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#1 [Event] Stage Ten: All In on Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:05 am

Her energetic, psychotic laugh could be heard as she rounded the corner of the next hallway. Oh, wow, was it full and they all looked like they wanted to play! Satou would stand with the large hammer resting behind her back on both shoulders. It was large, bulky, and didn't hold a single blemish on it leading these poor bastards to believe she was all just a ruse. Now, they were overconfident and she could have some fun.

It wouldn't take long to make her way down the hall as she swung her hammer wildly at heads and limbs. Most of them were definitely dead, but some of them she had left alive. She could care less considering her hammer was now covered in a thick coat of red liquid. Seemed that she was far too quick for them, even with the massive hammer she lugged around everywhere. Her face would hold the brightest and most innocent smile as she looked out on her beautiful work. "Thanks for playing! Too bad I don't have time to take your eyes.. they're all so gorgeous I just want to add them to my collection!" A giggle would escape her mouth all too happily before she would turn away and continue down the hall.

Satou would soon find what it was they had been hiding away from her. She would enter a large room with gadgets, trinkets, and shineys galore. Purple eyes would look around in complete curiosity. "Hm. I just want to break it all!"

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#2 Re: [Event] Stage Ten: All In on Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:36 am

Hikaru had been assigned to help out around the outside of the Committee building. He was one of a few chosen to help protect the Captain Commander. That was when all hell seemed to break loose. Ceros were coming from all over the place and this did not make him happy at all. He wanted this to be easy and have no combat going on. Guess he was mistaken. As he dodged various Ceros he seemed to have found his way over to the ledge of a building nearby. From there he saw someone who seemed to be taking out not only Hollows but other Shinigami as well. Hikaru cursed to himself softly, knowing that he'd need to step in and help them out, well the Shinigami at least. Knowing he had the element of surprise he would draw his zanpakuto, take some of the fire from it and using this to create 10 fireballs. He would throw those fireballs right at the person attacking with lighting.

Techniques Used:

Technique Name: Flare Sniper Blast


As the name suggests the attack is best used when Hikaru is not to close to his enemy or his enemies attack. Hikaru raises his hand and gathers energy in the palm of his hand. He then uses this energy to send out a barrage of fire balls towards his enemy's attack that was directed at a friend or companion whom the enemy is attacking. The attack can also be directed at the enemy as well. There could be anywhere between 10 to 25 fire balls. The more fire balls that he creates, the weaker the attack. Hikaru will mainly use this attack if he is able to catch his enemy off guard as a first attack. This attack is more of a defensive attack but can be used offensively if able to catch an enemy off guard. There is no wait to use the attack but Hikaru is not able to use the attack for the rest of the battle due to this attack working best when the enemy is not aware of him. If is does wish to use this attack again during battle there is a 3 post cool down.

Ability Name: Does not have one

Ability Description: Hikaru's Shikai gives him the ability to use Flare Sniper Blast outside of Shikai, allowing him to get an edge on a battle. His sword, before he uses Shikai, is normally covered in flames as well.


After the Espada meeting Manda really had not much to do. Not long after, however, she was advised by Thor about what was being planned by the Cero. Smiling, she joined Thor and Cobolt in the world of the living. She looked around to see where best to start some damage and found a nice place on the East side of the building. Bidding Thor and Cobolt farewell she headed off in that direction, taking out a few of the weaker Shinigimi along the way. She did not care if anyone tried to stop her. She was having way too much fun throwing Ceros at the Shinigmi below. Once on the East side of the building she felt it might be best to start from the top floor down, but then changed her mind. Rather than directly attacking the building she would just keep the weaker opponents at bay with more Cero's. She soon was growing bored however and hoped this attack would end soon.

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#3 Re: [Event] Stage Ten: All In on Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:19 pm

Alright, so a ordinary day at the office with a suppose to be ordinary neutral meeting with all the leaders to discuss her favorite project she put so much time and effort in. She watched the cameras all around the building taking data of what she could record of the camera that were still functioning that is. She had made sure to hide any important data or projects just incase this was to happen as she felt this would happen.

Aria watched one girl in particular come down her hallway going through all the defenses like they were paper. Great now Aria had company to deal with..Company she didn't want to deal with.

She put jer tablet away making sure everything was safe. She soon headed out of her office greeting the guest." You break my art you buy it." She spoke to the girl " Now will you be so kind as to get out of my lab please? I would be forever greatful if you would." Spoke the 19 year old pushing back her golden blonde hair as her green eyes and coloful dress.

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