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#1 [Open] First Day on the Job on Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:07 am

Seiji wandered freely through the streets which housed the offices of the Gotei with a spring in his step. His short blue hair fluttered with a weak breeze, and he lifted his hand to shield his eyes. He squinted, seeming to think for a moment before jumping up onto the roof of a building. He leaned forward a little, eyes still shielded with his hand as he gazed out from the rooftop. "Yep, I have no idea where I am." Seiji crossed his arms and nodded as he spoke aloud to himself from what he was mildly certain was the headquarters of Squad 3... Probably. While he'd spent the better part of his day so far exploring, he hadn't actually taken the time to periodically check where he was. Every time he did, he ended up getting distracted by something that looked cool or vaguely interesting.

"It's about lunch time... huh." Seiji rubbed his chin as his stomach growled at him in protest. Sensing his body's demand for sustenance, Seiji reached into the sleeves of his haori and pulled out a rectangular object wrapped in paper. "It's a good thing I thought to bring a sandwich. Exploration works up an appetite, after all!" Seiji unwrapped his meal and took a bite. Munching away with his lunch in one hand, Seiji sat at the edge of the roof he was currently standing on. "Yep, it's official. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing right now." Seiji, recently made Vice-Captain, remarked aloud to himself as a quiet breeze blew past, in hopes he'd find an answer.

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#2 Re: [Open] First Day on the Job on Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:36 pm

Ayame had been out doing who knows what, but she didn't seem to be any different than when she left. Her long, light blue hair was wrapped up into a large bun atop her head as a few long strands framed her face leaving a single strand to fall between her eyes. Her yellow eyes looked ahead in a dull fashion as she wandered around in her everyday Sub-Captain's uniform. It was very rare to see such a sight of the woman conaidering she was always locked away in the medical wing of Squad 3. However, her business was important, even if she would have refused to speak about it to anyone.

On her way back towards the barracks, the woman would freeze turning the corner towards the enterance. Yellow eyes would catch sight of a man sitting atop the barracks seemingly having a leisure lunch. She had never seen him before though and she certainly wasn't sure that he even belonged there. If he did, he should have known better than to be lazing around in such a place. Well, she was about to find out.

Ayame would find herself on the roof next to the mystery boy, who at this distance seemed to be a member of a different division by far. "Even in the Gotei, it's not commom that we find strangers sitting on the rooftop to our barracks," a light, friendly smile would cross her face, so she wouldn't seem so terribly rude. "I am Ayame. Sub Captain of Squad 3. Head of the Medical Division here. Is there anything I can assist you with?" Her face would fade back to one of a simply emotionless and stern stature as she awaited an answer.

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#3 Re: [Open] First Day on the Job on Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:27 am

Seiji paused mid-chew on a piece of sandwich as he looked down at the source of the voice. His gaze fell upon a woman in a Sub-Captain uniform, though his perch partially obscured his body. His bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle as he devoured his sandwich in great haste and somersaulted off the roof of what was, as he had suspected, the Barracks for Squad Three. He landed in a victory pose a few feet away from the blue-haired woman, his own short azure locks fluttering with his acrobatics. His sapphire orbs scanned this comrade of similar rank to his own, and he let his hands drop to his side as he assumed a relaxed and friendly pose. Nevertheless, a certain vibrant aura surrounded Seiji that was evident to anyone who took even a cursory glance in his direction.

"So this is the Squad Three barracks, huh? I kinda figured, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure. I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to be doing, see, so I decided to take a walk around and see if anything required my attention." Here, Seiji raised an eyebrow and placed his hands on his hips in a pose of playful frustration, but it was clear that he seemed to be doing it more so for comedic effect than anything. "But, wouldn't you know it? Nobody else needed my help! So I kept wandering around, trying to think if the Captain had told me any of my duties before whisking off to who-knows-where. Then I realized I was lost, so I perched up on that roof there and ate a sandwich I brought with me... Oh!" Seiji suddenly snapped his fingers then made eye contact with the woman. He took a step forward and held out his hand. "I'm sorry, I never introduced myself, how rude of me! I'm Seiji Mofubuki, recently-appointed Vice-Captain of Squad One. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

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