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#11 Re: [Event] Hammer vs Paint on Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:50 am

Satou would grin wider than she ever had before. Her eyes were wild with excitement as she slowly began to let out a deranged giggle. She would hear the cracking of bone, the screams of agony and fear, and the pounding of her heart against her chest. Such a beautiful, young girl in such pain made her body tingle all over. The struggle to stand only made her want to trap the teen even more. She had to stop her from moving at all. She had to stop her from leaving.

Satou would raise her hammer again only trying to slam it down on the other knee so that both legs would be immobile. Her hands shook with adrenaline filled happiness as she would let out a more joy filled laugh. Her wide multi-colored eyes holding only the most bizarre of maniacle intent. If she had managed to stop the girl from moving, Satou would straddle her lap while grabbing both hands to place under her knees as she crushed them into the ground. "What was that about giving your eyes to your soul mate? I suppose you should accept that we were just meant to be," she would say as more giggles escaped her throat. She would lift her fingers to the girl's right eye hoping to remove it fully from her head.

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#12 Re: [Event] Hammer vs Paint on Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:25 am

Aria tried her best to reach for her staff. Just a butterfly was all she needes to draw to treat herself. She let out another scream feeling her other knee scatter. What a twist of fate to be immobile. She felt so much pain that she didnt know what to do. Her mind screamed to keep fighting to survive. Her body wanted to shut down and play dead. She felt then teen move her with ease as every movement caused a scream of pain. Aria struggled as much as she could manage through the pain finding it useless as satou easily crushed her hands as she let out another scream shutting her eyes tightly "I would rather die then be yours!"She yelled trying her best to keep her head away from Satou.

"Now now Satou be nice to your beloved. Poor thing doesnt know how to handle your love."spoke a gentle voice as a meadow formed around them as a cotton candy pink haired female moved to them crouching down. Aria could feel healing starting as the woman smiled "Forgive Satou. She seems to love you greatly and this will keep you alive and safe if you accept her love."she spoke to Aria before looking at Satou "now you can change eyes without her dying...oh by the way your grandpa was hurt but us resting safely back at base."she replied. Now why would Anna condom such behavor of a subordent? Well why not, there was nothing anna can do to get Satou off her one track mind of destorying the world with that massive hammer and honestly anna knew by allowing this, they can keep watch of one of the main arc creators with Satou's obsession crush on the girl.

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#13 Re: [Event] Hammer vs Paint on Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:59 pm

Satou would hesitate a moment as the girl still refused to be hers and denied that she ever would be. Why did she have to be so mean? Satou only wanted what was best for her and this was the only way she knew how. She would frown for a moment before a soft, familiar voice would sound behind her. She would listen to Anna as her fingers stayed still around the girl's eyelids. Oh? So, she just didn't understand Satou's love yet?

Her purple and blue eyes would turn to Anna as her meadow formed around them leaving Satou feeling a tingling sensation throughout her. Was this whst being healed felt like? She didn't necessarily need it at this time, but perhaps it was for what she was about to do. Anna was particularly good at reading her, since they seemed to be around eachother a lot. Purple and blue eyes would turn back to Aria as Anna would confirm what it was she was doing. This time Satou's face would be filled with the most mental twist of love as a smile grew across her lips.

However, she would find herself feeling something far beneath that as Anna spoke about someone dear to her being hurt. She was sure if Anna had taken care of him, then she could do this quickly and go see him. Shsking away the thought, Satou would begin placing pressure around the girl's eye and that was that. She would hold the green colored orb in her hand as she did the same to her own purple one. Satou would grimmace as she removed her own feeling the same pain, but being prepared for it moreso this time. Let's just say Satou's other eye wasn't always blue.

Anyway, the green one would go in her socket before she would turn to Anna to fix it. The purple one she would place in Anna's hand to fix up her newfound love. "I didn't mean to be so rough with her, but I just couldn't help it. So, I need you to take good care of her, ok?" Satou would say to Anna as she would smile like an innocent kid. "And you, my love. I can't wait to see you again, but I have things to attend to," Satou would say running her fingers through the girl's blonde hair before rising off her hands. She would pick up her hammer and find herself off in a flash.

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#14 Re: [Event] Hammer vs Paint on Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:05 am

Aria mind was racing trying its best to think of a way out as her body screamed from the pain coursing through her from her abdomen taking a hammer to it to her shattered knees to even her shattered hands. She honestly felt like a doll and it was the worst feeling in the world. Another thing she was feeling was fear. Satou was actually going to take her eye. She tried her best to get her hands free from under Satou with no luck as she scream with the movement trying to shut her eyes.

Aria let out more cries as Satou went through with her plain as her mind couldnt handle it grr vision tried to fade but something was stopping her. Was it the garden? She felt a pop and everything went black in her right Socket. Her left eye watched in horror as the cotton candy pink haired girl kneeled beside Satou adjusting the eye before her hand glowed a light pink healing it to Satou's body.

She felt tears swelling up while Satou finally let go of her hands laying her down. She saw Satou's hands move closer before she shut her only remaining eye in anticipation of her taking it. Instead of feeling added pain she felt a hand ran through her hair..So that was it...The Psycho literally marked her as her soulmate switching out the eyes to confirm. Aria didn't know whether to be pissed, scared or depressed about this. She listened to Satou speak of seeing her agsin but had something else to tend to leaving her in the other woman's hands.

Anna made sure to fix Satou's new eye to make it look as normal as possible. She listened and let the two have their time. She sighed scratching her head . Atleast the scientist wasnt on their list of people they could capture. If she was, well Satou certainly would make sure Aria would never leave her if that was so.
She held the eye completely gross out by it inside but she knew what she must do beforw she moved to Aria "forgive Satou little human. She means well and from this you have an ally in Chaos that will be there when you need her." Said Anna gently

"It...It hurts" She choked through tears while anna fixed the possesioning of the eye before holding her hands over Aria as the flowers around them bloomed " Rest now child...I am here to ease this pain and transition. You will be good as new when you awake." She said gently. Aria felt her vision fade as her body relax almost getting to a sleep like state. It felt so good so relaxing and the woman's voice, soc caring and gentle as Aria passed out.

Once Anna was done she healed aria up to minor wounds cause after all she needed to mske sure the committe knew their mistake leaving a valuable asset like the main Ark creator all alone. She herself sealed her shikai before racing off from the scene.

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