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#1 [Private] United States of SMASH (Nat/Maki) on Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:30 pm

Boredom is quite the unwelcome guest, especially in times of relative peace. Missions be damned, there wasn't actually much to do, thankfully I knew just who to talk to for the alleviation of just that feeling. I walked up several flights of stairs, knocked on her door, and regardless of response time, I'd force the door open. "NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" I'd shout in a sort of singsong into the office, knowing full well she was probably here. "I wanna talk to you, come out before I trash your office. I'll do it, I swear." I giggled in anticipation, just because there was a part of me that hoped she took a while to come out. The thought of trashing things sounded fun. But we'd see about that.

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She had been in her office all day doing a multitude of things. Paperwork for new projects, signing off on research and development ideas, stamping her name on not so important papers, gerting checks ready for the payday, etc etc etc. It was all small things that didn't take very long on their own, but combined they took most of the day. At one point she had found herself walking off into a side room of her office, before listening to a knock. Before she could say anything, the office door swung wide open and her voice could be heard filling the office.

Natasha would find herself leaning against the wall as she listened to her own name fill the place. A sigh would escape her lips hearing the threat of having her office trashed causing her to immediately spin around the corner. "Maki. Maki. Maki. I wish I had the daring energy that you have. Trash my office and I might just have to end you," Natasha would smile as she thought about just how long it took her to straighten up her office every morning. Besides, she didn't need top secret information laying about on her floor. "Anyway, what did you need to talk about?"

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#3 Re: [Private] United States of SMASH (Nat/Maki) on Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:13 pm

"Mmmm Okay fine I won't trash your office. It's tempting, but I respect ya." Her smile was quite crumpled, so I could tell she was serious about the bit where she'd end me. Though if I was gonna get permanently ended, it wouldn't be a terrible way to go. I'd definitely get a thorough beating beforehand, and then smashed to oblivion. A soft sigh would escape my lips as I slowly realized I was slipping. More importantly... "Right, to the matter I wanted to ask you about." For some odd reason, I felt compelled to pause and stare directly into Natasha's intense green eyes to ask her this. "I'M SO BORED. PEACE KINDA SUCKS, I NEED TO SMASH THINGS. ENTERTAIN ME, LET'S GO OUT AND SMASH THINGS TOGETHER." My voice was exceedingly intense and loud, but I'd been banking away from this for too long. It was less a want and more that I actually needed to do this now. People could say what they wanted to if they overheard, but they'd end up regretting poor choices of words.

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