardrobe that Satou personally picked out. She had to say that she definitely knew style and that seemed to be the only normal thing about her. As a sense of pride welled up in her, a sense of disappointment would replace it all. Her mouth would drop open as she would look between Anna and Amaya. "W-What? She came at you first!" Her blue and green eyes would roll as a sugh would escape her mouth. "Fine, but the next time she puts her hands on you... I'm smashing her head in," Satou would say glaring at Amaya as her hammer would be placed on the floor next to Seishin. Then, Anna would take the time to introduce the three. As it came around to her, Satou would grin and wave her hand once. However, she hadn't used that last name in quite some time, even if it was rightfully hers. It wasn't that she didn't want it or anything. It was simply for her own protection.

Her parents. She hadn't heard their names in a while and she wondered just what it was they were doing. She wondered how they were. She wondered about seeing them, but figure it was for the best that they didn't know she was here. Besides, they probably wouldn't even notice she had slipped in to the Gotei. It seemed to cause a pain in her chest that she didn't enjoy, so she would shake the thoughts off as she would turn to Seishin. "Oh, Seishy! I met the love of my life! This is her beautiful eye. I get to look at it everyday and think of her," a lovestruck sigh would escape her mouth as she cupped her hand around the orb. It was her pride and joy. Kinda weird though.


At this point, Umeko was horrified. First of all, the lady with the hammer was nuts and threatened a Captain. Here's the best part, she got away with it?! Just who was she?! She was so violent, but she was terribly pretty. It was almost as if Umeko was attracted to her beauty, yet she was too terrified to speak to her. Would she smash Umeko too?! The child would simply sit as she held on tightly to Amelia's arm. Second, the lady that was all pink was a former Captain?! As far as she could remember, the current Captain of Squad 4 would have to be Kokoro and it was technically 3 now. Unless, they decides to count Vice Captain Tsaki, then she'd more likely be in charge of healing. So, this lady must have been a million years old! Ok. Ok. So.. third, The man was a former shinigami. Well, at least he wouldn't harm them or so he said. Oh wait! The hammer girl was the daughter of... them. She had heard about them. In fact, she had studied all of the personnel of the Gotei, so she would be able to tell who was important. At this point, she was done. She was terrified and wanted to leave. She couldn't handle this stress. What was going on here?! The small child would begin to breathe increasingly faster as she would look around the room. What was happening?!

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