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#1 GLOBAL EVENT: THE SUMMIT on Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:55 am

So this is the major event you’ve all been waiting for, the summit meeting between all four major factions. This event will take part in ten stages. Stage One and  Stage Two is one major thread and can begin and end in the same thread, the rest of you are to do an event entrance in your respective stage thread to pair off with your partners, then make a new thread for the sub battle. For example, as Cactus I would post in Stage Three, attack Kat, then Seiji would tackle me out the window and I’ll begin our fight in another topic. I need everyone to be active for this event, so that we can make it as exciting as it should be. This will all be taking place in New York, and I’m hopeful that this will go smoothly. The plot details and who’s doing what can be found below. Thank you all, and best of luck. Go get started!

Stage One: The Meeting

Doku, Natasha, Jackal, Ika all meet at the Committee head quarters to discuss the Ark. Hagane is there to protect Ika, Demise is present for Doku, Accel for Natasha, and Jackal is a one man army. Ceros begin to bombard the building, 20 in total hit Hagane who jumps in front for Ika, 20 hit Demise who protects Doku, and 40 are reflected back by Accel as Jackal gets the fuck outta dodge. At the end Kaede will attempt to assassinate Jackal, and Jack will be on standby from there alongside Kirou.

No subfights

Stage Two: The Attempt

Kaede fights Jackal valiantly after injuring him in an initial attempt on his life. Jackal turns the tides and before he can kill him, is attacked by Jack and Kirou whom are summarily bodied. As he’s about to kill them Accel and Rei show up to try and end him, forcing him to retreat. Kokoro in that time scoops the bodies and drags them back to Gotei before returning later on.

Kaede vs Jackal
Jack and Kirou interfere
Before kill, Rei and Accel interfere
Kokoro scoops up the bodies and Senkaimons out
Brief Rei and Accel vs Jackal action.

Stage Three: Damage
Kat has been nearly killed by Cactus Jack and Selica among other Hollows due to their attack on where she’s at in the building. As Kazuku saves her, Seiji pushes back against Cactus forcing him out of the building for their fight. Anna escorts Demise to Bogota for treatment, and Kokoro escorts Hagane to Gotei for treatment, and as he returns he’ll probably notice Ika losing his shit because Kat looks like she’s about to die due to injuries she’s sustained. Kokoro also escorts her out inevitably, and attempts to find out who’s responsible. Aka Selica.


Selica vs Kokoro
Seiji vs Cactus Jack

Stage Four: Heroes Emerge

Seiji fights valiantly against Cactus but is left nearly dead by the mad fuck. Shino in the meantime is cleaning up Committee soldiers left right and center, before being interrupted by All Might. All Might attacks and fights Shino, presumably killing him in the fight before being interrupted by the madman known as Cactus Jack. The First Hero to ever live has a bit of a hate boner for old All Might, and plans on making that known to everyone with eyes on the situation.


Seiji vs Cactus
Shino vs All Might
All Might vs Cactus

Stage Five: The Defense
Sakota, Jun, and Alex have all been tasked with protecting the Ark and plan to do so with their lives. Nakita wanders up to deal with Sakota, and the pairing of Jun and Alex are left to deal with Thor and Colbolt, in order to protect the Ark. Tegan, with his army of animals mauling all the soldiers nearby, will be confronted by Pallas, who will attempt to stop him from getting to the Ark. Regardless of who wins and loses, there will be casualties, and the odds that the Ark remains are slim to none.


Sakota vs Nakita
Pallas vs Colbolt (Edit, Jun forfeit)

Stage Six: All Out War
Throughout the various attacks many parties will get split off and paired up with one another, one such meeting of fate will occur when Shana and Yukari withstand the blast and find themselves next to each other for the first time in years. Another such pairing will occur when Maki recognizes Satoshi, and decides to give him a piece of her mind. As Josh tries to help Satoshi out, Haru will intervene and those two will be forced to fight on their own.


Shana vs Yukari
Josh vs Haru

Stage Seven:
Doku finds Minnia outside the building sniping Hollows and Committee Troops with Hadou 4’s left right and center, when they both notice an obnoxious quantity of bullets fly out of no where and wipe out the Hollows on the far side. Seemingly out of no where, a barrage of ceros wipes out the remaining soldiers and somebody bursts to the rooftops, where the Queen of Quincy Gwenyvere is making short work of the Shinigami off in the distance. Unfortunately for her, Satoshi doesn’t like Quincy. RIP. Meanwhile Anna, whom has been separated from Josh in the ensuing chaos, has been confronted by Seralin on the far side of the building, not far off from the piles of dead bodies created by Gwenevyre. Unsurprisingly, battle ensues


Doku and Minnia vs Rei and Accel
Satoshi vs Gwen
Anna vs Seralin

Stage Eight: Destruction

Ika goes on a rampage, that leads him right to the ark. Natasha pleads with Ika that he cannot destroy the Ark, in a move known as fatal last words as Ika destroys the Ark. A battle ensues where Arrancar Celeste and Kvothe appear and try to take Ika out, before they are summarily caught by Kazuku and forced to fight him instead. When Amaya rushes in to help Ika, she finds that a gun has been pointed at her by resident gunlady Mei, and things begin to get interesting in a hurry!


Kvothe and Celeste vs Kazuku
Mei vs Amaya
Ika vs Natasha

Stage Nine: Scaled Battle

Despite the damages inflicted on and around the Committee building, many battles rage on around the city, such as Masamune vs Quelaan, who both meet up fighting off Hollows and Committee Soldiers to the North.  In a similar vein, Seo and Gin meet up the south of the building, having retreated back to survey the situation and are forced into battle from there. In the basement of the building, Then the Fraccion Marvin finds a wild Ochako cowering in the basement.


Ochako vs Marvin
Seo vs Gin
Masamune vs Quelaan

Stage 10: All In

Sol’Elis is Pikachuing her way through hordes of Hollows and Shinigami, when she stumbles upon Hikaru, a Vizard from the Gotei who’s been witnessing the damage she’s been doing. After this, Hammergirl Satou hammers her way to Aria, and finds herself in a battle with a crafty and clever scientist. All the while on the east side of the building, two kerfuffles have broken out between Enzo and Akuma, as well as between Lapis and Manda. Who makes it out of these battles is largely anyone’s guess.


Manda vs Lapis
Akuma vs Enzo
Sol’Elis vs Hikaru
Satou vs Aria

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