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#1 [Event] Furious Flower Vs Seething Scientist on Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:34 am

She was all excited to take out that Mazi brat and she would have done it so gloriously too. However, that tentacle freak got in her way and had to punch her out of a window! The fist would fly forcefully into her face sending her through the nearest glass window. Her body would break the glass as she would fall quite a ways into the Earth. She would groan as she pulled herself off the ground and sat up. A hand would rise to her face as she would feel a bit of warmth dripping from her lip. She would pull her fingers back to see they were, in fact, covered in blood. Her fist would clench as she would rise to her feet in a screaming fit. "Tentacle bastard! Who does he think he is rushing in like some hero?! The brat isn't even worth the used oxygen! And my precious face.. How will I get my king to love me looking like this?!" The woman would turn her angry face into a silly puppy dog pouty face. So, that's what she was worried about?

As she was having her tantrum, Selics would notice the Senkaimon opening before her. "So, the bastard returns. Hope the little bitch is dead by the end of this," Selica would hiss in Kokoro's direction as he had just spoiled her fun and her face.

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Kokoro wasn't listened to this spoiled twat any longer, he was coming towards her with a singular, hate filled intent. He was going to kill her brutally, in as embarrassing and as painful a manner as Kokoro could possibly muster. Kokoro's mask was fixed firmly across his face as he wasted no time in launching five Bala's in quick succession towards the Arrancar, but her troubles weren't going to end there. Wherever she had ended up she would find Kokoro waiting for her, having used Shunpo when she began to avoid the final one. He would appear in front of her and quickly swat her aside bare-handed. Kokoro, whom was deceptively strong given his size, would easily knock the girl through the nearby concrete parking garage if she had been caught by the slap.

Kokoro burrowed his tentacles into the ground and began to spider walk towards the garage, burrowing more tentacles through it in order to collapse it down on the girl within, or to simply eliminate her list of available hiding spots. "You die today Espada!"

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#3 Re: [Event] Furious Flower Vs Seething Scientist on Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:16 am

Selica would stare at the man grinning taking a stance that assumed she was ready for him, except she would see the mask and immediately frown. So, he was one of those fuckers? She really did hate their kind and her eyes would show it as 5 bala were blasted in her direction. Selica would use Sonido to escape the 5 bala only to be instantly swatted into a concrete wall. A cry of pain would escape her mouth as she collided with the wall landing on the ground inside. She would peel herself off the ground with a couple of coughs before turning towards a screaming tentacle creep. She would growl through closed teeth, "Grow."

She would jump to her feet using Sonido to get out of there as quick as possible before raising her hand to fire 2 ceros at Kokoro. "What's the matter, tentacle freak?" Selica would growl as she would grin as wide as possible. Thorns would errupt from the ground to chase down the Captain before Selica would continue, "Mad that your little friend got her ass handed to her?" Selica would sigh continuing to speak to him not feeling even slightly concerned about the ordeal. "She's just a waste anyway. I mean.. She's not even cute!" The woman would tease sticking out her tongue as if she were just trying to annoy him.

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The girl was lucky enough to avoid the oncoming Bala but she wasn't fortunate enough to avoid the backhand Kokoro had thrown out towards her in the mean-time. As much of a pity as that was, it seemed that she had transformed in an instant and Kokoro would thus be wise to do the same.. He ascended to Bankai and immediately Shunpo'd out of the way of the two Cero's she had launched in his general direction. Thorns erupted from the ground and Kokoro was once again forced to play defense, Shunpoing away from them as the woman continued to spout shit incessantly, only serving to further grate on Kokoro's already active nerves. Kokoro planted a foot in the ground and Shunpo'd forwards towards her, using his tentacles to wrap up the thorns that had been chasing him, before lowering them to the ground.

As the girl stuck her tongue out and finished her final phrase, she was about to get a mouth-full. Kokoro's hand reached out to grab her by the face, and as he squeezed as tightly as he tentacles from his hands began to force their way down her throat, the poison was immensely painful normally but this.. This was torture of the worst kind. He knew he would see fear in her eyes as he lifted her from the ground. "Your vanity will be your demise, but not before I embarrass you by showing you the true gap in power, between a Captain of the Gotei.. And a lowly fucking Espada!"

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Selica was confident in herself, perhaps even a bit too confident as she would finally decide to shut up. However, it would be far too late to return anything she had said as Kokoro's hand would wrap around her face. Green eyes would stare widely at him, especially as his tentacles forced their way down her throat. Immediately, her body was filled with a pain so furious that it only made her want to scream. However, she couldn't breathe with the tentacles descending her throat and blocking her airway. Her body squirmed as he lifted her from the ground prompting her hands to grasp at his arm as her nails attempted to dig into his skin. Tears formed in her eyes, not from fear, but from pain as they rolled down her cheeks. What was she going to do?

Selica knew she had to do somethibg fast, so she would do the only thing she knew how to instinctively in this moment. A cero would charge from her hand as she listened to Kokoro speaking his piece, well rather she tried. As he would finish, she would blast her cero on contact through his arm detaching it from the rest of his body. She would drop to the ground only to use Sonido to repel herself backwards as she would drop to a knee. Her hands frantically ripped the arm away from her mouth and the tentacles from her throat while she coughed hysterically. Surely enough, there would be a bit of blood ascending from her throat and dripping out if her mouth. As it rolled off her chin, Selica would grin breathing heavily, "Well, that was hot." She would wipe the vision of water from her eyes so as to see more clearly as her reddened face would slowly begin to turn normal color again.

It seemed that in the aftermath she thoroughly enjoyed the pain and suffering she had just went through. She was more excited than she was previously and as she would stand she would find herself more than ready for what else he had to bring. "Please, tell me there's more than that. What a tease," she would say beginning to act in a more seductive manner than an angry one. A single green eye would wink at the Captain as she waited what more he had to offer.

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The girl was crying as she clawed at Kokoro's arm to get away, but it was seemingly to no avail. However, as Kokoro had continued to speak to her he felt his arm being blown away and destroyed by the girl in an instant, as she fell to the ground and used Sonido to move back and away from him. Kokoro smirked, beginning the tedious task of regenerating that arm. He noticed that even despite moving back, she had dropped to a knee rather quickly and her hands were frantically removing the tentacles and the arm from within her. As she did this, she would notice Kokoro launching a Hadou 4 at her with a tentacle directly behind her to catch the blast.

His intention with this was simple, she'd either have a hole in her chest or allow the explosion to go off behind her unbeknownst to her. Her face was beginning to return to it's normal color as he did this. Even as she took all that Kokoro had thrown at her, she simply teased him, mocked him directly to his face.. To say she was frustrating was an understatement, she was making Kokoro absolutely fucking furious. Livid even, and he wasn't sure how to respond to this entire situation as of yet. Kokoro Shunpo'd towards her once more and went to restrain her with his tentacles. Provided that had worked, he would seek to cleave her in half with a downwards strike via his scythe. He just had to hope it would work..

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Selica would find her green eyes looking upon her opponent who was, if fact, launching some sort of kidou at her. Almost instantaneously, a large shield would grow from Selica's right forearm blocking the weakened attack leaving a black mark on the surface of the wood where it had burned ever so slightly. The woman would then glare at the Captain before her. He was so brutal to her poor children and that made her angry, however she did take a little joy in knowing that she was infuriating him. So, she could only do one thing.. continue.

He would come at her once again at ridiculous speeds, but she could easily stop that. A large tree would grow up through the ground directed towards Kokoro's chest as he flew forward. She was aiming to grow the tree through him in hopes that she could end this fight. "Ya know. You seem like the kind of guy that likes being penetrated. I'm just trying to show you a good time afterall," she would wink at the man waiting to see what would happen next. Just how much angrier could he get?

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