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#1 [Event] Playing the Hero.. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:53 am

So Cactus was falling out of a window in the present tense, because some schmuck Shinigami had decided to play hero, he had decided that he was going to lay his life on the line to protect someone else! Cactus used to do that a long time ago, he prided himself on it, it made him who he was and now who he is even though those two are completely separate beings. Cactus felt 3 Cero's ping off his back, burning him badly up his back, before he finally fell to the ground below. Glass was embedded deeply into his skin, and his head and back were bleeding profusely but the most sick part of this entire twisted affair, wasn't the damage Cactus received..

It was that he was smiling from it.But by all intents and purposes it would appear he was dead, his grip on his gun had long released on impact, his eyes were closed, his body limp and lifeless in a pool of his own blood. Cactus could feel the man peeling himself off of him, and he knew that he had to wait for the right moment to strike..

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#2 Re: [Event] Playing the Hero.. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:00 am

Seiji kept a grip on the dude with the gun the entire way down to make sure he slammed into the ground real deadly-like. In reality, he wasn't even sure why he'd reacted in such a drastic manner, other than his instincts told him it was the right thing to do at the time, and Seiji was a man who trusted his instincts. As they both crashed into the ground; Seiji with a nice and soft body to cushion his fall, he slowly stood up on shaky legs and stared down at him.

He looked pretty dead, and as much as Seiji wanted to give him a nice punch through the chest, he didn't have time. Even a cursory glance made it clear that thing had gone from shit to total shit, and weren't liable to get better anytime soon. Why was he smiling, though? Creepy, that. Seiji shrugged and turned away, dusting some glass off his shoulders as he began to walk back to the fighting.

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#3 Re: [Event] Playing the Hero.. on Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:13 am

Cactus could hear it in the mans movements, he didn't know that he was still alive! Oh today was going to be a beautiful day for the world, after-all, it was going to get to see a true hero! Just like Cactus was and always would be, even if no one seemed able to stomach saying his name after all these years, even if no-one remembered him after all this time, even if...

They all had to die..

Cactus gripped his gun tightly, and aimed a shot at the boys knee, before following that one up with two at the boys back. He was surely going to fall over, so Cactus would rise to his feet and much as the boy before him had done, he would brush himself off and approach him with malicious intentions. Cactus laughed knowingly as he approached the downed body and crouched beside him.. Cactus grabbed him by his hair with one hand, while digging his fingers into one of the bullet wounds on the boys back with the other. "I was a hero like you a long time ago kid.." Cactus's knowing smile grew wider, as he began to twist his finger within the wound hoping to illicit a response of anguish, torment.. Really any scream would do!

"I was just like you, young, naive.. selfish. We all are, heroes, we're all selfish beings driven to do what's right, but what's the big deal with that anyway huh kid? We spend so much time, thinking about what's right, when the real question to ask is what's left, or I guess in this case.. What's going to be?.." Cactus continued to laugh to himself, before releasing the boys head briefly so that he could hold his own in his hands. "You know the worst part about it kid?.. They won't even remember you.." And with that, Cactus aimed a gun at the boys head, and would hopefully proceed with blowing his brains out...

That was the intent anyway.

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#4 Re: [Event] Playing the Hero.. on Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:16 am

The loud bang of the gunshot, followed by a red-hot pain in the back of his knee took Seiji completely by surprise and caused him to stumble. To add insult to injury, two more shots slammed into his back as he fell to the ground. Seiji blinked, trying to focus through the haze of pain wracking his body. He was just able to make out the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps, as if the person walking towards him had all the time in the world. Seiji fought to stay conscious, his hands scratching at the ground in vain as he tried to get some sort of traction.

Agony assaulted him as the man he thought he'd killed with the fall grabbed him by the hair while something dug deep into one of the bullet wounds and caused him to scream in pain. This guy was talking to him, but Seiji was struggling to focus. Why did he keep calling him a hero? Seiji had simply let his instincts take over, however; he realized that his rushing in without a plan could spell trouble, he'd need to be a little tricky.

As the madman let go of his hair and Seiji dropped back onto the ground, he flipped his right palm up and swiftly shot a blast of mist aimed at the crazy dude's face. If it hit, the madman would feel himself chill and become slower while Seiji would attempt to get on his feet.

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#5 Re: [Event] Playing the Hero.. Yesterday at 7:20 am

The man had been scratching at the ground in front of him, presumably trying to escape or drag himself to some kind of level ground but it wasn't to be. The man screamed and writhed beneath Cactus's prolonged torment, he squealed and cried beneath Cactus's torturous activities. As Cactus released the mans hair, Cactus realized rather quickly that he had made a gross miscalculation in assessing what the boy was still capable of, as he sprayed mist in Cactus's eyes causing him to misfire. Cactus used Ranzig to get out of the way, and stumbled backwards, feeling himself get chilled as his foot-steps felt heavier than they did before. It was obvious to him that he had become slower, but not so much slower that it was going to matter. After-all, Cactus wasn't exactly a speed-demon on his best days.

Cactus would pull a knife from his belt and smile at the man in front of him. "You're all guts kid.. But let's see what's underneath all that!"

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#6 Re: [Event] Playing the Hero.. Today at 6:03 am

Seiji scrambled to his feet, wincing as he turned to face his opponent. His knee screamed in pain, and his back throbbed with white-hot agony as his mind raced to process the last few minutes. He'd done it again; his recklessness had almost spelled his doom. First the Captain-Commander cracked his skull open like a watermelon, now this? He'd been careless, utterly underestimating the ability and cunning of this madman before him. However, there was one thing Seiji knew for sure: his blood was roaring in his ears. But could he really face this man and win? The way his opponent held himself, it was clear that Seiji wasn't a threat to him. He was outmatched, and needed to get away while he still could.

   Seiji roared, his voice melding with his thrumming battle-lust as his hair turned white and a powerful blast of mist surrounded them as Seiji unleashed his Bankai in full force. The mist howled around them, chilling everything within to it's core. Seiji tried to go for a big Shunpo backwards, but his knee caused him to stumble and manage only a few feet. Seiji made a sweeping motion with his hands as 10 mirrors solidified on the edge of the mist. These mirrors flashed as 5 of them fired knives of ice towards Cactus Jack from different directions.

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