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#1 [Event] Stage Three: Damage on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:59 am

She was waiting in the hallways of the Committee building following the orders of her father, the Captain Commander. He seemed to have brought everyone that he possibly could and she couldn't blame him for that. All four leaders were currently in the same room having a meeting of sorts, yet she hadn't seemes to witness any hollows in the area. Humans, Chaos, and shinigami all seemes to wander about giving eachother sort of side eyes. It was quite a stressful time and it was certainly not settling well with her at all. "Fuck this. Can we go already? What's taking so long?"

Everything was as calm as possible before noises of gargantas opening could be heard throughout the city. Kat found herself cornered between Selica and Cactus Jack, who was further away than the plant whore being about 20 feet off. He held a gun pointed directly at her, "What the hell is this? What are you doing?" A grin formed on Selica's blood red lips. "Oh, how wonderful it is to see you, little Kitty Kat. Well, not wonderful for you," Selica would speak before raising her hand and blasting a cero straight through the teen's stomach. Just as she did so a hoard of cero's would target the building blasting through creating holes in the structure while also taking off the green eyed girl's leg in the process.

Her eyes were wide as she toppled to the floor with blood pouring from her body. Her head spun and her vision blurred as the red haired woman walked close to her half living being. "Ouch, well, I WAS planning on killing you myself and destroying that machine. Guess I'll just finish you off," a smile would cross her blood red lips contemplating how she wanted to kill the poor kid off.

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#2 Re: [Event] Stage Three: Damage on Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:11 am

Cactus had been waiting for the opportunity to present itself, and as dozens of Cero's began to rock the Committee headquarters, he knew he had to take his shot. He smirked as it appeared another Espada had the same idea he did, and as he went to fire away and take the little Shinigami girls head off he noticed a blur of light coming his way for some god foresaken reason. What in the fuck..

Kokoro had one task, and one task only as the building began to be pelted with Cero's, he had to find Kat and get her back home. Unfortunately it appeared that he hadn't got to her in time, as one of the Espada had put a Cero through her stomach, and one of the incoming cero's had taken one of her legs. Kokoro Detached one of his arms and rocketed it at the Espada at Cero level force and speed, before Shunpoing over to gather up what was left of Kat. He knew he was never going to hear the end of this from Ika, and he couldn't help but grimace and growl a bit in the direction of the Espada..

He'd be back for her.

For now Kokoro took himself through a Senkaimon, and dropped Kat off at the sick bay with Ayame. "She's your priority. Save her life, or no one will find your body." Kokoro's eyes and general demeanor would tell pretty much anyone with an ounce of reason, that he meant exactly what he said. Kokoro quickly used his Regenerative abilities to heal the 3 Cero wounds that had torn holes through various parts of his body, allowed some of the nearby Shinigami to lend him some Reiryoku, before he would proceed to jump back through the Gargantua to finish off the Espada that had made him fail for the first time in longer than he could remember..

In short, there was going to be hell to pay.

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#3 Re: [Event] Stage Three: Damage on Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:32 am

Seiji hummed a quiet little tune as he leaned against a wall with a small smile. The Captain-Commander was sitting in with the other bigwigs of the major organizations as they discussed what to do about some weapon-dealio. What the fuck it did and why everyone's fathers where all ruffled over it, Seiji had no goddamn clue. However, they were in New York! It was like a business trip of sorts, and Seiji was incredibly honored to have been chosen to coma along, even if it was more just because he was the Vice-Captain. Seiji let out a big sigh and pretended to look at a watch he did not have as he debated how quickly he could grab a slice of pizza without getting caught leaving his post.

Right as he made up his mind to go Shunpo on over to the nearest pizzeria, everything decided it was a nice time to go to shit. Seiji wasn't even sure what was going on, or where things had gone wrong, but people were suddenly fighting everywhere. Maybe negotiations had broken down? Seiji's body moved on muscle memory and instinct, drawing his Zanpakuto and whispering the words to draw for Kiri's power, "...Obscure." The wakizashi reshaped itself into a pair of gauntlets as Seiji ran down the hall to come across a grisly sight.

Some fucker was pointing a gun at a Shinigami who'd had her leg and guts blasted out by Cero blasts. What was her name again, Kat? Seiji wasn't sure, it didn't matter. He Shunpo'd diagonally, barreling at high speeds into the fucker with the gun and smashing them both through the nearest window.

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