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#1 Dae-Wi Han on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:22 am

Name: Dae-Wi Han
Apparent Age: 19
True Age: 19
Sex: Male
Personality: Dae-Wi is usually a bit of a loner. However, he is also very hardworking, willing to work multiple jobs to help his family make ends meet while studying to become a hero. Dae-Wi is usually very calm and laidback. However, insulting his friends will set off his temper. He is deeply protective of his friends, willing to go to extreme lengths for them, even if it means putting his own life on the line.

He also has a soft spot for kids, and tends to fly off the deep end whenever they are put into harms way

Height: 6'2
Weight: 200lbs
Physical Traits: Han Dae-Wi is a tall, lazy looking young man, with a muscular build, brown hair, and light-brown eyes. When angered or serious, his face becomes noticeably sharper.

General Fighting Style: Dae-Wi uses a combination of the Karate he was taught when growing up and the powers he developed alonged the way to in harmony to try and control the fight.
Strengths: Agility, Strength, Control
Weaknesses: Sensing, Reiryoku

Ability Name: Gravity Manipulation
Description: Dae-Wi has the ability to manipulate the gravity pulling things to him, pushing them away, creating areas of up to x3 gravity and even gives him the ability to levitate. (Gravity field is at most a Bakudo 30)

Ability Name: Universal Pull
Description: Using his Gravity Manipulation Dae-Wi pulls his target(s) towards him with extreme force. (like a hado 60 Sho)[1 post cooldown]

Ability Name: Almighty Push
Description: Using his Gravity Manipulation Dae-Wi pushis his target(s) away him with extreme force. (like a hado 60 Sho)[1 post cooldown]

Ability Name: Gravity Well
Description: Dae-Wi creates an area about 10 feet in Diameter of increased gravity, about 5x normal gravity for up to 3 posts. (Like a Bakudo 50) [3 Post Cooldown - starts after turned off]

Ability Name: First Stance: Fist of the Black Tortoise
Description: The first stance of the Dance of Four Gods set of techniques. It is a technique that uses a powerful punch to interrupt the opponent's attack. Dae-Wi can enhance the power of his punch with his reiryoku, causing it to inflict up to a Cero's worth of Damage.
Ability Name: Second Stance: Kick of the Red Phoenix
Description: the second stance of Dance of Four Gods sets of techniques. It offsets the balance of an opponent by kicking the ground to send a powerful shockwave through it. A variation of this technique is to stomp the opponent's leg, and the shockwave still travels from the ground. When enhanced with his Reiryoku this technique kicks up a massive shockwave in the air as well that creates a bakudo 60 barrier around him. [3 post CD]
Ability Name: Third Stance: Dance of The White Tiger
Description: The third stance of Dance of Four Gods set of techniques. It is a combo of punches and kicks that penetrates an opponent's defenses, each one the dozens of blows strikes with the force of a Bala
Ability Name: Fourth Stance: Wave of Blue Dragon
Description: The fourth and final stance of Dance of Four Gods set of techniques. First three stances in Dance of Four Gods are used to set up the flow of air for Blue Dragon's Storm. The user takes control of the flow and directs it towards their opponent in a powerful blast of air. Enhancing it with his Reiryoku, The wave of the blue dragon deals a Gran Rey level damage in a straight line, [3 post CD]

Boosts: x2 All


Ability Name: Inertia Manipulation
Description: Han Dae-Wi can manipulate inertia, using it in combination with his physical abilities such as Dance of the White Tiger to expedite the power of his punches. He also can make an object's inertia lower, causing it to freeze mid-air.
Ability Name: Gravity Well x2
Description: Dae-Wi creates an area about 10 feet in Diameter of increased gravity, about 8x normal gravity for up to 3 posts. (Like a Bakudo 80) [5 Post Cooldown - starts after turned off]
Boosts: x3 All


Ability Name: Strong Force Manipulation:
Description: By manipulating the very force that binds proton and Neutron together in atomic nuclei, Han Dae-Wi can imitate the state of nuclear fusion inside stars for various purposes. His favorite uses is to create massive explosions. (Cero Oscuras Damage 4 post CD)
Ability Name: Weak Force Manipulation
Description: Using the very force that decays particles, Han Dae-Wi can destroy any object in his path. (Does not work on player characters)

Boosts: 4x All

There isn't much to tell about Dae-Wi, other than the fact that he was born in Tokyo, trained in his Families Full Contact Karate style from the time he could walk. and during high school, he fell in with a friend and well, became a real punk, getting into fights regularly. He was extremely blind to the spiritual world for most of his life, it wasn't until an accident at a young age, one that took his friends life, and almost took Dae-Wi's eye, that he could even notice the start of the spiritual world.

At the time the damage to his eye left him practically blind in it. But that all changed when his powers manifested. Then he could see the world that had been hidden to him clearly, almost as if his eye died and came back, granting him a bridge to the world of the dead, and the powers to fight evenly against the monsters he now attracted.

Though thankfully, Hollows weren't all that his awakening attracted, a Shinigami had taken an interest in him and helped train him in using his powers, and how to fight the hollows. Though after a couple of years the Shinigami suggested to that Dae-Wi found other humans to help him learn more, and to work with. So Dae-Wi has found himself in New York to do just that.
Side Notes: Meh
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#2 Re: Dae-Wi Han on Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:50 am

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