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#1 [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:01 am

It seemed that security had not been tight enough the day she revealed the greatest technology the Committee had created yet. It seemes that not everyone was on board with her little project and not everyone was willing to accept that she had such power at her fingertips. However, Natasha wasn't very happy with them either considering they could all do much more than her silly little appearing act, plus that. So, she would do the only thing she could bring to mind to do to settle such silly matters between the four organizations. Natasha would invite them all to a meeting at her very own Committee building in the best of fashions. They would meet in a rather large room around a circular table with comfy chairs.

She had set up this meeting before realizing she herself would need to bring one of her own into the room. There were only a select few to choose from and as much as he hated her, Natasha would so hesitantly decide upon Accelerator. They didn't have the best history, which never lead to a glamorous relationship. Nonetheless, she trusted him to do what was right for the committee and on behalf of her well being. So, they would be placed within the room ready to welcome their so called guests to join them, even if she began to feel a bit nervous about thw whole deal.

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#2 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:19 am

There was some unusual activities taking place high above the city. Thunder roared ferociously through the heavens. The clouds darkened as lightning streaked across the skies. It felt as if something or someone was on their way. Lightning crackled while a Garagunta tore opened like a throat being viciously sliced. he distortion of space and time was visible only to those capable of seeing it. To the likes of the ordinary person, the weather had simply taken a turn for the worse. For those who knew better, it herald in something completely different. From behind the curtain of blackness and endless boundary stepped forth Wolfgang. His eyes taking in the scenery, before settling on his destination. It was predetermined by the invite that was sent out to him. Wolfgang wasn't the type to ever care about sharing a room with the enemy. But if all the leaders were meeting, then he too needed to ensure they weren't plotting against him. Wolfgang stared down at the building, observing the place and its compound. Before long, the Espada descended towards the committee building at great speeds. His hawk live dive was followed what sounded like a thunder crack.

His descent took him into the courtyard of the committee residence. The man landed with authority before taking steps forward in the same fashion. He was curious to see what the fuss was all about. The word on the streets was that, it was in the best interest of everyone to find out. Wolfgang pondered just how relevant it all was to him. And was hoping that he will have all the answers to his question. For now the man was being guided to the meeting area. The Jackal was anticipating a trap, some fuckery and poor decision making. It goes without saying that he was well equipped to deal with it all. Zanapakuto and the like was on his person. The man soon arrived at the meeting place, taking note of the host. The man simply nodded in the direction of the woman. The introductions will have to wait for now.

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#3 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:16 am

Accelerator had been stationed here as a bodyguard of sorts for Natasha, it wasn't exactly that she needed it, but at the same time the Committee wasn't foolish enough to lock her in a room with the Cero Espada, Captain Commander, and the leader of Chaos all by her lonesome. And so it had been pushed upon Accelerator that he should be there with her in case things went wrong, in truth he kind of understood why they felt that way, the topic of discussion seemed to be a fairly toxic one. The other groups simply put didn't appreciate that the Ark Tech put the Committee and all of Humanity ahead of them. Sure, it was true that the entirety of the Committee was stationed within the building at various locations and it was also true that most of the Gotei and Chaos members had followed, but it did strike Accelerator as odd that the Espada were no where to be found. Just the Cero Espada, who sat stationed across from them... Interesting.

Doku was the next to enter, he and his old trusty bodyguard Demise whom had worked with him for a couple thousand years. Sure Demise was objectively the weakest person in the room, but what he lacked in raw power he made up for with heart, scary factor, and the ability to absorb copious amounts of damage. Doku wouldn't have wanted anyone else flanking him at a time like this, and it was with Demise at his side that he could take a seat at the table with the utmost confidence.. Doku glared across the room with clear anger and distrust in his eyes as he glanced back and forth between the Cero Espada and the Committee girl.. In truth, Doku had planned to have them all taken out in due time, but that wasn't the most pressing issue currently, no.. The most pressing issue they were faced with currently was that fucking Ark device.. Doku made no bones about his feelings towards that cursed fucking device, even as his son entered the room. "I don't care what's said between now and me leaving this room, but I will destroy that fucking thing with my bare-hands, and that's only after I warm up on you Espada." Doku glared across the room at the man known as Jackal with genuine hatred and vitriol radiating from his being. He went to continue on, when his bastard of a son arrived.

Speaking of, Ika arrived in short order with his own personal bodyguard, Hagane in tow. He was much like Demise, which made sense given that he was in fact the old cunts son, but more on that compelling plot-line later. For now Ika would simply give grandpa a smack upside the head before sitting down next to him, "I told you if you didn't behave I'd put you in a nursing home, now quit threatening everyone, it's a fucking meeting not a declaration of war." Ika's lips curled into a smile before looking across the room at Jackal, and then to Natasha. "Now after this meeting.. I won't take that off the table. But the old man does have a point, the fact is that device you've made isn't going to survive this meeting. It's going to be destroyed one way or another so how about you give us the location so I can skip this nauseating affair, and just kill the bastard across from me, while hoping that the old cunt next to me gets caught in the cross fire." Ika kicked his feet up on the table and kicked back. It appeared that Jackal was in fact unaware of Kaede, Jack, and Kirou, who were stationed outside the wall ready to pounce and kill him in an instant. All was going according to plan.. So far...

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#4 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:19 pm

Walking into the room by Doku's side, Demise took note to observe who was in the room. Straitening his posture and putting his hands behind his back, Demise would follow Doku as he made his way about the room. A cold and uncaring look would be present on his face, although at this point in time it was his usual facial expression. He didn't care about anyone in the room, he had other thoughts on his mind. Although he would briefly glimpse over his son, as Ika entered the room. Demise would keep to himself, going over his thoughts over and over again.


Hagane would enter the room accompanying Ika. Walking in with his hands by his sides, and a give no fucks attitude. Hagane glimpsed over everyone in the room, but would take more note on the strange dark figure by Doku's side. The man looked vaguely familiar, but the face didn't match anyone he'd remembered seeing. Taking a relaxed stance behind Ika, Hagane would roll his eyes in boredom. "I can't be the only one with a sketchy feeling about this meeting", he would say aloud.

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#5 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:07 am

How it happened that the dumbest man in the room happened to be the one with the intuition to smell out a farce is beyond me, but we'll have more on that story later. The sky grew black in an instant, and before anyone could realize what was happening dozens of Gargantua's began to open throughout the city and outside the building, as Hollow's and Sinners began to rip through the portals and into the World of the Living, if that wasn't bad enough? On the far side of the building hundreds of Gillian class Hollows and Arrancar's began opening fire on the building, launching volley's of hundreds of Cero's in an attempt to collapse the building and take out those inside. The person behind this attack couldn't be more obvious, but that didn't make the affair any less dangerous, and it didn't lower the stakes of what was happening. There were literally dozens of cero's heading towards a room with the most powerful leaders in the known world.. It was an act of war, if there ever was one.

(Kk now resume post order)

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#6 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:06 am

Natasha would watch as the leaders slowly entered the room one by one with their respective detail right behind them. All except for the Cero Espada, which would immediately set red flags across Nat's mind. In fact, she hadn't seen a single arrancar or sinner all day, nor had they had any sightings around. She was tempted to call off the meeting right here and now, until she was distracted by the voice of an old grouch threatening her machine. She had expected hostility, yet they hadn't even let her speak. Green eyes would stay locked onto the group, especially Jackal as Ika would finally arrive.

She would find herself sitting on the edge of her seat as her fingers silently danced in her lap, as Ika spoke. Well, at least he wasn't as cruel as his grumpy father. However, she would find her eyes settling on the man behind him, who so bluntly spoke about the meeting and the feeling in the air. Of course, everything would just go to shit after that. Gargantas would open up all over the city and the building would begin to shake as ceros continuously blasted the building. Natasha would glare at Jackal before standing from her chair, "If we're breaking anything today, I suggest his fucking skull!"

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#7 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting on Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:47 am

Perfect. Just perfect. Wolfgang was stuck in a room filled with cunts. All of them far too edgy for his liking. Thinking back on all this, Wolfgang wasn't even responsible for anything. In addition to this, Wolfgang was glad to see a familiar face. Everything seemed a bit sketchy, but he was here anyway. The man was waiting for the right moment in which to take his leave. Thing is, the others probably planned on doing what would shortly transpire. The difference being that the scale would be different. They would all be a bunch of hypocrites if they never thought of what was to happen. The device was dangerous. But Wolfgang knew all too well that these bastards would gang up on him. This was their nature, always picking on Hollows. So instead of getting jumped, why not come prepared? Most of the leaders had some form of attendant. Wolfgang on the other hand have no Fraccion. This is why no one tagged along with him.

It was suspicious, but it was also the truth. Unfortunately, some untimely events began to take place. So much so that Wolfgang was almost forced to roll his eyes. This was bad timing, but on the other hand no time like the present. When the Hollows arrived on the scene. Wolfgang knew it was game over for them all. Ceros bombarded the committee building and meeting area. Wolfgang smiled as Natasha made her intentions known. In reality, Wolfgang was innocent in all this. Knowing that they would all attack him, the Espada immediately headed for the exit. His body charged with electricity which was visible. The man performed a Gemelos Sonido, leaving behind a clone in his stead. One that was life like, meanwhile he made his exit. That was his attempt any. Literally get the fuck outta dodge while chaos ruled. The man made his move with this in mind. No point hanging around. His Sonido took him out of the path of the others. Hopefully no one was following him.

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#8 Re: [Event] Stage One: The Meeting Yesterday at 7:46 am

Feeling the shaking and breakdown of the building, as cero's barraged it. Demise Released to shikai, Tossing his armour over Doku. As his armour flew over, and formed over Doku, It would reveal Demise's frail, decayed, sunken body. Laughing like a maniac, he would eat 20 Cero's to the face. After the torrent of firepower, Demise would look at Doku. Demise's laughter would start to quieten down as his scorched body hit the ground. Blue fire enveloping him ever so slightly, as the life from his cold eyes began to fade slowly away. Tears leaving their sockets. Til his laughter went almost silent.  


Hagane's instincts were right, and the building would become under siege. Donning his mask, Hagane would roar like a beast. Running in front of Ika, and doing the same as his father. Protecting Ika and eating 20 Cero's to the face. After the torrent, Hagane's mask shattered and he fell to his knee's. Blood pooring from his body, as he became unconscious.

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