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#1 [Private] How to a Date? (Noz/Ayame) on Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:37 pm

Ayame had approached me while sitting in my office and asked me if I'd like to take some time off work to go spend some time in the human world with her. Seeing as she'd managed to soften me quite a bit, I took her up on the offer. Though suspiciously, she refused to use the word 'Date'. I decided it was better not to ask. That being said, I had just the spot in mind. She did seem to let me pick a destination, so I'd gladly go there... Anyways, I'd make my way over to Ayame's office in Squad 3's barracks to meet up with her. "Captain Yuuichi? Are you ready to go?" I'd knock patiently, considering that I'd rather not open the door without permission. That could be bad for a multitude of reasons, especially given the medical setting. It'd be quiet for a moment or two, but soon enough....

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#2 Re: [Private] How to a Date? (Noz/Ayame) on Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:41 am

It was a spontaneous thought really that had led her to Captain Aran's office that day. He had been on her mind as of recent and she couldn't help but wonder what she could do to help him more. Certainly being in this drab place surrounded by these faces and having to live up to the standards weren't the best place for such a thing. However, the alternative was quite the nerve wrecking place for Ayame, but if they went together perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. She hadn't been since she had arrived at the Soul Society. She had never thought that she might be going back.

Just as she suspected, a knock could be heard on the door to her room as she had finished placing her long, blue hair into a ponytail. She allowed for one strand to hang between her yellow eyes as could be seen when she opened the door. The rest of her would also come into view as she sported a never before seen attire for this occasion. Ayame had been doing some research on the human world and recently was gifted a dress of the purest fashion. It was a simple white, knee length dress with short sleeves and to top it off Ayame wore a plair of brown flats. In her most simple of voices, the woman would speak, "Hello, Captain. Im glad you could make it."

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