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#1 Stage Six: Intervention in an All Out War on Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:26 am

The heads of all of the main factions of the spiritual world had all gathered in New York, using the Committee's headquarters as a sort of neutral grounds. But as is want to happen when the big heads of all of the various forces that shape the unseen world of spirits, and even the balance of the universe. Shit hit the fan, and a fight broke out, apparently the Shinigami saw the chance at striking a blow at their biggest, and longest running enemies, the hollows.

But that was not entirely unexpected, as such Natasha had put her soldiers on high alert for the meeting, she didn't know who would throw the first blow, but it was to be expected. As lazy as Haru was he did not want to be caught with his pants down, so he had kept his sword at the ready. From his post outside, Haru saw a raven haired young man he did not recognize from the committee rushing off from the main building, like he was off to help someone in one of the other fights raging around the city.

Rushing forward, Haru's broadsword changed to a blue single edged blade, his speed increasing greatly in the process as he rushed his target, Once he was in range Haru would swing his blade, releasing a slash of compressed air cutting the ground in front of Joshua, kicking up a small explosion and a cloud of dust that cleared quickly revealing the Violet eyed, Silver Haired young swordsman. "So where do you think you are going in such a hurry?"

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Silfarion
Description: Silfarion is a blue single edged sword. While in this form Haru's weight seemingly drops increasing his agility by x2 on top of his released boosts (bringing total agility boost to x6). In this form the 10 Commandments can also fire off blades of compressed air that will strike with the force of a hado 20, and cut like a zanpakuto edge. Can not be held for more than 5 consecutive posts, after that it goes on a 2 post cooldown reverting back to Eisenmeteor.

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#2 Re: Stage Six: Intervention in an All Out War on Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:31 am

Well, things definitely could've gone better, that much was for certain. The meeting had started off well, with the various factions gathered together at a neutral zone to discuss... something or other, he hadn't been given the details. All he needed to know was where he was supposed to be, where Anna was supposed to be, and that he was to do as he was supposed to: help protect Anna and otherwise follow her orders. Really, when one put it that way, it made him sound like he was whipped or something, but he had known Anna for ages and he cared about her so none of that mattered. Anyway, things had gone to hell in a handbasket and his orders were to go out and find anyone who was injured by the sudden outbreak of violence and bring them to Anna for treatment. So long as it wasn't an enemy of course.

He, he had run off to find anyone who needed medical attention, but before he could get more then a few yards from the building, the ground decided to explode a few feet in front of him. Joshua immediately leapt back and examined his surroundings, his hand reaching towards Kaminari. When the dust finally cleared, he spotted his attacker and began examining them. No Shinigami uniform and no Hollow mask ruled out the man in front of him being from either of those fractions. Maybe he was a member of the neutral human faction? Eitherway, Joshua simply raised up his hands and kept calm. If he could avoid a fight, that would be fine by him
"No need to get violent here. I'm just following orders from my boss. I aint looking to pick a fight, simply help make sure the damage done by this bullshit is kept to a minimum. Basically, I'm on a search and rescue mission. Looking to find injured people, regardless of who they are, and bring them to my boss for medical treatment. Last thing we need is innocent people getting hurt, aint that so? So, how about putting the sword away and letting me go or helping me. The longer I'm here standing around, the higher the odds some poor human is going to end up dead." He said, his tone calm and reassuring, without a single ounce of hostility. If this was a member of the human faction, he didn't want to make thing difficult by making an enemy out of them.

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#3 Re: Stage Six: Intervention in an All Out War on Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:43 am

Haru's eyes narrowed as his opponent spoke, there was no reason to believe him, but should the person before him be telling the truth then keeping him here or trying to fight him would just be a waste of time, and would probably lead to innocents being caught in the fall out as he said. Haru's violet eyes darted from side to side as he weighed the options. He was being torn between three, First being to fight this person before him, dispatching them quickly and seeing where else he can help, Second he believes the stranger and lets them go, hoping that this raven haired young man in front of him is on the level, then goes on to find where else he can help. Or finally he goes with the stranger to make sure they are on the level.

Groaning he makes his choice, and within a blink of an eye, the fifteen feet between them was cleared and Haru was right in Joshua's face, their eyes practically level as Haru made his voice as intimidating as possible. "If you are telling the truth about being here to help then I would be foolish to hinder that, and Natasha would kick my ass. But I can't just let you go, cause if you are lying and more problems occur because of you then again Natasha will kick my ass. So that really leaves me with one option, and that is to go with you and help. But I want to make something perfectly clear, You would be hard pressed to escape from me, and I will not hesitate to lop limbs off of you to make sure you can't if you try. But so long as you are on the level, you won't have to worry about that. Lead the way."

With that said, Haru would step back, his sword reverting back to it's broadsword form.

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#4 Re: Stage Six: Intervention in an All Out War on Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:37 am

"Geez mate, if this is your attempt to be all warm and fuzzy, you're failing abysmally. I know ice caps that are warmer then you." Joshua said, his tone amused and relaxed, apparently not taking Haru all that seriously on the surface level. Underneath might be a different story but it was hard to tell, especially since they didn't know each other. "Well, since I let the guards know of my presence and you seem to be following me, I'm going to start using Flash Step to make things faster. If you're as fast as you say you are, I don't think that will be an issue, will it?"

With that being said, Joshua flash stepped away to begin searching for any injured persons. His primary targets were buildings that had suffered damage from the battle, wether it be through kido, cero, a body flying through it, or any number of other things, damaged buildings were his primary targets. Once inside, he would search for any injured people and from there, his methods varied. If they were a human, he would move them from were they were to somewhere that any rescue teams that were present or on their way, could easily find them. If they had a worrisome wound, he treated it with kido until it was no longer a concern before moving them. If the person being rescued was a soul however, he took them back to where his boss, Anna, had set up shop so she could look after them. It didn't matter what race the soul was, he took it to her for treatment. The only souls he showed hostility towards where low-ranking hollows looking for easy prey, which he dispatched with cold, quick, and ruthless proficiency, often a single blow.

Haru was free to help if he wish, Joshua would complain. In fact, on the occasion he did need help, with was rare, he would ask so in a kind, rather friendly manner.

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