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Seiji swung his arms lightly as he entered the space where he had been called to by the Captain. Just one look at his face made it clear how excited he was; his eyes sparkled with the giddiness of a young man as he stopped and began to stretch. He'd only been told that there was to be a spar, but even that was enough to get his blood boiling with excitement. "Hot-blooded clashes of fists, that's what it's all about after all!" He hummed a little tune to himself, a bastardization of some hype-up song or other as he began punching the air, his Zanpakuto left in her sheath as he seemingly muttered to himself.

"Say, Kiri, are you as pumped as I am? Though we can't talk unless I'm meditating!" Seiji let out a laugh at his words, seeming to find them funny as his free-spirited bellows echoed across the clear space of the arena-to-be. Truth be told, however; he was curious as to why the Captain would suddenly ask him out here to spar. Was it to get to know his subordinate better? Or maybe the Captain enjoyed a good bought of fisticuffs as much as he did? From what Seiji understood, the Captain was highly proficient in Hakudo: an arguably strange quality in a shinigami, especially one of such high stature. "Ah, but maybe I could get some pointers after the match?" Seiji thrust his elbow out then jumped in the air, spinning and unleashing a kick. "I can barely contain myself!"

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So Ika's newly appointed Vice Captain was supposedly a fairly proficient Hakuda expert, and the good news was that by all intents and purposes that did in fact appear to be correct. The bad-news was the fact that this bumbling buffoon was talking to himself, his Zanpakuto Spirit out-loud, and shadow-boxing/fighting while waiting for Ika to arrive. If this was how he acted knowing that the Captain Commander was about to make an appearance to spar with him, how did this filthy degenerate act when Ika wasn't around?.. All things considered, that didn't really matter. Ika strolled across the training grounds and cracked his neck, watching as the nearby students began to glance in his direction. Come to mention it, pretty much everyone within ear shot had seemingly gathered around the training grounds loosely, to watch whatever was about to unfold.

Ika lit a cigarette using a small spark from a Hadou 4, and took a slow drag off of the cigarette. He would wait for his opponent to get a fucking clue, but he didn't know that he had enough time left in his life to hold out hope for such unlikely occurrences so instead, he would opt to take a more fruitful and simple path to getting the idiot to come forwards. Ika put his hands in his pockets. "Oi, you're Seiji right? Supposedly one of the top Hakuda users in the Gotei currently? Great, I need to knock the rust off, so why don't you come help an old man out with that eh? No Zanpakuto's allowed is the only rule, and if you don't fight to kill? Then I will." Ika put his hands in his pockets and exhaled another puff of smoke. "Now let's get on with it."

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Seiji stopped his shadow-boxing upon hearing his name called and blinked twice, realizing he'd been totally absorbed in his own thoughts. His head turned slowly to the left, then the right as his gaze swept over the small crowd that had formed around them in a circle. Seiji's eyes settled on the figure that stood directly in his line of sight and immediately dropped one of his hands to his side, while raising the other to rub the back of his head as he chuckled nervously. "Oh, shoot! My bad, Captain-Commander. I got really into the spirit of things, you know? My apologies for keeping you waiting."

The students in the crowd chuckled, whispering among themselves how such a carefree idiot could warrant a sparring match with the Captain-Commander himself. What they did not see, however; betrayed their lack of experience. They did not see the slight way Seiji lowered his hips, nor the way his feet snapped into a relaxed but ready fighting stance. Most of all, they did not see the vibrant energy in Seiji's sapphire orbs begin to swirl and crash with lust for battle, as if the oceans themselves were boiling.

Seiji himself seemed either unfazed or completely unaware of the students' murmurings as he stared Ika down, searching for any weakpoints in his stance, his form, his center of gravity, and finding none. A single bead of sweat rolled down his right cheek before Seiji suddenly disappeared from view with a quick application of Shunpo. He re-appeared with his body perpendicular to Ika's as he fluidly shifted into a squatting stance, and threw a right-handed punch aimed to go through Ika's stomach. Even with a strike to test the waters, Seiji was going in for the kill.

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The boy seemed to realize that he had come across as being mildly on the spectrum, which was certainly a sign that maybe his ridiculous behaviors could be corrected. After a brief apology from the boy, Ika kind of ceased caring about what had happened prior, as he was more looking forward to what might happen next. The kid was intense to say the least, his eyes seemed to portray a lust for battle that it was clear the other students around them were overlooking but that hardly mattered. The mans stance was strong and effective in a practical sense, Ika didn't really need to take spars like this that seriously, so his stance was understandably pretty loose. It was a way in a sense to lure the opponent into a false sense of security, to feel as though Ika was overestimating them, or perhaps was just simply overrated in his own right.

The reason for this choice was simple, Ika was in all forms a reactive fighter, a counter-puncher of the worst variety. Ika's quickness and mastery of Shunpo allowed him to capitalize on any weaknesses following an attack, and provided that Ika was quicker than they were? It was a rough day at the office no matter what his stance looked like. Even with all that considered he knew he had to focus, and so he did. His eyes fixated on the boy as he continued to exhale smoke from the cigarette which hung loosely in his mouth, and in an instant he noticed that the boy had disappeared and appeared in front of him crouched, presumably from using Shunpo. Ika saw the strike coming for his stomach and reflexively kicked the hand away before Shunpoing forwards with a knee aimed under the boys jaw intended to send him flying. Provided that worked, Ika was going to take another drag off of his cigarette, and await a rebuttal.

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Seiji felt, rather than saw, his hand being kicked away as it flew out and left his torso open. It was in this moment that Seiji realized that while he knew for a fact that the Captain-Commander was far stronger than he was, he was also his exact opposite. Seiji preferred to go on the offensive, act before he was forced to react. He had hoped to position himself in such a way that his attack wouldn't leave him totally unguarded, but Ika's solidly-placed knee to the chin knocked any such ideas out of Seiji's head as he flew backwards.

Seiji flew low over the ground, his chin a bloody mess. With a bit of quick thinking he slammed his hands into the ground and slowed down, eventually skidding to a stop in a runner's starting pose. A couple drops of blood splattered to the ground as Seiji slowly stood back up and saw Ika casually take a puff of his cigarette. "I'd expect nothing less from you, Captain..." Seiji's lips twisted into a wild grin as he began to circle Ika. His gait was a slow, measured walk at first, but quickly turned into a run before Seiji disappeared. He reappeared behind Ika and twisted his hips, aiming a roundhouse kick at the Captain-Commader's head. If it hit, Seiji would jump back a few feet and get some distance between him and Ika.

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It seemed that Ika had quickly forced Seiji to reconsider his stance on rushing in, as he had been promptly sent flying by Ika's knee to his head. His chin was a bloody mess, but he caught himself with his hands to slow his flight in the opposite direction, a nice touch though a bit useless at a first glance. The man seemed to hold a runners pose, blood splattered the ground as Seiji brought himself to his feet, but Ika wasn't really paying much attention to be honest. The cigarette he was smoking was of a clove variety, and it's sweet scent was a healthy distraction from the mans polite chatter and incessant rambling. He heard something along the lines of Seiji praising him, so Ika simply nodded affirmatively before snapping himself back to focus for round two.

The man began to circle Ika slowly, a silly strategy if Ika had ever heard of one, but it was the one he had seemingly elected to run with. In an instant the man was running, and then he disappeared. He reappeared behind Ika and was aiming a roundhouse kick at the back of Ika's head. Not the brightest decision one could make, but it was the one the man had elected to make at the present time. Unfortunately for Seiji, this was not one of those fights where such a shot would land. Ika simply grabbed the mans outstretched leg with one hand, before aiming a straight kick at the boys knee, hoping to dislocate it due to the forwards force. Regardless of whether or not that worked, Ika would use the captured leg to throw the boy away once more, before returning to his cigarette. So far, so boring.

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This time, at least, Seiji had seen the counter-attack to his leg coming. Considering it was the most likely place to get hit, he shifted his back foot and bent his knee so the strike from Ika grazed the inside of his leg, but no more. Of course, this made him being thrown like a ragdoll that much easier. Seiji flew through the air in an arc this time, landing on his back and scrambling back up to his feet. Seiji stood perfectly still, blood dripping down his chin as his wild and battle-crazed eyes took in the entirety of the Captain-Commander. There were murmurs in the crowd, a few chuckles here and there, that all blended together in a low hum of amusement. However, Seiji didn't hear it, he didn't even care. His blood was roaring in his ears like a tidal wave crashing on the rocks.

Seiji's body ached in ways it had not in quite some time, and his messed up chin was getting blood onto his haori; he'd need to scrub it later. All these thoughts didn't register though, Seiji was just running scenarios in his mind, working out his next move. While Seiji knew in his heart of hearts he had no chance of winning, he was still going to try. Giving his best was the absolute requirement for this spar: any less would besmirch the Captain-Commander... And there was a good chance he'd actually kill him then.

Ika didn't seem inclined to move, he was just going to keep returning Seiji's attacks blow-for-blow. But was it possible to use that, in some way? "Pfft, what am I doing...? A warrior lets his body do all the thinking!" Seiji discarded his complex battle plans and burst forth in another Shunpo. He did not stop this time, and instead used the momentum of it to try and throw a headbutt right into Ika's chin. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

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The boy had avoided the broken knee, but was ultimately still thrown about like a rag-doll. At this point Ika was going to finish his cigarette before any kind of reasonable fun could even hope to begin, and what a fucking pity that was! The crowd at least seemed to be amused by the affair but to the mans credit, he was relentless and his eyes showed as much. He clearly wasn't going to quit any time soon, and such conviction was certainly welcomed given the current state of the Gotei.. Even with that said though, Ika could tell that the mans body was aching, and blood was beginning to cover not only his chin, but his clothing as well. Ika once again exhaled the smoke on his half gone cigarette and chuckled to himself.. "I'm disappointed.."

The man didn't seem inclined towards anything that might resemble thought, and that was just fine by Ika. The man tried to throw a headbutt at Ika's chin, using his Shunpo movement to try and surprise Ika. Unfortunately for him, Ika had pretty well read this movement and sent a Shunpo speed elbow straight into the top of the mans head, presumably cracking it open barring a miracle. Suffering only a concussion would take a minor miracle for the boy at this point, and Ika wasn't exactly pitying him at the present time.

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For a fraction of a second, Seiji felt triumph as his forehead hurtled towards the Captain-Commander's chin. Of course, there was no way in Hell something like that would be so easy. Seiji felt a sharp and sudden impact on the top of his head which redirected his momentum into the ground at Ika's feet. He slammed into the dirt, a cracking sound reverberating throughout the arena as the crowd began to murmur uncomfortably. Blood oozed out of the top of Seiji's head as he struggled to stand back up. The world spun as he looked up at Ika with a bloodstained grin as his crimson essence ran from the crown of his head down his temples and cheeks in rivulets. "Guess... You... Wi..." Seiji didn't finish that thought as he lost consciousness at the Captain-Commander's feet.

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So.. maybeeee Ika had overdone it slightly... Correction, given the horrified expressions of the crowd around him he in fact knew that he had went a tad overboard. The boy was bleeding all over the place, on the Muta scale he was a solid 10. It was disgusting, and Ika could even see the thick cut that formed at the top of the mans head from where Ika had made impact but, it was no matter. Ika dragged the man up over his shoulder, waved to the crowd, and began Shunpoing towards sick-bay where he would leave the boy for recovery purposes. Provided he lived, Ika had a spot in mind for him..

He planned on making him his Vice Captain.

-Thread End-

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